Now that the Mueller Investigation Is Over …

2019 March 23
by bc3b

What does it mean to?

  • President Trump
  • Democrats in Congress
  • The Republican Party
  • The looney left
  • The media
  • Others

This man just went from the left’s hero to one of it’s most hated people.

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  1. 2019 March 23 5:03 am
    bc3b permalink

    From the previous thread:

    justrand –

    Spot on. And the media wonders why no one with a BRAIN believes them.

  2. 2019 March 23 5:09 am
    bc3b permalink

    My thoughts:

    * Adam Sh!t has said the Democrats won’t give up in their efforts to impeach the President
    * The media will stay negative
    * Trump has been handed a tremendous weapon for 2020(against the Democrats and the media) … and he won’t hesitate to use it

  3. 2019 March 23 5:19 am

    Over? More like just the beginning of even more insanity as they quickly shift the narrative as they’ve already been doing for weeks. Damage done, no apologies, no reflection, no accountability for those wildly running their mouths this whole time…etc etc etc. Same old same old, and to the extent anything is done on the fisa etc all front of how this all began… not that I think there will be much done there but to the extent anything is… you can count on zero coverage.

  4. 2019 March 23 5:33 am

    Instagram blocking any post deemed as ‘anti-vaccination’. I’m not down with that train per say but man that’s really petty BS even from the fascists at Facebook, no “wrong-think” is too small for them to pass up.

    Twitter banning people last night and this morning for posting Rachel Maddow crying on air over Muller report and new of no new indictments. Love to here them explain that one… lol

  5. 2019 March 23 5:37 am

    Dems in-your-face dumping jews for islam, just like dems dumping blacks for illegals (when I say dumping you know I mean appearances, since they were never really supportive of either), yet I bet both groups keep voting for them anyway in overwhelming numbers.

  6. 2019 March 23 6:20 am
    justrand permalink

  7. 2019 March 23 6:22 am
    justrand permalink

    meanwhile, at the headquarters of the Democrat/media cabal:

  8. 2019 March 23 6:46 am
    drdog09 permalink

    The end game after the report?

    * Trump wins 2020 by a landslide equivalent to the McGovern loss.
    * He will appoint two more SCOTUS picks.
    * He will have appointed 60% of the federal bench appointees, a 30 year legacy.
    * He will either remake the GOP or it will be destroyed, pretty much like Obama did to the Dims.
    * And the really big guess? He will die in office of natural causes.

  9. 2019 March 23 6:50 am
    justrand permalink

    Drdog, I pray you are correct…but the Empire WILL strike back!

  10. 2019 March 23 7:23 am
    JimNorCal permalink

  11. 2019 March 23 7:25 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    A good “Week in Pics” this week.
    Lots more stuff in the comments too

  12. 2019 March 23 7:31 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    The Left will want to shift focus to rabid AGs in a few states plus partisan Feds in SDNY but I’ll go out on a limb and guess it’s over.

    Let’s see if any Dems are charged for sedition.

    And 2020, there was a Politico article about running, like, 18 different simulations. Trump won ALL of them and most by big majorities. Could be the tide is turning.

  13. 2019 March 23 7:51 am
    justrand permalink

    the Bing “crawl” has a headline:

    May not be indicted” …below a picture of Donald Trump’s SON.

    The link takes you to a smear posing as a “news” article, which provides a list of other people who won’t be indicted.

    Heck, YOUR name should be on that list since YOU won’t be indicted either! (okay, maybe drdog will be)

    Imagine you pick up a copy of your local newspaper and see the headline: “[–your name–] MAY not be indicted

    Yup, it’s called “Yellow Journalism”…but it’s the only kind we have these days.

  14. 2019 March 23 9:23 am
    bc3b permalink

    2019 hasn’t been a good year for CNN: Donald Trump, Jr Buzzfeed, Covington Catholic, Jussie Smollett and now this.

    Don Lemon is hoping for an airline crash.

  15. 2019 March 23 11:16 am

    7 – And why not, they knew chances were high not a damn thing would\will be done about it.

    9 – Wow you’re more optimistic than I might have guessed, long time between now and fall of 2020.

    13 – That would be nice. Then again lots of simulations had Hilda in a landslide, a couple didn’t, but they were dismissed at Hilda’s peril. I’m interested in what that dude, I think a professor of economics or something in NH somewhere who’s data said Trump wins from about a year out till election day, thinks. Damn I wish could remember that guys name, models been right every time since 60’s.

  16. 2019 March 23 11:51 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    KH: Maybe this guy? From an (ugh) CNN article.

    The man dubbed “Prediction Professor” for accurately calling almost every presidential election since 1984, including the 2016 election, now forecasts the impeachment of President-elect Donald Trump.
    “There’s a very good chance that Donald Trump could face impeachment,” Allan Lichtman told Erin Burnett on “Erin Burnett OutFront.”

  17. 2019 March 23 12:07 pm
    justrand permalink

    TLS, your son is currently ranked ~75,000 out of ~17,000,000. He’s in the 99.6 percentile!


  18. 2019 March 23 12:31 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Not so much optimistic for Trump as I am fist pumping watching the Dims implode. Politics are sports. As such there are two ways to win. 1) Come to the game and beat them to a pulp. 2) Hold the line and let the opposition beat themselves. (2) is currently in play at the moment.

    Only thing that beats Trump is a repeat of 2008 economics.

  19. 2019 March 23 2:07 pm

    The rain was pouring down, and there standing in front of a big puddle outside the pub was an old Irishman drenched, holding a stick, with a piece of string dangling in the water.

    A passer-by stopped and asked, “What are you doing?”

    “Fishing”, replied the old man.

    Feeling sorry him, the gent says, “Come in out of the rain and have a drink with me.”

    In the warmth of the pub, as they sip their whiskies, the gentleman cannot resist asking,
    “So how many have you caught today?”

    “You’re the eighth” said the old man.

  20. 2019 March 23 3:50 pm

    18 – idk, the dude I’m thinking about’s model has been right since 68 or something not 80’s, though the name sounds familiar.

  21. 2019 March 23 4:13 pm
    TLS permalink

    #19 I’ll pass that along to him. Pretty surprising considering he knows just a little more than I do about basketball. I know that the ball is a sphere. I’m pretty sure he knows what color it is.

  22. 2019 March 23 5:02 pm
    justrand permalink

    TLS, the year Mrs. JR came in below 100 out of (then) 10 million she wasn’t even sure what shape the ball was…so you’re ahead of her! 🙂

  23. 2019 March 23 5:03 pm
    justrand permalink

  24. 2019 March 23 5:46 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    “I hear the dollar store has yellow jackets cheap. I’d get them before the price goes up.”

    JR – my daughters got me a “yellow vest” for Christmas !!!

  25. 2019 March 23 5:49 pm
    justrand permalink

    Gnqanq, I need to get one, to go with my Rebel flag!

  26. 2019 March 23 6:12 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    I have a yellow vest. Its required to wear one when you go to the landfill.

    Nice to know there are alternate uses! 🙂

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