Time to Cancel the Cancel Culture

2021 March 5
by bc3b

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What’s racissst? Anything the left wants to cancel out, suppress or demonize.

The latest is Dr. Seuss. It was just a few years ago that then-President Barack Obama praised Dr. Seuss:

“The works of Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known to us as Dr. Seuss, have sparked a love for reading in generations of students. His whimsical wordplay and curious characters inspire children to dream big,” Mast wrote, tagging the former president.

The quote comes from Obama’s 2015 Read Across America Day proclamation.

Obama offered similar praise in his 2014 proclamation, saying: “Countless Americans can recall his books as their first step into the lands of letters and wordplay. With creatures, contraptions, and vibrant characters, they have led generations of happy travelers through voyages of the imagination.”

Suddenly the left has branded Dr. Seuss as racist because of some innocent drawings that are now deemed as offensive by people on the left.

If you look at the cancel culture, you’ll soon discover the outrage comes primarily from woke white liberals rather than minorities. A few examples just from the sports world:

  • About 25 years ago, the NCAA was “on the warpath” because some colleges and universities used Indian tribes as mascots. In Michigan this affected two Division I universities – the Eastern Michigan Hurons and the Central Michigan Chippewas. The NCAA attempted to force both universities to drop the nicknames. Both tribes told the universities and the NCAA that they considered it an honor to have major universities name the athletic programs after them. Eastern caved like a house of cards and changed its nickname to the Eagles – the most common nickname in college sports. This change came over the objection of tribe elders and alumni. After all, who is the most sensible group to realize there’s racism afoot – woke, white liberal college professors and administrators or the elders of the Huron tribe? Chippewa elders travelled with university officials to Indianapolis to plead the case for Central keeping the tribe’s nickname and were successful. Without Central students, who would the tribe have waiting of tables and handling other menial jobs? My daughter worked at a junior version of Dave and Buster’s, taking care of children at Soaring Eagle while the tribe was “scalping” their parents in the casino.
  • College teams couldn’t change their nicknames quickly enough. Marquette University went from the Warriors to the – you guessed it – Golden Eagles. Why not just eliminate any hint on Native American culture as there have been warriors for thousands of years.
  • In 1915 the Cleveland American League team players hated the team’s nickname – the Spiders. They thought it was creepy. What did they do? They renamed the team in honor of the player who was most popular with team mates and fans –  Louis Sockalexis, a member of the Penobscot tribe. Stupid Sockalexis and his equally-dumb team mates thought they were honoring the player they liked best. Any of today’s woke white liberals will tell you that they were clearly being racissst.
  • After a decade of attacks the Washington NFL franchise finally capitulated to the woke mob and dropped the nickname Redskins. The protest was – as can be expected – led by woke white liberals with a smidgen (as Barack would say) of Native American grifters looking to cash in. There are high schools on Native American reservations that use the Redskins moniker. To make amends for its past sins of bigotry, the Washington NFL franchise just announced it is dropping its cheerleading squad and replacing it with a coed dance troupe (girls + gays). Why not paint a 10′ x 10′ piece of plywood prior to the game and let fans watch it dry during halftime? That would be more exciting and less nauseating.
  • Finally, the Atlanta Hawks have been heavily criticized for firing Lloyd Pierce, a black coach, after a disappointing 14-20 start. In two plus seasons as the Hawks head coach, Pierce had a 63-120 record. in addition, his relationship with Hawks players was not a good one. A coach has one of the worst records in the league after two years and is disliked by his team gets fired – it’s not unusual and hardly news. But, with Lloyd Pierce, it was different – he is an extreme-left Democrat who became very involved in the Georgia presidential election and the senate run-off so to woke NBA coaches and an even more woke sports media love him. They were in a state of panic because he got canned – not because he was a candidate for getting fired for being a lousy coach, but because they believe he helped move the country to the left.  Two NBA coaches – Greg Popovich and Stan Van Gundy – are widely recognized as world-class assholes, but the Houston Rockets coach – also head of the NBA coaches association – had someone hold his 32 oz. beer. NBCA President Rick Carlisle mentioned his political work, saying, “Georgia, in very large part because of Lloyd’s work and commitment, went from being a traditional Republican state to a Democratic state … which has massively changed the landscape of our country.” Perhaps if Pierce spent more time working on coaching skills and less on changing the landscape of the country, he wouldn’t have been such an abysmal failure.

To paraphrase Clay Travis people attend sporting events for relaxation. 75%-85% of sports fans aren’t woke. They don’t want partisan politics shoved down their throats when they shell out $300-$400 or more to take the family to a major league game. Yet, the sports media is likely more woke and even farther left than the political media and teams are becoming woke.

Hat tips: outkickthecoverage.com and cbssports.com

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  1. 2021 March 5 5:18 pm
    Eph permalink

    “To paraphrase Eph’s buddy – Clay Travis”

    Good night folks, have a great weekend.

    Que James Taylor

  2. 2021 March 5 5:26 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Since Pierce was fired the Hawks are 2-0. Rick Carlisle’s Houston Rockets are 11-23 and have lost their last 10 straight games. Perhaps Carlisle is making the case that he shouldn’t get fired because he’s a woke white liberal.

  3. 2021 March 5 6:01 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Eph #1 –

    I didn’t think a “sarc.” tag was necessary.

  4. 2021 March 5 7:39 pm
    justrand permalink

    The Suess family may have thought they could throw 6 titles under the bus and save ‘The Cat in the Hat ‘ (the cash cow)…what fucking idiots. Once you grant the mob control they OWN you

  5. 2021 March 6 12:27 am
    mpt permalink

    Tipping? Racist!

    Yeah, not racist. But, in general, I would be happy to see tipping become a thing of the past.

  6. 2021 March 6 5:42 am
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCal #5

    Since my son was a waiter/bartender at Outback throughout college, I’d like to weigh in on this:

    1. Wait staff and bartenders prefer tipping as they can under-report earnings and the IRS cannot disprove it.

    2. Tipping is racist in that black people are notoriously poor tippers. Everyone – including black waitstaff – hoped black customers weren’t seated in their section. Brendan said that some black customers don’t tip at all and others would will leave a 50 cent tip for six diners and a $100 tab We’re talking Outback, not Denny’s. The larger the percentage of black customers, the lower the tip percentage. So, the average tip for black employees would be lower. It’s not rocket science.

  7. 2021 March 6 5:50 am
    bc3b permalink

    Restaurant prices have increased since COVID-19. I go out monthly with a friend for a couple beers and a burger. We’ve noticed that a burger and fries that was $9.95 is now $10.50 – $11.50.

  8. 2021 March 6 7:43 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Why are Billions of Dollars Worth of Ships Being Intentionally Destroyed?


  9. 2021 March 6 7:49 am
    fight on permalink

    BC I believe Rick Carlisle is the Dallas Mavericks coach.

  10. 2021 March 6 8:05 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Interesting piece. Globalism is on the way out except for certain industries. Hence a need for fewer ships.

  11. 2021 March 6 8:23 am
    drdog09 permalink

    From TWIP, and its sorta true…

  12. 2021 March 6 8:56 am
    drdog09 permalink

    So lets get this straight. San Fran paid $54000 per person to house homeless IN TENTS! — https://www.zerohedge.com/political/san-francisco-pays-161-million-shelter-300-homeless-tents — It would have been cheaper to bus them to Encino and put them up in a Motel6 WITH the light on. Fact it would have been about half the price.


  13. 2021 March 6 9:52 am
    bc3b permalink

    fight on #10 –

    BC I believe Rick Carlisle is the Dallas Mavericks coach.

    To me all Texas cities look alike. Go ahead; call me a racissst!

  14. 2021 March 6 9:57 am

    Yeah, not racist. But, in general, I would be happy to see tipping become a thing of the past~~MPT

    It will when they cram through the $15 min wage.

  15. 2021 March 6 10:29 am
    Eph permalink

    17 IP

    People will still tip at $15

  16. 2021 March 6 11:24 am
    gnqanq permalink

    bc3b – you can weigh in on this.

    If I recall correctly, those that work as waiters/waitresses ARE NOT paid minimum wage to begin with, but much less. The system is designed, that you the customer pay it through tips.

    Depending on where we eat, I start with a 10% base and go up or down based on service. Some people will tell you that you need to tip 15% to 20%. Me, I like to reward good service, not bad.

    Percentage wise, I have given more at a place like Bob Evans vs Outback.

  17. 2021 March 6 1:45 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    “People will still tip at $15”

    Now who is crazy? If wait staff is getting that I will never tip — ever. That is the pay rate of an entry level programmer doing maintenance work in Mumbai.

  18. 2021 March 6 1:49 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    GN, 18,

    That’s my thoughts as well. Nor do I think it is a bad idea. When I lived in Tampa there was a barman at one of the tony white table joints who made more $$ than I did as a Sr. Programmer at GTE. No gripe, people were asking from him to wait THEIR table. He was that good.

  19. 2021 March 6 4:32 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Gab thinking of buying their own bank — https://nationalfile.com/breaking-gabs-torba-looking-into-buying-our-own-bank-after-4th-bank-ban-in-4-weeks/ — Depending on service I would open an account. Maybe have BTC and LTC bid/offer as a service. Be part of conservatives building their own economy.

  20. 2021 March 6 4:36 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    PRP, 10,

    And then maybe not?? — https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/red-hot-freight-market-sends-used-container-ship-values-soaring — economic dynamics can be so fickle.

  21. 2021 March 6 4:39 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    If you don’t have control of the air — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlRIC9kOn8M — well you’re toast.

  22. 2021 March 6 5:31 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Yeah, running a bank is tricky. Gab might find it “challenging”, still I would definitely consider having a small-ish account there.

    My kid was in a Cross Country meet today. She’s just a beginner. It was through her high school. In CA we are just now starting up athletics in the schools again. There will be 3 sport seasons. Each season will feature a different set of sports.
    First season included XC and lasts 2 months, Feb and March. A bye next Saturday then the final meet. The season will wrap up Mar 26th I think. Then season 2 with a different set of sports will commence.

    CA is super slow restarting, a bunch of cowardly neighbors, to be honest. Though stupid and venal politicians is another factor. I volunteered for the meet today. Part of the course was along the sidewalk in front of the school, I was stationed there. I saw many, many, many people turn their heads as they drove by. I could see smiles and I imagine they felt the same emotion as me: “OMG, Things are starting back up again! Life arising in the spring.”

  23. 2021 March 6 6:05 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Heck Jim,

    don’t keep us in suspense how did she place! 🙂

  24. 2021 March 6 6:23 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    drdog – I am finally getting to my taxes (each year I get worse about doing them). Look at the Tax Form, right below where you fill in all data about you, where you live, etc.

    You get this question.

    At any time during 2020, did you receive, sell, send, exchange, or otherwise acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency? Yes No

    Not that I deal in crypto currencies, BUT who is going to admit they hold or deal in crypto currencies?

    Ray Charles can see where this is going.

  25. 2021 March 6 6:48 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Like minds. Just started doing the taxes this morning. Saw the entry. Obviously I am not saying what I am checking off. The Feds I assume are looking for a payday off those that may have sold VC last year.

  26. 2021 March 6 7:13 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    drdog – old school here, if I can not hold it, I am not interested.

    First thing I say, “you got to eat”. From a guy that is not a big eater (6’1″, 185 lbs), good genes from my mon’s side.

  27. 2021 March 6 7:47 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

  28. 2021 March 6 8:15 pm
    bc3b permalink

    GN – true, wait staff makes less than the minimum. The majority of their earnings come from tip.

    I have noticed a number of restaurants that appear to be permanently closed.

  29. 2021 March 6 9:05 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    (Cross country) “how did she place!”

    First year on the team, I think she came in one from the last on her team. There were 6 or 7 teams.
    So, yeah, she is in a “beat your personal best” mode for a while.
    Every time I hear “one from the last” I think of the witty insult (pick a category to replace XYZ below)–
    “You might not be the worst at XYZ in this town but you better hope he doesn’t move away”

    “I have noticed a number of restaurants that appear to be permanently closed.”
    A few months ago I read that 1 out 6 US restaurants will never re-open but in San Francisco the number is 50%. Which I believe is true, based on our search after hiking around the Land’s End district in December. We drove to what I think is called the ChinaTown II area on Geary and found precisely zero restaurants open.

  30. 2021 March 7 1:53 am

    14 – That’s actually about 1/2 as expensive as the similar story out of LA recently.

  31. 2021 March 7 2:18 am
    drdog09 permalink


    As long as she is willing to ‘climb that mountain’, just finishing is an accomplishment.

  32. 2021 March 7 2:25 am
    drdog09 permalink

    I would hazard to say that unless either the eatery is a local everyone in town wants to go to or a large chain, anything in between is toast. Most of the places I see that stayed open were small mom/pop operations that did not require a lot of wait staff to function.

  33. 2021 March 7 2:37 am

    re: 29
    Yeah it’s bad, worse is this has been in the wild since dec, and known since….jan 6th (interesting first report date), I have my doubts it’s all some chi-com thing though it certainly possible in terms of the splash of it’ use in the last two weeks.

  34. 2021 March 7 5:50 am
    JimNorCal permalink

  35. 2021 March 7 5:52 am
    JimNorCal permalink

  36. 2021 March 7 5:58 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Ate inside a restaurant yesterday. First time since visiting Ohio in July.
    Some people I’ve never heard of are circulating a school board recall petition on NextDoor.

  37. 2021 March 7 7:05 am
    justrand permalink

    Good article. I wish Kavanaugh was worthy of the support he got


  38. 2021 March 7 7:21 am
    justrand permalink

  39. 2021 March 7 8:10 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    PRP, are crypto prices firming or still expected to be choppy?

    New term: “Blue Anon”.
    Twitter blue check marks who advance wild theories about nonexistent violent, racist, homophobic Trump supporters.

  40. 2021 March 7 10:02 am
    drdog09 permalink


    First off good find from the Bee. However I think they need to move that article to the ‘reality’ pile:

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
    ― Samuel Adams

  41. 2021 March 7 10:09 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    not sure. I’m thinking the long end rates are going to keep rising day by day, week by week destroying the nasdaq so BTC has had that indirect headwind from that lately. I still think it will be 100k by summer though but who knows.

  42. 2021 March 7 10:12 am
    drdog09 permalink


    My wife listens to a Russian blogging show done in America, sorta like The Today Show in русский. The moderators use the pejorative Hidin Biden constantly.

  43. 2021 March 7 10:18 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    43, yeah, I’m with you but of course it’s all feelz. No one can know.
    I admit to a bit of astonishment that Powell is so far letting rates rise. It cannot end well. Is he that incompetent or is he a courageous visionary? “Time will tell”.

    Meanwhile … it could never happen here. Glad the Bolivar is still good for something: riding the bus in this case.
    “Venezuela said it will introduce new large-denomination bolivar notes as hyperinflation renders most bills worthless, forcing citizens to turn to the U.S. dollar for everyday transactions.

    The country’s central bank posted a statement on its website Friday saying it would begin circulating the new 200,000, 500,000 and 1,000,000 bills to “fulfill the current economy’s requirements” without providing further details. The 1,000,000 note — the largest in the nation’s history — is worth only $0.53 cents.

    As Venezuela’s economy shrank for a seventh straight year in 2020, the government turned a blind eye to a growing number of dollar transactions, kick-started by rolling power outages that prevented credit and debit card purchases and fostered the use of cash. About 66% of transactions across the country are estimated to be made in foreign currency, according to Ecoanalitica.

    While the dollar has gained ground, Venezuelans continue to rely on bolivar bills for public transportation and to purchase subsidized fuel.”

  44. 2021 March 7 10:20 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Hidin’ Biden is great. (When is that SOTU happening?)

    I also like Zhou Bai Den

  45. 2021 March 7 10:20 am
    drdog09 permalink


    I was on a round table on various school matters with my peers. We got around to should we consider teaching Exchange or not. I pointed out that email is a low value utility and most corps are moving to outsource the function. Better to teach how to set up and run Discord or Google Enterprise. You could have heard a pin drop.

    Most of my peers think I am a heretic I guess. But right now the world is being run on Zoom/WebEx/Meet.

  46. 2021 March 7 10:26 am
    drdog09 permalink

    45, re: Powell,

    Maybe he does not give a damn. My understanding his current posting is his last assignment by legal restraint. So unless he goes back to private enterprise he may just flat out retire, take his millions and just sit home and watch it all crash.

  47. 2021 March 7 11:08 am
    justrand permalink

    When I’m doing my taxes I’ll be tempted to answer “yes” to the “Virtual Currency” question…and then declare “U.S. Dollars” as the “Virtual Currency”. 🙂

  48. 2021 March 7 11:10 am

    — headline —
    Two more women came forward this weekend and accused embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of inappropriate behavior.

    “Former press aide Karen Hinton said Andrew Cuomo repeatedly hugged her and made her feel uncomfortable.

    The married Hinton said in 2000, Cuomo embraced her in a dimly lit hotel so she pulled away and he aggressively pulled her back for another embrace.”

    20 years ago he hugged me… sexual harassment?? I can’t stand the guy but give me a break.

    “The other accuser, Ana Liss, worked for Cuomo from 2013-2015 and said he would ask her if she had a boyfriend and would kiss her hand.”

    more weird esp give time-frame (increased sensitivity every damn thing), but this also strikes me as also going nowhere. Should be fun to see how many more come out, seems they all wait for the weekend to do so, or to be reported on.

  49. 2021 March 7 11:19 am
    justrand permalink

    KH, to be fair, Cuomo makes my skin crawl too…and I’ve only seen him on TV. 🙂

  50. 2021 March 7 11:28 am

    47 – I actually think you’re a bit of a heretic there though I feel where you are coming from, hell I have think it’s MS itself behind this wave just to push people toward hosted\360. Then again I’m biased as former exchange guy all the way from pre 4.0 to 2010 – on the daily. That said the product while improving from recovery and resiliency standpoints post 2003, and easier to “manage” automation wise from 2007+ went significantly down hill in regards to code quality at RTM, including patches, and added seemingly unnecessary complications (which they’d later just remove in follow on versions). But frankly that was true of just about all software they were starting to put out past the ~2006 time frame (getting progressively worse with time), everything was rushed to RTM with the we’ll fix and improve it later attitude. Call me nuts, but I long for the days of slower release cycles and ‘service packs’ that were pretty will tested, and focused 85% on fixes and refinement and not constant changes and additions of half baked, half tested, new functionality…. but of course that doesn’t generate the consistent revenue stream the picks on wall street demand.

  51. 2021 March 7 11:30 am

    46 – It’s not, unless they can magically predict when he’s gonna have a “good day” roll him out and cross their fingers for a quick 35min one. They don’t even want to show the guy taking questions from a friendly press, kinda tells you more than anything else about what they think of his own cognitive abilities.

    36 – LMFAO!!

    JR – Oh he’s a creepy fuck, and to a degree I don’t care what takes him down, but while not a 1:1 comparison it reminds me kind of the Harvey shit…everyone knew he was a vindictive pos creep for decades but now people put on their shocked faces when political opportunity presents itself to say something about it, that said I really hate people who claim S.H. when it’s weak shit, even more when it’s weak shit that’s 20 years after the fact.

  52. 2021 March 7 12:02 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Yeah, Cuomo is getting slammed unfairly. I mean, something awkward happened a decade ago and it’s brought up now? Puh-leeze.
    But they may only be shifting the focus away from the murder of thousands of elderly.
    In which case, he’s getting off lightly.

    PowerLine notes a report saying that one of Cuomo’s minions was heard saying she was directed to take the Sensitivity Training for him. Which is probably a no-no if it happened. “But at this point, what difference does it make?”

  53. 2021 March 7 12:22 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    KH, 50,

    Gut says the whole thing is coordinated. Does he deserve to fry over the nursing home deaths? You bet. My mind that is good enough to fry him. The sexual harassment claims are over the top, but considering that this is just templated like the Kavanaugh attack I say let it roll. Maybe the Left will come to understand the same tool that can be used against your enemies can be used against you.

    Who benefits? My mind Harris. It would not surprise me if this is her way of eliminating a future opponent.


    There are certain industries (Fin, Health) were one is legally obligated to have chain of custody management of IP assets, including email. That said we conducted two studies while at VZ, 2000 & 2007 and the math said go to the cloud. Last analysis I did was 2018 for a company and it was a mixed choice. But they only had 300 accounts on the server. I surmised from that there is a size factor that correlates to head count for support and at some point the curve between in-house vs outsourced changes as the user count increases.

  54. 2021 March 7 12:31 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    bc, are you ‘ganders fomenting war with Kkkanada?

    Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has issued what nearly amounts to a declaration of war against our northern ally. Whitmer is threatening to cancel a permit on May 13 that could halt oil and natural gas flow through Line 5. The line is critical to the energy needs of people in both Canada and America.

  55. 2021 March 7 12:39 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Re: Coumo,

    My other observation is, what is the difference from what Coumo has done vs Biden? Quite honestly I don’t see much of a difference.

  56. 2021 March 7 12:58 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Also, who is Tara Reade? People keep mentioning her.

    On another topic, this was fwd’ed to me as being posted on AR15 by a knowledgeable guy.
    Not sure what a DC is though.
    “It’s starting to trickle into the mainstream news, but the global shipping environment is a dumpster fire.

    No empty shipping containers in Asia, rates triple the normal levels, and 30+ vessels with hundreds of thousands of containers stuck outside the port of Long Beach.

    Not to mention overflowing DCs, a rail system that is a joke, and not enough truckers or trucks.”

  57. 2021 March 7 1:38 pm
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCal –

    Glad to see your daughter is active. It’s easy for kids to get lost in high school, especially large high schools.

    Just thinking about her doing all that running tired me out. Think I’ll take a nap.

  58. 2021 March 7 1:42 pm
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCal #58 –

    Also, who is Tara Reade?

    The woman who accused Joe Biden of sexual miusconduct in the mid-1990s. She was extremely hot 25 years ago.

  59. 2021 March 7 1:58 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Well, why is MSM ignoring her?
    LOL to ask the question is to answer it …

  60. 2021 March 7 2:33 pm
    fight on permalink

    Jim I believe DC is distribution centers

  61. 2021 March 7 4:23 pm
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCal #56 –

    When good people don’t vote, bad people get elected. 2018 was an off-year election and Michigan elected three of the absolute worst – Governor Forehead, Attorney General Nessel and Secretary of State Benson.

  62. 2021 March 7 4:31 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    With the US shutdown for nearly year:

    * Longshoremen were not classified as essential personnel.
    * US goods headed to Asia have not been produced in normal quantities.
    * Ships are having to dead head with empty containers.

    Long Beach — https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-117.8/centery:33.7/zoom:10

  63. 2021 March 7 7:12 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    Thought I would post the following. Not being a tech guy, I hope it works out.


    Cancelled Tech Genius Behind Brave Preps the First New Search Engine

    “Brave will provide the first private browser+search alternative to the Big Tech platforms, and will make it seamless for users to browse and search with guaranteed privacy. Also, owing to its transparent nature, Brave Search will address algorithmic biases and prevent outright censorship.”

  64. 2021 March 7 7:47 pm

  65. 2021 March 7 8:14 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Thumbs up on that, and will be a nice trick if pulled off.

    On the cartoon front — https://www.zerohedge.com/political/cancel-culture-mob-goes-after-cartoon-skunk-pepe-le-pe-normalizing-rape-culture — They are now after Pepe Le Pew.

  66. 2021 March 7 8:18 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Looks like saudi oil facilities were attacked this evening as crude prices are surging.

    This is probably a preview of what things will look like once biden’s staffers attack iran.

  67. 2021 March 7 8:20 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Wonder which staffer runs the nuke codes for old Joe.

  68. 2021 March 7 8:29 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Remember there were some in the Dim party that wanted to take the codes away from ole Joe. Who indeed?

  69. 2021 March 7 8:42 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    “This is probably a preview of what things will look like once biden’s staffers attack iran.”

    Or, after they fund Iran and tell them to do whatever they want with (tacit) US backing

  70. 2021 March 7 10:12 pm
    mpt permalink

    …and then declare “U.S. Dollars” as the “Virtual Currency”

    LOL! Speaking truth to power.

  71. 2021 March 7 10:13 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    66, thank goodness. My day was better than that!

  72. 2021 March 7 10:18 pm
    mpt permalink

    They are now after Pepe Le Pew.

    Did anyone growing up seeing Looney Toons think of Pepe Le Pew as a role model?

  73. 2021 March 7 10:50 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    72, no it was laughing at the French and sympathizing with women.
    Similarly my brother and I played with toy guns as kids.
    We never grew up and shot anyone.

  74. 2021 March 7 11:11 pm
    mpt permalink

    I admit to a bit of astonishment that Powell is so far letting rates rise. It cannot end well. Is he that incompetent or is he a courageous visionary? “Time will tell”.

    For now, Powell is denying that all the money printing last year (actually, since 2008) is creating an inflation risk and the market will keep the rates low. However, the reality is the Fed is boxed into a damned if you do, damned if don’t situation. Does the Fed letthe market decide and allow the rates to rise? This would quickly kill the stock market, kill the government’s ability to borrow and service debt, and ultimately drags the economy into a redux of 1970’s stagflation at best or severe deflation at worse. Or, does the Fed push the dollar presses into overdrive and begin purchasing 10 and 30 year Treasury notes to keep rates at their current levels? This path ultimately weakens, if not kills, the dollar through inflation and risks hyperinflation, but this would happen much more slowly so its probably the preferred path by the Fed.

    Personally, I think some new creative strategy we can’t yet imagine will be employed to keep the ball rolling for a few years longer. For instance, the government could cancel the $7 trillion balance sheet held by the Fed and instantly reduce the $28 trillion debt to $21 trillion and rewind the debt clock back to 2016 levels. Of course, it would take quite a song-and-dance to convince other bondholders their bonds are safe from government cancellation.

  75. 2021 March 8 3:22 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    I saw a post on Parler that says HR8, the beginning of national gun registration, is coming up for a vote this week?
    Seems like there would have been more news. Maybe I missed the memo though.
    Patterned after the national sex offender database, I wonder.

    Oppose Biden’s National Gun Registration!
    H.R. 8 is the backbone of National Gun Registration and outlaws the private transfer of firearms unless you add your name to a trackable government database! Send your petition AGAINST this legislation now!

  76. 2021 March 8 3:45 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Personally, I think some new creative strategy we can’t yet imagine will be employed to keep the ball rolling for a few years longer. For instance, the government could cancel the $7 trillion balance sheet held by the Fed and instantly reduce the $28 trillion debt to $21 trillion and rewind the debt clock back to 2016 levels. Of course, it would take quite a song-and-dance to convince other bondholders their bonds are safe from government cancellation.”

    That presumes that the USG does not want to issue another TBill sale ever again AND see USD lose reserve currency status within days. Followed by,

    [USG request for international settlement] “What is your current gold price?”
    [Russia, China response] “$87000 bid, $87000 ask. What would you like to do?”

  77. 2021 March 8 4:02 am
    drdog09 permalink

    mpt, 74,

    Well I did not. But then that was back when I was a little shaver and thought girls were so, ewwww. By the way Pepe’ won an oscar — https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_Scent-imental_Reasons

  78. 2021 March 8 4:05 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Well I guess that is one way to implement school choice — https://libertyonenews.com/antifa-sets-fire-to-portland-public-school-headquarters-and-torches-vehicles-in-a-series-of-malicious-terrorist-attacks/ — If its not there parents would NEED to choose another school. /sarc

  79. 2021 March 8 4:31 am

    ” Does he deserve to fry over the nursing home deaths? You bet. My mind that is good enough to fry him. The sexual harassment claims are over the top, but considering that this is just templated like the Kavanaugh attack I say let it roll. ”

    Yeah that’s what I meant by saying I don’t mind it as much because he should be getting shit on for 100 other things most prevalent the nursing home stuff, so if this is what does it so be it after all it’s just an attempt to hold him to the relatively insane standards his side as pushed for all this crap anyway.

    57/60 – Exactly, that’s what’s hilarious too me, they’ll defense Joe still but not Andrew, and Joe’s got more serious and substantiated (at the time it occurred) claims. lol
    65 – Hope they can actually pull it off

    67 – Nothing is safe.

    68 – None of them have the stomach for such a thing, they’d rather do the most would rather do the reverse, a complete capitulation.
    77 – Nah they probably don’t want it in the news, you know like most poison pills they try to slipped into bills in the final minutes before votes.
    78 – I know right. 🙂

  80. 2021 March 8 4:35 am

    A father has been denied interim custody of his children because of his fervent anti-masking beliefs, CBC News reported on Friday.

  81. 2021 March 8 5:08 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Powell isnt going to bail investors in out in my opinion. He will only do something if something breaks.

    There has to be a panic for him to do anything.

  82. 2021 March 8 5:32 am
    justrand permalink

    The media is 100% compliant with the sham “presidency” of Biden, and the GOP is going along with only a couple exceptions

    The “equality ” Bill, Covid “relief “, voting Bill and Gun Registration Bill are intended to seal the deal for the Dems. Shortly after that they will dump Biden.

  83. 2021 March 8 5:56 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Interesting analysis of China demograpics — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTbILK0fxDY — Bit long at 21min but if ya have the time.

  84. 2021 March 8 5:59 am
    drdog09 permalink


    But only after Cuomo has been eliminated politically. If the backstory is Harris for 8 years then Cuomo must be rolled.

  85. 2021 March 8 7:05 am

    87 – yup, hence what we’re seeing play out – imho.

  86. 2021 March 8 7:28 am
    gnqanq permalink

    86 – good video. Biggest issue is the one child policy with all those males. They are screwed.

    85 – Them taking out Cuomo seems like something Obama would do (look at how he rose in Illinois – same way – clear the path).

  87. 2021 March 8 7:34 am

  88. 2021 March 8 8:31 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Remember SolarWind? Not over.
    However, boffins are working on it

    The Register
    SolarWinds just keeps getting worse: New strain of malware found infecting victims reg.cx/3YQZ

    The malware strain, identified as SUNSHUTTLE by boffins at security shop FireEye, is a backdoor attack written in Go which uses HTTPS to communicate with a command-and-control server for data exfiltration, adding new code as needed. Someone based in the US uploaded the malware to a public malware repository in August last year, well before the attack.

    Brandon Wales, acting director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, warned this week it could take 18 months to clean up this mess, and that’s looking increasingly likely.

  89. 2021 March 8 8:39 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Long report on mental health claims shows kids suffering from lockdowns.


    From the summary–
    In March and April 2020, mental health claim lines for young people aged 13-18
    approximately doubled as a percentage of all medical claim lines by comparison to the same months in
    2019, while medical claim lines decreased by approximately half. The pattern of increased mental health
    claim lines and decreased medical claim lines continued through November 2020, though not to as great
    an extent.

  90. 2021 March 8 9:57 am
    drdog09 permalink


    If I was someone like Huaewi (sic) I could see adopting a strategy of business denial using malware as a tool. Huaewi is barred from business in the US, so tit for tat. Many say China is already at war with the US and software attack is one arm of a 4G strategy.

  91. 2021 March 8 11:02 am
    mulletover permalink

    Joe Manchin to receive Profile in Courage Award for his stand against eliminating the filibuster.

    What’s that? Oh.

    Put a hold on that one.

  92. 2021 March 8 3:18 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Enjoyed 86, nice clear explanation and wonderful graphics.

  93. 2021 March 8 3:28 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    The Democrat-controlled House Veterans’ Affairs Committee announced an investigation Friday into the recruitment of military veterans by “extremist groups,” explicitly naming the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and Three Percenters.

    Committee Chairman Mark Takano (D-CA) said in a statement:

    “Since last fall, our Committee has been working to understand who groups such as the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and others are, where they fit into the broader landscape of extremist and hate groups, and why they specifically seek to recruit veterans into their ranks.”

    In addition, the committee’s Twitter account announced the investigation with a graphic that included logos from the three aforementioned groups.

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