Average Age of Last Saturday’s Protester Was 49

2018 March 29
by bc3b

Despite CNN’s fake media narrative, there weren’t 800,000 protesters in DC for last weekend’s anti-gun rally. And, participants were not overwhelmingly children. A study shows that only about 10% of participants were under 18 (in spite of Delta Air Lines and the New England Patriots best efforts to fly high school protesters for free to DC for the march). But there were plenty of older, garden variety older Marxists who showed up. The average age of the crowd was 49.

CNN’s other fake narrative is that a group of teens from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School pretty much single-handedly organized the protest.

Dana Fischer writes:

As part of my research on the American Resistance, I have been working with a research team to survey protesters at all the large-scale protest events in Washington since President Trump’s inauguration. By snaking through the crowd and sampling every fifth person at designated increments within the staging area, we are able to gather a field approximation of a random sample. So far, the data set includes surveys collected from 1,745 protest participants.

During the March for Our Lives, my team sampled 256 people who were randomly selected. This gives us the chance to provide evidence about who attended the March for Our Lives and why.

Contrary to what’s been reported in many media accounts, the D.C. March for Our Lives crowd was not primarily made up of teenagers. Only about 10 percent of the participants were under 18. The average age of the adults in the crowd was just under 49 years old, which is older than participants at the other marches I’ve surveyed but similar to the age of the average participant at the Million Moms March in 2000, which was also about gun control.

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  1. 2018 March 29 1:56 am
    bc3b permalink

    JustMary is alive and well and posting again. Please see last thread.

    JM – How do you feel about Brad Griffith (and has fat contract) moving to Detroit?

  2. 2018 March 29 3:09 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    One good thing about the awful Omnibus: AFFH defunded

    Intro to AFFH
    What state is Dubuque in? If you answered Chicago, you are correct. Chicago’s no state, you say? Don’t be so 18th century — so “constitutional.” Dubuque is in Chicago, which is now a kind of state. Or to put it differently, the Obama administration is in the process of replacing our entire system of government — made up of nested local, state, and national, levels — with a regional framework. In Obama’s new dispensation, suburbs, small towns, and modest-sized cities like Dubuque will be turned into subordinate satellites of regional mega-cities like Chicago, regardless of which state these local governments are formally a part of.

    Welcome to the world of “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” (AFFH), President Obama’s transformative new regulation. How will AFFH work? The city of Dubuque gives us one of our best and most frightening previews yet. …

    An account of Dubuque as a forerunner of a post-AFFH world comes to us courtesy of a stunning report by Deborah Thornton, a policy analyst for Iowa’s Public Interest Institute. The report tells the story of how Dubuque was pressured to cede large swathes of its governing authority to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which has forced the city to direct its limited low-income “Section 8” housing resources, not to its own needy citizens, but to voucher-holders from Chicago.

  3. 2018 March 29 4:04 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Hi JM!

  4. 2018 March 29 4:40 am
    drdog09 permalink

  5. 2018 March 29 6:14 am
    justrand permalink

    We need to ask JM if she saw her shadow when she emerged. If she did I think that means 6 more weeks of David Hogg lecturing us hicks on “gun control”.

  6. 2018 March 29 6:19 am
    justrand permalink

    I gotta get a t-shirt like this!!

  7. 2018 March 29 6:33 am
    JustMary permalink

    A good chunk of those adults were probably the parents. Someone had to make sure Timmy wore his sunscreen and remembered his juice pouch.

  8. 2018 March 29 6:41 am
    JustMary permalink

    #5 Kind of what brought me back here. I’ve had to, for my own sanity, completely get away from politics. However, with the emergence of Q (larp or real remains to be seen) there are things coming out that I can’t just sit here and ignore. One of the drops from yesterday continued the theme of just how much spying the alphabet agencies have been doing through our phones/apps.

    Last night, I had an aha moment. Remember when Tea Party folks were trying to gain non-profit status and had that ridiculous questionnaire thrown at them? One of the questions that I always thought was the silliest was (paraphrasing) ‘tell us the context of your prayers’. What do you say when you pray? Why would they ask that? Perjury.

  9. 2018 March 29 6:43 am
    JustMary permalink

    #6 He’s a frequent target of ridicule over on 8 chan.

  10. 2018 March 29 6:46 am
    JustMary permalink

    #1 We are over basketball. When NFL players started taking a knee, basketball players starting acting like (bigger) jerks. No sports for us anymore.

  11. 2018 March 29 8:15 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “A good chunk of those adults were probably the parentsMillenials. Someone had to make sure Timmy wore his sunscreen and remembered his juice pouch tide pods.”

    FIFY 🙂

    Glad you’re back! 🙂

  12. 2018 March 29 8:19 am
    bc3b permalink

    JM –

    You have the Kings and Ducks. Violence, blood and Ice Girls. Life doesn’t get any better.

    And hockey players usually don’t act like jerks and do a pretty good job of staying out of jail. I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with their race.

  13. 2018 March 29 8:20 am
    drdog09 permalink

    California says cops can share information with DHS in exception to sanctuary law — https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/mar/28/california-sanctuary-law-exception-police-can-shar/ — I guess this confirms that laws are merely suggestions rather than The Law. So one would wonder why did the CA Pols even spend the breaths of drafting the bill.

  14. 2018 March 29 8:40 am
    justrand permalink

    drdog, the “guidance” you linked to in #14 represents a HUGE “blink” on the part of the CA Pols (as you called them).

    They would NOT have issued this “guidance” if Orange County hadn’t pushed back…HARD.

    This blink on their part is their attempt to stem the tide of revolt out here. I believe many if not all of the Jefferson Counties were about to follow Orange County’s lead.

  15. 2018 March 29 8:47 am
    justrand permalink

    okay all you Catholics…how in the HELL did Che Guevara get elected “Pope”??


  16. 2018 March 29 8:48 am

    15 – Yup. Now got to keep the pressure on.

  17. 2018 March 29 9:03 am

    “Barclays shares jumped Thursday after the DOJ handed the UK bank a major victory in its years-long struggle to settle allegations of malfeasance dating back to the financial crisis. As part of the deal, Barclays has agreed to pay a $2 billion civil penalty to settle allegations of fraudulent conduct relating to Barclays’ securitization, underwriting and sale of RMBS in 2005-2007.

    The DOJ sued Barclays for fraud back in December 2016 after the bank refused to pay a much larger fine sought by the Obama administration. Last year, Bloomberg reported that the bank wouldn’t pay more than $2 billion to settle the matter. Conveniently, the Trump DOJ was more amendable to its demands, and additionally, the civil settlement will save the bank from a lengthy trial.”


    DOJ settlement|judgement money under obama was directed to pet projects, instead of to the general treasury . This is 2-billion that could be directed toward the “the wall” if someone so ordered.

  18. 2018 March 29 9:07 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR –

    He’s NOT my Pope.

  19. 2018 March 29 9:24 am
    bc3b permalink

    Now David Hogg (the Fuhrer wannabe) wants a boycott against Laura Ingraham:


    I don’t think Little David realizes what a caricature he has become.

  20. 2018 March 29 9:45 am

    20 – He don’t care, so long as he’s collecting that 15-minute dough.

  21. 2018 March 29 9:50 am

    The National Science Foundation is spending roughly $1 million to study ways to use children as a means to get their parents to use less energy….

    The study, which began last fall, has received $999,951 in taxpayer funding so far. Research will continue through August 2020….


  22. 2018 March 29 10:14 am
    JustMary permalink

    #22 The same kids who leave the light on in every room they enter are going to tell me to limit my oven usage? K 😄

  23. 2018 March 29 10:21 am
    JustMary permalink


  24. 2018 March 29 12:39 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Canadian Government Employees Told to Stop Using Words “Mother” and “Father”:


  25. 2018 March 29 12:49 pm
    bc3b permalink

    How “f’d” Up Is the NFL?

    The Rams are adding male cheerleaders:


  26. 2018 March 29 12:50 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Wanna bet that every girl under 200 pounds at Marjory Stoneman Douglas is hoping Hogg Hitler won’t ask her to the prom?

  27. 2018 March 29 2:03 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    [little johnny] You should not cook with the oven Mommy it wastes energy!

    [Mommy, next day] Hope you enjoy son….

  28. 2018 March 29 2:16 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  29. 2018 March 29 2:45 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #27 Have any of you looked into who Marjory was? From wiki:

    Marjory Stoneman Douglas (April 7, 1890 – May 14, 1998) was an American journalist, author, women’s suffrage advocate, and conservationist known for her staunch defense of the Everglades against efforts to drain it and reclaim land for development. Moving to Miami as a young woman to work for The Miami Herald, she became a freelance writer, producing over a hundred short stories that were published in popular magazines. Her most influential work was the book The Everglades: River of Grass (1947), which redefined the popular conception of the Everglades as a treasured river instead of a worthless swamp.

    She was against efforts to drain the swamp. Interesting coincidence, to be sure.

  30. 2018 March 29 2:55 pm
    justrand permalink

    JM, that coincidental history is fascinating! Thx!

  31. 2018 March 29 3:40 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Sessions assigns prosecutor to look into HRC email, FISA, UOne scandals — http://therightscoop.com/breaking-ag-sessions-names-prosecutor-to-investigate-claims-of-fbi-abuse/

  32. 2018 March 29 3:54 pm

    32 – oh goodie the doj and fbi get to… investigate themselves again, can’t wait for operation fast & freed. /s


  33. 2018 March 29 4:14 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    JM – glad to see you are alive an well – welcome back. I believe there is no such thing as coincidence.

    JR – my daughter informed me that the 2 creators of South Park are Republicans (at worst Libertarians). Makes sense as they mock everything (the Left never does that).

  34. 2018 March 29 5:47 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Reminder to self – JM’s back; kill the underboobs and risque stuff.

  35. 2018 March 29 6:35 pm

    35 – Can’t believe they even paid her that much, wonder how far in advance they booked her.
    37 – So does that mean weekend pics are off? 🙂 WB JM

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