Not Much Has Changed in 1,000 Years

2018 December 5
by bc3b

Not much has changed in Europe since Medieval Times. In Medieval Times the country was run by an omnipotent king or queen with the balance of power held by the nobles. There were two classes: the nobles and the peasant class. The peasants were dependent on the nobles for survival. There was no pesky middle class to question the nobles.

Look at Britain and France today. The king/queen of ancient times has been replaced by a prime minister or president who is equally removed from the commoners. He/she is advised by today’s elites, who care as much about the wants and needs of the working class as twelfth century nobility.

Just as the peasant class was depended on the nobles for their survival, today’s European working class depends on the government welfare for survival. Just pay sky-high taxes and shut up … the elites will decide what’s best for you and how your money should be spent.

It’s so simple even Pamela Anderson understands.

PARIS — Former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson moved from Malibu to Marseille recently and made a trenchant observation on Twitter about the recent fuel tax protests by “Gilets Jaunes” (“Yellow Vests”) motorists.

“I despise violence,” Anderson tweeted, “but what is the violence of all these people and burned luxurious cars, compared to the structural violence of the French — and global — elites?”

The problem with France is indeed structural. The current system really isn’t that much different from the old one that dominated prior to the French Revolution. The elites are still there. So is the king. He’s now just called the president.

Sure, there’s a democratic “choice” through voting — just as there was a choice of seats aboard the deck of the Titanic as the ship went down. Whatever choice the French make at the voting booth these days decides little more than the flavor of sauce with which their wallets will be devoured.

Based on historical precedent, the idea that all hell could break loose in France isn’t entirely far-fetched. But as long as French elites still have their heads firmly attached to their shoulders, things are still relatively fine. It’s been a really long time since the guillotine was actually a thing here. But back then, when citizens were fed up with the way the elites were running the country, they burned it to the ground in order to rebuild it to their liking.

One reason there hasn’t been a true rebellion is that the French still look to their elites to take care of them. As a media colleague recently explained: “We French like the idea of less government, but we also like the idea of our benefits. We have the best health care system in the world.”

This is the big lie that the French have long told themselves. Many think it’s just fine that the government takes so much of their hard-earned money because ultimately it’s recycled back to them and others in the form of nanny-state benefits. But as a resident of France, I’ve seen benefits (particularly health care benefits) dwindle over the last 10 years to cover less and less, without a commensurate reduction in taxes. I’ve also seen French people in true need continue to suffer while the government diverts its resources to newly arrived migrants.

Maybe it’s time to bring back the guillotine.

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  1. 2018 December 5 10:28 pm
    justrand permalink

    Americans are increasingly ready to crown Hollywood “celebs”, Obama/O’rourke do-nothing’s, and media whores as our own Aristocracy.

    Time to re-water the Tree of Liberty.

  2. 2018 December 6 3:08 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Time to re-water the Tree of Liberty.”

    Time to burn it down too and plant a new acorn.

  3. 2018 December 6 6:34 am
    TLS permalink

    Pamela Anderson is a poor representative of American celebrities. She is from Canada.

  4. 2018 December 6 7:38 am

    Dittos to all the above^.

    Speaking of over there, besides marcron having to finally cave on the insane tax, is May still pushing her turd sandwich of ‘ this horrible deal is better than no deal’ bs?. Also speaking of caving seems that’s exactly what Trumps likely to do, delaying the jan start of tariffs for 90 days showed a weakness the Chinese in my opinion will not forget. They will just continue unabated and wait Trumps term out. I would have thought an actual deal would be closer with chi-coms (one no matter what we all know they will break) if we hadn’t caved on the tariffs. Same on the front of those that begged for waivers over Iran for which he caved, at least there I could understand it was mostly among our ‘friends’.

    BTW recent study had showed that on tarried goods the prices hadn’t gone up much if at all for US consumers, that China producers were eating about 85% the cost of the tariffs via reduced margins and the rest in the supply chain on the US side were largely eating up the rest via the same and not price hikes. Would that have lasted at 20-25% that were going to kick in January i don’t know, probably not since eating 10% collectively is easier than 25%.

  5. 2018 December 6 7:59 am

    BTW voting this past Tuesday was interesting vs visiting the same place on election day back in nov. WAY WAY less people. At 4pm the total vote count was at 301 (posted at the door), that was about the same figure at 10am on election day in november, ZERO lines…well there was 2 persons in front of me, but it was walk in check id\in, and vote. Which was a good sign to me in some ways from whom I was seeing (the dozen or so while I was there) vs. back in November, notably different crowd.

    Anyway, end result R’s won the SoS office, with many many votes to spare, and the other commissioner seat as well, staving off disaster (at least total disaster) for another couple years.

  6. 2018 December 6 8:56 am

    The ghost mad me do it defense. Well it worked in that rape cases over there…”oh hey I didn’t know we can’t rape people here like back home” so I guess it’s worth a try.

    Another total fraud….

  7. 2018 December 6 11:10 am
    bc3b permalink

    It appears NBC News has won today’s “Whopper of the Day”: Migrants Help Fight Disease and Boost the Economy:

    Something the media won’t report:

  8. 2018 December 6 11:26 am
    drdog09 permalink

    New moniker, GM == Generally Missing

  9. 2018 December 6 12:59 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    “Not Much Has Changed In 1,000 Years”

    True enough, but one thing that has changed for the worse, IMO. The sturdiness, strength and independent-mindedness of US citizens.

    OK, I get it. The US wasn’t around a thou years ago ….

  10. 2018 December 6 1:30 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “…The sturdiness, strength and independent-mindedness of US citizens.”

    Ditto on that observation there Jim. Dear Lord I see it every day. I had a student last night who having received a 62 on a final was pondering if he would pass the course. They has a breakdown of the syllabus for the course and he could figure it our for himself. But nooooo, they would rather be lazy.

    What scares me about this attitude is AI and general automation like Siri and Alexia. These kids would believe it if Alexia said that the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and that is why we entered the war. The machines could take over and there would not even be a fight. The movie ‘Terminator’ was optimistic.

  11. 2018 December 6 1:48 pm
    bc3b permalink

  12. 2018 December 6 2:34 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    What goes for American Exceptionalism these days, Occasional Cortex…..

  13. 2018 December 6 2:46 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Macroni deploying 90k PoPo to counter Yellow Jackets Saturday march. Macron is a fool. If the situation Saturday goes bloody it may very well lead to outright civil war.

  14. 2018 December 6 3:48 pm
    justrand permalink

    Drdog, except the French people are largely disarmed. They will need to take the weapons from the PoPo and military first.

  15. 2018 December 6 9:00 pm

    The po po and the military might very well join them.

  16. 2018 December 6 9:35 pm
    justrand permalink

    Excellent point, IP…Bastille Day 2.0

  17. 2018 December 6 9:39 pm

    Another ‘wtf’ hiring decision imho, if accurate. Speaking of which…

    ^^you can’t really be serious sir?

    Thought some might like this.

    Buried in the article is another one for the list of countries dropping the dollar (to the extent they can atm anyway – VZ)


    One Snub Too Many:

    It may be, I was thinking about this when I heard of the g-20 meeting being called off last weekend, I thought bailing on that completely was a mistake. I can’t say I could blame them at this point for running out of patience.

  18. 2018 December 7 12:12 am

    Walmart investing in automated floor cleaners, initial order of 360 units.

    No surprise but the business making them seems to be going well, not that it’ll offset the job losses in total – as the article alludes to at the end:

  19. 2018 December 7 12:20 am

    Awe suchs don’t you know…. in a couple weeks I’ll have no power to do anything about this…so it’s a great time to finally make a sir now isn’t it! /s

  20. 2018 December 7 3:45 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Today, of course, is December 7th.
    My dear, departed Dad signed up for the Coast Guard. He, like so many youngsters, served to the end and did his part to knock off a couple war-crazy dictatorships. Turned out to be plenty more where that came from, though.
    He served in Murmansk convoy duty, then out in the Pacific.

    Bless them all (and, in my heart, him most of all).

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