How Dumb Are RINOs?

2020 August 7
by bc3b

There have been many  documented cases of problems with mail-in voting – some involving outright fraud and yet others involving incompetence by the Post Office or election officials. Yet, RINOs like Senator John Thune (R-SD) aren’t bright enough to realize it.

Wednesday from CNN:

Washington (CNN)A Senate GOP leader raised concerns on Wednesday over President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that mail-in-voting leads to mass fraud, arguing that Republicans should instead be encouraging voters to use the method in order to compete in a consequential election that will determine control of Congress and the White House.

“Mail-in voting has been used in a lot of places for a long time,” Senate Majority Whip John Thune, the No. 2 Senate Republican, said in the Capitol. “And honestly, we got a lot of folks, as you know, who are investing heavily to try to win that war, it’s always a war too for mail-in ballots. Both sides compete and it’s always an area where I think our side — at least in my experience — has done pretty well.”
The South Dakota Republican added, “I don’t want to discourage — I think we want to assure people it’s going to work. It’s secure and if they vote that way, it’s going to count.”
The comments come as a range of Republican officials throughout the country have reacted with growing alarm to the President’s attacks on mail-in ballots, saying his unsubstantiated claims of mass voting fraud are already corroding the views of GOP voters, who may ultimately choose not to vote at all if they can’t make it to the polls come November.
Wednesday from the New York Post:

The mail-in ballots of more than 84,000 New York City Democrats who sought to vote in the presidential primary were disqualified, according to new figures released by the Board of Elections.

The city BOE received 403,103 mail-in ballots for the June 23 Democratic presidential primary.

But the certified results released Wednesday revealed that only 318,995 mail-in ballots were counted.

That means 84,108 ballots were not counted or invalidated — 21 percent of the total.

One out of four mail-in ballots were disqualified for arriving late, lacking a postmark or failing to include a voter’s signature, or other defects. The Post reported Tuesday that roughly 30,000 mail-in ballots were invalidated in Brooklyn alone.

The high invalidation rate provides more proof that election officials and the Postal Service were woefully underprepared to handle and process the avalanche of mail-in ballots that voters were encouraged to fill out to avoid having to go the polls during the coronavirus pandemic, critics said.

Or this from Thursday’s Roanoke Times

Nonprofit group that encourages voter participation mailed confusing absentee ballot applications to Roanoke Valley residents that included the wrong return address for local election offices.

Earlier this week, many residents in Roanoke, Roanoke County and Franklin County received applications for absentee ballots from the Center for Voter Information, a Washington, D.C.-based group that provides information about candidates and elections. The pre-filled applications for ballots are legitimate, but the addresses on return envelopes are wrong.

Roanoke residents received pre-addressed return envelopes for the Roanoke County registrar’s office, and county residents received return envelopes addressed to the city’s registrar.

The mistake created confusion for voters and caused a massive headache for the city and county registrars, who spent much of Wednesday and Thursday answering calls from voters demanding to know if the mailers were part of an election fraud.
Friday from the Washington Free Beacon:

More than one-sixth of the mail-in ballots sent to voters in Nevada’s largest county during the 2020 primary went to outdated addresses, according to a new watchdog report.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, an election integrity group, reviewed the 1.3 million mail-in ballots Nevada’s Clark County sent during the June primary. It found that more than 223,000 of the ballots were sent to outdated addresses, leading the postal service to designate them as “undeliverable.” The undeliverable ballots accounted for 17 percent of all ballots mailed to registered voters. Nearly 75 percent of Nevada’s total population resides in the county, which includes Las Vegas.

Keep in mind, we’re talking three days of news coverage.

For Senator Thune’s benefit:

1.not supported or proven by evidence.

Yes, mail-in voting works real well Senator.

And, were not even covering things like the mail-in ballot that was sent to the dead cat, ballots mailed to deceased, buying ballots, ballot harvesting and ballots/political flyers postal carriers dump in the trash.

Hat tips: CNN, Roanoke Times, Washington Free Beacon and the New York Post

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  1. 2020 August 7 8:36 pm
    Eph permalink


  2. 2020 August 7 9:13 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Is it too late to get in on the thread?
    14 dead
    34 wounded

    How dumb are RINOs? The depth of that ocean has not be plumbed yet …

  3. 2020 August 7 9:14 pm

    Yup…saw that late this afternoon….fucking moron, actually less a moron probably and just purchased like the rest.

  4. 2020 August 7 9:14 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Eph, please pass this along to King Eyore for me

  5. 2020 August 7 9:17 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Hmm, the font is pretty small. Mayor of NYC says less than 60% of New Yorkers have registered with the census. They could lose 2 seats in Congress. Two fewer Dems in Congress, King Eyore!

    It might be legit: not “forgot” to fill out the form, but instead moved out of the city. A lot of people have.

    Anyone know someone who didn’t fill out the census who lives in a blue state, in order to depress the population count? Asking for a friend …

  6. 2020 August 7 9:20 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Let’s see if this one is scaled better.
    It’s a lot of stamps but I don’t think they’ll find it hard to get donations.

  7. 2020 August 7 9:33 pm

    5 – I wouldn’t be surprised if you audited said census it’s even lower want accounting for actual real alive people who are actual citizens. Goes for other states as well, census fraud even easier than voter fraud.

  8. 2020 August 8 5:34 am
    bc3b permalink

    Windy City Weekend predictions:

    JimNorCal: 14 dead; 34 wounded
    Knight Hawk:Killed: 13; Wounded:24
    bc3b: 15 dead; 58 wounded
    drdog09: 18 dead/55 shot

    Eph, are you and the king in?

  9. 2020 August 8 5:40 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Hmm, the font is pretty small. Mayor of NYC says less than 60% of New Yorkers have registered with the census.”

    Or….. It could mean that 60% of the population are NO LONGER New Yorkers! But hey Cuomo is working that one with free drinks and a steak like he is running some sort of titty bar.

  10. 2020 August 8 5:43 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Don’t forget…..

    I’ll play.

    Wounded — 55
    Killed — 18

  11. 2020 August 8 5:48 am
    drdog09 permalink

  12. 2020 August 8 5:51 am
    bc3b permalink

    There are real acts and CNN facts:

    I understand CNN has filed a protest because it didn’t get a Pulitzer for its Covington Catholic reporting. After all, if Nikolle Hannah-Jones can get one for the 1619 Project.

  13. 2020 August 8 5:52 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Even the cheap seats are onto the scam now —

    I have a plan. I am going to print up copies of this article. Nice folder, always at the ready. In the event some stupid Karen or Ken gives me a hassle I give’m a copy.

  14. 2020 August 8 6:06 am
    bc3b permalink

    Indianapolis BLM protester threatens driver at gunpoint:

    Shame he didn’t end up like the idiot in Austin.

  15. 2020 August 8 6:08 am
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #14 –

    Kiosk with masks, mostly produced by Hanes, at both entrances to local Meijer.

  16. 2020 August 8 6:11 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    12, same day registration and voting?

  17. 2020 August 8 6:18 am
    justrand permalink

    in the PRK no attempt is even made to prevent non-citizens from voting. Kalifornia will wind up mailing ALL people with a driver’s license a ballot…and then ask them NOT to vote if they are a citizen. Kalifornia gives driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

    Although some illegal aliens may not mail back in their ballots, the ballots NOT mailed in will be harvested.

    Thus AT LEAST 5 million illegal votes will be cast in Kalifornia…almost all for Democrats. Which is why the Dems want to get rid of the Electoral College

  18. 2020 August 8 6:19 am
    justrand permalink

    jim: “ same day registration and voting?


  19. 2020 August 8 6:39 am
    mulletover permalink

    The mullet is clairvoyant.. I’m in, if it’s still open.

    10 KIA
    2 bleeding out, yet undiscovered, presumed dead.
    29 wounded

  20. 2020 August 8 6:52 am
    fight on permalink

    If it is not to late.

    12 Killed
    32 wounded.

  21. 2020 August 8 6:57 am
    Eph permalink

    Ok. Im in…

    6 killed
    42 wounded

  22. 2020 August 8 7:16 am
    justrand permalink

    13 killed
    17 wounded

    Mayor Beetlejuice blames NRA (that was an easy prediction)

  23. 2020 August 8 7:16 am

    Thune used to be a good repub, then he caught the washington virus. Much more deadly than the chink one.~~~F him

  24. 2020 August 8 7:27 am

    IRONY~~When 400 years of western culture won by the blood, sweat, and tears of our founders ,can be brought asunder by a small minority of pimple faced, pickle puffing degenerate perverts crapping in the streets. We will go out with a whimper, not a bang.

    Fu ephyore

  25. 2020 August 8 7:45 am
    bc3b permalink

    Windy City Weekend predictions:

    JimNorCal: 14 dead; 34 wounded
    Knight Hawk:Killed: 13; Wounded:24
    bc3b: 15 dead; 58 wounded
    drdog09: 18 dead/55 shot
    Mullet: 10 dead; 29 wounded
    fight on: 12 dead; 32 wounded
    JR: 13 dead; 17 wounded
    Eph/king: 6 killed; 42 wounded

    If Eph is correct, the bros need to spend a lot more time at the range.

  26. 2020 August 8 7:56 am
    bc3b permalink

  27. 2020 August 8 8:47 am
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09’s buddy wants to buy empty office buildings and turn them into low cost (e.g. free) housing:

    This guy as grandiose plans for a guy that claims his city is broke and needs money from the feds.

    With all the businesses and taxpayers who will be leaving, NYC’s future is very bleak.

  28. 2020 August 8 8:52 am
    bc3b permalink

    Senator John Thune: “at least in my experience — (mail-in voting) has done pretty well.”

  29. 2020 August 8 10:26 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Maureen Dowd of NYT writes editorial saying it’s been 36 years since there’s been a man/woman Dem ticket.
    Ignores McCain/Sarah because Repubs.
    Ignores Hillary/Kaine because woman on top.
    How …. pointless.

  30. 2020 August 8 10:27 am
    JimNorCal permalink

  31. 2020 August 8 10:35 am
    bc3b permalink

    Whitmer travels to Delaware to meet with Biden:

    Las Vegas probability earlier this week: 2%


  32. 2020 August 8 10:51 am

    18 – Probably, but I can think of 100 other uses as well. Also keep in mind they’ve only seized 20k… I’m thinking about how much has actually got through, since they’re usually only catching a small percent of what’s shipped.

    Rice selling stocks

  33. 2020 August 8 11:07 am
    Eph permalink

    33, 34

    Two great pump fakes for slow Joe

    Kamala obviously

  34. 2020 August 8 11:41 am
    bc3b permalink

  35. 2020 August 8 11:46 am

    Mariah Carey’s sister is suing their mother for ‘sexually abusing her as a child in satanic rituals’

    Sounds like a bunch of BS for a payoff to me.

    In other satan related
    Amazon yanks download ability on The 2018 movie that explores child sex trafficking from a fictional perspective.

    Seems these headlines have happened every day the last couple weeks:

  36. 2020 August 8 12:09 pm

    another presser starting soon (no idea what it’s about)

  37. 2020 August 8 12:10 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    St Louis PI refused to sign off on charges against McClouskys. DA strong armed him. —

  38. 2020 August 8 12:15 pm

    Report: Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Has Been Told He Is Not Target Of Durham Probe

  39. 2020 August 8 12:30 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Even Hillary mocks NYT columnist who wrote the Democrats haven’t had a male/female ticket since 1984:

  40. 2020 August 8 12:56 pm

  41. 2020 August 8 1:18 pm
    bc3b permalink

    MAC first FBS conference to cancel season:

    The first domino? Without college football this fall, ESPN and Fox Sports 1 will be on life support. They may be telecasting 9-year olds playing touch football, which is preferable to their talking heads.

    In baseball some teams have played 14 games, but the St. Louis Cardinals have played just 5 games with today and tomorrow’s games postponed. How do you make up 11 games in a 60 game season? Doubleheaders?

  42. 2020 August 8 1:21 pm

  43. 2020 August 8 1:47 pm
    bc3b permalink

    KH #44 –

    Don’t forget that according to the NY Times racist 1619 Project, which lead author Nicole Hannah-Jones admits is “journalism rather than fact-based, the Revolutionary War was about slavery too.

  44. 2020 August 8 1:50 pm

    Presser… executive action city… sigh
    Chances of injunctions filed and granted by Monday afternoon: high.

  45. 2020 August 8 1:55 pm

    Haha press already asking about him getting immediately sued… so predictable.

  46. 2020 August 8 2:57 pm
    Eph permalink

    Wasn’t it the Dims who wanted the $600 per week welfare checks to begin with???

    Is water still wet???

  47. 2020 August 8 4:34 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Cute election ad, 30 secs

  48. 2020 August 8 4:56 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    I would find that humorless if it weren’t so true. I wish I could issue IQ tests before prospects entered my cyber program. Sigh….

    For example,

  49. 2020 August 8 5:00 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    You and IP are close to neck and neck in the ‘…. sure, the keyboard is in the mail….’ Olympics.

    That was funnnnnnnny.

  50. 2020 August 8 5:02 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  51. 2020 August 8 5:06 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    So then what? An easy $4Tn+ if history is any gauge.

    But I think I see Trump’s evil scheme. For those that remember, The Gipper said the only way to slow government down was to starve it. I suspect Trump is attempting the same thing only he is going to let the Fed Reserve notes go to $0 value to achieve it. Or by analogy, its going to starve on all that worthless paper. Is that the 4D chess? Beats me. But I have to say, if the USD has $0 value the govt is not long for this world.

    Course there is the issue of pain for the rank and file to consider.

  52. 2020 August 8 8:07 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    I heard someone describe whoever Biden picks for VP as his “living will”. That’s as good a description as any. (Biden would be older on his first day in office than Ronald Reagan, our oldest president, was on his last.)

    — Ari Fleischer (@AriFleischer) August 7, 2020

  53. 2020 August 9 12:49 am
    mpt permalink

    Normally I wouldn’t post a twitter link, but this is too good to pass up.

    Looks like ANTIFA showed up in wrong suburban neighborhood and got their asses kicked.

    The best line is: “Keep your hands off your weapons and punching ’em in the face.”

  54. 2020 August 9 12:53 am
    mpt permalink

    Here is part 2 where the cops finally show up and start arresting the commies.

  55. 2020 August 9 6:04 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Well the LAPD not exactly up with turning utilities off —

  56. 2020 August 9 6:24 am
    justrand permalink

    People voting for Joe Biden will not be voting for him…they will be voting against Trump. The media is trying their best to cover for him…but Joe continues to thwart them by opening his mouth. He hasn’t said THIS yet…but give him time:

    “I’m Joe Biden, and I forgot this message.”

  57. 2020 August 9 6:24 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Looks like ANTIFA showed up in wrong suburban neighborhood and got their asses kicked.”

    Good. This is happening anytime the Soylent twits venture out of their safe spaces. Folks who have by dint of hard work built something are not going to stand idly by and let some a$$hat burn it down.

  58. 2020 August 9 6:51 am

    Methinks Trump knew all along that the courts will throw out his exec orders on this as an over reach (which it is), thereby putting the onas on the dem anuses because they brought the suit. The ball is in their court as being the ones who are holding up relief for joe six-pack. He plays 3d chess
    while nasty and schmucker play with themselves.

  59. 2020 August 9 8:38 am
    bc3b permalink

    Pelosi: China would prefer Joe Biden:

    I am sure it would. The media keeps talking about Russia … Russia … Russia. But anyone who believes Russia is a greater danger than China is a fool.

  60. 2020 August 9 9:00 am
    bc3b permalink

  61. 2020 August 9 9:09 am
    drdog09 permalink

    AG Barr stops limo and mingles with the Deplorables — — Clearly not his style based on the body language but he did it anyway.

  62. 2020 August 9 9:15 am
    Eph permalink

    60 IP,

    With this left wing Supreme Court?

    Ill take that bet.

    Might me 9-0 for POTUS on all 4.

  63. 2020 August 9 9:25 am
    drdog09 permalink


    So essentially he wins either way. Heads: he gets to fulfill the EO’s. Tails: He gets to watch the Dims in a mudslinging contest watching the whole thing from the owners box.

    Unrelated, I hope its true, but at this point unless I see a perp walk, its just more hot air.

  64. 2020 August 9 9:32 am
    Eph permalink

    64 DR,

    Ill bet heads, unless he gets a “better” deal from congress. Either way, welfare continues.

  65. 2020 August 9 9:46 am

    48 -Yup they get 400 instead of 600, and don’t even have to take the hit for it.
    60 – I do agree they know someone will file against it and wanted that optics battle regardless of outcome. I wouldn’t be surprised if any decision about it strung out past election though and then it’s smacked down…problem is if the leftist judges smack it down it makes it at least slightly harder for themselves to do the same later. – at least in theory, and say that cause we see people ignore prior case law thrown out the window all the time when it suits their purpose.

    50 – wtf… is that real or photoshop? lol

  66. 2020 August 9 11:12 am

    60 IP,

    With this left wing Supreme Court? “”

    Because this leftist court wants to support piglosi.schmucker. But then again they wouldn’t let Trump rescind DACA,setting the precedent for exec orders to supercede the law,

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