The Latest Manufactured Leftist Crisis

2019 June 26
by bc3b

Robert Francis O’Dork is leading the charge in blaming President Trump for the death of a father and daughter from El Salvador who drowned trying to cross into the US illegally. And, on cue, the leftist media is playing it up big time.

Funny, but the same media totally ignores crime by illegal aliens (e.g. when MS-13 thugs decapitate a teenage girl).

While the deaths of the father and daughter are regrettable, how can the President be blamed? He has tried to discourage people from Central America from making the trek. Is it Donald Trump’s fault the father showed poor judgement? If I tried to get to Canada by swimming across the Detroit River, I’d likely drown too. So, I have never tried it.

Since the pair were already in Mexico, fleeing the violence in El Salvador cannot be an excuse. Obviously he was seeking the freebies that aren’t available in Mexico.

If any  Americans are to blame, shouldn’t it be Nancy Pelosi, Beto O’Dork and their fellow Democrats who encourage people from Central America to make the dangerous trek north with the promise of amnesty, citizenship, free medical care and lots of other free stuff?

Beto O’Rourke blamed Donald Trump for the deaths of a father and daughter who were found drowned earlier this week along a bank of the Rio Grande River.

‘Trump is responsible for these deaths,’ he wrote on Twitter Tuesday evening, sharing an AP story about the drowning.

His charge comes ahead of the first Democratic presidential debate on Wednesday night, where O’Rourke will share the stage with nine other contenders.

Democrats have expressed outrage over the president’s immigration policies since the searing photo went viral.

‘As his administration refuses to follow our laws – preventing refugees from presenting themselves for asylum at our ports of entry – they cause families to cross between ports, ensuring greater suffering & death. At the expense of our humanity, not to the benefit of our safety,’ O’Rourke wrote.

You can bet mistreatment of illegal aliens will be the focus of the Democratic debates the next two nights. But, will anyone be watching?

Hat tip: Daily Mail (UK)

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  1. 2019 June 26 5:08 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Now this one from O’Dork is interesting. They drowned in the Rio having not reached the US side alive. Sooooo…..

    1/ Isn’t this Mexico’s fault?
    2/ They never made it to a ‘concentration camp’ so that is out. Gotta be there to be in the camp right?
    3/ If we had guard towers and shot people on sight like NK does they would not have come. But the Open Borders policy of the Democrats make coming here enticing. As BC opined, to get the bennies.

    It is a pair of tragic deaths. I won’t minimize that. Ultimately it is the fathers responsibility (if he is the father, gangs selling kids for aslyum purposes.) for their deaths.

  2. 2019 June 26 5:59 pm
    fight on permalink

    Evidence that i have no life I going o watch the debat

  3. 2019 June 26 6:02 pm
    fight on permalink

    jeez what a bunch of typos,

    Evidence that I have no life I going to watch the debate

  4. 2019 June 26 6:13 pm
    fight on permalink

    omg robert francis answering in Spanish.

  5. 2019 June 26 6:19 pm
    bc3b permalink

    fight on –

    You have a far stronger stomach than me.

    Hopefully Vandy will keep its lead over Michigan and the US Lesbians soccer team will start losing.

  6. 2019 June 26 6:40 pm
    fight on permalink

    now cory booker in Spanish all they can do is pander

  7. 2019 June 26 7:18 pm
    fight on permalink

    NBC having huge technical difficulties, this is the most laugh out loud show ever.
    what a cluster

  8. 2019 June 26 7:39 pm
    fight on permalink

    They did not use my question I sent in.

    If DJt asked you to bake a cake would you?

    Guess they did not like my question.

  9. 2019 June 26 7:52 pm
    bc3b permalink

    fight on –

    Let us know in the unlikely event anyone proposes anything to benefit the working class.

  10. 2019 June 26 7:59 pm
    fight on permalink

    this debate is a complete s-it show. what joke. Trump can’t lose.

  11. 2019 June 26 8:01 pm
    fight on permalink

    This was supposed to be Warren’s coming out party, she was totally diminished.


  12. 2019 June 26 9:15 pm
    bc3b permalink

    While I didn’t watch the debates, from what I am reading Beto may have come off the worst.

    Beto is 46, but gives the impression of someone far less mature. He reminds me of someone we all have seen in business – a young 20-something hot shot who is 99% style and 1% substance, who is trying to make a name for himself and usually screws everything up.

    Interesting point someone made. The moderators asked Gabbard about past negative LGBT comments. Why wasn’t Warren asked about her fake Indian claims. I think we all know why.

  13. 2019 June 26 9:21 pm
    justrand permalink

    I missed the Clown Car “debate” Part Uno. Drat.

    But the ‘Petticoat Junction’ reruns NEEDED to be watched!

    Someone had to.

  14. 2019 June 27 3:18 am

    boo fucking hoo for those that die illegally try to cross our border, i don’t give any shits what so ever, in fact I hope happens more. If the blame is anywhere other then with the border crossers it’s with the entire legislative and judicial branches who have done nothing but encourage this for 30 years.

  15. 2019 June 27 5:39 am

    Fuster cluck.–

  16. 2019 June 27 5:41 am
    drdog09 permalink

    I would like to recommend fight on for the “service beyond the call of duty for our eyes”, with oak leaf cluster for watching the debates for us.

  17. 2019 June 27 6:12 am
    justrand permalink

    I second drdog’s nomination of FightOn for the prestigious Clown Car Cluster F@ck award.

    then again…maybe FightOn was duct taped to a chair by some crazed Leftist (redundant) and FORCED to watch?!?

    Either way, he is to be commended! 🙂

  18. 2019 June 27 6:46 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Just think round two of the clown car debates is tonite!

    I hear my sock drawer calling.

  19. 2019 June 27 6:55 am
    bc3b permalink

    Takeaways from last night’s debate (based on today’s commentaries)
    * NBC really embarrassed itself with the technical problems
    * Donald Trump was the biggest winner
    * NBC tried to set Elizabeth Warren up to win: positioning on the center of the stage, giving her plenty of time to talk and avoiding mentioning her Achilles’ Heel issue – pretending to be a Cherokee for three decades
    * Beto made an absolute fool out of himself
    * As expected, most candidates spent much of their time pandering to identity groups: blacks, LGBTQs, illegal aliens in an attempt to woo the Hispanic vote

  20. 2019 June 27 7:17 am
    justrand permalink

    I just read that one of the clowns (Castro?) said Trans-Women have the Right to a government funded abortion!

    So since I now identify as a Black Transgendered Illegal-Alien Muslim Latino, I guess I better find myself a gynecologist.

    Vote Democrat in 2020…get 12 years of free shit before the world ends!

  21. 2019 June 27 7:25 am
    bc3b permalink

    A rare voice of reason from last night’s debate. John Delaney, former Representative from Maryland:

    The moment came when the ten participants were asked, by a show of hands, who would dispense entirely with private health insurance. Only New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Warren signaled “yes.” That’s when Rep. John Delaney, one of the least visible of the 24 announced candidates, weighed in.

    After pushing back on the idea of taking something away from Americans that most are reasonably happy with, Delaney said this:

    “Also it’s bad policy. If you go to every hospital in this country and you ask them one question, which is how would it have been for you last year if every one of your bills were paid at the Medicare rate? Every single hospital administrator said they would close. And the Medicare for All bill requires payments to stay at current Medicare rates. So to some extent we’re basically supporting a bill that will have every hospital closed.” And then he finished with a stinger about his electrician father on union health insurance: “He’d look at me, and he’d say ‘Good job, John, for getting healthcare for every American, but why are you taking my healthcare away?’ ”

    Hat tip:

  22. 2019 June 27 7:28 am
    bc3b permalink

    Another Dem (with no chance), Tim Ryan, claims he gets it:

    Ohio Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan admitted that Democrats have lost touch with “working class people” while being questioned during the first presidential debate held in Miami, Florida. After he answered a question regarding solutions to climate change, Ryan jumped to respond to a previous question on “real politics.” “We could talk about climate, we could talk about guns, we could talk about all of these issues that we all care about,” Ryan told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd. “We have a perception problem with the Democratic Party.” “We are not connecting to the working class people in the very states that I represent in Ohio, in the industrial midwest.”

    So, what’s his plan?

    Hat tip: Breitbart

  23. 2019 June 27 8:15 am
    fight on permalink

    Ah shucks guys I feel so honored. Will I receive an extra portion of rat hindquarters.

    On another note. It looks like W and Roberts F’ed us again.

    No to the citizen question on the census.

  24. 2019 June 27 8:28 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Will I receive an extra portion of rat hindquarters.”

    Only if you volunteer for service on the Eastern front. (CA, OR, WA) I do hear that the DNC is sending you a pride flag as the only person watching the debates. 🙂

  25. 2019 June 27 8:31 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Ryan does not understand….. Under the Dims there will be no electoral college and hence the Midwest states become irrelevant politically. As a consequence so does he.

  26. 2019 June 27 8:40 am
    bc3b permalink

    Here’s a sure-fire way for Beto to move up (or at least not fall farther down) in the polls. Billionaire wifey places him under “house arrest” and cuts him off from all outside communication. The more people (regardless of political belief) see of him, the more convinced they are that he’s an idiot. The same is true of Gillibrand.

  27. 2019 June 27 8:41 am
    justrand permalink

    as someone who is very into Genealogy I find it nonsensical to NOT ask the citizenship question.

    The Trump Administration should simply go back to the 1840 version then…NO NAMES, just the number of warm bodies in 10 year increments. Roberts delivers the big decisions for the Dems when they need them. I think he really IS being blackmailed.

  28. 2019 June 27 8:48 am
    bc3b permalink

    It will be interesting to learn if any of tonight’s clowns learned anything from last night’s clown car performance.

  29. 2019 June 27 8:50 am
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #22 –

    Ryan does not understand….. Under the Dims there will be no electoral college and hence the Midwest states become irrelevant politically. As a consequence so does he.

    Heck, C(r)ook County’s 53 million votes will be enough to decide the election.

  30. 2019 June 27 9:00 am
    TLS permalink

    #23 It looks like W and Roberts F’ed us again.

    On Gerrymandering:
    The court’s conservative, Republican-appointed majority says that voters and elected officials should be the arbiters of what is a political dispute. (from your link)

    On the Census questions:
    The court said the administration’s explanation for adding such a question is insufficient, and sent it back to the lower courts for further consideration. (from weaselzippers)

    So in one case, the fact that it’s purpose is political isn’t the business of SCOTUS and in the next case, SCOTUS doesn’t like the explained purpose of the citizenship question. How the @*&%#* does Roberts see with his head that far up his ….?

  31. 2019 June 27 9:04 am
    bc3b permalink

    On some other blogs people are wondering if Biden will receive the same favored treatment Fauxahontas received last night.

    I’m wondering if Gillibrand will act as idiotic as Beto.

  32. 2019 June 27 9:12 am
    fight on permalink

    I am wondering if mayor Pete who knows 6 languages will answer in Spanish or mandarin?

    What is tonight’s over\under on foreign language answers?

  33. 2019 June 27 9:50 am
    bc3b permalink

    fight on #32 –

    Given Petey Boy’s problem with black voters, he is brushing up on Ebonics and perhaps Swahili as we speak.

  34. 2019 June 27 1:33 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Apparently a pundit joked Liz Warren was answering questions in Cherokee

  35. 2019 June 27 3:12 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “How the @*&%#* does Roberts see with his head that far up his ….?”

    His fulfilling his role. Remember justice is supposed to be blind. 🙁

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