Good News! Pelosi Is Seeking Re-election

2022 January 26
by bc3b

More good news for the  Republicans in 2o22. There were  numerous rumors circulating that Nancy Pelosi would retire after this session of Congress. She just announced that she is seeking re-election. And, that’s really good news for the GOP.

Pelosi is one of the best known and least popular figures in Congress. She stands for “San Francisco values,” which are anathema to most Americans. Had Pelosi retired, voters in her district would have elected someone just as far left as Pelosi.

Unlike Hakeem Jeffries, who was touted as Pelosi’s successor as lead Democrat in the House, Pelosi is the  face of Democrats in the House – an ugly and frequently surgically reconstructed face.

If Republicans are smart, which is questionable, they will link every Democratic House candidate to Pelosi, insinuating that Candidate X will be a rubber stamp for Pelosi. The only way to stop Joe Biden’s destruction of America is by defeating Democrats like Candidate X.

Republicans’ formula for success in 2022 is simple: common sense, courage and the  will to fight. The question is: Are the Republicans up to it?

Read  more (including Pelosi’s announcement):

Democrats are going to miss Nancy Pelosi more than they realize | The Independent

In her announcement, Pelosi stated repeatedly that her reason for running is “for the children,” those she hasn’t helped abort – to ensure they will receive a third world education in many of today’s publk skuuls, be indoctrinated and live in a country where they have no rights.

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  1. 2022 January 26 5:42 am
    bc3b permalink

    The Democrats are handing 2022 to the GOP in a nicely gift-wrapped box. Will Republicans be smart enough to accept it?

  2. 2022 January 26 6:52 am
    justrand permalink

    Bc3b, they don’t call the GOP the “Stupid Party ” for nuthin

    Then again, they’re the GUTLESS Party as well.

  3. 2022 January 26 7:36 am
    bc3b permalink

    SanFranNan has more replacement parts than a 1953 Desoto that has been in five major accidents.

  4. 2022 January 26 7:55 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Well that explains the bondo look for Ms Piggy.

  5. 2022 January 26 9:26 am
    bc3b permalink

    Others had the same idea about Pelosi – “Pelosi embodies everything in the swamp.”

  6. 2022 January 26 10:24 am
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #4 –

    Word on the street is that Pelosi needed so much work that plastic surgeons couldn’t do it so Acme Collision handled the latest disaster.

  7. 2022 January 26 11:03 am
    fight on permalink

    Bryer to retire. Get ready for a radical women of color to be the next justice.

  8. 2022 January 26 12:34 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Illegal suspected of murdering Houston-area cop captured in Mexico City:

  9. 2022 January 26 12:35 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Biden out eating ice cream and shopping for trinkets yesterday afternoon:

  10. 2022 January 26 12:57 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    That represents the first test of GOPers resolve, vis a vis the mid terms. If GOPers think they have the midterms locked then they need to prove it by pushing for right of center replacement so we can have a real 6-3 court. Don’t blow it suckers. Whoever Brandon puts forward the GOPers need to dig into their past and do a ‘Kavanaugh’ if there is any there, there.

  11. 2022 January 26 1:27 pm
    fight on permalink

    I agree Dr. My worry is the repubs won’t attack and stall the nomination if it is a woman of color.
    They will cower from fear of being called racists. Rinse, repeat

  12. 2022 January 26 2:16 pm
    bc3b permalink

  13. 2022 January 26 2:18 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 and fight on:

    The GOP needs to stop fearing the media (it’s going to trash them whatever they say or do) and not being afraid of being called racists (or any other type of bigots).

  14. 2022 January 26 3:14 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Breyer’s retirement is slated for October. Just weeks from the November elections. That makes for an interesting quandary.

    * Brandon announces early who he puts up for consideration. If its a dog pick that may energize GOP base and assure the GOP takes the Senate.
    * If Brandon waits till after the election his nominee may never make it.

    Keep in mind, I can’t recall having the replacement justice in the wings ever. Usually the court operates with 8 jurors at bench till a confirmation is made. Brandon is probably screwed either way. Oh and here’s a juicy one — Kamala for Justice. Can you imagine how that will go. 🙂

  15. 2022 January 26 3:40 pm
    mpt permalink

    From the previous thread: Nothing new for this crowd, but its a concise summation of the jump in insurance claims…

    A doctor from Sen. Ron Johnson’s forum described how the increase in deaths over the last 24 months could be explained by the medical system essentially shutting down completely for 12 months in 2020 to prepare for a surge in Coronavirus cases that never really materialized (or at least not to the degree originally predicted early in the pandemic). This shutdown caused millions of vulnerable people to forego treatment and miss important tests and early detection of life-threatening health issues that ultimately lead to the spike in non-virus-related deaths.

    The culture of fear produced by the pandemic could have led to more deaths than the pandemic itself.

  16. 2022 January 26 3:41 pm
    mpt permalink

    The GOP needs to stop fearing the media (it’s going to trash them whatever they say or do) and not being afraid of being called racists (or any other type of bigots).

    I honestly never see this happening.

  17. 2022 January 26 5:41 pm
    JimNorCal permalink


    Frank J. Fleming@IMAO_·
    Joe Biden should threaten to resign as president unless Joe Rogan is removed from Spotify.

    (Boomer singer Neil Young is taking his songs off Spotify as a protest)

  18. 2022 January 26 6:00 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Somewhere along an interstate in America there would be a billboard —

    “Way to go Joe! Brandon quit.”

  19. 2022 January 26 7:28 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    And just like that mpt is proven right — — The GOP is like the Italian mine detection team, always using their left foot.

  20. 2022 January 26 7:50 pm

    “Don’t blow it suckers. ”

    They will, it’s who they are. 😉

    Agree though her running again is good for GOP marketing\adverts\nationalizing some races, but that’s about all.

  21. 2022 January 26 7:51 pm

    15 – Was really informative hearing (thx again for posting earlier in the week), oann’s even replaying it in full tonight and this weekend.

  22. 2022 January 26 8:16 pm

    … remember a month ago when people were saying it’s still up to the stores themselves… smh …

    Also where is the logic? Unvaxxed wanting food or rx will be escorted around? So you’re gonna waste an employee’s time to shadow them while they shop, all while according to their stupidity put that employee and customer at enhanced risk due to enforcing proximity? WTF is the point of that? So dumb while some of the world is starting to decided to return to sanity you have CA, part of the US and else where still tripling down on stupid.

  23. 2022 January 26 8:26 pm

    Probably why they try to cut out and deny visitation so much…. family and friends sneaking in medications to save the patient, cutting into their profits trying to kill them.

  24. 2022 January 26 10:28 pm
    mpt permalink

    This may just be a nothing-burger, but passing along because I found it interesting. Some of the pictures are not for the faint of heart.

    Worldwide Exclusive: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots

    I tend to believe there may be something to it as I had a number of circulation issues for a few months after getting the J&J vaccine. I have a history of getting clots and certainly won’t be getting any of the boosters given my initial experience (not that I need it now that I have a full dose of natural antibodies).

  25. 2022 January 26 10:38 pm
    mpt permalink

    Was really informative hearing (thx again for posting earlier in the week), oann’s even replaying it in full tonight and this weekend.

    I converted the hearing to an MP3 so I can listen to it as an audiobook during my morning/evening commute. I listened to about 90 minutes of it so far and hopefully will get to the rest of it this week.

  26. 2022 January 27 6:33 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    24, I didn’t watch the whole thing but I watched some: creepy!
    I still like the theory that the excess deaths insurance companies are seeing in age range 18-65 is from delayed/cancelled preventive care.
    But some of it is the vaccines themselves. Too many strong reactions. Too hurried and too shoddy development. Not enough care, not enough testing.

  27. 2022 January 27 7:26 am
    JimNorCal permalink

  28. 2022 January 27 7:37 am
    drdog09 permalink

  29. 2022 January 27 7:41 am
    drdog09 permalink


    I wonder, is she applying for a customer service job?? What a freakshow and YES please move to canada.

  30. 2022 January 27 7:50 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Jim, 26,

    Delayed treatment can explain some of the uptick in deaths. However, that age range 18-45, typically face risks due to trauma (car or job related accidents) than lifestyle events (kidney failure, heart attacks) with a side order of drug use. Need more numbers, and autopsies.

    By the way have you all heard of the stupidity last week in Wisconsin? ThedaCare sued Ascension, both being hospitals for poaching employees. They tried to prevent employees from going for a better deal at Ascension in a ‘at will’ State. Crazy.

  31. 2022 January 27 8:01 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    30, no did not hear about that but I have a buddy in WI I can ask about it.
    Laid off so many unvaxxed they have to poach?
    Good point about life style vs trauma

  32. 2022 January 27 8:54 am
    bc3b permalink

    Brandon wants to limit nominees for Supreme Court Justice to women of color because Kamala has been so successful. LOL.

    Oh, for the days when the most qualified person was sought for a position.

  33. 2022 January 27 9:00 am
    bc3b permalink

    Spotify to Take Down Neil Young’s Music After Saying they Need to Choose Between Him or Joe Rogan.

    Neil Young is 76. I didn’t know he was still alive (nor did I care). He hasn’t had a hit in 40 years. No one under 50 knows who he is.

    I can’t remember the last time “I want to hear one of Neil Young’s songs, but I think it was never.

  34. 2022 January 27 9:17 am
    bc3b permalink

    Was Breyer blindsided by announcement?

  35. 2022 January 27 9:43 am
    drdog09 permalink


    If ya ain’t a Boomer the best heard opinion is — “Neil who?” 🙂

  36. 2022 January 27 10:40 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    33, I like 2 Neil Young songs and still play them occasionally.
    I’m also glad he pissed off some people and inspired Sweet Home Alabama.

    I prefer to live in a world with Sweet Home, and if it takes tolerating the existence of Neil Young … well, life has trade offs

  37. 2022 January 27 10:52 am
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCal #37 –

    I repeat: “No one under 50 knows who he is.”

    One interesting thing about XM is it lists the date of songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, etc.

    I was a SuperTramp fan. XM was playing “The Long Way Home” this morning. It was produced in 1979 – 42 years ago. 1979 was long after Neil Young’s hay day. Wanna confuse your kids? Show them a vinyl record. Or a 5-1/4 floppy disk. They will buy you a walker for your next birthday.

  38. 2022 January 27 11:00 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Well I’ll be damn — — Somebody at GOPer HQ has a brain cell or two. The ‘bread and circuses’ aspect is a bit of a downer. But if it gets minorities to hear a different message, well do it. It maybe the only way the GOP makes inroads into urban centers to change the culture and destroy the Dims.

  39. 2022 January 27 11:04 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “… Show then a vinyl record. Or a 5-1/4 floppy disk.” HaHa, you are a funny man there BC. I don’t think you even have to go that far back. Show them a 3.5″ disk, Centronics cable, or an EIDE hard drive. 🙂

  40. 2022 January 27 11:27 am
    drdog09 permalink

  41. 2022 January 27 12:08 pm
    mpt permalink

    Has Europe just dodged a bullet?

    Notice that it is France and Germany at the table for these talks with Russia and who is notably absent. Russia (smartly on their part) is using this to divide the NATO alliance. France and Germany are at the table because they seem more willing to acknowledge that Ukraine does fall within Russia’s sphere of influence and security concerns. The US and UK have taken a much more hawkish stance that doesn’t rejects Russia’s security concerns in this respect. It will be interesting to see if Russia can succeed in widening this divide to their advantage.

    Of course, from another perspective, Germany and France are at the table simply because Russia has them by the short-hairs from an energy perspective. It’s awful cold on the European continent these days.

  42. 2022 January 27 12:15 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    From Steve Kirsch’s Substack today.

    Sweden decides against vax for kids 5 to 12
    CNN didn’t think this was newsworthy enough to mention, so I wanted to make sure everyone knew. Meanwhile, US Surgeon General says big tech should silence scientists like Malone who disagree with him

  43. 2022 January 27 12:24 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    ps this also from that Kirsch piece:

    Dr. Toby Rogers writes a popular substack looking at risk benefit issues. His credentials are described here.
    In a recent article that I hope everyone will read or at least skim, he concluded: “So, to put it simply, the Biden administration plan would kill 5,248 children via Pfizer mRNA shots in order to save 45 children from dying of coronavirus. For every one child saved by the shot, another 117 would be killed by the shot.”

  44. 2022 January 27 1:20 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    I remember in a different time when the roles were reversed and a US POTUS was insisting that missiles that close to US shores was unacceptable — Cuban Missile Crisis. Putin is merely doing the same geostrategic calculus that Kennedy did and said “Enough”. France has always followed a different drummer and Germany just does not want to freeze to death from their own stupidity.

    I used to remember a time when the word diplomacy was synonymous with political stability. Guess they have revised the dictionary again.

  45. 2022 January 27 1:20 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    My WI friend had no info about the two hospitals squabbling over employees.
    A doctor friend did comment on missed screening appts being a possible cause for the higher death count:

    “Those increased deaths in working people in Q3 and Q4 2021 –those aren’t from missing screens/preventative stuff.
    Missing a polyp turning into a cancer by skipping a colonoscopy or a calcium cluster being an early marker for the breast cancer that you die from or even CAD takes YEARS to show up as a death.”

    Which is a sensible observation. Then she joked:

    “There is one explanation for those deaths–clearly anxiety related, from worries about all the people not getting vaxed and boosted.
    Or not wearing their masks over their noses.”

  46. 2022 January 27 2:30 pm
    mpt permalink

    The youth are quite a lot, Watters interviews a crazy one…

    Feel-good story of the day. 🙂

  47. 2022 January 27 2:45 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    Have any of you heard, what is going on in Canada?

    Saw this over on AR15

    Convoy is now reported to be 480 kilometers long.

    That’s pretty close to 300 miles.

    Made the Guinness Book of Records for the longest convoy in the world!! 480 km long!!💯🚛🇨🇦👊
    US 🇺🇸 trucks are on their way!! 👊

  48. 2022 January 27 3:35 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    As I keep saying, We Can shut this place down. Some napkin math says that is about 23000 trucks headed to Ottawa.

  49. 2022 January 27 3:55 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    YT bans Bongino for life. Keep it up suckers, you will soon be replaceable.

  50. 2022 January 27 8:07 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    For someone like Bongino or Styx, the audience is “sticky”. They will follow to Rumble or some other alt platform.

    If you’re looking for how to change the battery on car’s fob, or recipes … you’re probably stuck with YouTube.

  51. 2022 January 27 9:52 pm

    40….. lol I still have a converter contraption… for ancient now, but still storing data IDE drives I still have in stack on bench…err..just cause I refuse to throw out technically working devices, basically just converts them to usb device\drives.

    Has Europe just dodged a bullet?

    No, Just things getting back on track after rest of EU basically told USA to fuck off with it’s approach. All moscow wanted (re: donbas anyway (not the larger nato issues)) in Ukraine was for Ukraine to keep to it’s prior Minsk ceasefire agreement – which they Ukraine gov have breached many times with shelling and other activities, or lack there of when it came to the agreed limited autonomy for the areas covered in the Minsk agreement. The US trying to instigate every which way they can in UA has only helped further RU goals of dividing nato.
    I keep wondering, how much dirt the UA must have on DC pols and DS actors who have been exploiting and feeding on them for decades now? If such a trove existed and evidence was released, would it even matter though, would anything be done about it, would anyone goto jail, get impeached, or even lose their jobs or not get elected/re-elected? I’m dubious of such consequences given what has already come out and been ignored.

  52. 2022 January 27 10:00 pm

    GOP movie nights….

    ” gives insight into Republican Party beliefs.”

    Really, what are those these days? Cause I couldn’t tell you monolithic-ally. GOPe beliefs? AF beliefs? … which are they articulating cause they’re nothing alike. I certainly couldn’t spin what I would say as all that positive beyond the crux of ‘they’re only 2/3rds as insane as dems’.

    That said the concept of being present and engaging isn’t bad, just two decades late.

  53. 2022 January 28 4:44 am
    justrand permalink

    Finally, for a few more hours, at a campground with WiFi. No TV, but at least I can check the news and touch base with ya’ll.

    Night before last we were in New Mexico (Deming), camping at (of all places) a winery! 🙂 We’re ‘Harvest Host’ members, which means you can stay “free”at various places…a lot of which are wineries. “Free” is in quotes because when we visit a winery we always buy wine.

    But I digress. NO ONE at the winery, customers or staff, was wearing a mask. When one guy asked if he needed a mask as he was entering everyone laughed.

    Saw lots of “Let’s Go Brandon” signs in Arizona and New Mexico. We’re now in Texas (Midland), so I expect to see a lot more. We’re gonna spend a couple days camping in Alvord with our son, then 5 days in San Antonio before heading back to the PRK.

    Overall impression of the American people we’ve met is somewhat skewed because campers tend to be an independent lot. But my impression is that the American people ARE waking up, and increasingly willing to SPEAK up. Stay tuned.

  54. 2022 January 28 5:15 am
    drdog09 permalink

    ” I certainly couldn’t spin what I would say as all that positive beyond the crux of ‘they’re only 2/3rds as insane as dems’.”

    If I was making the pitch I would try something different than the Jack Kemp lines they have been using for neigh on 30yrs now. Maybe something more like —

    “Look I can’t determine what makes each of you happy. And certainly no Democrat can either. I can guarantee you that no government flunky will ever do it. I ought to know, I am one. That is up to you. But you cannot achieve happiness if you are dodging bullets, being robbed or standing at the unemployment office; but my opponent seems quite willing to let that punishment go on. If you want something different you have to try something different. What do you have to lose?”

    Urban centers being a different beast are not primed for the patriot/minuteman/exceptional American speech. They are too busy dodging bullets, needles and shit in the streets for that. But that approach is only a temporary fix anyway. At the pace of realignment, by the time the next census comes around, US urban centers will have decreased in population by a third. At county levels things will turn more pink. The political battleground will increasingly be in the burbs.

  55. 2022 January 28 5:25 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Kiss my ….. Dog’s ass?” — — Well we know where he stands, but something says this has ‘backfired’ written all over it.

  56. 2022 January 28 6:13 am
    drdog09 permalink

  57. 2022 January 28 6:47 am
    drdog09 permalink

  58. 2022 January 28 7:16 am
    gnqanq permalink

    Well, well, this is just not normal. But hey, just get another clot shot.

    Funeral Director and embalmer Richard Hirschman reveals, for the first time ever, arteries and veins filled with unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system. He has gone from seeing 50% of his embalmed cases with these types of blockages rise to almost 80%. It only started happening after the vaccines were rolled out.

    This doesn’t happen to everyone. Only those who die after vaccination. So he can tell who was vaccinated.

  59. 2022 January 28 7:20 am
    fight on permalink

    If you back to CA up the 35 I am in Georgetown about 25 miles n of Austin. Would love to meet with you. BC has my email.

  60. 2022 January 28 10:16 am

    Welcome to Texas jarhead,~~~~

    Replacing a lefty like bryer, with another lefty will be a wash for our side. If roberts can be kept in line that would put us close to a 6 to 3 court. The 3 holdouts would all be femaoids.

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