An Idea Whose Time Has Come

2018 August 11
by bc3b

Why do people emigrate to the United States (legally and illegally)? Because they want a better life.

Unfortunately in the 21st century (and the last half of the 20th), immigrants (both legal and illegal) are enjouing a better life at the expense of the US taxpayer. Today many legal immigrants come from third world countries. They lack the skills and work ethic that immigrants of a century ago possessed.

With illegal immigrants, it’s even worse. Illegal aliens are treated butter than US citizens. They use hospital emergency rooms as the doctor’s office and often don’t pay the bills, which drives hospital and insurance costs up for US citizens. They send their children to public schools, which not only costs US taxpayers money, but also dilutes the quality of education. California once had the best K-12 public education in the US. Today California students test on a par with students from Mississippi and Arkansas. The mayor of Kansas City, KS, likes to brag that students in the city’s schools speak more than 60 languages. What he doesn’t wish to discuss is that his city’s schools are rated among the worst in the country. Students in predominately black  schools in Kansas City, MO score much higher than their peers across the river.

To cut to the chase, studies show the average legal immigrant family uses far more welfare than the average family headed by a native-born American. With illegal aliens the difference is even worse.

One of the best ways to stop legal immigration from third world countries and illegal aliens is to end welfare for immigrants and that’s exactly what President Trump is proposing.

President Trump’s ban on allowing welfare-dependent legal immigrants to resettle permanently in the United States would likely save American taxpayers about $1,600 a year per immigrant.

As Breitbart News reported, the Trump administration is set to roll out a plan in the next month that bars foreign nationals who need government welfare in order to live from resettling in the U.S. Such a ban on welfare importation through immigration has been eyed by the Trump White House since February.

Such a plan would be a boon for American taxpayers, who currently spend about $57.4 billion a year on paying for the welfare, crime, and schooling costs of the country’s mass importation of 1.5 million new, mostly low skilled legal immigrants every year. In the last decade, the U.S. has imported more than 10 million foreign nationals and is on track to import the same amount in the coming decade if legal immigration controls are not implemented.

The National Academies of Science released a report two years ago, noting that state and local American taxpayers are billed about $1,600 each year per immigrant to pay for their welfare, where immigrant households consume 33 percent more cash welfare than American citizen households.

Trump’s seeking to end the “public charge” that mass legal immigration from mostly the poor and developing world would translate to an annual tax cut for American taxpayers.

Illegal and legal immigrant-headed households use nearly 60 percent more taxpayer-funded food stamps than households headed by native born Americans, a study conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) revealed in 2016.

Harvard University economist George Borjas says the country’s decades of importation of more than 1.5 million legal immigrants every year is the world’s “largest anti-poverty program” that comes at the expense of American citizens who are forced to subsidize the cost.

“Since 1965, we have admitted a lot of low-skilled immigrants, and one way to view that policy is that we were running basically the largest anti-poverty program in the world. That is actually not a bad thing at all,” Borjas said in an interview last year. “Except someone is going to have to pay the cost for that.”

If the Catholic bishops and their Protestant and Jewish brothers want to welcome immigrants to the United States, let them foot the bill instead of using the federal and state governments to fund their immigrant agencies.

Hat tip: Breitbart

Here’s a group of foreigners we all would welcome to the US:

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  1. 2018 August 11 8:10 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Watch the Democrats and RINOs cry. Can’t you hear Paul Ryan saying, “That’s not who we are?”

  2. 2018 August 11 8:14 pm
    bc3b permalink

    That first shot should wake JR up when he’s eating his Wheaties. I hope Eph doesn’t swallow his spoon.

    Western Conference cheerleader squads are similar to college. #1 is a Edmonton Eskimos cheerleader. There’s a big, burley guy who is supposed to catch her, not some fruitcake like on the Rams.

  3. 2018 August 11 8:55 pm

    Bc3b – I can hear his whining already, what’s worse is it’s not going to stop even after he’s out of office.

    Cheerleader #2 can come stay with me. 😉

  4. 2018 August 11 9:10 pm


  5. 2018 August 12 1:57 am

    4 – LOL I claim fake news! /s

    Speaking of which here is a tip – don’t watch the following when trying to think positive thoughts and fall asleep:

    Rethinking The Internet: How We Lost Control And How To Take It Back:

    Though it was a good watch there were no answers and it didn’t really focus on ‘the internet’, and you have to bite your lip for a few seconds here and there as there is a shot or two at DJT and ‘2016’ as some watershed moment (when fake news comes up), but you can’t avoid that with a panel of silicon liberals (and maybe one who isn’t, and you can tell who that is on the final panel as he talks the least and has some of the more interesting things to say when not being cut short).

    What’s most amusing is a bunch of leftist san fran types who are building this shit are basically just as scared in many ways as everyone else about how these things are being used\abused (though when it comes to politics obviously for different reasons than you or I). Wraps with a question to each about where we’re headed and was meant as a ‘what’s the positive solution for future’, nobody had anything positive to say, in fact in their own way they were like … “yeah we’re all fucked.” 🙁

    Still interesting topics came up, and to hear them admit exactly how the related ‘services’ and ‘products’ are not only re-programming people, but are purposely designed to do just that was something you rarely hear people fully admit. The lady on the panel, while I actually do respect her contributions to the discussion, was so stereotypical SJW\sanfranlib I couldn’t help but laugh.

    I can’t help but think some of what we’re seeing lately (bans) is at least 2 of the 4 panel peoples idea of “imperfect progress” when it comes to ‘the fake news problem’. I’m babbling at 4am time to stop.

  6. 2018 August 12 3:04 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “One of the best ways to stop legal immigration from third world countries and illegal aliens is to end welfare for immigrants and that’s exactly what President Trump is proposing.”

    Trump really does not have to propose anything — its already in the current law (INA). A legal immigrant must have a sponsor. Period. I had to sign on the dotted line that I was on the hook for $$x135% of the poverty line. Refuge status is a bit different, but I don’t know why provisions of the INA cannot be applied to those agencies providing refugee funds services. As to the illegals there should be a charge back to the PoO country. Don’t pay? We deduct it from any foreign aid funds. Might make many of the central american countries having their people leave. At our cost of living vs theirs they would end up in the hole.

  7. 2018 August 12 6:18 am
    justrand permalink

    The only number I dispute is the $1,600 per year number. That may be “hard cash”, but the actual amount they consume…NET…is vastly higher.

    and as drdog notes, the laws already exist…they’ve just been ignored for a lonnnnng time.

  8. 2018 August 12 7:29 am
    TLS permalink

    $5.7 billion divided by $1,600 per immigrant comes out to 3,562,500 immigrants receiving gov’t money. And that’s “per immigrant”, not “per immigrant household”.

    It seems to me that this figure only refers to the more than 10 million foreign nationals that were legally immigrated in the last decade. What about the 30-40 million illegal immigrants?

  9. 2018 August 12 7:50 am
    justrand permalink

    TLS, sssshhhhhh! We’re all supposed to believe there are only 11 million illegals…and that THEY are the cream of American society, and MUCH more worthwhile that any of us Deplorables.

    tsk tsk

  10. 2018 August 12 8:17 am
    TLS permalink

    JR ~Send the van. I’ll pack a bag and report to re-education camp. 😉 Must be time for another MoT announcement.

    On the side, sending some prayers for your family.

  11. 2018 August 12 9:11 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Infowars site explodes with readership — — Nice move FAANGS. You have made a martyr.

    “You can’t win, Darth. If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. “

  12. 2018 August 12 10:38 am
    bc3b permalink

    one of the biggest problems is that many immigrants want to live a better life in the US , Indians or Mexicans. Many hold dual citizenship and really don’t want to assimilate.

  13. 2018 August 12 1:04 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    SJW cycle

  14. 2018 August 12 1:39 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    That is exactly what happened to the Boy Scouts. Took a decade but it followed that exact pattern.

    Our problem is we have not figured out how to retake an organization once it has been subverted. We need a ‘Rules for Patriots’.

  15. 2018 August 12 1:45 pm
    drdog09 permalink


  16. 2018 August 12 1:52 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    For Eph….

  17. 2018 August 12 2:09 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  18. 2018 August 12 2:47 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    CITGO siezed by bond holders — — Russians own about half. A funny way to collusion….

  19. 2018 August 12 3:18 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Facebook should take notes —

  20. 2018 August 12 3:18 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    CNN’s Acosta nailed.
    Decades ago, after Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn took up residence in the United States, he noted that some of the same journalists he now observed behaving so rudely toward government officials in American had acted like pussycats when they were assigned to the Soviet Union. … While addressing the mass-murdering Cuban dictator (Raul Castro), Jim Acosta’s nervous brownnosing outdid both Eddie Haskell upon his every greeting of June Cleaver and The Scarecrow’s upon meeting the Wizard of Oz. … Jim Acosta: Roaring Lion to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Purring Kitty to Raul Castro.

  21. 2018 August 12 7:44 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Funny thing is how would anyone know between Boston Globe’s call to action and how the Press acts now?

  22. 2018 August 12 8:34 pm
    Eph permalink



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