2009 December 4

With ClimateGate it’s like keeping up with a fire hose of information! Even Anthony Watts is having trouble staying on top of things!

Some posts of interest

So much is being written about Climategate and the fallout from it, it is tough to cover it all….

In that post he links to one titled Google-gate? that was posted on Wednesday, December 2nd by Harold Ambler.  Ambler reports on his work in communicating with Google.  This is how he begins the post:

Among the points of interest in the unfolding climate scandal is the fact that the term “climategate” rapidly eclipsed global warming in the number of links produced by a simple Google search.

As is standard, Google’s auto-suggest function facilitated this, several days into the story’s evolution. Anyone typing in the letters c-l-i would see the suggested time-saving choice of climategate. Within a day or two of the auto-suggest function being added for “climategate” it had become the top item in the list.

Suddenly, though, on Monday December 1, Google stopped offering “climategate” as a choice to those who typed c-l-i and even to those who typed c-l-i-m-a-t-e-g-a-t. Strange.

Intrigued, I sent a few questions to Google’s Global Communications Department and a polite gentleman by the name of Jake Hubert responded right away.

Reporting on his email exchange with Jake Hubert of Google Ambler wrote that Hubert sent him a couple of boilerplate answers and Ambler kept pushing back. When Hubert did not respond to the third email, Ambler next emailed Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Here’s the part of this email to Schmidt that Ambler quotes:

Unfortunately, what this situation appears like is one in which someone with an interest in suppressing Climategate prevailed upon someone within the Google structure to remove Climategate from the list of auto-suggests. (Other phrases starting with climate are still Google-suggested even though they have many fewer links than Climategate.)

Ambler asked if Google staff would look into this and requested a phone interview with Schmidt or alternately sending a list of questions.How’s that for chutzpah?!?!?!

He had to run out and while he was gone, Jake Hubert called him and left a phone message which essentially said, “No need to contact the CEO.” Ambler returned Hubert’s call; however, after feeling the answer he was getting wasn’t credible, he emailed Schmidt again. No response, however, this is what Ambler observed:

I pushed send, got my daughter into her gymnastics gear, and rushed out the door. When I returned a little less than two hours later, I put my sleeping daughter on the couch and rushed upstairs to check my e-mail. Nada. Then I did a Google search, typing c-l-i-m … and there it was – offered by the gloriously user-friendly Google Suggest function – “climategate.”


You never know.

Was Google briefly complicit in the largest scientific scandal in at least a generation, attempting to minimize it behind the scenes? Like I said, you never, ever, ever, ever know. Ever.

P.S. Four hours after the function returned, Google Suggest on “climategate” was altered again. Instead of the single word “climategate,” which yields 27 million links per search, Google now offers “climate gate scandal,” which yields 6 million. Only by hand-typing the complete word “climategate,” to the last letter, can users view an additional 21 million links. The evident message from on high? “Tamp it down.” The apparent success of the strategy: close to non-existent.

One of the commenters posted a couple of photographs on flickr you may enjoy!

UPDATE: These are not on GoogleGate, but ClimateGate.  Rather than do another post and turn this into a weather blog rather than Be Sarah Palin 🙂 ), here are a few more things you weather junkies may want to read:

A devastating response to “There’s nothing to see here, move along”

This is about a scathing comment in the Boston Globe to a column by Harvard professor James McCarthy.

And from Dr. Dog: Climategate: Which one blew the whistle?

H/T: Watts Up With That?, Talking About The Weather, hvtek, Dr. Dog, Herald Sun.

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  1. 2009 December 4 10:11 am
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    D cant be too obvious in transmitting their sort to term sellout to the HC insurance and other lobbies and they ham-handedly did back in AUG when the HHS secretray and other cronies floated the “trial ballons” about droppin’ the government option….

    Either that or the KOS plants reported back to the DNC that the government option diversion needed to be kept up so that conservatives/opponents would not focus fire on the Individual Mandates which would really have stopped it in its tracks…

    this is the danger of letting KOS plants (ie ?) know your political theories I guess…

  2. 2009 December 4 10:15 am

    This happened with bing over the last day or so as well.. both seem to have stopped tweaking whatever it was they were tweaking…and\or they “fixed the glitch”.

  3. 2009 December 4 10:23 am

    LOL EPH.

  4. 2009 December 4 10:29 am
    INC permalink

    KH, on your data comment in yesterday’s thread. I left a link to another post on it, but here it is:

    Climategate: The Smoking Code.

    BTW, everyone, Houston has broken a record for the earliest snowfall on record.

  5. 2009 December 4 10:32 am
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    What’s the word?

    That’s right – Thunderbird!

    #5 Those bums in Houston will need a good bottle of the ole Bird to keep warm lol

  6. 2009 December 4 10:36 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Update your WattsUp link. Didn’t work for me.

  7. 2009 December 4 10:38 am

    Thanks INC.

  8. 2009 December 4 10:38 am

    Wait that doesn’t link to what I had a question about though.

  9. 2009 December 4 10:40 am
    INC permalink

    OK, Dr. D., I’ll check.

    KH, sorry, I should have qualified what I said. It wasn’t about the data dump (that was your question, wasn’t it?) but about data manipulation. I thought you might want to see it since he analyzes the code.

  10. 2009 December 4 10:40 am

    Specifically I was curious if any has validated\seconded this early 80’s “we threw the data out when we moved buildings” story. I could maybe believe that if someone else from that time would back it up, but the more and more that comes out it looks like an excuse to cover for more recent destruction of it.

  11. 2009 December 4 10:42 am
    INC permalink

    I’ll keep an eye out for anything on that. If this was the work of a whistleblower, maybe he has more info that may come out.

  12. 2009 December 4 10:43 am

    data dump meaning not the doc leaks, but the claimed loss\destruction back in the day – that dump. 😉

    This reminds me of RatherGate only far worse.

  13. 2009 December 4 10:46 am
    INC permalink


    You’re right, it is worse. While RatherGate could have derailed Bush as a candidate, this been big-time fraud and amplied fear.

    Dr. D, link is fixed–let me know if there are more problems.

  14. 2009 December 4 10:52 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Its pretty chilly all over Tx right now INC. We finally turned on the heat on Tuesday.

    What is interesting is the number of scientists who are pointing out the disparity between the IPPC/CRU numbers and what the satellites are saying for example.


    I finally got thru all that paper you posted a while back. A tough read. But essentially the Earth is not a greenhouse. Destroys what I was taught in HS.

  15. 2009 December 4 10:53 am
    drdog09 permalink

    That was the only one, INC. Thx.

    Google better watch it. Somebody might roast them on their own Petard. Their motto is “Do no evil.”

  16. 2009 December 4 11:01 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Crashergate has its first victims.

    3 Sercret Service agents were placed on admin leave. I can only imagine what it takes to become a Service agent, and now because the POSOTUS or somebody in his administration owed a favor to the crashers, 3 good men will take the fall.

    See Drudge.

  17. 2009 December 4 11:03 am
    INC permalink

    Tony, that’s a good guess of the reality of the situation.

  18. 2009 December 4 11:10 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    I’m not sure if anyone posted this but you need to check out Real Clear Politics and the latest CNN poll numbers under Obama Approval rating

  19. 2009 December 4 11:15 am
    conservativetony permalink

    Mark (Rush’s show) is talking about this right now.

  20. 2009 December 4 11:24 am

    19. no thanks

  21. 2009 December 4 11:32 am
    justrand permalink

    just tried Climategate in Google…ta da, it is working again! Except, of course, that
    “Climate Gate” has 11,000,000 hits (and that is what they send you off to)
    “Climategate” (all one word) has 28,000,000 hits…as does “Climate-Gate” (28,000,000).

    When have you EVER seen Google NOT show the higher hits first? In fact, to get “Climategate” to even work you must type the entire thing!!

  22. 2009 December 4 11:32 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Well, I just cannot believe that CNN has him negative territory.

  23. 2009 December 4 11:40 am
    INC permalink

    New Hot Air headline:

    Politico interviews Al Gore, “forgets” to ask about Climategate

    From Politico:

    Former Vice President Al Gore, who won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his work on climate change, talked with POLITICO’s John F. Harris and Mike Allen about climate issues and the upcoming United Nations conference in Copenhagen. Here are edited excerpts….

    On the importance of the Internet to the environmental movement and politics

    …the Internet culture is rising and will soon rival the television culture for dominance in the information marketplace, relevant to politics….

    The magic of Internet-based organization with people on the ground is a very powerful model now. Inevitably, this will lead to a redemocratization of the American political system, and the sooner, the better, as far as I’m concerned, because most Americans are really tired of the nonproductive nature of our present political system.

    As Eph would say,




  24. 2009 December 4 11:48 am
    justrand permalink

    go check out this link, and then look at my Cost of Freedom for today! 🙂


    great minds thinking alike, or Breitbart reads BJG!!

  25. 2009 December 4 12:00 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    All right JR, you been tipping beers with Mr. B? Right down to the image is just too damn errie…..

  26. 2009 December 4 12:07 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    I am sure many have used a spreadsheet to graph a set of data points. Some may have even used an equation to do so. But has anybody run software that takes data points and renders an equation? Nope me either till today.

    This is cool software and its free. website. Fact with this software we could all become climate scientists. Plot your own hockey stick then get a formula to match.

  27. 2009 December 4 1:06 pm

    “Destroys what I was taught in HS.”

    Yup me too!

  28. 2009 December 4 1:14 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    #26 More like pounding shots of the ole Bird with him!!!

  29. 2009 December 4 1:27 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #25 Holy crap!

  30. 2009 December 4 3:26 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    JR, God Bless the Web, baby!

  31. 2009 December 4 3:27 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Got the Beck book today, “arguing with idiots”… Thanks to all and the the J*s especially!

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