SENATOR Boxer: It’s All about the Hackers

2009 December 3

California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer appears to be more concerned about the Hackers involved in ClimateGate than the fact that scientists supporting action against global warming withheld or destroyed data that was detrimental to their cause.

Leaked e-mails allegedly undermining climate change science should be treated as a criminal matter, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Wednesday afternoon.

Boxer, the top Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said that the recently released e-mails, showing scientists allegedly overstating the case for climate change, should be treated as a crime.

“You call it ‘Climategate’; I call it ‘E-mail-theft-gate,'” she said during a committee meeting. “Whatever it is, the main issue is, Are we facing global warming or are we not? I’m looking at these e-mails, that, even though they were stolen, are now out in the public.”The e-mails, from scientists at the University of East Anglia, were obtained through hacking. The messages showed the director of the university’s Climate Research Unit discussing ways to strengthen the unit’s case for global warming. Climate change skeptics have seized on the e-mails, arguing that they demonstrate manipulation in environmental science.

Full article.

Anyone would be a better Representative for the Peoples Republik that “You can call me senator” Boxer, who increasingly becomes a charicature … even a RINO.

A Salute to Jack Cafferty

Normally Jack Cafferty is a man we love to hate. Last time I believe I referred to him as “CNN’s primary effort to appeal to the angry old drunk demographic.” But, as one of the few in the media to provide any coverage to ClimateGate, he rates commendation:

Jack Cafferty went above and beyond many of his colleagues in the media by highlighting the ClimateGate scandal on Wednesday’s Situation Room. He presented both sides of the controversy, noting the “thousand pages of leaked e-mails and documents,” while summarizing the side of the defenders of the theory of manmade climate change. Most of the viewer e-mails he read sided with the critics of the theory.

The CNN commentator brought up the issue seven minutes into the 5 pm Eastern hour, and incorporated a reference to a film by a certain former vice president: “Al Gore called global warming ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ but suddenly, a lot of people are asking what the truth really is.” He continued with a summary of the issue (see full article).

Full article.

Hat tips: The Hill and

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How’s about we call you “Private Citizen”?

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  1. 2009 December 3 5:45 am
    MI Conservative permalink

  2. 2009 December 3 6:26 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    What does this show?

    How positively, absolutely, undeniably, and reliably out of touch liberals are.

  3. 2009 December 3 6:37 am

    Hide the decline video on youtube very funny
    T-shirts and mugs availible too!

    A parody of “Draggin the Line” by Tommy James and the Shondells. Which I think is where the term “Treehugger” comes from “Huggin a tree when you get near it” was the original lyric which I replaced with “you should have chopped more trees instead of hugging them”

  4. 2009 December 3 6:38 am

    call her up and blast HER!

  5. 2009 December 3 6:39 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Ooooh, I like the private citizen part.

  6. 2009 December 3 6:39 am
    TLS permalink

    An article from Chuck Devore. I know a lot of people are skeptical that he can beat Boxer, but man, he sure gets it.

    California`s Regulatory Fantasyland: Brass and Lead Edition

    AB 1953 [1], a law passed in 2006 that goes into effect on January 1, 2010, the purpose of which was to define lead-free plumbing from 4% in fixtures down to the European Union standard of 0.25%. Not that the science supported this change. Once lead was removed as a gasoline additive, taken out of paints, and removed from plumbing (the Latin word for plumbing is where we get the chemical symbol for lead: Pb), human lead exposure dropped significantly.


    So, here we are in California, a state with America’s fourth-highest unemployment rate; a state losing 3,000 productive, tax-paying citizens every week to places such as business-friendly Texas. But, a state carrying 32% of the nation’s welfare caseload with what Forbes Magazine calls the 50th worst business tax and regulatory climate in the nation; and a state with a legislature that thinks nothing of layering new rules on top of new rules in the constant quest to make California the most perfect state in which no one can afford to live or find a job.

    Coming soon? An eBay-enabled California black market in brass plumbing-fixtures and normal-flow toilets and shower heads.

  7. 2009 December 3 6:41 am
    mulletover permalink

    Of course, this does show she is perfectly suitable for national office……

  8. 2009 December 3 6:47 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    gatekeeper–I like it, I like it.

  9. 2009 December 3 6:49 am
    drdog09 permalink

    OT, HC, MSM Fraud,

    Remember the story about the guy who could not get treated for some disease and NYT wrote a story on it? Well Malkin has busted the story as a fraud —

    In other words, at the time Kristof’s article was published this past Sunday, Brodniak was already being treated and cared for by some of the best neurologists in the country!

    The spokesman told me that the Brodniaks were willing to confirm “reluctantly” for me that he has been a patient there for nearly a month, but they refuse to talk to me directly. The spokesman also told me that OHSU will not make its doctors available for further comment on the matter.


    When NYT wrote that story, their human interest angle was ALREADY under treatment! This is commission of a fraud pure and simple by NYT.

    Read the whole thing.

  10. 2009 December 3 6:56 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Interesting article. The New York Times capable of fraud? You must be joking!

  11. 2009 December 3 7:01 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Looks like we might have ClimateGate II.

    “Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said NASA has refused for two years to provide information under the Freedom of Information Act that would show how the agency has shaped its climate data and would explain why the agency has repeatedly had to correct its data going as far back as the 1930s.

    “I assume that what is there is highly damaging,” Mr. Horner said. “These guys are quite clearly bound and determined not to reveal their internal discussions about this.”


    Two things need to happen at this juncture —

    a) All raw data pertaining to climate studies need to be Open Sourced. At least for the US, we the people probably paid for most of the data gathering anyway. It is our property. We have a right to see it.

    b) The peer journals need to stand up and require that once (a) has been met that any previous submissions must be updated with those data points or redacted.

    Its the only way these guys can redeem themselves at this point.

  12. 2009 December 3 7:03 am
    JustMary permalink

    What was Boxer’s reaction to the hacking of Palin’s email? What was Boxer’s reaction to the complete (illegal) invasion of Joe the plumber’s privacy?

    Oh and NYT fraud? Wha? Noooooooooooo I just can’t believe it!

  13. 2009 December 3 7:12 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Oh and NYT fraud? Wha? Noooooooooooo I just can’t believe it! — JM

    Oh, Ye of Little Faith! 🙂

  14. 2009 December 3 7:16 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Hmmm, Boxer is a slower than I
    THOUGHT. She must have gotten some poll results back that were favorable or else she doesn’t touch this with a ten foot pole.

    I hope she gets Daschled along with Reid.

  15. 2009 December 3 7:23 am
    bc3b permalink

    Gatekeeper –

    Great video.

  16. 2009 December 3 7:33 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    bc- What is it with you and woman politicians?


    Shouldn’t you be treating them equal?

  17. 2009 December 3 7:40 am
    MI Conservative permalink

  18. 2009 December 3 7:45 am
    conservativetony permalink

    And to have man-made global warming to be discovered a fraud after the left spent countless hours deciding to change its name to “global change” instead of “global warming” must really piss them off.

    They could have spent their time and effort on something more worthwhile like discussing whether or not to call it “economic change” instead of welfare or “unpersistent longevity” instead of abortion.

  19. 2009 December 3 7:51 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Well now. A prominent Warmist pleads guilty to contract fraud.

    What’s next? This was not science, this was akin to buying a used car where the odometer, er numbers, have been rolled back.

  20. 2009 December 3 7:54 am

    Nothing but rusty trailer hitches within a 6 block radius of her mansion.

  21. 2009 December 3 8:08 am
    drdog09 permalink


    A SitRep on the Operation Chaos in the Battle of the Sexes.

    Ladies, we still love you.

  22. 2009 December 3 8:09 am

    RAS: Obama


    Where the hell is the bounce?????????????

  23. 2009 December 3 8:09 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    ip-You slay me!

  24. 2009 December 3 8:16 am
    aureliusx permalink

    Dude.. barbara… that was a pretty warmist thing to say. You shouldn’t really, like say that kind of stuff in public…

    I know it sucks but people are all, like, primed to hear warmism in everything.

    Last thing you want is to have every all like, oh that was warmist… you’re a warmist…

    sign of the times…. sigh…

  25. 2009 December 3 8:20 am
    aureliusx permalink

    When the BS CBS poll drops off in a couple days, the red and black lines will be on top of each other around 47/48, for the first time.

    Then things get interesting.

    Look for three Supreme court retirements in the spring as they realize he may lose the Senate.

    Together with Sotomayor, that will be devastating. A wildeyed young marxist with no respect for democracy or the rule of law or justice, setting almost half the supreme court votes (4/9) for the next thirty years.

    Do we just let that happen?

  26. 2009 December 3 8:26 am
    janzam permalink

    TLS Re: #6

    Great quote from DeVore. He is a good man, and certainly cuts through all the malarkey when describing California’s problems.

    Unfortunately, for his ability to get elected, DeVore is very similar to Bill Jones, who ran against Boxer the last time. Jones was also an upright, very conservative guy who was trounced by Boxer in 2004. I am still planning on voting for DeVore in the primaries, in which he will run again Carly F. But, whoever wins that contest I will support, because for me it’s ABB —> Anybody But Boxer!

    As far as Boxer’s remarks about the emails: it’s just more evidence as to how she puts ideology and personality above principles. It makes no difference to this woman what the truth is, as it’s all about partisan power. It would be so good to rid California of her and Feinstein once and for all!

  27. 2009 December 3 8:28 am
    drdog09 permalink

    The most transparent administration ever! —

    “Updated | 10:22 p.m. The White House on Wednesday invoked the separation of powers to keep Desiree Rogers, President Obama’s social secretary, from testifying on Capitol Hill about how a couple of aspiring reality television show celebrities crashed a state dinner for the prime minister of India last week.

    And the couple will not testify, either, according to a statement released late Wednesday by a public relations firm.

    The statement says that the Virginia couple, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, have provided to the Secret Service and to the ranking members of the House committee conducting the hearing “all relevant e-mails and cellphone records that detail communications with a White House official,” and can do nothing else to help in the inquiry. ”


    The current administration, after saying they don’t need a protocol director fire her ass. Then the whole crash the party thing happens. So they reinstitute the policies of the previous administration. Then refuse to discuss the matter with Congress.


  28. 2009 December 3 8:34 am
    justrand permalink

    It is a sad but true fact that Babs Boxer can only be beat this time around by a female. Why? Because Boxer still commands the feminist vote out here and will make her gender THE issue if she is running against a male.

    Hey, we’re a failed State…essentially Afghanistan with better weather, and (in a bizzarro twist) FEMALE Taliban!

  29. 2009 December 3 8:35 am
    janzam permalink


    How many times have the Obama administration done a switchback on their promises? Why make statement after statement, when in the next moment you void them by saying or doing exactly the opposite of which you affirmed you were going to do!

  30. 2009 December 3 8:38 am
    brucefdb permalink

    janzam, jr, agree with 26 and 28. Not sure we can beat Boxer anyway. I look for massive ‘turnout’ (read ACORN, unions) in the Latino community.

    But, yeah, I would rather elect a seagull than Boxer.

  31. 2009 December 3 8:38 am
    justrand permalink

    The Church of alGore Triumphant, of which SENATOR! Boxer is a high priestess, is closing ranks on ClimateGate.

    The crime, as they see it, is that someone leaked evidence of their crimes!! Unreal? Nah…we’ve been through the Looking Glass for quite some time. Uh oh…gotta go try and catch that White Rabbit!

  32. 2009 December 3 8:39 am
    janzam permalink


    You’re right about the gender issue being front and center in the upcoming Boxer Senatorial race. However, DeVore, very much like McClintock is the type of hold-the-line leader we need to wade through the mess the democratic legislature has created here.

  33. 2009 December 3 8:40 am
    brucefdb permalink

    Ann Coulter weighs in on Climategate as only Ann can.

  34. 2009 December 3 8:43 am
    janzam permalink

    Speaking of California politics….just heard that Karen Bass, head of the dem Senate, is stepping down, and says there are enough votes for her dem replacement —> his last name is Perez, and he will be the first “gay” to hold this post. I wonder if this has anything to do with endlessly trying to get same-sex legislation through as law.

    They never give up!

  35. 2009 December 3 8:47 am
    brucefdb permalink

    Finally another Republican speaks out forcefully on climategate! And does it rather well, too, in fact is the most comprehensive attack on the warmest I have seen by a politician.

  36. 2009 December 3 8:48 am
    conservativetony permalink

  37. 2009 December 3 8:52 am
    janzam permalink

    Bruce, Wonderful GW article, just chalk full of information —> real information! Thanks! I bookmarked it!

  38. 2009 December 3 8:52 am
    JustMary permalink

    bruce- I love Ann ever so much. 😀

  39. 2009 December 3 8:53 am
    JustMary permalink

    Global warming cheerleaders in the media were quick to defend the scandalous e-mails, explaining that, among scientists, the words “trick,” “hide the decline” and “garbage” do not mean “trick,” “hide the decline” and “garbage.” These words actually mean “onion soup,” “sexual submissive” and “Gary, Ind.”

    (Boy, it must be great to be able to redefine words right in the middle of a debate.)


  40. 2009 December 3 8:55 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Does this administration ever stand by anything? Do they ever draw a line in the sand and say ‘this far and not a step more’?


  41. 2009 December 3 8:57 am
    janzam permalink

    JM, here is an excerpt that refutes the thinking of the numbnuts MSM!

    AT THE NATIONAL JOURNAL, Neil Munro interviews climatologist Judith Curry about ClimateGate and the IPCC. Excerpt: “We need climate glasnost: openness, transparency, and freedom of information. Scientists who engage in advocacy activities generate lack of confidence in their science, both from within the scientific community and from the public. The public should expect accountability from our major institutions, particularly the IPCC. . . . We need to hear from the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Academies what they think of this. These are the two institutions that should be the watchdog on all this. This is a black eye on our whole field. We have to defend our field, and show the broader scientific field — the biologists, physicists and chemists — that this is real science, not political science. What a lot of them are thinking… [is that] this is a politically tainted field.”

    H/T Instapundit

  42. 2009 December 3 8:57 am
    drdog09 permalink


    I could not agree more. The fact that Obama can’t keep a single promise is now being factored by all and sundry. So if I was part of the Left I would not believe what O said that we are out in 2011. Were I the Taliban, I would take that date certain as a false lead and act contrary to the message. If I were the Congressional Black Caucus I would be really peeved that I am not being stroked. Oh wait they are!

  43. 2009 December 3 8:58 am
    justrand permalink

    bruce, that article you linked to provides one of the most succinct overviews of the whole Gloabl Warming myth I have ever read. I encourage all here to link that article…and re-use the splendid talking points in it!


  44. 2009 December 3 8:59 am
    drdog09 permalink

    I would rather elect a seagull than Boxer. — Bruce

    You know what they say about seagulls? They fly in, think they know something, eat all your food and then s$%% all over you before the leave.

  45. 2009 December 3 9:06 am
    JustMary permalink

    #44 Makes the choice tough then, since there really is no difference.

  46. 2009 December 3 9:08 am
    brucefdb permalink

    Roger that, doc.

    JM….the good thing about the seagull is that it can’t talk. It wouldnt say, for instance, “Please call me Senator you low life military creep.”

  47. 2009 December 3 9:10 am
    drdog09 permalink

    JM, 🙂

  48. 2009 December 3 11:51 am

    Boxer reaction… completely predictable as many of here already did.
    Agree with all the comments about DeVore, also agree with the practicality sentiments via Carly to beat this complete twit.

  49. 2009 December 3 11:51 am

    You spelled twit wrong.

  50. 2009 December 3 11:54 am
    JustMary permalink

    hahahahaha 😆

  51. 2009 December 3 9:47 pm

    Nah I just used the cleaner version of what you know I was thinking. 😉

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