The Left Wants to Completely Control our Lives

2019 February 17
by bc3b

We have seen it so often in recent years – the government working to force people into doing things that violate their moral code … unless, of course, those people are Muslims. Governmental organizations have forced bakeries out of business for refusing to bake wedding cakes for same-sex marriages. The same has happened to photographers.

Now, Cecile Richards, who made millions of dollars and oversaw millions of murders as the head of Planned Parenthood, wants to force doctors and nurses to perform abortions against their will. It’s a shame Ann Richards didn’t abort Cecile; the world would b a better place.

For the second time in two months, the outgoing president of the Planned Parenthood abortion business has said that Christian doctors and nurses ought to be forced to perform abortions.

Last month, Cecile Richards sent an email to supporters of the Planned Parenthood abortion company asking them to contact the Department of Health and Human Services to reject proposed guidelines protecting the conscience rights of medical professionals who don’t want to be forced to be involved in abortions by either killing unborn children or referring patients for abortions. Without such conscience protections, pro-life doctors, Christian medical workers, and others who do not want to be abortion participants would be forced to be involved in abortions — as has happened in numerous cases across the country and around the world.

Richards sent Planned Parenthood abortion activists a follow-up email today asking them to once again speak out against conscience rights for medical professionals.

“President Trump continues to outdo himself when it comes to pushing terrible health care policy that will do nothing but hurt patients,” Richards claims in the new email. “But his latest attack is truly shameful: a proposed rule released by HHS seeks to encourage health care workers to discriminate against patients by refusing to provide care because of religious, moral, or personal objections.”

“Heath care workers might refuse to treat a person seeking an abortion,” Richards adds.

As always, Richards wraps the opposition in language of women’s rights of reproductive health — never mind that women can access abortion at hundreds of locations nationwide without forcing Christian medical professionals to perform or refer for abortions:

HHS is collecting official public comments on this outrageous new proposal, and it’s our best opportunity to stop it before it becomes the law — impacting people everywhere across the country.

Take a moment to submit your official comment to HHS: Don’t encourage discrimination against people seeking health care.

The number of comments we collect can be used in legal challenges to stop these attacks — so your submission really matters (and it only takes two minutes!).

SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately

Make no mistake: This is nothing but Trump’s latest attempt to prevent people from getting the care they need, simply because of who they are, whom they love, or the kind of care they seek. To make matters worse, two weeks ago the administration issued new guidance encouraging states to block Medicaid patients from getting care at Planned Parenthood health centers.

In each and every one of Trump’s attacks on reproductive health care, it’s patients who are hurt the most. From people living with HIV to trans people to those seeking abortions, these attacks make it even harder for people to access care.

Richards had the same request of abortion proponents last month. In fact, the text of the two action alerts appears identical.

Just as same-sex couples can find another bakery or photographer, women seeking to kill their child can find someone all too willing to do so.

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  1. 2019 February 17 7:18 am
    bc3b permalink

    From the previous thread from drdog09 –


    Good or bad for the Church? —

  2. 2019 February 17 7:20 am
    bc3b permalink

    From the previous thread from justrand –

    this HOAX Hate crime could easily have spiraled into a race riot in Chicago…and people could have been killed. Smollett should do serious jail time. But then, so should the “journalists” and politicians who jumped all over it.

  3. 2019 February 17 7:22 am
    bc3b permalink

    From the previous thread from justrand –

    drdog, in re. your question to bc3b. Though I’m not Catholic, I believe the Cardinal being excommunicated is being done to paper over the ROT within the Catholic church.

    If the pope and his minions WANTED to destroy the Catholic church…what would they be doing differently???

  4. 2019 February 17 7:41 am
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 and JR –

    There is a bishops’ synod on clerical abuse in Rome his week. I find the timing of the action against McCarrick very interesting. I view it as a sop to show the Church is doing something about the problem while nothing of substance will come out of the conference.

    While 80% of the molestations are by homosexual priests and bishops, Francis and the bishops (whom I do not respect at all) claim it’s a problem of “clericalism” rather than homosexuality.

    McCarrick had nothing to lose. He is totally disgraced and doesn’t want to spend his remaining years holed up in a monastery in the middle of Kansas. He is said to be well off financially and quite likely Francis slipped him something under the table to buy his silence.

    McCarrick was Francis’ advisor and many of the US bishops and cardinals selected between the time Francis became pope and last summer were made based on McCarrick’s recommendation. McCarrick’s former assistant and housemate (Cardinal Farrell) was just named to the post that oversees the election of the next pope.

    The US Conference of Catholic Bishops was quick to condemn the boys from Covington Catholic and Trump’s declaration of an emergency to build a wall, yet they have not spoken out about New York’s abortion law. That says a lot.

    Francis and 80%+ of today’s cardinals and bishops are absolute scum. Any further questions about how I feel?

  5. 2019 February 17 8:06 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Post 1-They had to expel Cardinal McCarrick. Even though we know it’s just theatre on the part of this so-called pope.
    Post 2-The media is public enemy Number 1 in my book and look for Trump to pound them the next two years. when he does every conservative backs Trump more. I think Nixon (paraphrase) said, “When the press loses it’s freedom it will be because of themselves.”
    Post 3-Wondering if the pope wants the catholic church to be gone and all of us be Muslims. I’m sick of the churches, more than just catholic leaders push for socialism and communism.
    Post 4-The catholic church, just like the Democrats and media, are all hypocrites.

  6. 2019 February 17 8:40 am
    bc3b permalink

    MIC –

    But, what do you really think? LOL!

  7. 2019 February 17 8:43 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Thanks for the reply. I am not Catholic so I don’t follow any of the internal affairs of the Church.

  8. 2019 February 17 9:13 am
    Eph permalink

  9. 2019 February 17 9:41 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Sounds like CO got hoodwinked by snake oil eh?

  10. 2019 February 17 9:48 am
    drdog09 permalink

    A minor observation based on this —

    Acts like this have no basis in race, sex, occupation except — it is generally of the Left and specifically of a member of a ‘victim class’ or its camp followers. Rare to see such self destruction on the Right. So …..


  11. 2019 February 17 10:06 am
    Eph permalink

    9 DR,

    Yes sir. A bunch on “our side” did too

  12. 2019 February 17 1:45 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Trump signs Farm Bill outlawing cat and dog meat in US.
    Seen on the Internet: “Preznit 44 Hardest Hit”

  13. 2019 February 17 3:59 pm
    justrand permalink

    hilarious…Booker RUSHED to judgement when it looked like Trump supporters could be blamed. Now, of course, since it is obvious the whole thing was a HOAX, he is “reserving judgement”.

  14. 2019 February 18 4:19 am
    drdog09 permalink

    As if on cue with #10 — — But I conclude the following:

    * The various sects within the Democratic ‘church’ seek to peak their wokeness by self mutilation.
    * There is a precedence for this, Flagellants, that during the 14th century would whip themselves.
    * There is however a difference. The Flagellants were observing the cruxification and their adherence to the teachings of Christ. The Democratic version seeks something else — virtue signalling and a sense of ‘better than you’ in whatever they are pushing because they ‘suffered’.

    Just to be clear, I am not drawing parallels. The Flagellants sought salvation thru suffrage. The modern day variety is doing it to push an ideology. The Flagellants were at their height during the Black Death. Today’s version, well hard to tell what they portend. But it is worth noting that somewhere in the human psyche self destruction appears during a momentous period.

  15. 2019 February 18 8:11 am
    bc3b permalink

    The Catholic Church has hired Jussie Smollett as spokesperson for this week’s bishops synod on abuse. Apparently the Church had Gallup do a survey and Jussie has greater credibility than Francis the Marxist or Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich.

  16. 2019 February 18 10:01 am
    drdog09 permalink

  17. 2019 February 18 10:24 am
    justrand permalink

    will AG Barr actually and FINALLY start to fire back against those who attempted the coup against Trump??

    I put the odds near ZERO.

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