Christmas Came Early for the Dems

2022 May 18
by bc3b

Hanukkah for “Chuck the Schmuck” Schumer.

A crazed 18-year old went on a shooting spree, killing ten people last Saturday and the Democrats couldn’t be happier. In fact, Biden (doing and saying what his handlers told him to), Schumer, Pelosi and other Democrats are as giddy as kids opening presents under the tree December 25.

They believe they have found something that will deflect public attention away from the Biden Regime’s many failures. They have already started trying to capitalize on this tragedy. Biden traveled to Buffalo yesterday and gave a highly political speech, attacking the 1st and 2nd Amendments, white supremacy, Republicans, conservatives and Donald Trump and his supporters. He even linked it to January 6.

Schumer wrote letters to executives at Fox News Channel, demanding that Tucker Carlson be silenced. Schumer didn’t bother with Sean Hannity because he realizes that Hannity is useless.

The Democrats have three issues – racism, abortion and LGBTQ+++ “rights.” They know the media has their back. They can do or say anything and be free of criticism, just as Joe Biden has gotten away with.

Watch the Buffalo murders to receive non-stop coverage, unlike the black racist in Waukesha, Wi who mowed down people in the city’s annual Christmas Parade. Six were killed and scores hospitalized. In fact, CNN claimed that a red Ford SUV caused the attack, not a black man with a trail of racist social media. Biden couldn’t take time to visit Waukesha and the media quickly dropped it, In 2015 a Jihadist couple committed a massacre (14 were murdered) in San Bernardino at a holiday lunch in 2015. The media soon ceased all coverage. That won’t be the case in Buffalo.

Biden (as much as he is even aware of anything at this stage), Schumer and Pelosi are overjoyed because they think they can turn this tragedy against Republicans, keep Biden’s disasters off the news shows and minimize damage in November. They couldn’t care less about the victims except as something to exploit for their purposes.

Jill Biden slammed for not mentioning Waukesha parade attack victims in visit to injured kids and only pushing vaccines

The red Ford killer SUV didn’t fit CNN’s narrative.



Pelosi’s Puppet Republican Declares War on GOP

2022 May 17
by bc3b

Not satisfied with the damage she has done to the GOP with her witch hunts, Liz Cheney is parroting Democratic talking points about a “racist Republican Party.”

Rep. Liz Cheney tore into her follow House Republicans Monday, accusing party leadership of having “enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-semitism.”

“History has taught us that what begins with words ends in far worse,” Cheney (R-Wyo.) tweeted less than 48 hours after Saturday’s racially motivated massacre at a Buffalo supermarket. “@GOP leaders must renounce and reject these views and those who hold them.”

Cheney did not call out specific members of Congress in the message, which she posted from her personal Twitter account rather than her congressional page.

Liz is a pathetic, wretched, vengeful woman who is more than happy to damage the country for her father, the neocon movement and the Bush wing of the GOP. She hasn’t said anything about all the major crises the Biden Regime has caused – inflation, the formula shortage, the border, crime, energy, etc. All she does is attack Republicans.

Liz Cheney

Liz looks like her father in drag. With Republicans like her, who needs Democrats?

Hat tip: New York Post


AP: Biden’s Record of Failures Should be Off-Limits

2022 May 16
by bc3b

We’re seeing Joe Biden and his administration refuse to take responsibility for anything – inflation, open borders, crime, supply chain issues, the formula shortage, etc. On Face the Nation yesterday Transportation Secretary Peter Buttigieg said, “The government does not make formula.” While that is true, the government does regulate the manufacture and distribution of baby formula. The FDA has banned the import of formula and has dragged its feet since the Abbot Nutrition plant in Sturgis, MI was shut down in February.

Now the Associated Press believes that Republicans should not attack Biden and the Democrats for their record since Joe Biden was inaugurated and the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress in January of 2021.

The Associated Press is well known — and rightfully so — for writing long, detailed articles on “what it all means.” They’re called “thumbsuckers” in the news business, and the AP has perfected them.

A thumbsucker article presupposes that the reader is an ignorant rube and needs to be guided from Point A to Point B of a topic in order to have it explained to them. The problem for the reader is that the AP reporter writing the story — or most other mainstream reporters writing the story — almost always allows his or her own bias to permeate the story, making a “what it all means” story into a “what it should mean to you, you ignorant wretch.”

But the AP’s latest thumbsucker — “GOP’s new midterm attack: Blaming Biden for formula shortage” — makes a silly attempt to guide the reader to the conclusion that the Republican attack lines are politically motivated.

OMG! Really?

Republicans aiming to retake control of Congress have already sharpened a message centering around blaming Democrats for high inflation, expensive gas, migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and violent crime in some cities.

But GOP leaders landed on an issue this week that it hopes could prove even more potent: tying President Joe Biden to a shortage in baby formula.

The uproarious response says a lot about how much respect the AP has lost in recent years.


The AP tried to assure America that Biden was on top of the problem. They didn’t say, however, whether or not he was awake.

The administration has sometimes been slow in responding to sudden political threats, perhaps most notably when signs of inflation began to surface last year. The White House appears determined not to repeat that mistake, announcing on Friday that formula maker Abbott Laboratories committed to give rebates through August for a food stamp-like program that helps women, infants and children called WIC.

Biden insisted there’s “nothing more urgent we’re working on” than addressing the shortage.

Asked if his administration had responded as quickly as it should have, Biden said, ”If we’d been better mind readers, I guess we could’ve. But we moved as quickly as the problem became apparent.”

The “problem became apparent” in February when Abbot was forced to close its plant in Sturgis, Mich., which supplied 40% of infant formula made in the U.S. and almost all the specialty formulas manufactured in America. In fact, this was an issue only for parents with infants needing specialty formula until the news media awoke from their slumber and discovered that parents were panicking about finding food for their babies.

Then and only then did Biden ramp up some kind of government response. And it wasn’t until last week that the government began to attack the problem as a crisis.

Perhaps the AP should do its job and ask Biden what he has been doing since February to replace the specialty formula market and the 40% market share held by Abbott? But that might embarrass the old man, and the AP just can’t have that.

And that would be guiding the reader in the wrong direction. Best to keep the article on track and protect Biden from the political fallout of his incompetent leadership.

Read more:

Hat tip: PJ Media


Rasmussen: What Americans Are Saying

2022 May 14
by bc3b

About once a month we provide you with what people are saying, according to Rasmussen Reports.Sadly, these findings indicate that approximately 1/3 of Americans are far-left and will support anything Joe Biden and the Democrats do, even if it negatively impacts them and their families (e.g., inflation).

But, what are your thoughts about these topics, immigration, rising crime, etc.?

Hat tip Rasmussen Reports

80% of Americans Say “Fake News” Is a Problem

2022 May 13
by bc3b

The news media don’t question President Joe Biden as aggressively as they questioned former President Donald Trump, according to a majority of voters who say “fake news” is still a major problem.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 54% of Likely U.S. voters believe the news media are less aggressive in questioning Biden than they were in questioning Trump. Only 18% think the media is more aggressive with Biden, while 23% say the media treatment of Biden is about the same as it was with Trump.

Hat tip: Rasmussen Reports

What to do about viral 'fake news' - CNN Video

Are Mr. Potato Head’s guest and Emerald Robinson the same sex? Just asking for JimNorCal.

Is Ultra-MAGA 2022’s Basketful of Deplorables?

2022 May 11
by bc3b

During yesterday’s speech, Joe Biden not only totally ducked responsibility for all the country’s problems (unchecked inflation, invasion of our borders, energy dependency, supply chain shortages – even unavailability of baby formula) blaming Vladimir Putin, American corporations, Congressional Republicans, Donald Trump and Trump followers. Biden went so far as to claim that inflation isn’t as bad because of his policies.

June 4, 2020 Biden tweeted:

It’s hard to believe this has to be said, but unlike this president, I’ll do my job and take responsibility. I won’t blame others. And I’ll never forget that the job isn’t about me — it’s about you.

Yesterday he even coined a new term – Ultra-MAGA – people who are responsible for the country’s problems as well as hatred and violence. Outgoing Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden actually created the term Ultra-MAGA himself, destroying half of his remaining six brain cells in the process.

See the source image

Biden is helping the economy by inspiring a new industry. A wide range of Ultra-MAGA caps, tee-shirts and hoodies is already available on the Internet.

So when you see thousands of illegal aliens streaming across our nation’s southern border, don’t blame Biden, Harris or Mayorkas. Blame the guy sitting in a Cincinnati sports bar drinking a Yuengling and wearing a MAGA hat.

Let’s hope “Ultra-MAGA” is half as successful as Hillary’s “basketful of deplorables.”

See the source image

Wonder why half the country believe Brandon isn’t mentally competent to be president?

Emerald Robinson | Substack

Emerald Robinson: Do these glasses make my t!ts look too big?