California Uses COVID Funds for Teacher Bonuses

2021 March 16
by bc3b

Have you noticed that the blue areas (California, Chicago, etc.) are the only ones in which teachers are refusing to return to the classrooms?

When I drive to work every morning I pass a fleet of school busses – Rochester Community Schools, Avondale School District, Troy Public Schools, etc.

Michigan’s public schools have been back in full session since February 22. Catholic and other private schools never shut down during the 2020-21 school year.

At the start of the 2020-21 school year in Michigan, 50% of the students attended classes on Monday and Tuesday and the other 50% Thursday and Friday with Wednesday being online learning. Then as COVID cases increased (not necessarily in schools) in the fall, the governor mandated a return to online “learning.” On February 22, it’s school as normal (except kids are wearing masks and desks are in rows – like when we went to school – rather than clustered).

My daughter teaches third grade in a mid-size elementary school (about 500 students). Bridget and her cohorts were excited to get back in the classroom. She believes that online learning (Google Classroom and Zoom) are only about 30% as effective as in-person classroom learning. She admits today’s children are going to be well behind where they should be (third grade students entering the fourth grade next year will be at least 20% – 35% behind where they would normally be). While she got moved ahead in the COVID inoculation line, she had neither shot when school reopened full time.

No one in her school or the other 12 elementary schools in the district has become infected. All the scare talk has turned out to be wrong.

Compare Rochester Community Schools to schools in California or Chicago, where teachers are refusing to return to the classroom, not only because of fear of COVID, but also because they are using this as a wedge to get other things with the children used as pawns.

Now, some California districts are using COVID funds from the federal and state government for bonuses to reward teachers and administrators, who refuse to return.

  • The memos, shared online by the group Reopen California Schools, appear to show that school districts have been using COVID relief money on bonuses
  • An Employee Compensation Committee at the Clovis Unified School District met on Wednesday to discuss how the relief funds would be used
  • Committee members discussed using funds from the state’s recent AB-86 bill to provide ‘one-time’ bonuses of up to $6,000 bonuses
  • The AB-86 bill provided appropriated $4.6 billion in state funds for schools to reopen and meet public health requirements and allows for paying salaries
  •  The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 also allocated $15million to the Department of Education that can be used to pay teacher salaries
  • Last year’s CARES Act does not appear to directly include salaries but contains a provision that permits funds to be used for ‘continuing to employ existing staff’
  •  President Joe Biden has promised to provide educators the ‘pay and dignity they deserve’
  •  California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is facing recall efforts, said about 9,000 of the state´s roughly 11,000 schools have reopened or have a ‘firm date’ to reopen

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Empty classrooms could put kids at emotional risk: therapist

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  1. 2021 March 16 12:04 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    It’s so interesting that the 10 year yield was 90 basis points before the Georgia Election debacle. Now we’re at 1.60 on this spending boom.

    When do we start talking about the next trillion dollar stimulus plan. My bet is April or June.

  2. 2021 March 16 12:12 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Australia – just like the south side of Chicago with nicer decor:

  3. 2021 March 16 12:16 pm
    bc3b permalink

  4. 2021 March 16 12:19 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Citizens Protest Stolen Election in Green Bay:

  5. 2021 March 16 12:22 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Lyon (France – not the Detroit Lyons) is burning. Damn Amish:

  6. 2021 March 16 12:25 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “… She believes that online learning (Google Classroom and Zoom) are only about 30% as effective as in-person classroom learning. …”

    Indeed. The kids need to know someone is watching them and Zoom does not quite cut it. Higher Ed, Tech training, CES-like events are changed forever. Everyone will have to adjust for that.

    There is a guy down the block from me that did event mgt for some fin and tech people. Realized the lock downs put him out of work. He set up a data rack to support virtual meeting software and fiber to the house. Contacted all his clients. Charged half price for the service with all his previous clients and makes more money now than before. He busts a$$ though he’s ‘on’ as moderator and tech 18hrs a day.

  7. 2021 March 16 12:36 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “President Joe Biden has promised to provide educators the ‘pay and dignity they deserve’”

    Nobody receives dignity. They earn it by living it as a code of conduct everyday.

  8. 2021 March 16 12:46 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #8 –

    As you know, I am a “girly man” as the majority of clients are women’s haircare brands. Education is very important, especially when a solon switches from one color brand to another.

    As we discussed COVID-19 created changes that will last long after its end. Education is very important. There are hundreds of women (and some gay guys) contractors whose livelihood depends on training. They might visit five different salons in five different cities in five days.

    Now the training has gone digital, which means no daily salaries, no airfare, no hotel, meal or car rental bills.

    Unlike school children’s online learning, digital training has numerous advantages in the salon industry. Each stylist can go at his/her own pace. If there’s something they don’t understand, simply back-up and repeat. There’s no problem if a stylist is on vacation or home with a sick child.

    As we discussed with commercial property last week, COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on the US (and world) economy.

  9. 2021 March 16 12:53 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    zero money allocated to worker retraining in this 1.9 trillion dollar package in an increasingly underemployed economy.

    The Hartz reforms in Germany in the early 2000’s changed the country from the dying man of Europe to the driver of all growth in Europe. These reforms were essentially a hodge podge of worker retraining for many industries, etc

  10. 2021 March 16 1:25 pm
    bc3b permalink

    If it’s not the Amish causing trouble, it’s the traditional Catholics:

  11. 2021 March 16 2:10 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Money is innocent, but the lust for money truly is the root of all evil.


    BC that is interesting. Me, I would have assumed that is an occupation that requires alot of ‘touch’ to be successful. How wrong I am. Ya know, back in the day I was a girilie man for a while. Was a manager for Rite-Aid when I was working thru college. One store I ran had a Barbizon school in the floor above us. Typical RA store had 1 half row of cosmetic and hair care. We had 2 full rows and could not keep stuff on the shelves. The models were always complaining about out of stocks. Luckily I bumped into the manager one day. I cooked a scheme that I would give her the inventory sheet on Monday, they fill it out for what they want, I check any peg items OS. It would all arrive in the next shipment. Not many complaints after that.

  12. 2021 March 16 2:14 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Interesting name ‘Malik Halfacre’. Could it be because his ancestor was so slow that was all the cotton the man could pick in a day?

    I’ll apologize to the pygmies later.

  13. 2021 March 16 2:16 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Now PRP…..

    We want the holi poli dependent and desperate. If we spend money to retrain them they might get visions of being an independent citizen again.

  14. 2021 March 16 2:31 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Gerhard Schröder introduced the Hartz reforms in 2003. it took at least 5 years for structural changes (sometimes 10) to occur so no voters actually perceived he did anything well in the 2005 election, and he lost.

    Much easier to win elections with bread and circus

  15. 2021 March 16 2:33 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Democrats realize that midterms are less than 2 years away with a tied senate and narrow house so anything that isn’t sugar high is likely a waste of time from their view.

  16. 2021 March 16 2:44 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Bloomberg said during the debates that anyone getting a science or engineering degree at a US University should receive a permanent green card upon graduation.

    Certainly the latter would make sense and anyone with a comp sci degree.

  17. 2021 March 16 2:53 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Another great nflx series out lol. Watched a bit of it last night

  18. 2021 March 16 3:11 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Both doctors look to be moving towards bearish trend (copper and KOSPI) as well as natural gas this week. Not sure what that means or if it’s a blip.

    I still like the four horseman of the stimmy check reflation economy: industrials, materials, energy, financials (as well as commodities including crypto, lumber, uranium and pot stocks) and a bit skeptical of tech at the moment with ongoing rates going up.

  19. 2021 March 16 3:37 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    “President Joe Biden has promised to provide educators the ‘pay and dignity they deserve’”

    CostCo and grocery store workers don’t get free gov money. The city gov types just demand the stores pay them extra “Hero Pay”.

  20. 2021 March 16 3:57 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    The nurses on the covid floors deserved hero pay since roughly 100% of them got covid.

  21. 2021 March 16 3:59 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Wearing the same used 3M insulation that for a week straight at a time that was meant for insulation and yard work.

  22. 2021 March 16 4:23 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Dalio interview on coindesk

    “Ray Dalio on ‘Dumb Dollar’ Debt, Bitcoin Controls and the Coming Assault on Capitalism”

    I’m addicted to interviews.

  23. 2021 March 16 4:42 pm

    Irony==== When the captains of industry who used to be the captains of capitalism sell us out and are now the movers and shakers of corporate state socialism. The german corporate types did the same thing when they supported hitler during the 30’s ETC.

  24. 2021 March 16 4:58 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

  25. 2021 March 16 5:02 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    “California lawmakers passed a bill Monday that would reduce penalties for adults who have oral or anal sex with a willing minor child if the sex offender is within ten years of the age of the victim.”

  26. 2021 March 16 5:11 pm

    “Republican Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s office offered an internship to a Russian immigrant beauty queen who met Kinzinger through her internship application. She then dated Kinzinger for about four months and sent Kinzinger racy photos at his request, according to extensive communications between the woman and a NATIONAL FILE source. The woman, Olga Kambod, provided sexually charged and volatile 2018 text messages between herself and a phone number that matches Kinzinger’s former phone number on publicly available records. Kambod also provided emails from Kinzinger’s congressional staff discussing internship duties.”

    Clinton would be proud.
    bye bye… Adam. L.O.L

  27. 2021 March 16 5:34 pm
    Eph permalink

    31 KH,

    You think it would have mattered 4 months ago?

    Unless “votes” we eliminated this means nada

  28. 2021 March 16 5:42 pm
    Eph permalink


    She kept his texts!


  29. 2021 March 16 5:46 pm
    bc3b permalink

  30. 2021 March 16 6:22 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    The building is on fire….run for the exits

    “NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang wants MSG, tax exempt landlords to pay for his universal basic income plan”

  31. 2021 March 16 6:34 pm
    Eph permalink

    I thought Yang was from CA??????

    NYC Mayor ????

    Makes sense

  32. 2021 March 16 6:52 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    “Alibaba Browser Pulled From China’s App Stores As Xi Warns Tech Giants Pose “Risks” To CCP Control”

    Xi is kind of a control freak. I recall him coming to power in 2013 as a inbetween candidate of the two factions. There was an attempt on his life and he disappeared for a bit likely becoming paranoid.

    He then became obsessed with the concept of the fall of the Soviet Union as caused by when they began opening up there markets not wanting to see the CCP fall. So he also began his primary campaign slogan that was to root out corruption within the CCP, which was really a way to target his political opponents who would be found to be corrupt.

    He’s become more and more obsessed with maintaining control and getting Taiwan as well.

  33. 2021 March 16 7:37 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Realize, its been going on as long as Rod Serling was born and still going…;

  34. 2021 March 16 8:53 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    29, ““California lawmakers passed a bill Monday that would reduce penalties for adults who have oral or anal sex with a willing minor child”

    Note the date on the article: Sept 2020.
    It’s hard to believe but there are a whole bunch of CA voters who simply will not object to ANYTHING that Dems do.

  35. 2021 March 16 8:56 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    34, “Missouri Synod Lutherans attack and kill elderly Asian man in Oakland:”

    Those dark-skinned Lutherans LOL are making it difficult for Asians to buy the line that Repubs are responsible for anti-Asian hate crimes.

  36. 2021 March 16 8:59 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

  37. 2021 March 16 9:13 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Let’s go Preston

  38. 2021 March 16 10:31 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Yeah, 41, an energetic snip. I’ve only been looking at BTC for these few weeks.
    It’s plenty entertaining and energetic. That’s for sure.

    re: Preston, I just skimmed by I liked this bit:
    “I’m just sick of these academics saying we have free and open markets setting prices.”
    “Yeah, there’s not a grain of sand on that beach.”

    Bitcoin is a vote. Among other things.

  39. 2021 March 16 10:35 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Try to watch this preston interview

    He goes ALL the way down the rabbit hole with regard to fake interest rates. The interest rates are the price of capital and time that is used to price every other asset on the planet including stocks and housing.

    Now we have a system although a small one that is showing a true market rate, and if fiat has to use that rate bitcoin is a supermassive blackhole that sucks up the entire world financial system.

  40. 2021 March 17 3:14 am

    33 – If you write in an email, if you write it via phone-text\sms and hit send it never goes away (at least you should assume it never goes away, I always assume the same about internet post I make. There are almost always copies out there lingering somewhere on retired phones, sitting in ISP or telco databases or sitting someone on long term backup tape somewhere. That’s not even counting the mandatory bcc: to NSA even if they’re never looked up.. well till you piss off the right people of course.

    I could rant for every on this but I will not cause you all already know this shit and more. 😉

  41. 2021 March 17 3:16 am

    36…. From one FACE PALM to the next FACE PALM.

  42. 2021 March 17 5:02 am

    headline: Newsom suggests recall motives are racist

    LOL Yesterday it was all Qanon’s fault, now it’s everyone is racist. Normally I’d say something like sure sign he’s actually getting a little worried, but since voting system are jacked now, and on top it’s Cali… I don’t hold much hope but it would be nice to seem escorted off the stage finally (probably to be replaced by someone even worse of course).

  43. 2021 March 17 5:07 am

    Democrats Block GOP Bill to Test Illegal Immigrants for Coronavirus

    Almost like they want things to linger for as long as possible… you’d think they’d take the opportunity to inflate the US infection numbers. lol

    “NYC Judge Removes 6-Year-Old From Mother Because She Didn’t Wear a Mask While Dropping Her Off at School”

  44. 2021 March 17 5:32 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink


    10 year surging again this morning

  45. 2021 March 17 5:39 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    That’s why the world needs web 3.0
    Decentralized internet

    Or rather decentralized control of speech

  46. 2021 March 17 5:41 am

    The Air Force Mongrels dropped their Pit Bull unit patch recently after they realized it too closely resembled a symbol associated with a white supremacist group in Pennsylvania with a couple of dozen members.

    The morale patch of the 51st Civil Engineer Squadron resembles the pit bull patch of the Keystone State Skinheads.

    The shit our military is “standing down” for what was it 60days… to “root out”!!
    JHC… talk about having to such a stretch pretty dam far to find something…

  47. 2021 March 17 6:00 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    That interview above Preston made a pretty profound thesis. He noted that the entire world is on Brenton Woods system, and every central bank is pretty much doing the same thing in.

    If you look at the 40 year bull market in bonds and treasuries of continual downtrend from 15-20% interest rates down to zero or negative it entirely explains the world.

    His thesis is that the world actually went bankrupt in the 1980’s, and the way it has kicked the can down the road is by lowering and lowering interest rates. The financial economy used to be about 1:1 ratio to the regular economy, and over this 40 years it now more like 6:1 or even 10:1 at times.

    Every asset in the world especially stocks and homes are based on the risk free rate aka the interest rates + the premium above that.

    If Apple stock is a 2 trillion dollar company at zero percent interest rates, it actually becomes more like 400 billion dollar company at 10%, and at 15% it’s even worse.

    Same thing with homes. They say people buy mortgages rather than overall price. If interest rates rise to 1%, a monthly payment may go from 1500 dollars to 2500 or 3000 a month, and this would crash home prices.

    Now realize the entire world economy is build on artificially low interest rates, and realize that Bitcoin’s goal is to develop a yield curve in the crypto market that shows the TRUE rate.

    If bitcoin has interest rates of 10% and the fixed income world has rates of 1%, that’s a different universe not a mild difference.

    And it’s more like one universe getting sucked into a new one via a blackhole.

  48. 2021 March 17 6:03 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Also if the world went bankrupt in the 90’s, how does one stop a bankruptcy?

    If you can double the asset of a sovereign or a company or an individual you can actually avoid a bankruptcy.

    Imagine you own 1 million in property but interest rates go down by 5% in a crash (which is what we’ve always done) and the values of everything is repriced based on this. Now you have 2 million in property, and that 1.3 million you owed is no longer an issue.

    You financialize the economy and paper everything over….problem solved.

  49. 2021 March 17 6:05 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Bitcoin getting ready to drink the entire global bond market.

    I drink your milkshake!

  50. 2021 March 17 6:42 am
    justrand permalink

  51. 2021 March 17 6:51 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    A lot going on this AM.

    All of Asia basically having lower-highs this morning, and even India made its first lower high today. Yesterday, I was noting the lower high in KOSPI and Copper (the two doctors.) China went bearish trend first before any of this. Australia has a new lower highs. Japan has lower highs.

    I don’t know why, but the EM trade is turning or consolidating.

    Oil\energy on the other hand is booming. 10 year yield is booming. The Russell is rocking (which is heavy in financials, which is also rocking)

  52. 2021 March 17 7:38 am

    “And it’s more like one universe getting sucked into a new one via a blackhole.”

    Yeah that’s definitely one way of putting it.

  53. 2021 March 17 9:06 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Now realize the entire world economy is build on artificially low interest rates, and realize that Bitcoin’s goal is to develop a yield curve in the crypto market that shows the TRUE rate.”

    Well here is a test. Remove all fiat from the planet. BTC is untethered, how do you price it?? Then as soon as the sovereigns start buying BTC well you are right back to where we started all this. Then the JPMs of the world take over Coinbase and start manipulating number of BTC in open market jinking the price.

    The world was on a fixed valuation not so long ago based on gold the amount thereto only rising at between 1-3% yoy. Pretty much fixed. BTC is fixed as well as to the number coins that will be outstanding. The processes and problems will not disappear just because BTC exists, just the marker used changes.

    But enjoy the ride.

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