George Soros’ Equally Evil Twin Brothers

2019 March 3
by bc3b

In 2010 I attended a day-long seminar sponsored by Americans for Prosperity in the Detroit area. I was quite impressed. Sarah Palin was the featured speaker and three Republican candidates for governor debated. I even got a neat lanyard.

Since then I have learned a lot more about Americans for Prosperity and the men behind it (the Koch Brothers). The Koch Brothers aren’t what I originally believed (and what the left claims they are). The Koch Brothers aren’t conservatives, but libertarians who couldn’t care less about the United States. They agree with the left on many issues including abortion and open borders. They aren’t much different than George Soros. They don’t care for democracy (especially when voters disagree with them) and favor control by the elites.

Now the Koch Brothers are planning to invest heavily in GOP primaries to ensure that candidates who support their views are nominated.

Like the US Chamber of Commerce, the Koch Brothers are upset because there have been too many Republicans they don’t own.

OXON HILL, Md. The Koch political network for the first time plans to intervene in GOP primaries as part of a deliberate 2020 strategy to reverse years of essentially rubber-stamping the Republican Party in general elections.

Disappointed with Republicans in Congress and occasionally at odds with President Trump, the coalition of political groups overseen by Charles Koch has been re-evaluating its engagement in federal campaigns. Playing in GOP primaries to elect more like-minded Republicans to the House and Senate is key tactical adjustment the network has agreed to, with a top Koch official confirming that incumbents could be targeted for defeat.

“We think that if we’re going to be more selective, you know, raise the bar before getting involved, that it makes sense, therefore, to do more primaries,” Tim Phillips, who runs Americans for Prosperity, the Koch grassroots arm, told the Washington Examiner on Thursday while making the rounds at the Conservative Political Action Conference. The Washington Examiner is a CPAC media sponsor.

“If your model is, be more selective — try to find people who are genuinely policy champions,” Phillips added, “then there are going to be times that the primary is the crucial aspect of being able to do that.”

Unhappy with Republicans and Trump on issues ranging from trade, to immigration, to deficits and debt, the Koch groups are scaling back their support for the GOP out of concern that they had become an organ of the party. Phillips said the network still plans to make a substantial investment in federal and state campaigns over the next two years. He emphasized that Koch has worked closely with the president and Republicans in Congress on criminal justice reform and the tax overhaul to achieve key policy victories.


With promises in recent elections cycles to spend eye-popping numbers on behalf of Republicans, the Koch brothers and their network became something of a bogeyman among Democrats and anti-establishment conservatives. By its own admission, however, the Koch network hasn’t quite achieved the influence its detractors presume.

Per the network’s longstanding practice, it doesn’t plan to get involved in the presidential race. Only once, in 2012, has Koch deviated from its hands-off approach to White House contests.

“We think our resources are best spent, our model is best applied, at that state level and congressional level,” Phillips said.

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  1. 2019 March 3 8:50 pm
    justrand permalink

  2. 2019 March 4 6:15 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Oh the pain and I am not even talking about the lawsuits! I have been involved in two lawsuits on the job and the retention process is as they say ‘the process is the punishment’. Separate email system, can’t throw anything away. Its as close as you can get to the yellow tape scene without a corpse. An absolute PITA.

    I hope Sandmann wins all of them.

  3. 2019 March 4 6:22 am
    bc3b permalink

    The Covington Catholic boys received non-stop media coverage even though there was never any allegation of a crime being committed. Yet, actual crimes against Trump supporters (the 80 year old man attacked by a 19 year old thug in NJ and the man who had a gun pulled on him in KY) receive scant coverage.

  4. 2019 March 4 6:24 am
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #3 – Perhaps the Wa Po shouldn’t have wasted millions on the Super Bowl ad.

  5. 2019 March 4 6:29 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Hickenlooper says he’s running for POTUS.

    Here is what the next ballot will look like:

    US ( )
    Them ( )

    Pick a side.

  6. 2019 March 4 6:34 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “… there was never any allegation of a crime being committed. ”

    Ahh but when you live in a rainbow bubble like the left does; the thought of just being white and standing your ground IS a crime in their mind. A crime of hate that must be stamped out!

    But in the real world, you are absolutely right BC.

  7. 2019 March 4 6:36 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Good piece, though I can never get to the end of her novels. The Dim party needs to be totally destroyed, at the ballot box and the financial world. They have become a pox.

  8. 2019 March 4 6:38 am
    drdog09 permalink


    They had an ad? Heck I don’t even wrap my fish in a WAPO, it might poison it. Dallas Morning News is bad enough…

  9. 2019 March 4 6:42 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Not suitable for the company computers obviously.

  10. 2019 March 4 7:18 am
    justrand permalink

    drdog, I love the George Washington pic! 🙂 And he was right!

  11. 2019 March 4 7:22 am
    drdog09 permalink

    For our Northern BJG brothers and sisters….

    Springs’ a comin’!

  12. 2019 March 4 7:27 am
    justrand permalink

    I watched ‘Schindler’s List’ again last night. And as I always do, I had to control my urge to shout at the screen: “FIGHT, dammit…FIGHT!

    In Marine Boot Camp you spend the first 4 or 5 days in “Receiving Barracks” (at least you did when I went in). The D.I.s you have there you will most likely never see again, and most don’t have time to make an impression…but one of mine did.

    He was at least 6’3″, and built like a tank…and Jewish. He made a point of telling us that. He told us his reason for joining the Marines was that HE was on Jew that would NEVER meekly walk into a gas chamber and NEVER allow himself to be herded into a Concertation Camp.

    If the Jews of Europe had fought back, many would indeed have still died. But the Nazis would have been required to use VASTLY more resources to corral and kill them. AND, the Nazis would have lost a lot of men in the process. The war, as a result, would almost certainly have been shorter.

  13. 2019 March 4 7:57 am

    Those in the warsaw ghetto finally did, too little too late.

  14. 2019 March 4 8:19 am
    bc3b permalink

    Is Telsa dead?

    If so, billions in government subsidies will be buried with it.

  15. 2019 March 4 9:00 am
    justrand permalink

    yup, IP, they waited until they were essentially already wiped out. But the Warsaw Uprising still brought the German army to a halt, at a time when they could ill afford to be, as the Russians were breathing down their necks.

    the Russians, of course, then halted on the outskirts of Warsaw and allowed the Germans to destroy it…made for fewer Poles and Jews for them to worry about.

    You’d think American Jews would be paying better attention to what the modern Democrat Party thinks about Jews vs. Muslims…but nope.

  16. 2019 March 4 9:16 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR #16 –

    Unfortunately, as our friend Eph tells us secular Jews are progressives first and Jews second (or third).

    I could make the same case for today’s Catholic bishops (although not necessarily the laity).

  17. 2019 March 4 10:54 am
    drdog09 permalink

    BC, 15,

    In that link is a hour long podcast that goes deep into Tesla’s woes. Tesla is flailing like a dying hyena. Sounds like a chance for a stock short.

  18. 2019 March 4 3:03 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  19. 2019 March 4 3:53 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  20. 2019 March 4 3:59 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Maryland’s HB 786 is a “suicide mission” for law enforcement, according to Sheriffs from three Maryland counties. Blue Lives Matter reported that they told the Maryland assembly that taking guns away from citizens would cause citizens to shoot at officers, and the laws were unconstitutional so they will not comply.

  21. 2019 March 4 4:01 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Question asked st another blog:
    Why was it a crime for Nixon to wiretap Democrats at Watergate but Ok for Obama to wiretap republicans at Trump tower?

  22. 2019 March 4 8:07 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    Jim – more and more sheriffs and local law enforcement coming out against that crap. Realize they are on the short end of a loaded gun.

    Not worth the dental plan.

  23. 2019 March 4 10:16 pm
    justrand permalink

    Video in the article WOULD have been the funniest segment in years on SNL.

    But it was CUT…for, um,”time”. Of course, it would have made a Democrat look bad…but it was cut for, um, “time”.

  24. 2019 March 5 7:01 am
    justrand permalink

    the article begins:
    ==> House Democrats are inadvertently forming the Beria Caucus: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

    Good article …but the author surely realizes it is NOT “inadvertent”…it is DELIBERATE! If you took 80 people who had dealings with Mother Teresa. you would find SOMEONE who did SOMETHING wrong…probably several somethings. Then you squeeze them for “testimony”, and have a complicit media blow up EACH REVELATION into the worst thing EVAH!

    Then lather-rinse-repeat.

    THAT is what the Democrats are doing. Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, head of the Soviet Union Secret Police really DID say: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” …and the Democrats always did admire the Soviet Union.

  25. 2019 March 5 7:42 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Dang, JR, we need our legislators in Sac to display more “yeep” (new kid’s slang for enthusiasm).
    IL is leaving us behind …

    Illinois, in contrast, is the nation’s worst-rated by all three credit rating agencies. And it’s just one notch from being rated junk by Moody’s and S&P. Illinois is the financial deadbeat of the country.

  26. 2019 March 5 7:45 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    They have no better issue to work on?
    Market based solutions for Dem priorities.
    Republicans Who Couldn’t Beat Climate Debate Now Seek to Join It
    In addition to Murkowski, other Republicans have been meeting in small
    groups to come up with a strategy

  27. 2019 March 5 7:58 am
    drdog09 permalink


    It is only illegalq if you succeeded, which Haderman and crew did not. They were charged with a BE. Nixon was never charged. Impeachment was his fate if he stayed in office.

  28. 2019 March 5 8:14 am
    drdog09 permalink


    GOP is going to be beaten by a head fake??? That is what the GND is.

  29. 2019 March 5 9:01 am
    justrand permalink

    Jim, there is NO WAY we are gonna be Out-Stoooopided by Illinois!

    We can waste money on ridiculous ideas better than ANYBODY! Sure our train to nowhere is going nowhere…but remember, we’re still “building” it! i.e., still spending BILLIONS of dollars “allegedly” building it…to NOWHERE!

    Kalifornia, where sanity goes to die!

  30. 2019 March 5 9:25 am
    justrand permalink

    GOOD! The media, pundits and celebrities all eagerly joined the lynch-mob, secure in their belief that they, being “Elite”, were immune from repercussions. I pray these lawsuits prove otherwise.

  31. 2019 March 5 10:06 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR #31 –

    Here’s hoping the WaPo lawsuit is the first of many. Hopefully a lawsuit against CNN is on deck.

  32. 2019 March 5 10:25 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR #30 –

    Sorry, but as a former Illinois resident I think the “Land of Lincoln” is very capable of giving Kalifornia a run.

    Illinois has sky high public pensions, is losing businesses and population due to high taxes, has plenty of illegal aliens, etc. Pritzker is every bit as insane as Gavin Nutcase. In addition, while Kalifornia is mostly incompetent, Illinois – home of C(r)ook county – is both incompetent and dishonest.

    In my opinion, you have a battle on your hands. Illinois’ goal is to become Kalifornia of the Midwest (without the nice weather and great scenery). Can Kalifornia brag that most of its former governors have served prison terms? Illinois can.

    Then, there’s the competition issue. Chicago businesses can avoid the high taxes and insanity by just moving a mere 30 miles (Indiana). Employees can either relocate to Indiana or drive against the flow of traffic at rush hours. It’s a win-win. Go 30 miles from San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego or Sacramento and you’re still in Kalifornia.

    The race to the bottom is one you don’t want to lose. You and JimNorCal need to help the state generate new ideas. How about an illegal alien tax: actual citizens and businesses are imposed a 10% tax which will go to illegal aliens so they can afford the finer things in life – like a new Ram pickup they can drive while intoxicated in place of the 2007 GMC they currently use for hit and runs? I think that has potential. It will cost taxpayers tens of billions and help keep Kalifornia #1.

  33. 2019 March 5 10:31 am
    justrand permalink

    bc3b, I’ll forward your ideas for “improved” fiscal and social malfeasance on to our “Legislature”…they will LOVE them! 🙂

  34. 2019 March 5 10:59 am
    bc3b permalink

    How times have changed.

    I was listening to 60s on Sirius last night and they were playing “Wish They All Could Be California Girls.”

    50 years ago (in the Beach Boys day), a California girl was a hot blonde in a bikini. 50 years later, a Kalifornia Girl is a 300 pound illegal wearing a grease-stained Viva Mexico tee-shirt.

  35. 2019 March 5 11:22 am

    Or a black burka

  36. 2019 March 5 12:32 pm
    bc3b permalink

    re: bc3b #35 –

    Explain why we want an influx of migrants from Mexico and Central America:
    * They are not educated
    * They lack basic skills
    * They are not athletic
    * They are going to be a major drain on our infrastructure
    * They are going to cost the US taxpayer a bundle
    * They are going to corrupt our culture
    * There are very few hotties; most women from Mexico and Central America resemble Ana Navarro. The hotties are Castilian and they aren’t the ones coming

    Is there something that I am missing or got wrong?

  37. 2019 March 5 12:56 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Darwin Award Winner: Czech man mauled to death by lion he kept in back yard:

    A lot like pit bull owners: “Our ‘pittie’ never showed any aggression until it jumped the fence and killed the neighbors’ child.”

  38. 2019 March 5 1:33 pm
    TLS permalink

    #33 – I have no doubt what-s0-ever that Nutcase is only getting warmed up. 😉

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