These Democrats also feel they have a potentially winning hand in 2020: The party found success in 2018 by assailing Republicans for wanting to upend the Affordable Care Act, and benefited from denouncing Mr. Trump’s harsh attacks on migrants, and hard-line approach to separating children. By talking up ideas like decriminalizing illegal border crossing, they fear that voters will lose sight of Mr. Trump’s divisive policies.

“We’re fighting immigration on his terrain and giving up our advantage on health care,” said Rahm Emanuel, the former mayor of Chicago. “That’s the travesty: We’re ceding an advantage Trump knows we have on him.”

Or as James Carville, the architect of Bill Clinton’s 1992 victory, put it: “This is an election that Trump can’t win but Democrats can lose.”


“It’s imperative that our candidates are listening carefully to all of the voices in the party,” said former Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri moderate. Referencing the frequent liberal outrage on Twitter, she added, “social media may promote the loudest voices, but they’re not the majority.”

And as if to offer an inducement, Ms. McCaskill cited current polling and said that “the reason Biden is the front-runner by such a large margin is because he’s speaking to those voters.”

The biggest problem the Democrats have is their 2020 opponent. Donald Trump isn’t a cravenly coward like Mitt Romney. Trump  will call the Democrats out on their extremism and isn’t afraid of what the media will say about him or what names they will call him.

Hat tip: MSN News