The Crux of the Matter

2019 April 3
by drdog09

Many years ago, I spoke at a national Christian home-schooling conference and my speech was more political than religious, addressing the issues of liberty involved in educational freedom. During the Q-and-A afterwards, I was asked: “How does your faith affect your political views?” Having not anticipated such a question, I was silent for a moment before answering: “I think it’s about that ‘Thou shalt not steal’ thing.”

From there, I went on to explain how the fiscal action of the Welfare State amounts to theft on a grand scale, taking money from the people who earned it and giving it to other people who didn’t. This is immoral, and our participation in this immoral system corrupts us. The government school system is a huge part of this corruption. Whereas the Bible commands parents to teach their children, Americans have outsourced this duty to government, and the education of our nation’s children is entrusted to bureaucrats whose loyalty is to the system that employs them, rather than to the parents whose children are being taught.

Perhaps I rambled on for 10 minutes in that vein, but my point is how that question made me think of something simple: “Thou shalt not steal.”

That’s not my rule. That’s God’s rule.

Read the Whole Thing Here

McCain makes the clear point that realistic morality is many things to many people. The biggest problem of which is it leads quickly to the old missive "… for the common good.". A cover for confiscation, taxation and lack of liberty.

This video makes the point clearly —

Something to ponder.

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  1. 2019 April 3 8:00 pm
    justrand permalink

    Wonderful topic…and critical to our current predicament

    Oddly (or not) this article fits. It fits because the Takers” are clustered in the cities…and the providers are spread everywhere else. The takers believe they are ENTITLED to steal whatever they want…because they NEED it. And the providers are EVIL if they refuse to, well, provide!

    the London metroplex, with its Muslim masters, seeks to force its will on everyone else, just as our cities here seek to do that to all of us. The future

  2. 2019 April 3 10:43 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  3. 2019 April 4 6:13 am
    justrand permalink

    Jim…I hope your guns are dusted off!

  4. 2019 April 4 6:13 am
    justrand permalink

  5. 2019 April 4 6:51 am
    drdog09 permalink

    4, “Eh, could be!”

  6. 2019 April 4 7:32 am
    bc3b permalink

    Francis’ campaign paid $110k to a company he owned:

    The Daily Caller discovered it. The MSM won’t check on Dims.

    There are two Francises – O’Rourke and the pope. Both are a-holes.

  7. 2019 April 4 7:50 am
    justrand permalink

    I’m waiting until Joe announces to finally come clean:” “Joe touched MeToo!!”

    but I don’t recall him sniffing my hair…

  8. 2019 April 4 8:34 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    From a Washington Examiner story, this bit is dismaying to a lot of people who support the 4D theories that Trump had oversight of the Mueller investigation

    “How the hell did that happen?” Dowd asked, referring to the May 17, 2017, appointment of Mueller. “On that day, that’s the day after the president interviewed Mueller for FBI director and didn’t want him, and they discussed the conflict they had with the Trump golf club. The next day, Sessions and Jody Hunt, who was Sessions’ chief of staff, were in the Oval Office talking, when I think Don McGahn or someone walked in and said Rosenstein has just appointed Bob Mueller special counsel.”
    Sessions, of course, had recused himself from the Russia investigation, an action that made Trump angry to this day. Now, in the Oval Office, the attorney general was blindsided by the Mueller news. “Sessions was just horrified,” Dowd said. “He was so embarrassed. And the president said [to Sessions] how could you not know? And Jody Hunt, who was the chief of staff for the attorney general, did not know, and he was horrified. And poor Sessions resigned right then and there. They started drafting a resignation letter. He was so embarrassed and humiliated.”

  9. 2019 April 4 8:55 am
    bc3b permalink

    Another Dem Nobody throws his hat in the ring:

    Perhaps it’s time for HONK IF YOU ARE NOT SEEKING THE DIM’S 2020 NOMINATION bumper stickers.

  10. 2019 April 4 8:59 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR #9 – The story had a happy ending – the nut-job got fired.

    It looks dumb for a man to wear a Mohawk. It looks even dumber for a woman. Ane, isn’t this cultural appropriation, which leftists claim to hate (along with a couple million other things)?

  11. 2019 April 4 10:09 am

    6 – I’m actually thinking team slow-joe wants all this out now, before he enters.

    On a sort of related topic:
    80yr old can’t say “you look great” to 75yr-old friend and not get reprimanded because some snowflake overhead it and reported it to mgmt. I thought this was april 1st joke at first. Anyway host quit, doesn’t want to work in that sort of insane environment.

    Man charged with kidnapping,rape and murder, was here illegally and previously deported twice before.

    “A manager at the cleaning company, USA Steam Cleaning, said Rios applied for work in November and said he had citizenship documentation. He said Rios came back several times but never provided his documentation and as a result, never worked for the company.”

    Since he told everyone he worked there, and was renting an apartment, other residents of which said he said he worked there too, and had money for booze and rent… one might want to interview other employees and make sure he wasn’t just working off the books after not providing paperwork. /just saying.
    Also article says the victim was from Peru and worked as a nanny… doesn’t say say if she was a citizen, or otherwise here legally either. One used to be able to assume that was the case if not mentioned, but today no so much.

  12. 2019 April 4 10:22 am

    4 – Will not matter much what is actually in it… it only matter what the propagandists will say is in it, and how far they’ll drive this warn out narrative, because they know as we know most people aren’t going to read 400 pages. Also I highly doubt those 400 pages are in any way worded favorably where ever there is any room for them to be worded otherwise given the cast of characters involved doing the ‘investigation’.

  13. 2019 April 4 11:11 am
    bc3b permalink

    KH #14 –

    You can bet the media will be scouring the 400 pages for anything negative and that’s what they will focus on.

  14. 2019 April 4 11:31 am
    drdog09 permalink

    KH, 14,

    It will probably go down as you portray it. But it would be funny as all Hell if it broke the other way and Mueller was a Trump plant! Trump had previous dealing with Mueller. Mueller was even interviewed by Trump for a SES level position and would be down right funny again if Trump suggested Mueller take the SP job if offered. Rosenstein being stupid by half fires Comey and assigns Mueller. The icing on the cake is that Rosenstein wanted to leave once Barr was confirmed but Barr told him he ain’t leaving till he puts his thumbprint on the Mueller report. It would be the setups of all setups.

    But it is not to be I suspect. Nice dream tho. 🙂

  15. 2019 April 4 2:42 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Charges of corruption to help his son’s employer should be a bigger concern of Biden than the touchy-feely accusations.

    Beau (the one that died) was Biden’s good son. Hunter is an absolute POS.

  16. 2019 April 4 5:06 pm

    17 – It would be funny and dreamy indeed, but I think the chances of that are pretty low given the level of harassment and BS charges\indictments they already have out there.

    18 – Yup, I been saying that since that story broke\finally got at least some attention this week.

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