Democrats Keep Veering Left

2020 January 21
by bc3b

What a difference 14 years makes! In 2006 Joe Biden – who was planning a presidential run – opposed amnesty and said immigrants should “learn to speak English.” In 2020 Biden is again seeking the presidency. But now he favors open borders and eliminating deportation and detention for people in the US illegally. He simply wants to give them an ankle bracelet so they can be tracked and set them lose in the US.

With all the pro-illegal alien benefits Democratic presidential candidates are proposing (free healthcare, open borders, safe and affordable housing, increased chain migration, hiring foreigners over US citizens, sanctuary cities/states, etc.), the US will become a magnet just as California has become one for illegals and the homeless.

And Joe Biden is the “moderate” candidate? He just said he wants to end all immigration detention! He’s just another pandering politician looking for votes:

Biden has become an open borders guy when in 2006 he believed in the rule of law:

Biden 2006: No Amnesty, Learn to Speak English vs Biden 2019: “I Respect No Borders”

Last November, during a campaign appearance in South Carolina, Biden said: Illegal Children “become Americans before a lot of Americans become Americans”

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he would end all illegal immigration detention “across the board” during the VICE News Brown & Black Democrat Presidential Forum.

Trending: Amazing Young Black Woman at Gun Rights Rally Says Democrats Had 60 Years…Sick Of Them Putting Illegal Aliens First

It’s all about votes to these career politicians who’ve made millions off of the backs of voters. Biden doesn’t care about Americans. If he cared, he would want to put Americans first instead of pushing for open borders.

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  1. 2020 January 21 8:12 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    There can only be two outcomes, 2020 forward —

    * Either the Democrats as a party self destruct for veering hard left never to recover. Or,
    * I have under estimated the number of communists in this country.

  2. 2020 January 21 8:14 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Looks like a new protocol has been developed. — — A torrent platform with a blockchain.

  3. 2020 January 21 9:25 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Ill be interested in the black vote this cycle.
    Maybe it will be another damp squib and go 95% Dem again.
    But maybe not.

  4. 2020 January 21 9:51 pm
    justrand permalink

    Sorry bc3b…but “VEERING” Left?

    They were “veering Left” in 2008, and did a HARD Left turn after that. They haven’t changed course since then… just hit the gas!

    They can’t even see Stain and Mao in their rear-view mirrors!

  5. 2020 January 21 10:10 pm
    bc3b permalink

    It doesn’t appear that yesterday’s rally had any effect on Democrats in the Virginia legislature (or whatever they call the state legislature in Virginia):

    You get the government you vote for.

  6. 2020 January 21 10:57 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Well, logically it had to happen eventually…

  7. 2020 January 22 4:00 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR #4 –

    To demonstrate how far the left has moved, Biden is the only Democratic presidential candidate that even pretends to be on the side of working class Americans. Yet, what has he proposed that will benefit working class Americans? All of his proposals are directed at the Democrats protected classes – illegal aliens, blacks, the LGBTQ+++ classes, other minorities, etc. He isn’t openly hostile to working class Americans like Bloomberg, who views them as his serfs, but the only thing working class Americans will “enjoy” is higher taxes.

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