Suddenly Dems Love Bush43 and the FBI

2018 February 3
by bc3b

… and the NFL and the media … for the same reasons conservatives loathe them.

In short, Democrats, like conservatives, have discovered that the Bush family are all closet Democrats.

A majority of Democrats now have a favorable view of former President George W. Bush — and three times as many Democrats have “a great deal” of trust in the FBI as Republicans do.

Oh, how easily people forget. It would be difficult to find a greater indicator of the fickle nature of politics or the hypocrisy of the party faithful than these two polls.

Democrats find Donald Trump so utterly loathsome that the man who illegally launched the catastrophic Iraq War, and signed the Patriot Act – stripping Americans of their privacy in the name of fighting terrorism – is enjoying the rehabilitation of his image in the eyes of the party that so vehemently opposed him all those years he was in office.

Loathsome as Trump may be, his sins thus far don’t come close to the list of atrocities committed by Bush. In fact, Trump’s sins haven’t even come close to those committed by his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama, whose “humanitarian” bombing, to take one example, helped to utterly destroy Libya — once the richest country in Africa, now a failed state and a haven for the slave trade.

The only thing that changes from one US administration to the next is the packaging and rhetoric. Human nature being what it is, people respond to the packaging far more than they do the policy. That kind of twisted and dishonest partisanship makes it easy for Democrats (or Republicans) to shout “war criminal!” at one man and cheer on another for doing essentially the same thing on a different day.


The View co-host Joy Behar, a supposedly dyed-in-the-wool Democrat who has written a whole book about her hatred of Trump, gushed last year: “I love George Bush now!” Behar’s colleague on the panel Sunny Hostin praised the “more thoughtful” Bush for not instituting a Muslim travel ban after the 9/11 attacks. Evidently starting wars and actually killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims is “thoughtful” and a lesser sin than temporarily banning their entry into your country.

What has Bush done now to deserve such outpourings of admiration? Not much, really. All he had to do was offer some tepid criticism of Trump’s presidency a few times. He said he wasn’t fond of the “racism” and “name-calling” of the Trump era — and suddenly, we’re all supposed to be nostalgic for the Bush years. He also paints nice portraits and rescued a dog, more deeds which seem to have helped absolve him of his sins in the eyes of liberals like Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Kimmel.

Hat tip: RT

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  1. 2018 February 3 9:59 pm
    bc3b permalink

    The Dems also love Bush, Kasich, Flake, McCain, Graham and Evan McMuffin.

  2. 2018 February 3 11:12 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    If they don’t straighten up and fly right, Dems will come to love Trump when we elect a REALLY tough guy!

  3. 2018 February 4 5:20 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Not how I expected it but …

  4. 2018 February 4 6:32 am

    A good reason not to watch the thugs.

  5. 2018 February 4 7:11 am
    justrand permalink

    if I needed yet another reason to turn off the NFL permanently, that article would have provided it, IP.

  6. 2018 February 4 7:13 am
    justrand permalink

    the Democrats/Left/media (same same) love ANYTHING that is anti-Trump, anti-American, and anti-Christian (or Jewish).

    and all of a sudden the Party that LOVES the State of Kalifornia openly violating Federal Law, LOVES Federal Law…as long as it is in SECRET (which they also used to hate)

    Fu@k ’em

  7. 2018 February 4 7:18 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR –

    Just as they hayed Jan Brewer and Arizona for attempting to enforce the law a few years back.

  8. 2018 February 4 7:30 am
    bc3b permalink

    ip #4 –

    Racissst thoygh it may sound, it’s the black culture. The NFL is now over 70% black, almost as black as the NBA. When blacks become a majority, they tend to ruin things: neighborhoods, schools, cities (Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, etc.) and countries. Name ONE world-changing advancement that has ever come from black Africa.

  9. 2018 February 4 7:40 am
    bc3b permalink

    Previously deported Mexican national convivted of raping 9 year old girl in sanctuary city:

  10. 2018 February 4 7:45 am
    justrand permalink

    Bc3b, it isn’t Blacks that are the issue (in re. comment #8), it is the modern slave-owners(aka: the Democrat Party) that are to blame. Black Americans have been co-opted and ENSLAVED by “free stuff” ever since Lyndon Johnson. Most of them have NO IDEA how to free themselves of that addiction.

    The sicknesses that result (Rap “music”, high crime, massive unemployment, shrinking or non-existent two-parent households, etc) are ALL by design.

    The NFL is merely the marquee upon which this story is writ large.

  11. 2018 February 4 7:47 am
    justrand permalink


    ==>. Businesses pay between $4,000 and $6,000 to join Project Green Light, a program that allows police to monitor businesses’ video surveillance feeds in real time. The cost covers installation of high-definition cameras and lighting. There also is a monthly fee of up to $150 for cloud-based video storage.


  12. 2018 February 4 8:24 am
    bc3b permalink

    Disagree JR –

    Take a look at countries ranked by IQ,

    What do high IQ countries have in common? What do low IQ countries have in common? When Ian Smith’s government was running Rhodesia, it was the breadbasket of Africa. Today, as Zimbabwe, the country is importing food and struggling to feed its people.

    I have been to Kenya, Tanzania and Haiti. Kenya was the best, but they are all a mess.

    I do agree that the Dems with their plantation mentality have made things worse. Blacks were starting to make real headway in the 1950s and 1960s. But the black illegitimacy rate went from 23% in 1960 to 72% today.

    It may sound racissst, but facts are often racissst.

  13. 2018 February 4 9:13 am
    justrand permalink

    Bc3b…we’re actually in agreement on some points. But my key disagreement is that Black Americans have, since Lyndon Johnson, damn near been BRED to be dumber. Schools have been systematically degraded or destroyed, and success in any realm EXCEPT sports has been relegated to a very low priority.

    The potential for a Black child SHOULD be the same as for any other child. BUT, when the emphasis in the ghetto has been on PHYSICAL versus mental prowess, then the emphasis on who to procreate with will be the same. Literally breeding intellectual potential OUT of the ghetto. And the Democrats know this creates a dumbed down populace that will do their bidding.

    The few Black Americans smart enough to flee the ghetto and raise their children differently, do just fine in most cases.

  14. 2018 February 4 9:36 am
    bc3b permalink

    Actually, we don’t disagree. Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society all but totally destroyed the black family unit. LaQuaeshada is a single mother. Her mother and grandmother were single mothers. We’re into a third (fourth?) generation of single mothers. It’s the norm to have 4-5 kids with different fathers and the biological father takes no responsibility. The more kids, the mre welfare money. How do you reverse this?

  15. 2018 February 4 9:56 am
    bc3b permalink

    Third fatal AMTRAK crash in less than two months:

    Can’t wait for Moonbeam’s train to nowhere.

  16. 2018 February 4 10:06 am
    justrand permalink

    Bc3b…Moonbeam’s train to nowhere will be 100% safe, because it will NEVER go anywhere.

  17. 2018 February 4 10:16 am
    bc3b permalink

  18. 2018 February 4 10:49 am
    bc3b permalink

  19. 2018 February 4 12:28 pm

    Put a 10% surtax on all transmitted remits.

  20. 2018 February 4 12:40 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Another Kalifornia rat hole for taxpayers’ money:

  21. 2018 February 4 3:19 pm

    The choices I’m forced to make here… brutal… but pic #2 gets to play my wife this week. 😉 Looks like maybe she’s a nurse too, extra points.

    9 – Another rape that a citizen was too lazy to do… 😉 /s

    11 -???

    16 – lol

    20 – To simple for DC. 😉

  22. 2018 February 4 6:10 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Indianapolis Colts player killed by drunken driver with no license. Native of Mexico, likely illegal:

  23. 2018 February 4 6:35 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  24. 2018 February 4 6:52 pm
    justrand permalink

    America as Rome, drdog? Yup…we’re rotting from the inside:

  25. 2018 February 4 7:08 pm
    justrand permalink

    Drdog, that article linked in #24 was amazing…I am passing it along.

    The question is: can the decline be stopped? And if not, what do we do to try and survive…personally and as a nation/culture?

  26. 2018 February 4 7:26 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    JR – The decline can not be avoided. Best hope is that families and communities will survive and continue on. Every great civilization that has collapsed has shown that people survive and continue on.

    The best hope is to find like minded people and prepare the best you can to continue on after the collapse. Like bc3b asked on how do you reverse this? You can’t or don’t. Most people are going to die. They are too dependent on a system that wont be there.

    Try to as independent as possible. Prepare to go low tech.

  27. 2018 February 4 7:55 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Rome brought in a lot of non-citizens with different values who didn’t want to assimilate. Sound familiar?

    Watching Sunset Boulevard on Movies TV.

  28. 2018 February 4 8:19 pm
    Eph permalink

    Only the second time in my life I skipped the entire Superbowl. The 49ers-Ravens was the other.

  29. 2018 February 4 8:27 pm
    bc3b permalink

    It’s two straight for me and as long as Goodell is commissione I won’t be watching any. Tomorrow I’ll dscover what brands I want to boycott. Coke is already on the list.

    My wife and daughter have no school tomorrow. Eight inches of global warming will do that.

    When I was a kid it was 20 miles to school through the snow. No shoes or boots. Uphill both ways.

  30. 2018 February 4 8:30 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Wife watching SB so she can follow the water cooler talk tomorrow at work.
    I’m ignoring, LOL.

    I’ve read 3 terrific books lately. One on George Washington and the American Revolution. Author was, I think, David Hackett Fisher? Covers the middle part where the US lost NY, almost lost their army but dug deep and won at Trenton.
    Next I read The Great Upheaval. Covers the successful revolution in US, the failed revolution in France and the truncated liberalization in Russia that was followed by a return to autocracy. Surprising how many people were involved with two or even three of these historical events. Poorly written, but well researched. The events were too fascinating to be trashed by the writing. Finally, an 800 page bio of Bonaparte. I did some skimming on that one but excellent.
    The 3 complemented each other well.

  31. 2018 February 4 8:33 pm
    justrand permalink

    I know at least a dozen life-long rabid NFL fans who didn’t watch an instant of this year’s SB.

    Fu@k the NFL

  32. 2018 February 4 8:35 pm
    bc3b permalink

    NorCalJim- shame Washington didn’t succeed in losing New York. Schumer would be Canada’s problem.

    Imagine the indignity: Trudeau, Schumer and no Stanley Cups for 26 years.

  33. 2018 February 4 10:34 pm
    bc3b permalink

    As you might expect, the AP article about the Colts player killed by the drunken illegal alien doesn’t even mention the perp’s name.

  34. 2018 February 5 7:20 am
    justrand permalink

    bc3b: “the AP article about the Colts player killed by the drunken illegal alien doesn’t even mention the perp’s name”

    you can always tell when the perp is an illegal alien…the name is withheld. Just like when a politician is charged with a crime…if the Party affiliation is withheld, the perp is a Democrat

    does the media really think no one notices??

  35. 2018 February 5 7:31 am
    drdog09 permalink

    SB? What’s that? I hear that water polo is an upcoming sport to watch.

  36. 2018 February 5 7:36 am
    drdog09 permalink

    A worthwhile read — — Walter Prescott Webb. Slightly different view on history from the perspective of New World effects on the world.

  37. 2018 February 5 8:04 am
    justrand permalink

    Maybe if the parents had raised their thug better, he wouldn’t be dead thug now. And if the Pizza Hut employee hadn’t stopped the crime, HE might be dead instead. I love my kids…but if one of them was killed while trying to rob someone, I would mourn my child…NOT blame their intended victim.

    From the article: ==> robbing someone requires at least the threat of violence. If one asks for money without threatening violence, it is called “begging.” I don’t think it ought to be a capital crime, but the risks inherent in threatening violence belong on the sholders of the perpetrator.

  38. 2018 February 5 8:11 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR #35 –

    The Tampa Bay Times, the paper that runs PoliFact, ran an article on the female Florida mayor who was caught accepting campaign money in the FBI sting. The article failed to mention political affiliation. She is a Democrat.

  39. 2018 February 5 8:20 am
    justrand permalink

    Like I’ve been saying…somewhat tongue-in-cheek…President Trump should announce publicly that ALL candidates for President in 2020, and their staffs and families, will be put under FBI surveillance, just to be sure THE RUSSIANS don’t “meddle” in our elections. 🙂

    from the article: ==> Democrats in particular should be very afraid of this scandal. Rather than defending the Obama abuses, they should be screaming for oversight and an end to these practices.

    How easy for Trump to use these tactics against the Democrats in 2020 or 2024? The current crop of Obama appointed FISA judges will be out as their terms are seven years, with a new appointment each year.

    A sympathetic Trump-appointed judge may sign off on FISA Title 1 surveillance of candidate Bernie Sanders, since he honeymooned in the USSR and may be a spy. Or on Hillary Clinton, since she and her husband received large sums of money from the Russians. Or Elizabeth Warren, whose Indian ancestors were originally from Siberia, creating sympathies toward her ancestral country.

    I doubt President Trump would do such a thing, but the precedent has been set. And as of yet, there has been no accountability or punishment for these misdeeds. Democrats would be wise to remember that by vociferously defending this corrupt process, they pave the way for future camels to poke their noses under Democrat tents.

  40. 2018 February 5 8:41 am
    mulletover permalink

    Jim Comey, Bob Mueller, and Colin Powell (huh?) are republicans, or so we are told.

    I think Adam Schiiff is a democrat. He might be something worse.

    My retriever is an Independent. He’s the only one I’m sure of.

  41. 2018 February 5 8:46 am

    Any time a miscreant is named in a crime without the particulars of sex, race, etc. one must assume it is either a beaner, an africaniss garbooniss.,or some other turd world type escapee.

  42. 2018 February 5 9:10 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Countering the narrative.
    Niraj Warikoo of the Detroit Free Press is well on her way to a 2019 Pulitzer Prize with her reports on the plight of Jorge Garcia, an illegal alien whom the Trump administration deported after three decades of living here.

    Garcia is a convicted felon, not an innocent child. But what are facts when you are trying to change the law and win a prize?
    Open borders people used his plight to push their agenda, much as anti-Second Amendment activists used the Trayvon Martin case.

  43. 2018 February 5 9:48 am
    justrand permalink

    this headline from today is actually sad…VERY sad:

    No Players Kneel or Raise Fists During the National Anthem at Super Bowl LII

    Why is that sad? Because it speaks to the state of our nation that it is NEWS when NFL millionaires actually respect our flag and anthem.

    But that’s where we are.

  44. 2018 February 5 10:29 am
    bc3b permalink

    NorCalJim –

    Don’t forget Walter Duranty, the New York Times Moscow correspondent in the 1920s and 1930s. Duranty was awarded a Pulitzer in 1932 for his glowing reports on how wonderfully Stalin’s five year plan was working and debunking the suggestion there was a famine in the Ukraine. It was later learned that 5 million died of starvation in the Ukraine and millions more died of starvation in Russia.

    The Pulitzer Committee twice refused requests to rescind Duranty’s Pulitzer and the NY Times still “proudly” displays it with its other Pulitzers. Like Nobel Peace Prizes, Pulitzers are awarded based on advancing a leftist agenda.

  45. 2018 February 5 10:42 am
    justrand permalink

    I agree completely with what the article says:

    You cannot give these people an inch, not an inch. They will destroy everything they touch with their insanity and ideological fervor.”

  46. 2018 February 5 10:53 am
    bc3b permalink

    The scumbag drunk driver who killed the Colts player and Uber driver gave police a phony name and ID. He is really from Guatemala, not Mexico, had been previously deported twice and previously charged with DUI and fled the scene of Saturday night’s accident on foot..

    Trump is right. They are not sending their best.

  47. 2018 February 5 10:56 am
    bc3b permalink

  48. 2018 February 5 11:20 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Excellent bc3b and do to polling inaccuracy and conservative noncooperation is bet it’s 5 or 10 points higher.
    Regarding the DUI, a lady on JOM blog says this is high profile enough in Indiana that it could be electorally significant.

  49. 2018 February 5 11:20 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    *due* to
    Sigh …

  50. 2018 February 5 12:24 pm
    Eph permalink

    “Trump approval rating at 49%:”

    RAS 49% = 54% Reality

    Only 5% present bias. I’ll give RAS some credit.

  51. 2018 February 5 12:39 pm
    fight on permalink

  52. 2018 February 5 2:20 pm
    bc3b permalink

    fight on –

    Hopefully this will be the next governor – a bit of a RINO, but you can’t have everything.

    I’m sure the Muzzie will carry Dearborn. Hopefully the voters can be reminded of the mess they had the last time a Democrat (Jennifer Granholm) was governor.

  53. 2018 February 5 4:19 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    KH – just get an older model vehicle.

    Cheaper than what you can buy today and harder to track (low tech).

  54. 2018 February 5 4:56 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    If you have 1:19 to spare, this is pleasant.
    Trump “best lines” from SOTU with Dem reaction.

  55. 2018 February 5 6:31 pm
    justrand permalink

    From a friend of mine…read the whole thing, but I found this part especially on point:

    Democrats were outed as the party that is rooting for America’s failure. Rooting against a booming economy. Rooting for misery, instead of prosperity. Rooting against job creation. Rooting against a booming stock market. Rooting against employee bonuses. Angry about the lowest black unemployment ever. Angry about the lowest Hispanic unemployment ever. Angry at the lowest female unemployment in 18 years.
    They openly frowned, grimaced, groaned and looked sick to their stomachs when President Trump celebrated the American flag…the national anthem… American freedom… and American opportunity. Bizarre. Self-destructive behavior.
    But wait it gets worse. Democrats appeared to be on the side of murderous MS-13 gangs. When Trump touted legislation to help stop gang violence, drug dealing and murder by vicious MS-13 gangs…and when Trump introduced the parents of two young girls murdered by MS-13 killers…Democrats booed and groaned.”

    here’s the whole thing:
    ==> Letter from a friend:
    The night the Democratic Party committed political suicide
    Before I get to the embarrassment of the nasty, bitter State of the Union display by the Democratic Party, let me lead with great news.
    First, the jobs front. Wednesday morning saw the release of ADP/Moody’s Analytics private payrolls report. New job creation exploded once again under President Trump. Businesses added 234,000 jobs in January versus an expected 185,000. Manufacturing added 12,000 jobs and construction 9,000 new jobs – in a traditionally slow month. WOW.
    Secondly, the numbers from Trump’s State of the Union. Fox News had the biggest audience for a State of the Union in the history of cable news. The old record of 6.5 million viewers was smashed by smithereens by Trump with an astonishing 11.7 million viewers. It was also the highest rated presidential address of any kind in the history of cable news.
    Now to the reaction from viewers. CBS took an instant YouGov poll. Here are the amazing results.
    97 percent of Republican viewers liked Trump’s speech.
    72 percent of independents liked it.
    Amazingly, 43 percent of Democrats liked it.
    Overall 75 percent of Americans approved of the speech. And a shocking 8 out of 10 felt President Trump was trying to unite the nation, rather than divide it. Two-thirds reported the speech made them feel proud.
    Which means anyone who isn’t a bitter, nasty, arrogant, hateful, Kool-Aid drinking socialist loved what they saw. Unfortunately, that leaves the entire Democrat Congress.
    That’s why I report the Democratic Party committed political suicide on Tuesday night. Their response to Trump’s speech was out of bounds. It wasn’t normal. It was hateful. It was bizarre. Actually, in a word, it was “foreign.” The Democratic Party is now a foreign party in their own country. They no longer have any understanding of what people born in America think or feel.
    It’s perfectly fine to be respectfully opposed to the politics of one party or president. That’s acceptable. That’s as American as apple pie. But that’s not what happened on Tuesday night.
    Democrats were outed as the party that is rooting for America’s failure. Rooting against a booming economy. Rooting for misery, instead of prosperity. Rooting against job creation. Rooting against a booming stock market. Rooting against employee bonuses. Angry about the lowest black unemployment ever. Angry about the lowest Hispanic unemployment ever. Angry at the lowest female unemployment in 18 years.
    They openly frowned, grimaced, groaned and looked sick to their stomachs when President Trump celebrated the American flag…the national anthem… American freedom… and American opportunity. Bizarre. Self-destructive behavior.
    But wait it gets worse. Democrats appeared to be on the side of murderous MS-13 gangs. When Trump touted legislation to help stop gang violence, drug dealing and murder by vicious MS-13 gangs…and when Trump introduced the parents of two young girls murdered by MS-13 killers…Democrats booed and groaned.
    Democrats clearly believe discussing murders by illegal aliens is “racist” Democrats clearly believe Trump has to be Hitler or KKK to publicly admit there are people of color (gasp) murdering innocent Americans. This was the second worst moment of disconnect in American political history.
    Now to the single worst disconnect ever. Amnesty-loving Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez WALKED OUT upon hearing chants of “USA, USA!” It was too much for him. He appeared to be on the verge of tears. Democrats consoled him. To Democrats, it’s now “racist” to love your country.
    The Democrats’ performance at the SOTU was shocking. Because if they had an ounce of common sense they could at least act like they love America, act like patriots, act respectful to parents of kids murdered by illegal alien gangs. Any sane politician would have acted civil – just to fool enough voters to win elections. Not these Democrats. They suffer from TID – “Trump Insanity Disorder.” They are on tilt. Trump triggers them to acts of self-destruction. They’ve lost their minds.
    Turn out the lights. There is no one left to support the Democratic Party we saw on Tuesday night, except for illegal aliens, radicals, Marxists, felons and welfare addicts.
    A booming economy is a step backwards to this group. The American flag is something to be ashamed of. God is a curse. And job creation is a sin. It’s clear they are the party that wants to “MAKE AMERICA MISERABLE AGAIN.”
    This was the night the Democratic Party committed political suicide.

  56. 2018 February 5 6:40 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    “The article failed to mention political affiliation. She is a Democrat.”

    Like I keep saying:

    GOP corruption == sex
    DIM corruption == $$$

    Been true as long as I have been alive.

  57. 2018 February 5 6:59 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    In many cities video serv of the highways are so extensive that so long as an operator can find a ‘seed’ image of the vehicle of interest they can track it forward or backwards both in real time and history. So we are half way there already.

  58. 2018 February 5 8:23 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    No idea if we will eventually break through the media cordon protecting Dems but another shoe for this caterpillar has dropped. There WILL be more.
    A heavily redacted version of the memo by Senators Grassley and Graham referring Christopher Steele for possible prosecution was released today. Senator Grassley “is now calling on the FBI to update the classification of the referral to allow complete disclosure of important context from the documents on which it is based.”

  59. 2018 February 5 8:23 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    I want to share this from the Bible.

    2 Chronicles 18:18-22

    18 Micaiah said, “Therefore, hear the word of the Lord. I saw the Lord sitting on His throne, and all the host of heaven standing on His right and on His left. 19 The Lord said, ‘Who will entice Ahab king of Israel to go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead?’ And one said this while another said that. 20 Then a spirit came forward and stood before the Lord and said, ‘I will entice him.’ And the Lord said to him, ‘How?’ 21 He said, ‘I will go and be a deceiving spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.’ Then He said, ‘You are to entice him and prevail also. Go and do so.’ 22 Now therefore, behold, the Lord has put a deceiving spirit in the mouth of these your prophets, for the Lord has proclaimed disaster against you.”
    King Ahab was an evil king who did evil in the sight of the Lord. Here we see God sending an evil spirit to deceive Ahab and eventually leading to his defeat (death). I believe God is doing it again. To me, what the Democrats are doing today makes no sense. It is more an act of a madman. In the past they would nod their heads, smile and just disagree. Today they are acting like madmen before God and country. I firmly believe God is exposing them and their lies while they destroy themselves.

  60. 2018 February 5 10:02 pm
    justrand permalink

    Gnqanq…I love the Biblical reference in #62. My only fear is that the Democrats lies & insanity are lapped up by so very many.

    We few will be faced with HORDES of mindless drones…it won’t be pretty.

  61. 2018 February 5 10:32 pm

    60 – Yup, just throwing out there about to get even worse.

  62. 2018 February 5 10:42 pm

    64 – wow! wait what? How did I miss in all this time that CP was on FBI payroll in March of 2016? lol surely that can’t be true… and if it is…surely they told FISA court of this….am right…lol /sarc 😉

    John P. Carlin… heh just another one corrupt to the core, getting tired of “it’s not the rank and file…just a few bad apples”, bs.

  63. 2018 February 6 2:23 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Turns out … getting Voter ID is easy!
    A good reminder — getting a photo ID is free and easy. The primary election for the WI Supreme Court is in 15 days (Feb 20th).
    Check to see if you have the right ID here:
    — Democratic Party WI (@WisDems) February 5, 2018

  64. 2018 February 6 3:20 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Again Bongino lays it out — — He also points out that to save skin the Dims need to flush the dossier the FBI used from HRC. Watch for the switch.

    What is really going to be telling is when the data comes out about the collusion at State Dept.

  65. 2018 February 6 3:46 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Need to READ this — — Especially this line —

    “Last week the First Circuit Court issued a final ruling and sided with the state of Rhode Island: the government has no obligation to honor its promises.”

    First Circuit is the right hand to the First District Court of Appeals that is the right hand to SCOTUS.

    Bottom Line: Govt does not have to honor its contracts.

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