Murders Soar after BLM Protests/Riots

2021 May 4
by bc3b

This is stuff you have to go to the British press to find as it’s not something that CNN or the rest of the US media would report. The media refuses to report FBI crime statistics – 51% of all murders in the US are committed by blacks and blacks commit a disproportionate percentage of virtually every category of violent crime.

While murders soar following BLM protests/riots, there is a decline in police killings, perhaps because police become more passive and less proactive. The 15% – 20% drop in police killings equates to about 300 fewer police killings over five years. But, murder rates rose 10%, an increase of 1,000 to 6,000 additional homicides. The decrease in police enforcement is a possible cause in the increase in homicides.

A researcher has found that cities that had Black Lives Matter protests saw a significant decrease in police homicides, but a huge overall increase in murders.

Travis Campbell, an economics PhD candidate at the University of Massachusetts, published his findings in a recent pre-print study examining the impact of BLM protests on police use-of-force incidents.

His analysis, which is still undergoing peer-review, found that cities with BLM protests had 15 to 20 percent fewer police homicides than expected if the protests had not taken place, equating to 300 fewer police killings nationwide over five years.

But, in a revised unpublished version shared with, Campbell finds that cities with BLM protests also saw a 10 percent increase in murders overall, equaling 1,000 to 6,000 additional murders nationwide.

In an interview with, Campbell stressed that he believes comparing the post-protest increase in murders to the decrease in police killings is ‘an apples and oranges comparison’ that does not fully account for the positive impact of BLM protests.

‘I know that it’s really tempting to want to compare a count of homicides to a count of use of force, but I really don’t think that is a good thing to do,’ Campbell said.

‘There are different implications when the police kill people and when civilians kill people,’ he added. ‘There is evidence of really important spillover effects to police killings, specifically the impacts on black mental health and on crime — there is evidence police homicides impact civilian homicides.’

Campbell said his data suggested that BLM protests result in ‘less police effort and less proactive policing,’ which could explain both the decrease in police killings and the overall increase in murders.

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4 dead following shooting spree in Chicago area - ABC News

To the BLM movement and racists like Maxine Waters and LeBron James, black lives only matter when a black person is killed by police … not when an innocent black child is killed by another black.

Are We Finally Fed Up with Public Education?

2021 May 3
by bc3b

A poll taken recently in California shows that nearly 70% of parents would choose private, religious or charter schools over public schools if given the choice.

Of course, the percent of parents in California dissatisfied with public education is likely far higher than most states for several reasons.

The first is many California schools have remained closed while most of the country’s schools have open for several months. Catholic schools and other private schools have been open for in-person instruction throughout the 2020-21 school year. Michigan’s public schools have been open since late February. While my daughter (who teaches third grade in a public school) and most of her fellow teachers were excited to be back in the classroom, teachers in places like California and Chicago and their unions have been fighting to keep schools closed. Bridget estimates that Zoom and Google Classroom are only about 30% as effective as in-person teaching. There have been no massive outbreaks of COVID-19 in Catholic or private schools.

Another reason is public schools (particularly in places like California and Chicago) have a leftist agenda. That is one of the major reasons why people under 40 embrace social change over morality that has existed for thousands of years. They readily accept that up is down, hot is cold and wet is dry over rational thought.

A new poll showed that nearly 70% of California parents would not choose traditional public school for their children, instead opting for private, religious, or charter schools.

The survey, which was published Wednesday by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), asked California parents what type of school they would choose to send their children to if cost and location were not an issue.

The most popular option was private schools, with 42% of California parents saying they prefer to send their child to a private school. 31% said they would choose traditional public schools, 14% said they would choose charter schools, and 13% said they would send their children to a religious school.

Just 9% of adults and 6% of public school parents said that they would give their local public schools a letter grade of “A.” 32% of adults and 44% of public school parents said that they would give the schools a grade of “B.

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News the Media Won’t Report

2021 April 30
by bc3b

CNN and the rest of the media normally love to report (aka beat to death) stories featuring the police and a black person when a death in involved. Here are two stories about a cop, black person and death that the media has been silent about because both involve a black person killing a white cop. Both happened within the past week and the media has been (not so) strangely silent. For news of this, one has to go to the British press,

One has to wonder how many deaths of cops and black people CNN and the rest of the media has been responsible for with its false narratives.

The first involves a black woman in New Your City who was on social media all afternoon, drinking and bashing cops. She hit a cop with such force that it knocked him totally out of his boots.

A suspected drunk driver who streamed herself on Facebook Live saying ‘f**k the police’ while downing shots hours before she killed a veteran cop in a hit-and-run in New York City boasted about carrying a knife ‘everywhere I go’, it has been revealed.

Jessica Beauvais, 32, posted a 1 hour and 51 minute livestream on her Facebook page Monday evening as part of her Face the Reality radio show where she addressed the trial of white ex-cop Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, slammed police officers and the justice system and played N.W.A song ‘F**k Tha Police’.

In the rambling post, she told her social media followers she likes guns because ‘they’re pretty’ and ranted about being pro capital punishment, while she said ‘potential death’ is just ‘part of the job’ for cops.

Throughout the video, Beauvais is seen vaping and drinking an unknown dark liquid from a plastic cup and, at one point, washes down the contents of a red shot glass with a bottle of Snapple. Police sources claim she later confessed to guzzling vodka, wine and smoking weed before the deadly incident.

Hours later, Beauvais allegedly got behind the wheel of her Volkswagen and plowed into NYPD Highway Officer Anastasios Tsakos, 43, on the Long Island Expressway around 2am Tuesday morning.

Tsakos was redirecting traffic following a separate fatal car accident in Queens when Beauvais’ car allegedly veered and struck officer Tsakos head on. Tsakos, 43 year-old married father to a three year-old son and six year-old daughter, was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Beauvais, who was allegedly intoxicated and driving with a suspended license at the time, allegedly sped away from the scene with a ‘completely shattered’ windshield before being stopped by police.

Investigators survey the vehicle that struck and killed New York City Police Department Officer Anastasios Tsakos

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The second takes us to Slow Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware in which a black man continually stomped a cop’s head. The cop was taken to the hospital. Several days later he was declared brain dead and taken off life support.

A cop has died after his head was stomped by a suspect who also attacked an elderly couple, sending both to hospital.

Cpl. Keith Heacook, 54, was declared ‘clinically dead’ on Wednesday at a Baltimore hospital, three days after he was allegedly attacked by Randon Wilkerson, 30.

The veteran cop had been responding to an early morning 911 call that Wilkerson had reportedly attacked his roommate at the Yorkshire Estates Community in Delmar, Delaware, on Sunday.

A second call came through moments later, to say Wilkerson had then crossed the street and attacked his neighbors; 73-year-old Steve Franklin and his wife Judy, 76.

Heacook went to investigate but soon stopped responding to dispatch. When backup arrived they found him unconscious. He was rushed to hospital but died days later.

It’s not yet clear how Wilkerson allegedly got the better of the veteran cop.

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Several thoughts:

  • Both of these killings received little, if any, media coverage
  • Unlike stories where police kill an unarmed black man, race isn’t mentioned by the US media
  • The police didn’t riot, look and burn down cities
  • If blacks didn’t commit a disproportionally large percentage of violent crime in the US, they wouldn’t have so much interaction with law enforcement

Just When You Think Media Couldn’t Get any Lower

2021 April 29
by bc3b

It sets a new low.

In this case it is USA Today. Stacey Abrams wrote an editorial that was published in USA Today prior to MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver because of Georgia’s new voter laws.

In the editorial Abrams talked extensively about boycotts and suggested that boycotts be used against Georgia. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred admits Abrams was one of the people he consulted regarding relocating the All-Star Game. Why? Abrams holds no political office.

Once the relocation of the game was announced and it became clear that the Atlanta area would lose $100-million in revenue (and local black businesses would be affected), Abrams suddenly changed her tune. She suddenly claimed she was opposed to moving the All-Star game from Atlanta.

USA Today cooperated with Abrams to totally rewrite her editorial (several weeks after it was published) and removed any mention of boycotts (just in case Abrams decides to run for office in Georgia again). It states that the editorial has been edited. Editing is correcting spelling ang grammatical errors, not rewriting and changing what was originally written.

Fortunately, some people saved Abrams original editorial (before USA Today’s cover-up).

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For a failed politician, Stacey Abrams sure carries a lot of weight.

Vaxx is a Pain in the Neck

2021 April 28
by drdog09

A Nashville woman felt extreme pain in her neck before waking up paralyzed from the neck down less than 24-hours after taking the second dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

Brandy Parker-McFadden, a mother of three, has been hospitalized for nearly two weeks. Her story has gone nearly completely unreported by mainstream media with local media only picking up the story after Parker-McFadden started getting sensation back in her extremities. That local news outlet, WKRN News 2 in Nashville, has been bracketing the story with others claiming there’s nothing to worry about with the vaccines as they combat “vaccine anxiety” among local residents.

“Our youngest is like, ‘are you ever going to walk again?’” she said, fighting back tears. “And so, you know, we just reassure him this is extremely rare.”

The woman, who appears to be younger than the at-risk age of 70-years-old or higher, received her second Pfizer Covid shot April 16th. Hours later, an unusual sensation started in her legs and continued to other parts of her body.

“Then it turned into I had a horrible neck pain and it just kept getting worse and worse,” she said.


As one observer opines –

Fact of the matter Miss, you are being chemically rewired. You are the test subject sadly.

But I want to push this to a positive note. Lets push Congress to get rid of the FDA. A peek at the 2020 budget figures shows they cost taxpayers $20Bn annually.

Get rid of the FDA? Well as this case proves taking any drug is now sanctioned. The testing has been not much better than figuring out how much arsenic will not kill you out right. So if taking any drug is now liaise faire back to the 1890’s kind of pharmacology we don’t need them anymore. And no, I am not antivaxx, I am just opposed to vaxx that has not been fully tested. While we are on that tangent do you really think that the FDA does all that safety testing? Perish the thought the drug companies do that.

But, but there will be another thalidomide accident! Pfffft. As the above patient shows that is happening right before your eyes at the governments beckoning. So if the government can define what is ‘good for you’; why don’t you have the same privilege?

Talk to your CongressCritter, its time for the FDA to go.

Say Good Bye to the Marines

2021 April 27
by bc3b

Throughout US history the Marine Corps represented the finest  of the US military. They were the first to storm beaches, defeated far larger forces and were respected by friends and foes alike as true bad asses.

All that has changed.

In the Marine Corps, we don’t have quotas, but we do have goals. And Marines accomplish goals,” my officer-in-charge told me and a few other brand-new second lieutenants, each of us assigned to temporary recruiting duty while awaiting orders to Quantico. The captain then told us we had to sign up a certain number of college-enrolled racial minorities and females. No need to be too strict on physical fitness or academics, he said. Just bring them in.

That was in 2009. Discrimination of this sort has been an ingrained yet lamentable part of the military’s recruitment, retention and promotion practices for many years. But my fellow officers and I couldn’t have imagined that, 12 years later, our disagreement with these policies would get us labeled “racist,” “sexist,” “bigoted” or “extremists” worthy of “eradication” and “elimination” from the USMC. Yet the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps said as much in his February 22 “core values” memo.

I’m now a major in the Marine Corps Reserve and a member of a formerly all-male infantry battalion.* This past weekend we had our monthly drill period. A few days before drill, the command told us that all scheduled training on Sunday morning was canceled and replaced with a “stand-down to address extremism in the ranks.”

It was left-wing political programming, as direct as it sounds.

We were instructed that there is a Taliban-like threat in the United States called “domestic terrorism.” These terrorists are characterized in part by “anti-government,” “anti-authority” or “abortion-related” extremism and various “supremacist” ideas. None of these terms are defined. The Marine Corps entrusts the government’s HR department to figure that out.

Reporting requirements are key. Do you suspect someone supports an “extremist ideology?” Alert the chain of command. Have you heard a Marine express “contempt toward officials?” Notify the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Don’t handle anything on your own. Just rat them out. After all, “service is a privilege” and it’d be a shame to lose that privilege for failing to do your part to stamp out “extremists.” One PowerPoint slide posed this imperative in stark terms: “Do you want to be a Marine or do you want to be part of an organization that sows disunity and hate. You cannot have divided loyalties.”

Where did all this come from? Soft liberalism has taken root in the military over several decades. These alarming trends are already well documented in James Hasson’s book Stand Down: How Social Justice Warriors Are Sabotaging America’s Military. But in the wake of President Joe Biden‘s election—and more precipitously since the January 6 “insurrection”—bureaucratic progressivism has hardened into iron-fisted wokeism.

January 6 provided the pretext that the government, media and Democratic Party needed to drum up paranoia about white-nationalist domestic terrorism. A month later, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a memo to all Pentagon leadership laying the groundwork for my unit’s Sunday morning indoctrination.

In his memo, Austin announced that the Department of Defense “will not tolerate…actions associated with extremist or dissident ideologies” and ordered all 1.4 million personnel to receive “extremism” training. And he promised it was just the beginning: the “stand-down is just the first initiative of what I believe must be a concerted effort to…eliminate the corrosive effects that extremist ideology and conduct have on the workforce.”

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