What Is Illegal Immigration Costing Your State?

2019 September 9
by bc3b

Not only are we supporting illegal immigrants financially, but they are changing the character of our states and the country … and not for the better. They negatively impact our safety, schools and hospitals. Eventually we will likely lose our country because of them.

Below are the ten states most heavily weighed by the cost of illegal immigration:

1. California – $23,038,125,353

2. Texas – $10,994,614,550

3. New York – $7,489,141,357

4. Florida – $6,290,429,108

5. New Jersey – $4,466,838,574

6. Illinois – $3,220,767,517

7. Georgia – $2,487,719,503

8. North Carolina – $2,437,965,113

9. Maryland – $2,378,996,947

10.   Arizona – $2,314,131,964

Who ever would have thought that Georgia, North Carolina and Maryland would spend more on illegal aliens than a border state like Arizona? But, when you see the cost per resident (below), Eph pays about 38% more than Mullet.

Here’s the annual average cost per person in selected states:

  • CA: $577
  • NJ: $498
  • MD: $412
  • NY: $384
  • TX: $376
  • AZ: $322
  • IL: $252
  • GA: $235
  • NC: $234
  • MI: $86
  • OH: $55

So a California family of four pays an illegal alien tax of $2,308 on average annually. But since there are so many illegals in California, the average tax-paying family pays far more. In all the above states (except Michigan and Ohio), the average family of four pays an illegal alien tax in excess of $1,000 annually.

Hat tip: Federalist Papers

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  1. 2019 September 9 9:25 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Eph –

    Finally saw your comment from Sunday. I haven’t watched a Lions game in three years (except on Thanksgiving Day when my son comes over). Wouldn’t you know that the year the Lions initiate cheerleaders was the year I started my NFL boycott?

  2. 2019 September 10 6:04 am
    drdog09 permalink

    NYT tweets how great Mao was — https://www.independentsentinel.com/ny-times-honors-mass-murderer-mao-on-the-anniversary-of-his-death/ — then deletes it when they get hammered.

    NYT loves commies, they gave Stalin a pass too.

  3. 2019 September 10 6:36 am
    justrand permalink

    If anything the massive cost shown for Kalifornia UNDERSTATES the problem. So much of the cost is buried and blurred, intentionally, lest the few remaining Middle Class Taxpayers (an endangered species) catch on.

  4. 2019 September 10 8:42 am
    Eph permalink


    Before that game started my daughter asked me who I wanted to win. I told her neither. They both suck.


  5. 2019 September 10 10:14 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    hat tip: JustOneMinute blog comment

    Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna
    Rats off the sinking ship: Illinois lost $310 billion in income to outmigration since 2000


  6. 2019 September 10 10:48 am
    drdog09 permalink


    NJ is on the same trajectory, just not as steep.

    I almost wonder if the legislature knows they can’t solve the problem so drive the turkey into the ground to insolvency. Doing so would most likely relieve them of the pension problem which is the core the State’s problem.

  7. 2019 September 10 10:48 am
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCal #5 –

    Every year United Van Lines reports on move-outs verses move-ins by state. In 2018 Illinois beat out New Jersey for the “honor” of being #1.

  8. 2019 September 10 10:51 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Was at the tire shop and they had the Dallas game on. It was so foreign. Like I had been dropped in to stadium watching a lacrosse match. I did not recognize any of the players, coaches, etc.

  9. 2019 September 10 10:54 am
    drdog09 permalink

  10. 2019 September 10 11:16 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    I like Bolton.
    My understanding is that he’s an America First kinda guy. Also, that if you are at war the goal is to kill the enemy not debate ethics.

    drdog and bc3b, we need to downgrade some of these states to Territory status.
    Let ’em back in when their house is in order.

  11. 2019 September 10 11:43 am
    bc3b permalink

    Paul Ryan becomes fellow for globalist think tank:


    That’s a couple hundred thousand a year for doing nothing in payment for blocking the border wall and supporting other globalist initiatives.

  12. 2019 September 10 12:05 pm
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCal #10 –

    Great minds can disagree on some things (like Bolton).

    drdog09: This is right down your alley:


  13. 2019 September 10 12:15 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Bolton: I think he has America’s interests at heart. But I sometimes wish he would sit down with a few colonels about military capabilities and ME realities. He popped off one time about Israel not being able to reach Iranian targets unaware that the Sauds already have an fly over agreement with the Israelis.

  14. 2019 September 10 12:28 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    As I have always said, automats are the end game. May look and feel different, have a different name but that’s where we end up.


    1) You download an app. That app allows you to build your own menu choices and store them.
    2) You roll up to drive thru and press ‘5’ for your configured lunch choice.
    3) Said robot chef builds to order. Server robot picks all the other items, fries, drink, condiments, straw, etc.
    4) Service tray slides out your lunch already sacked.
    5) App debits your bank account and off you go.

    Never talked to a human and got exactly what you wanted. That’s an automat. Only thing missing was not having to use nickels — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automat

    And there is already a company that has a machine that can make 350 custom burgers per hour — https://www.businessinsider.com/momentum-machines-burger-robot-2014-8

  15. 2019 September 10 12:35 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Another violent weekend in Mayor Petey Boy’s “Little Chicago” (aka South Bend).


    South Bend is a medium size city (101,000 population) with big city crime. Given the city’s demographics (the city is about 70% white with some very nice neighborhoods), you have to wonder why.

  16. 2019 September 10 1:01 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  17. 2019 September 10 1:02 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    I may have to pull back my approval of Bolton.
    Mitt has been complimenting him …

  18. 2019 September 10 1:02 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  19. 2019 September 10 1:04 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  20. 2019 September 10 1:28 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    As overheard at an airport checkpoint….

    “But Sir. The AR is my ‘support weapon’. See I even bought it a ticket.”

    Would love to see a Progs head spin on that for a while 🙂

  21. 2019 September 10 1:38 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Sometime soon I suspect we will see two architectural changes come to fore.

    1) Outside doors swing out rather than in. That permits the door to be boxed against the framing. All steel construction to the door.
    2) Framing will be Corten Box steel, welded, bolted to the slab.

    Their little buddy in the picture can swing that ram all day long and only make dents. — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET9SNXpeORY

    I wonder who makes THAT door?

  22. 2019 September 10 1:44 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Swinging out is a good idea for fire safety.
    You won’t get a group of frantic escapers crushing the front guy into the door such that the pressure prevents him from pulling it back. Instead, it will open outwards and they’ll all tumble safely out.

  23. 2019 September 10 2:30 pm
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCal #17 –

    Never trust a neocon. During the Vietnam War the safest place to be was in the reserves or national guard. They never were sent to Nam and placed in combat.

    John Bolton pulled strings to enlist in a reserve unit that was 100% safe from any danger. Dick Cheney went so far as to knock his wife up to ensure he didn’t get drafted. Liz Cheney has boys old enough to serve, but none have.

    Most neocons are “chicken hawks” who are always looking for wars that other people’s children and grandchildren can fight and die in.

    The one thing I will give John McCain – likely the only thing – is that he was a neocon who served. I won’t give Miss Lindsey that credit because he was a JAG. His greatest danger was getting maimed or killed by an angry wife when he tried to hit on her husband at an Officers’ Club dance.

  24. 2019 September 10 5:09 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Interesting — https://noqreport.com/2019/09/10/rfk-jr-hammers-anti-choice-democrats-forced-vaccines-stooges-big-pharma/ — RFK Jr, raises hell about CA vaccination bills, and he’s a democrat.

  25. 2019 September 10 5:53 pm
    justrand permalink

    What’s the word on North Carolona special election?

  26. 2019 September 10 5:58 pm

    9 – Good he wasn’t bringing anything productive to the table from my viewpoint, hopefully Wray and a dozen others are next, but I doubt it. 🙁
    13 – Yup.

    Any word on the NC races tonight?

  27. 2019 September 10 6:17 pm

    Follow up for NC.

    Murphy (R) wins in the 3rd.

    Bishop (R -9th) is like 500 votes ahead with around 50% in can’t see county breakdown but that don’t smell good, since 8-9:10 times if close, R loses it seems.

    edit: Seems most of Bishop’s vote already in from Union; Mecklenburg, and Robeson big for McCready thus far with only 14% and 38% reporting. Seems like bishop is gonna get spanked short of massive non-turnout in D areas which I doubt.

    county: bishop McCready Scott %rpt
    Union 31,054 20,775 251 81%
    Mecklenburg 14,096 21,148 108 14%
    Robeson 4,900 5,973 26 38%

  28. 2019 September 10 6:25 pm
    justrand permalink

    This seems to be pretty up to date


    Looks like the biggest Dem county is 100% in…Bishop ahead!

  29. 2019 September 10 6:28 pm

    9:25pm 62% reporting
    county: bishop McCready Scott %rpt
    Union 31,054 20,775 251 81%
    Mecklenburg 16,158 23,613 138 28%
    Robeson 5,916 6,713 31 51%

    B: 69314
    M: 68642

  30. 2019 September 10 6:28 pm

    29 – Nope, it’s the biggest Bishop county that is 81% in. Mecklenburg is McCready country.

  31. 2019 September 10 6:34 pm
    justrand permalink

    Damn, KH…I thought Mecklenburg was in

  32. 2019 September 10 6:48 pm

    Union co now all counted. Bladen might have a few hundred more votes but other than that seems all of Bishops vote is counted and Meck still has ~45% out. 🙁

  33. 2019 September 10 7:04 pm

    Meck now 76% in… only good news is % for D in the county is slowly dropping in last 3 updates, showing at least some of the areas not counted aren’t super lopsided for D (or turnout there was weaker than avg), needs to drop some more though.

  34. 2019 September 10 7:07 pm

    Donald J. Trump
    “Senator Ben Sasse has done a wonderful job representing the people of Nebraska. He is great with our Vets, the Military, and your very important Second Amendment. Strong on Crime and the Border, Ben has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

    Just never learns. sigh.

  35. 2019 September 10 7:17 pm

    Bishop wins, can’t see how in what’s left the D nets more than 2500 votes.

  36. 2019 September 10 7:20 pm
    justrand permalink

    Bishop won! I think

  37. 2019 September 10 7:27 pm

    Ahsha Tribble regional Fema director arrested for fraud…. crickets in the media cause she was a barry babe.


  38. 2019 September 10 7:32 pm

    37 – Yup he has, beyond the margin of lawsuits it seems too.

  39. 2019 September 10 8:09 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Yay, Rep Bishop! Dang. Too close for a Repub district.

    Donald J. Trump
    Dan Bishop was down 17 points 3 weeks ago. He then asked me for help, we changed his strategy together, and he ran a great race. Big Rally last night. Now it looks like he is going to win. @CNN
    & @MSNBC
    are moving their big studio equipment and top talent out. Stay tuned

  40. 2019 September 10 8:13 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    It that tweet is accurate then
    a) the Trump political group is good at monitoring the races going on, and
    b) they’re also good at reacting, taking action, figuring out which races can be salvaged.

    Trump went all in to support Bishop and won.
    Was either of the Bushes or Mitt or McCain able to do that?

  41. 2019 September 10 9:12 pm
    justrand permalink

    Jim, Trump is right…but the media are already spinning it as though it was a loss. Predictably.

  42. 2019 September 10 9:24 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Read at another blog: “According to The Atlantic (and no doubt other DNC outlets), Bishop’s victory, by a much wider margin than the original election, means “North Carolina Gives Republicans a Wake-Up Call.””

    There were two special NC elections and Repubs took both

  43. 2019 September 10 9:27 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  44. 2019 September 10 11:42 pm

    40 – The stumping helped, the county he had event in went D in 2018 Covington I think, ever so slightly for R this time, between that and fact Bishop being from Charlotte area (helped in meck) as I recall, seemed to be the difference.

    42 – fking hilarious, but what else is new, right?

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