He’s Baaack!

2021 September 28
by bc3b

See the source image Jen Psaki Accuses Border Patrol of Using 'Brutal and Inappropriate' Methods against Haitian Migrants | National Review

But, did he have to be reincarnated as such a nasty, obnoxious, bitter, homely woman?

Baghdad Bob was mocked and vilified for the ridiculous claims he made about the Iraqi army stopping the US Military as everyone knew that his claims were preposterous. But were Baghdad Bob’s claims any less preposterous than the Biden Administration’s claims, parroted by Press Secretary Jen Psaki?

  • Our evacuation from Afghanistan was an unquestionable success
  • The borders are not open
  • Inflation exists because of a handful of greedy meat processors

Just as we saw US tanks rolling through Iraq, we see video of illegal aliens streaming across the southern border and even CNN was forced to admit the Afghan evacuation was a failure – “If this is success, what does failure look like?” When we visit the grocery, we notice that inflation is not limited to meat and poultry, but is evident on every aisle – paper products, dairy, produce, bake goods, canned goods, etc.

But, while even CNN was forced to admit that Afghanistan was one of the worst clusterf*cks in US military history, the media has returned to its old ways and is circling the wagons around Bided and his administration. There is little mention of the hundreds (thousands ?) of Americans and our Afghan allies still trapped in Afghanistan. The droning of 10 innocent people (including 7 children) has quickly been forgotten. There is little coverage of the 12,000+ Haitians released into the US heartland … or the sex crimes already committed by Afghan “refugees.” If the presence of young Afghan men is any barometer, we can expect hundreds (thousands ?) of sexual attacks by young Afghan males who have no business in this country. Yet, this receives as little coverage by CNN as the typical weekend in Chicago when 65 people are shot, 10 fatally. No one from the media asks Fauci or his stooges why they are not speaking out about COVID-positive illegals being released throughout the country.

With the exception of FNC’s Peter Doocy and Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson, few in the media have challenged Psaki and Biden cabinet members. Imagine the non-stop coverage if these clusterf*cks occurred when Trump was president.

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  1. 2021 September 28 7:06 am
    bc3b permalink

  2. 2021 September 28 7:06 am

    Ginger bitch be red on the head like the pecker on a poodle.

  3. 2021 September 28 7:08 am
    bc3b permalink

    I am not sure Baghdad Bob took himself seriously. It might be fun to have a beer with him. 30 minutes alone with Psaki would be like a month in a gulag.

  4. 2021 September 28 7:28 am
    justrand permalink

    Bc3b, if the Marines were TRYING to destroy morale and combat readiness, what would they do differently?

    Any young person who goes into the military at this point is either an IDIOT (who doesn’t KNOW how things are going), or a COMMUNIST (who LIKES the way things are going)

  5. 2021 September 28 7:39 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    News? Or opinion?
    In the end maybe both

    MSNBC might focus on actual, you know, news. Eventually.
    Staff at MSNBC are panicking over network’s direction under Rashida Jones
    “Most alarming to some, Jones appears to be re-examining the mission of MSNBC, signaling she wants to battle CNN on breaking news rather than focus on its “personality-driven, opinion programming with big stars,” a source said.”

  6. 2021 September 28 7:41 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Epoch Times headline explains that hassling Chinese spies is not who we are

    Lawmakers Demand DOJ Explain Dropping of Cases Against Chinese Researchers Accused of Hiding Military Ties

  7. 2021 September 28 7:42 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR #4 –

    While I love my country, I never urged my children to join the US military.

  8. 2021 September 28 8:09 am
    fight on permalink

    Iraq had Bagdad Bob we have Jalabad Jen

  9. 2021 September 28 9:32 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Speaking of inflation:

    * 1 bag of cat food
    * 1 container of cat treats
    * 1 gal milk
    * 1 12oz cheese
    * 1 qt apple cider
    * 8pk paper towels generic
    * 1# small potatoes

    $54. Add the $20 I paid for gas and I blew thru the high side of a Benjamin. Jeez.

  10. 2021 September 28 10:20 am
    bc3b permalink

    Tom Cotton grills Austin, Milley and MacKenzie and asks Milley why he hasn’t resigned:


  11. 2021 September 28 10:44 am
    mulletover permalink

    But, but, but….

    Build Back Better

  12. 2021 September 28 11:17 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    The claim is that 100,000 NY healthcare workers will be fired for not getting the Stab.
    They don’t say where that number comes from, so retain a ration of salt.

    If we had a real media, and not just Democrat propagandists, they’d all be asking this simple question … why are this many healthcare workers willing to lose their jobs rather than take the vaccine?

    Nearly 100,000 healthcare workers in New York refused the vaccine
    100,000. HEALTHCARE WORKERS. Choosing to be unemployed than take the vaccine.
    That should tell you everything you need to know.

  13. 2021 September 28 11:49 am
    bc3b permalink

    To summarize today’s hearing: under pressure Austin, Milley and MacKenzie were forced to admit that Biden and the State Department ignored the advice of military advisors and lied to the American people.

  14. 2021 September 28 12:07 pm
    drdog09 permalink




    As I recall Milley, did not voice any concerns in public or private comms in the run up to the Afgan disaster.

  15. 2021 September 28 6:10 pm

    6- Unreal…but almost expected at this point… I now expect the opposite of whatever is logical, ethical, historically appropriate,etc to always happen.

    9 – Don’t even get me started, did my grocery shopping today as well…bottom line +25-35% over 18mo ago and getting ‘less’ for it, fucking hour to check out to boot.

    14 – none, had he though, at least the pos weasel could claim some consistency (being a serial leaker)…but nope.

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