And CNN Wonders Why No One Watches

2018 June 29
by bc3b

As soon as the killings at the Maryland newspaper became known, CNN and others in the media couldn’t wait to blame it on Donald Trump. As so often happens, their dreams were dashed because the perp was not a far-right crazy but a long-haired freak who had a running feud with the paper that went back to at least 2012.

So, we witnessed more fake news.

Several members of the mainstream media blamed President Donald Trump for a suspect who allegedly killed five journalists on Thursday and reportedly had a longstanding dispute with the newspaper dating back to before Trump even declared his candidacy for the Oval Office.

Per several reports, authorities late Thursday identified Jarrod W. Ramos as the shooter who allegedly opened fire on the news staff of Maryland’s The Capital-Gazette newspaper. It came out shortly thereafter that Ramos had a longstanding battle with the newspaper dating back nearly a decade–one that resulted in lawsuits being filed and the man appearing to create a Twitter account in which he repeatedly bashed the Maryland newspaper for years.

Ramos appears to have had a long and troubled history with the newspaper. In 2011, he was convicted of criminally harassing a romantic interest. A then-Gazette columnist, Eric Hartley, wrote a story about his conviction and his history as a harasser. Ramos reportedly turned his anger on Hartley and the paper, starting a website dedicated to discrediting Hartley. In 2012, Ramos launched a lawsuit, representing himself, against Hartley, the Capital Gazette, its parent company, and editor Tom Marquardt.


Thursday, CNN Legal and National Security Analyst and former FBI Special Agent Asha Rangappa said that there has been “constant rhetoric, coming even from the president, that the press is the enemy of the people.” And “if there is a link” that the Capital Gazette was targeted, “that kind of rhetoric can be very dangerous in these times.”

Rangappa said, “And, just to relate this back to0 kind of a bigger conversation that we’ve had this week about civility and rhetoric, lone wolf actors are often alienated individuals who are looking to displace their anger and frustration onto some kind of outside entity or enemy, and I think it’s worth pointing out that we’ve had a constant rhetoric coming, even from the president, that the press is the enemy of the people. That’s been repeated constantly, and I think it’s worth noting that if there is a link here, that the publication was being targeted, that that kind of rhetoric can be very dangerous in these times.”


But never let the facts get in the way of a good anti-Trump narrative. Multiple members of the mainstream media blamed Trump for the killings in their reactions to the tragedy.

In a since-deleted and apologized-for tweet, Reuters editor John Cox wrote that Trump had blood on his hands. “This is what happens when @realDonaldTrump calls journalists the enemy of the people. Blood is on your hands, Mr. President. Save your thoughts and prayers for your empty soul,” Cox wrote on Twitter. “At least four people killed in Maryland newspaper shooting: reports.”

Earlier this week yet another poll was released showing that across the political spectrum (Republicans, independents and even Democrats) believe the media reports what they know are false or fake and does it purposely.

But, that won’t stop rabid leftists, like Brian Stelter, from accusing any critics of trying to undermine the First Amendment. What Stelter and the rest of the dishonest media work to cover up is that the public’s distrust of the media preceded Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. Since the 2007 Gallup Annual Media Trust Study, a minority of Americans have trusted the media.

Hat tip: Breitbart and

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The perp hardly resembles a Trump supporter.

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  1. 2018 June 29 7:46 am
    drdog09 permalink

    like similar incidents, good chance this perp was apolitical or a Democrat.

  2. 2018 June 29 10:51 am
    justrand permalink

    Excellent article…and even ties to the MALICE of our media, like CNN

  3. 2018 June 29 11:02 am
    bc3b permalink

    Canada isn’t really free: Canadian bus driver faces up to two years in prison for criticizing homosexuality:

  4. 2018 June 29 11:09 am
    bc3b permalink

    Progressive politics forcing mass exodus from Seattle Police Department. Officers are moving to other departments where officials aren’t as anti-police.

  5. 2018 June 29 1:16 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    3,4: dang! Contradictions are heightening.
    The Canada article is especially troubling. The offense was years ago, they broadcast the case, he voluntarily turned himself in, they didn’t feed him for a day, didn’t treat his medical condition, warned caregivers he was “dangerous”.
    This how the Dems would love to treat us if they could.

  6. 2018 June 29 1:58 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    By the way, he’s not a Repub reporter, he’s (was) a reporter for The Republican paper.

    “His Twitter bio now states, “Former newspaper reporter.””

  7. 2018 June 29 4:07 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Editor who said the mass attack was because of Trump recants — — Respondents are demanding a direct apology to Trump. People are pissed and not willing to take the liberal crap anymore.

  8. 2018 June 29 4:44 pm
    bc3b permalink

    No power at work so I left early. Saw Charlie’s Angels on ME-TV. Great writing. Every episode REvolved around a plot to get Jacqueline Smith and/or Cheryl Ladd into a bikini. They don’t have great TV like that any more.

  9. 2018 June 29 5:35 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “They don’t have great TV like that any more.”

    Well could you image a ‘Charlies Angels’ with 4 200# honkers?? Thank God, but that is what the sequel would be like. Paging IP….. (eye bleach at the ready)

  10. 2018 June 29 6:05 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #10 – today one of the Angels would be a rabid anti-Trump leftist, the second would be a lesbo and the third a tranny. Remember that Charlie’s Angels was ABC.

  11. 2018 June 29 7:22 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    bc3b – you ought to pitch #11 to Disney. Could make a lot of money out of it.

  12. 2018 June 29 7:28 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  13. 2018 June 29 7:40 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Thank God I just finished my drink. Otherwise I would have blown it out my nose and all over the keyboard. 🙂 Damn that’s funny!

  14. 2018 June 29 8:01 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    The Loudmouthed Ass wanted to get in our faces — — Heh.

  15. 2018 June 29 8:10 pm

    5 – No doubt about it.

    6 – Cause they can, and they’ve known for far too long that they’ll rarely be called on it, and usually even if they are they will not lose their jobs over it.

    8 – Good, hope they keep the pressure on the editor.
    9 – 🙂

  16. 2018 June 29 8:21 pm

    Btw for those not paying attention overseas, the ‘rebels’ in the southern front in Syria are completely collapsing this week as SAA and RU move to retake the region. In fact starting this morning the reports of surrenders and towns reconciling are coming in by the dozen, perhaps even too-fast for them to truely handle. I suspect that by end of next week all that will be left is the ISIS pocket that borders IL.

    This graphic does not count a dozen towns today (including reaching the border with Jordan at nassib and all the towns between there and the north up the m5 hwy, nor the entire lajit piece taken earlier in the week (mostly not shown on map), but just the ~48hr prior to this morning.

    This is good news for everyone, well everyone except extremists and folks like McCain.

  17. 2018 June 29 8:48 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    17, cool map!

  18. 2018 June 29 10:29 pm

    Worth a read – Part of Thomas’s travel ban opinion, he seems eager to have someone bring a case before him challenging ‘universal injunctions’ by lower district court judges.

  19. 2018 June 29 10:36 pm

    End of an Era

    I don’t want to grow up…

    Even their name is up for auction in July, I wonder what it will fetch?

  20. 2018 June 29 11:54 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Well worth reading 19. Good thoughts on dealing with activist judges.

    Italy kicking butt!
    European Union leaders wrangled over migration policy reforms in an all-night meeting in Brussels. And one of the bloc’s newest and loudest critics, the barely month-old government of Italy, is claiming a big win.

  21. 2018 June 30 3:58 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    I’m not a twitter guy but the #WalkAway movement sounds interesting.

    Gaining traction nationally:

  22. 2018 June 30 4:50 am

    Jim, how long has #WalkAway been a thing on twitter? Is northrup4 3hr ago your post? Interesting that people are already claiming it’s being excluded from trending – don’t know if that’s true but it would not surprise me in the least.

    Updated map for this morning [incorporates yesterdays confirmed advances]
    click for larger version

  23. 2018 June 30 5:48 am

    JournO-list v2 (or is really v3 now) exposed.

  24. 2018 June 30 5:58 am

    601 Charged in opioid related scams, fraud, and abuse.

    Don’t know if they’re all guilty as charged ..since it’s the DOJ… but it is a plethora of arrests\charges.

  25. 2018 June 30 6:08 am
    drdog09 permalink

    I posted in a comment 2 weeks ago about #walkaway. So it has been around at least that long.

  26. 2018 June 30 6:11 am
    justrand permalink

    the reason the Left is extra-freaked-out over Justice Kennedy, is that, as the article notes, their entire strategy is based on un-elected judges & justices MAKING laws and imposing their agenda.

    and if Hillary had won, they would be going full speed ahead

  27. 2018 June 30 6:12 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Follow up on the Red Hen incident. Most folks are aware that she stepped down from her position as the president of the Lexington business board. Well here is the a bit more. She was also the brand ambassador for the City of Lexington an had been receiving $52k a year in grant money for being so. That too is now gone.

    Good chance Red Hen folds?

  28. 2018 June 30 6:19 am
    drdog09 permalink

    A cup of coffee in VZ now costs $1M Bolivars — — Puts new meaning to ‘good to the last drop.’

  29. 2018 June 30 6:23 am
    drdog09 permalink

  30. 2018 June 30 6:26 am
    justrand permalink

  31. 2018 June 30 6:46 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    A weekly dose of memes available at, see Week In Pictures.

  32. 2018 June 30 7:09 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    From the comments at the PL post

  33. 2018 June 30 7:16 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    drdog, I had missed your earlier comment, so WalkAway was new to me.
    KH, I don’t have a twitter acct, northrup4 is not me.

  34. 2018 June 30 10:20 am

    Can changes in asylum law be done without congressional action?

  35. 2018 June 30 10:28 am
    justrand permalink

    good question, IP…dunno?!?!?

  36. 2018 June 30 11:33 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Here is the statue — — Enough exceptions and exclusions and ‘determinations of the AG’ to float an aircraft carrier, so my bet is Congress screwed themselves. Trump can do what he wants short of burning the sandbox down.

  37. 2018 June 30 1:50 pm

    Post 38 mutley

    I especially liked this clause from the asylum law.~~~~~~”(3) Limitation on judicial review
    No court shall have jurisdiction to review any determination of the Attorney General under paragraph (2).”

  38. 2018 June 30 2:18 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    I believe it. The SS detail does not do diddly without a procedure. There be a detailed planning doc somewhere in the archives….

  39. 2018 June 30 4:00 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    senate approves the growing of hemp — — If this gets signed into law it will drive the PoPo nuts.

  40. 2018 June 30 4:56 pm
    justrand permalink

    THE most succinct dissection of the Left I have ever read. Here is the link, but I’m copying the whole thing below.

    Although much is made of the political and cultural left, few realize that this creature is long extinct. Once it stood for stronger unions, economic equality, better working conditions and organized labor. Such was its root, its reality, from which it has fully severed itself.

    This means that the left now chases utopias — from multiculturalism to environmentalism and green initiatives, from the “rights” industry and intersectionality to gender-fluidity, from anarchism and communism to ever-morphing liberalism, from abortion and euthanasia to the cult of Trump-hatred by self-styled sophisticates. In each case, the logic is the same: Shoehorn reality into theory, and mold humanity into the confines of ideology.

    And, because it is now rootless, the left is all things to many agendas, and thus stands for nothing. The only coherence it possesses is progressivism, whereby all that ails society is to be cured by economics and technology, whose anodynes are doled out by politicians in thrall to “experts,” who in turn cannot help but contradict each other.

    For example, race and culture are declared inseparable (hence multiculturalism and its handmaid, cultural appropriation). But “race” is also said to be a social construct used to dominate the underprivileged. Which is it? How can cultures be the sacred property of ethnic groups when races don’t exist?

    Likewise, gender is declared a social construct but gayness is said to be natural. But if gender is artificial and fluid, there is no basis for gayness, since neither masculinity nor femininity exist. Gender-fluidity also destroys feminism, for women cannot be oppressed because they can simply become men.

    As for abortion, it is justified via legalese (body ownership and the definition of a human). But if a body belongs solely to the individual, why do others own the body of the unborn (no matter how it is defined)? And, if a fetus is killed because it is not human enough, then environmentalism, which seeks to protect all life, is contradicted. Even if legality denies the fetus its humanity, it is still life (since non-life cannot flip into life).

    Then, there is the left’s penchant for the great “Freetopia” — free healthcare, free education, free childcare, a universal basic income, paid leaves and guaranteed work. All these grand plans are blissfully detached from the reality of economics. An old saying gives the best perspective: “Money does not grow on trees.”

    In effect, the left is structured for failure because it always pursues the imaginary and then justifies everything by manipulating language.

    Such abuse of language is made possible because absolutes, or primary ideas (truth, meaning, goodness, beauty — and their opposites, evil, falsehood, moral ugliness) are reduced to linguistic categories. Absolutes become mere words that can be interpreted in any way possible, because words no longer embody truth but are arbitrary symbols meant to keep things moving along, without purpose. Words can become anything you want them to say. Hence the ever-shifting re-definitions of reality (gender pronouns, climate change rather than global warming, no nations, no borders and so forth).

    The left, therefore, possesses a degraded philosophy that has nothing to do with life (or being), because it extols what life should, or could, be (or becoming) – rather than what it really is.

    If language manufactures reality, and life is merely word-play, then humanity is subjected to all kinds of tyranny: Control words and you control people’s behavior, thinking, expectations and their will (the strategy of corporate media and its news narratives).

    This “logic” derives from the notions of Michel Foucault, whose influence, sadly, has been more profound than his scribblings warranted. It was he who popularized the “end of mankind” by arguing that there is no such thing as human nature because it is “constructed” by socio-cultural conditions. Change those conditions, and you change man. Foucault was hardly being original, for he was rehashing La Mettrie (machine-man) and Condilliac (man as a statue).

    The left fiercely embraced Foucault as an oracle of the contemporary world, so much so that humanity itself has now been degraded to a linguistic category that can be rewritten, manipulated and refashioned to fit or justify socio-cultural whims, or even political needs. Mankind has been shattered in order that it might be built better by ideologues. The old dream of the New Man.

    It might appear that the left is dominant. But notice its dominance depends only on its ability to spread its bad philosophy via the media-entertainment-education complex. Take away that dependence and the dominance collapses, for the left is not an organic growth from life itself, as all proper culture should be. Instead, it is an imposition by experts. Because agendas need the agency of institutions to sustain them, they have already failed.

    This means that the left is hardly a threat, despite its bluster. For how long can reality be denied, and what civilization has mendacity ever built? Many have tried to fabricate the better human, the New Man. And they have all failed — and will always fail — because life is greater than theories, and humans are more than ideology.

    “There are only two forms of conduct for people who are truly uprooted: Either they fall into a spiritual lethargy, much like death, or they hurl themselves into action, often violent, designed to uproot those who are not yet uprooted.” These words of Simone Weil sum up what the left is — rootless and unhinged from reality, promoting either lethargy or a violent hatred of those rooted.

    Because there is no life without a root, the left is dead.

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