2022 October 5
by justrand

From the article linked below:

The message of intimidation will last longer than the public’s outrage, which is exactly what the Biden administration counted on.

The whole point to the FBI, IRS and DOJ actions over the last few years is INTIMIDATION.  Pure & simple.  A fearful populace is an OBEDIENT populace.

And it is due to get worse as the credit card companies fall in line to start tracking purchases that will weigh against your SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE.  Guns & ammo tracking are just the start.  Soon every purchase made electronically will be added or subtracted from your Social Credit.  And your “Rights” & privileges will go up or down accordingly.

While I don’t believe the GOP will stop, let alone reverse, the damage Democrats have and are doing if they win in November.  I do KNOW that if the Dems somehow hold both Houses thru some “October Surprise” (see: “Reichstag Fire”), they will accelerate their domination through intimidation.

I weep and fear for the future of this country.

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  1. 2022 October 5 7:50 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Two considerations and an actionable process:

    * Liberals access abortion services considerably more than conservatives. Borrowing a line from ‘Braveheart’ — “If we can’t get them out, we can breed them out.” Or shall we say the inverse, let them abort themselves to nonexistence.
    * Following bullet one, in order for liberalism to survive thru the generations they need converts. Otherwise the family political mindset takes hold, and Leftism is left in the dust.


    1) Purely on a political basis leave planned parenthood alone. (I leave the moral argument for the reader.)
    2) Do not put your children in public school. The indoctronation begins here.
    3) Assist your children who desire to go to college to at least stay away from places like Oberlein and their ilk. Make sure the degree earns $$ and not some virtue signalling device.

  2. 2022 October 5 7:51 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Sad for Houck. The ADA needs to be severed from official immunity but it probably won’t happen.

  3. 2022 October 5 7:55 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Expect the price of oil to go up.
    Biden influence is insufficient LOL
    OPEC+ agrees deep cuts to oil production despite U.S. pressure

  4. 2022 October 5 8:57 am
    PresidentRonPaul! permalink

    Interesting segment from bloomberg

  5. 2022 October 5 8:59 am
    PresidentRonPaul! permalink

    Basically something like this played out in the UK

  6. 2022 October 5 9:15 am
    PresidentRonPaul! permalink

    MBS becomes prime minister to get immunity from journalist killing. OPEC is now cutting output (because they don’t like Biden for criticizing the prince?)

  7. 2022 October 5 9:50 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    The way to get low-info people to support the income tax: take the money out of their paycheck all year long. Then give a REFUND to return a small bit when you file taxes.

    How to get low-info people to support climate change taxes: add to the cost of their monthly utility bill all year long. Then give a REFUND to return a small bit once a year.

    This October* your electric bill will include a credit identified as the “California Climate Credit.” Your household and millions of others throughout the state will receive this credit on your utility bills.
    The California Climate Credit is part of California’s efforts to fight climate change. This credit is from a state program that requires power plants, natural gas providers, and other large industries that emit greenhouse gases to buy carbon pollution permits. The credit on your bill is your share of the payments from the State’s program.
    The California Climate Credit is one of many programs resulting from landmark legislation called the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Together, these programs are cutting pollution, creating jobs and investing in cleaner energy and transportation.

  8. 2022 October 5 10:35 am
    PresidentRonPaul! permalink

    Individual carbon credit scores to be rolled out

  9. 2022 October 5 10:57 am
    PresidentRonPaul! permalink

    Wait a minute….was he wrong on demanding we exit the UN, the IMF, WTO, world bank, etc

  10. 2022 October 5 4:44 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    US national debt now tops $31 trillion for the first time ever

    The Fed’s reverse repo use just hit a fresh record of $2.4 trillion — why that’s one of the clearest ‘bad signs’ for the market

  11. 2022 October 5 5:35 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    A mid-week chaser….

    For PRP….

  12. 2022 October 6 10:34 am
    PresidentRonPaul! permalink

  13. 2022 October 6 10:47 am
    PresidentRonPaul! permalink

  14. 2022 October 6 10:59 am
    bc3b permalink

    BJG College Football – Week 5

    Sorry for the delay in posting results and having both both Kansas and Kansas State match-ups wrong. Everyone gets credit for wins in both games. It was a tough week and this one isn’t better.

    TLS: 24-8 week/81-34 season
    fight on:21-11/78-37
    Austin: 19-13/71-44#
    MI Conservative: 21-11/68-47
    JimNorCal: 19-13/68-47

    # Did not submit picks; gets lowest score for the week.

  15. 2022 October 6 11:15 am
    justrand permalink

    speaking of intimidation!!!

    The Gestapo FBI is trying very VERY hard to get a chance to go Waco or Ruby Ridge on somebody. VERY hard.

  16. 2022 October 6 11:39 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    14, Dang! I pretty much kicked butt (19-13) but MI Conservative managed to catch up.
    TLS rocks, what a machine. Congrats to her!

    15, omg, he prayed and sang! Clearly a danger to society ….
    I’ll be looking for candidates who want to nuke the FBI. If a candidate is not on board with that, then my support for them will be luke warm.

    A friend came back from a trip to the Right Coast. He said that here in SFO mask wearing was about 50% but in Logan (Boston) 95% of the people are masked. Planes are packed full and he got out of paying $35 for a wheeled carry-on by agreeing to let the airline check that bag.

  17. 2022 October 6 1:48 pm
    PresidentRonPaul! permalink

    These Countries Are Going “ALL IN” w/ Bitcoin (New World Reserve Currency)
    Two largest OPEC nations going all in on crypto with other OPEC nations following suit

  18. 2022 October 6 2:30 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    LA dumps BlackRock over Social Justice.
    This is the state LA, not the city Los Angeles.

  19. 2022 October 6 2:44 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    A resident of northern Virginia notes that they are becoming … California. The local politicians are all Dems even though the state Gov is Repub.

    Arlington County Police will no longer respond in person to car break ins, including ones that involve property damage and theft. If (when) your car is broken into, there is an online form to be filled out to generate a police report. I spoke to a Sergeant at the ACPD and he told me, in so many words, that they have more important things to do.

  20. 2022 October 6 2:45 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Sen Ben Sasse leaves the US Senate. Maybe Trump can find a Nebraskan to be a candidate.
    The comment about platitudes is a keeper 🙂 🙂

    from Ace:

    “Sasse’s specialty was avoiding confronting Democrats about difficult issues or taking difficult positions. He wasted valuable time in committee not asking probing questions, but instead offering pious but gauzy homilies about vague notions like “citizenship” and “a duty beyond self.” Things no one could really disagree with because they sounded nice and were fundamentally… devoid of actual content.

    To call them platitudinous would be a gross insult to platypuses.

    He made these speeches because his goal from day one of his senatorship has to promote himself to run as a “centrist, moderate” candidate for President, a “different kind of Republican” who can “unite us instead of dividing us.”

    He took second place to no man, including Barack Obama, in a contest of self-regard.

    A major part of establishing his bona fides on that score was to side with Democrats as often as possible, and to avoid taking positions which put him too firmly on the side of his, how do I put this delicately?, his disgusting, gross voters and constituents.

    He’s like David French with 20% less paunch.”

  21. 2022 October 6 3:45 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Sounds … pretty Soviet.

    Canada – Doctors Told To Give Drugs To Or Refer People To Psychotherapy Who Don’t Want COVID Vaccines
    ‘The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is encouraging doctors to offer drugs or psychotherapy to patients who don’t want the COVID-19 vaccines.

    The updated guidance provided by the college (CPSO) on Wednesday includes a FAQ section, which gives advice for when patients request a medical exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine.

    The answers details how exemptions should be extremely rare. It also suggests patients who don’t want vaccines — or endless boosters — require prescription drugs and psychotherapy.

    The CPSO further issued a veiled threat to doctors who may stray from its orders.

    “Your comments or actions [on social media] can lead to patient/public harm if you are providing an opinion that does not align with information coming from public health or government.”

    Earlier this year, 40 doctors from Ontario were under “investigation” for their COVID-19 related decisions that went outside the province’s orders.‘

  22. 2022 October 6 4:09 pm
    PresidentRonPaul! permalink

  23. 2022 October 6 4:20 pm
    justrand permalink

    PRP, the Dem is ALREADY the Senator.

    But the vote isn’t over

  24. 2022 October 6 4:21 pm
    justrand permalink

    always one of IP’s favorite quotes:

    Winston: “Does Big Brother exist?”

    O’Brien (Party Apparatchik): “Of course he exists. The Party exists.
    Big Brother is the embodiment of the Party.”

    Winston: “Does he exist in the same way as I exist?”

    O’Brien: “You do not exist.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

  25. 2022 October 6 4:30 pm
    bc3b permalink

    “Nobody f***s with a Biden.”

    It appears Putin and the Saudis did and we’ll have $5 gas on election day. $8 in Commiefornia.

  26. 2022 October 6 5:01 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    I paid $6 per gal yesterday so $8 seems not unreasonable.

    Too funny.
    NYT decries election conspiracy theory. Then 24 hours later, Police make an arrest.

  27. 2022 October 6 7:43 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    As British actors of a certain period were wont to recite … “The deuce you say!”
    Tyson Foods moves corporate jobs to Arkansas in latest blow to Chicago
    Tyson Foods Inc is joining other corporate heavyweights in moving jobs out of Illinois.

    The biggest U.S. meat company by sales said on Wednesday it will relocate all corporate employees from offices in Chicago and suburban Downers Grove, along with those in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, to its headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas.
    It is the latest shakeup for Tyson, which has about 1,000 corporate employees in the Chicago-area and South Dakota offices.

    (Other business leaving include: hedge fund Citadel–moving to Miami, Boeing to Virginia, and Caterpillar to TX)

  28. 2022 October 6 8:36 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Good ol’ former MI Gov Granholm.
    And in the end Biden was rebuffed by OPEC. … llenberger
    In early September, United States Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, told Reuters that President Joe Biden was considering extending the release of oil from America’s emergency stockpiles, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), through October, and thus beyond the date when the program had been set to end. But then, a few hours later, an official with the Department of Energy called Reuters and contradicted Granholm, saying that the White House was not, in fact, considering more SPR releases. Five days later, the White House said it was considering refilling the SPR, thereby proposing to do the exact opposite of what Granholm had proposed.

    The confusion around the Biden administration’s petroleum policy was cleared up yesterday after a senior official revealed that the White House had made a secret offer to buy up to 200 million barrels of OPEC+ oil to replenish the SPR in exchange for OPEC+ not cutting oil production. The official said the White House wanted to reassure OPEC+ that the US “won’t leave them hanging dry.” The fact that this offer was made through the White House, not the Department of Energy, may explain why a representative of the Department called Reuters to take back the remarks of Granholm, who has shown herself to be out-of-the-loop, and at a loss for words, relating to key administration decisions relating to oil and gas production.

    The revelation poses political risks for Democrats who, in the spring of 2020, killed a proposal by President Donald Trump to replenish the SPR with oil from American producers, not OPEC+ ones, and at a price of $24 a barrel, not the $80 a barrel that the Biden White House promised to OPEC+.

  29. 2022 October 7 3:30 am
    drdog09 permalink


    “… Granholm, who has shown herself to be out-of-the-loop,…”

    More to that than one suspects. The entire planet is not Woke, especially the Sauds. Any administration that puts a woman in the DoEng in a world still dominated by a producer culture that still has women living in the 8th century is not reading the tea leaves.

  30. 2022 October 7 4:33 am
    drdog09 permalink

    As you read this keep in mind that the EU is still our largest trading partner and Germany the top of that heap — — Their lack of energy will impact OUR GDP.

  31. 2022 October 7 5:36 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Austrian view on the EU winter situation —

  32. 2022 October 7 7:41 am
    PresidentRonPaul! permalink

    Bank of England and Bank of Australia already in a soft central bank pivot due to financial instability caused by raising rates.

    There is a new academic paper that posits (that’s come up on bloombergs news a lot lately) that if interest rates are held too low for too long, then r** will fall(a new concept that denotes the rate of interest rates that will cause financial instability.) Essentially r* and r** are usually about at the same level but lately we are seeing this instability number, the latter number, become separated from the former and become much lower.

    This is kind of putting what ppl have been discussing all over the internet into concise terms for the Fed.

    Minsky said “financial stability begets financial instability” or in other words if you keep financial conditions too easy for too long markets become addicted to this excessive leveraged risk taking and associated increased vulnerability when the rates then begin to raise again (R** decoupling from R*.)

    Hence eventually the central banks may have to cry uncle here.

  33. 2022 October 7 10:02 am
    bc3b permalink

    Don’t forget your BJG College Football picks are due tonight.

  34. 2022 October 7 10:12 am
    JimNorCal permalink

  35. 2022 October 7 11:34 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Update on countries who are backing away from mRNA vaxxing for Covid.

    The section on Oz is perhaps most interesting

    Australia has quietly stopped recommending more Covid vaccines for almost everyone under 50

    Australia’s change is arguably the most striking, because Australian states put extraordinary pressure on their people to submit to Covid vaccinations last fall and winter.

    Mandates for work were only the beginning.

    In November 2021, for example, Victoria – Australia’s second-largest state – decreed that only vaccinated people would be allowed in gyms, bars, restaurants, libraries, and “non-essential” retailers like bookstores and hairdressers. Two months later, the Northern Territory briefly placed unvaccinated people under a “snap lockdown,” confining them to their homes.

    The pressure succeeded.

    24 out of every 25 Australian adults received a primary two-dose Covid vaccination last year, mostly with mRNA shots from Pfizer and Moderna. Australians were also very accepting of boosters, with more than 7 out of 10 adults getting a third shot.

    Yet 2022 has proven disastrous for Australia, both for Covid and public health generally.

    Covid has torn through Australia this year, causing far more deaths than in 2020 or 2021 – and nearly all the deaths are in the vaccinated and boosted. Last week, the state of New South Wales reported only four of 75 deaths occurred in the unvaccinated, while 62 occurred in people who had received at least one booster.

    Worse, overall deaths are up almost 20 percent and hospitals have faced serious strain.

  36. 2022 October 7 12:23 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  37. 2022 October 7 12:25 pm
    JimNorCal permalink
    Citing Concern for Free Speech, 12 Federal Judges Say They Won’t Take Clerks from Yale Law School

  38. 2022 October 7 2:53 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    How’s cancel culture feel now b#$%es??

    Placement and enrollment will take a nose dive for Yale Law.

  39. 2022 October 7 4:03 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    39, or … Dem appointed judges will ONLY take law clerks from Yale lol
    No other schools

  40. 2022 October 7 8:25 pm
    PresidentRonPaul! permalink

    Kemp leads Abrams by 2 in Georgia for Governor!

    ……Walker trails Warnock by 12 in Georgia for the senate race.

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