Is It the End of the Trail for the Scouts?

2019 April 25
by bc3b

The Boy Scouts were started in 1910 by Lord Baden Powell. Shortly thereafter the Girl Scouts were started. For decades they provided wholesome leadership and direction. Tens of millions of young men and women belonged. Both organizations were very patriotic and highly moral, with many troops sponsored by churches, religious groups and civic organizations.

As so often happens, the leadership of both organizations became infested with leftists. Instead of having links to churches, today’s Girl Scouts are affiliated with Planned Parenthood. Perhaps there’s even a merit badge for Girl Scouts who have abortions. About the only thing today’s Girl Scouts have in common with those of the 1960s is selling over-priced cookies.

The Boy Scouts were slower to adapt to late 20th/21st century mores, but they have. Active homosexuals now can become members and scout leaders. Gay men spending the weekend with teenage boys in the woods: what could possibly go wrong?

Suddenly scouting became something that many traditional Americans didn’t want their children to be a part of. Membership nosedived and many churches and civic organizations stopped sponsoring troops. Transgenders became members. Boy Scout membership became so low that the organization started accepting girls. The Boy Scouts proudly announced they would distribute condoms at the National Jamboree. That’s a far cry from promising to “keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.”

It’s estimated that as many as 110-million Americans have participated in the Boy Scouts since its founding. Membership peaked at 4.8-million in the  1970, but has dropped to 2.2-million today. A number of Christian groups have emerged as alternatives. The Mormon Church, which provided over 400,000 members is dropping participation.

Now the Boy Scouts are facing sexual abuse charges that may top those faced by the Catholic Church, which might force the organization into bankruptcy or possibly extinction.

The lawyers’ ads on the internet aggressively seeking clients to file sexual abuse lawsuits give a taste of what lies ahead this year for the Boy Scouts of America: potentially the most fateful chapter in its 109-year history.

Sexual abuse settlements have already strained the Boy Scouts’ finances to the point where the organization is exploring “all available options,” including Chapter 11 bankruptcy. But now the financial threats have intensified.

The reason: States have been moving in recent months to adjust their statute-of-limitations laws so that victims of long-ago sexual abuse can sue for damages. New York state has passed a law that will allow such lawsuits starting in August. A similar bill in New Jersey has reached the governor’s desk. Bills also are pending in Pennsylvania and California.

In New York and elsewhere, lawyers are hard at work recruiting clients to sue the Boy Scouts, alleging they were molested as youths by scoutmasters or other volunteers.

Plaintiffs’ lawyers “recognize that this is a very unique and lucrative opportunity,” said attorney Karen Bitar of the Seyfarth Shaw law firm. She formerly handled sex-crime cases as a prosecutor in Brooklyn before going into private practice defending institutions accused of employing alleged sex abusers.

Attorney Tim Kosnoff, a veteran of major sexual abuse lawsuits against the Roman Catholic Church, said Tuesday that he and his team have signed up 186 clients from dozens of states in just the past few weeks who want to be part of litigation against the Boy Scouts. Kosnoff said 166 of them identified alleged abusers who have not been named in any of the Boy Scout files made public in past years.

Boy Scouts spokeswoman Effie Delimarkos said the organization continues to evaluate its financial situation, and she defended its current abuse-prevention policies. The organization serves more than 2.2 million youths.

A bankruptcy by the Boy Scouts could be unprecedented in its complexity, potentially involving plaintiffs in virtually every state, according to several lawyers. It would be national in scope, unlike the various Catholic Church bankruptcy cases in the U.S., which have unfolded diocese by diocese.


Both the church and the Boy Scouts are iconic, historically well-respected institutions now known as having been magnets for pedophiles trying to exploit the trust of boys and their parents.

“When you cloak people in badges of respect, you create the perfect opportunity for bad people to get access to children,” said Chris Hurley, whose Chicago law firm is representing 11 former scouts in sex abuse trials scheduled on a monthly basis this year.

Another common denominator for the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts: Both kept voluminous secret files with names of suspected abusers, yet balked at sharing the information with the public.

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Hat tip: ABC News

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Not what we grew up with. “For God and Country” is hardly a motto for today’s Scouts.

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  1. 2019 April 25 7:52 am
    bc3b permalink

    An estimated 12,000 Boy Scouts may have been sexually molested over the years.

    From the ABC News article above: “magnets for pedophiles.” Like priest molesters, is a man interest in 12-17 year old boys a pedophile or a homosexual?

    As Cardinal Cupich would say, this has nothing to do with homosexuality. It’s simply caused by people in authority.

  2. 2019 April 25 8:26 am
    justrand permalink

    the Boy Scouts (which are no longer just for “boys”) and Girl Scouts should both be disbanded.

    Tragically that plays DIRECTLY into the hands of the un-godly Leftists. As does the destruction of the Catholic Church.

    The Left has always had two goals for both Scouts and the Catholic Church: CONTROL them or DESTROY them.

    The world being crafted for the next generations is one I never could have imagined as I grew up…and it pains me greatly that I cannot figure out how to prepare my grandkids for it.

  3. 2019 April 25 9:24 am
    Eph permalink

    Creepy Joe getting pounded from all sides today.

    Even Hussein held back endorsement.

  4. 2019 April 25 9:26 am

    My both orgs go tits up ASAP.

  5. 2019 April 25 9:36 am
    bc3b permalink

    Eph #3 –

    That’s the subject of tomorrow’s thread. So, act surprised when you open it. LOL!!!

  6. 2019 April 25 9:58 am
    Eph permalink

    6 IP,

    Like I said… All sides nailing him


  7. 2019 April 25 10:14 am

    How much longer must we abide joe biden?
    Beating a dead horse he was once a ride~in ,
    Looking for an issue for which to pontificate,
    His one last grey cell is left to masturbate,
    Let’s just hope it keeps on a hide~in.

  8. 2019 April 25 10:26 am

    This guy leads with charlottesville??? Something so easily and repeatedly debunked? I mean I know the real TDS nutjobs eat it up, but is that really smart in your opening announcement video to the public? I mean it’s all BS anyway no matter what garbage he put out but I expected smarter staff. The whole video came off as just ‘dark’, ‘bizarre’ and a total waste to me. Don’t worry though, like Hilda before him he’ll do a re-launch in 3months, and then another re-re-launch probably in the fall.

  9. 2019 April 25 10:28 am

    6 – Begged Coons and Casey but didn’t want Obama’s endorsement out of the gate, all while opening with division and race? Riiiiiight.

    3 – Of course he held back, Obama is many things but politically stupid when it comes to his own branding isn’t one of them.

  10. 2019 April 25 11:05 am
    justrand permalink

    IP, that was a masterpiece 🙂

  11. 2019 April 25 11:06 am
    drdog09 permalink

    All the talking heads are mubling about the Gilded Ones leaving the urban cores. Probably means that is further along that most imagine. That means that come tax revenue time some cities are going to be a real hurt 2020.

  12. 2019 April 25 11:12 am
    drdog09 permalink

  13. 2019 April 25 12:07 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #12 –

    Living in a core city may seem cool to millennials, especially if they don’t have children. They are close to the trendy bars and restaurants, etc. But, with all the problems (crime, filth, etc.), it can get very old very quickly. Then, if they decide to have kids, do they really want to send them to San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago schools, expose them to the dangers of living in the city, etc.

    Sometimes, they opt for trendy suburbs (like Fabulous Ferndale, just north of Detroit). But, because there are so many childless people living in Fabulous Ferndale, the school district has to import kids from outside the district to keep the schools afloat and the schools’ quality and ratings go down.

    Unfortunately, if they move to the suburbs, they still retain their old voting habits.

  14. 2019 April 25 12:46 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Tucker and Clinton collapse — — Wheels of Justice grinding finely.

  15. 2019 April 25 12:47 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Unanimous approval for homeless shelter in SF Embarcadero area.
    In poop-covered San Francisco, the super-rich prey on the left’s merely wealthy

    An interesting snip: “The city already spends $77,000 per homeless person (the money going to activists and nonprofits), which is higher than the mean average income of the average U.S. resident, wrote Rich Cibotti, in a data-filled 2017 piece for the Daily Wire. It has a $10 billion city budget (in stark contrast to the $3 billion city budgets of much larger cities such as San Diego and San Jose) and doles out $600 million among homeless agencies and non-profits to pay for ‘homeless services,’ which is an amount that is higher than its police or fire budgets.”

  16. 2019 April 25 12:48 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    BC, the big problem for Millenials is income vs expenses. As costs rise it will fall on them harder. They HAVE to move. But yeah, they still carry their baggage with them.

  17. 2019 April 25 12:50 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Headlines write themselves — — Has Biden taken a melanin transplant??

  18. 2019 April 25 12:50 pm
    bc3b permalink

    We all knew this was coming:

    Even when Muslims kill over 300 people, they are the victims (even though there’s never realy any backlash except in what passes for the mind of the media).

  19. 2019 April 25 12:53 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Maybe with Millennials there’s hope for the Losertarian Party – liberals who don’t want to pay taxes.

    Wiley: are you lurking?

  20. 2019 April 25 1:11 pm

    Super low hanging fruit, so color me not as excited as most about our new AG, but doesn’t mean the low hanging fruit doesn’t still taste good.

  21. 2019 April 25 1:14 pm

    17 – Insane in the membrane. Sounds like it might be cheaper to just hand out 50k in cash to each person – not that it’s a good idea either. 😉

  22. 2019 April 25 2:32 pm

    Empire Execs proper response: No. If you don’t like it we’ll replace you or just kill the show, this jackass is worse by far then Rosanne for example.

    But it’s hollywierd and Disney now owns 20th Centrury fox which I understand owns Empire, so a cave would not be out of character…. at which point plenty of people will point out the hypocrisy of someone like Rosanne getting whacked for a couple of tweets, and this mother fucker who who tried to run a cheap con-job (and continues to try to run that con even now) on the entire nation.

  23. 2019 April 25 2:55 pm

    Smollett syndrome
    “Smollet Syndrome has now spread to Winnipeg, Canada, where restaurant owners are now being accused of vandalizing their own business with swastikas and pro-nazi graffiti after reporting that they had been targets of a hate group. ”

    This actually isn’t that new in canada or elewhere but at least the fake shit is getting a bit more coverage lately.

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