Google Senior Advisor Cancels Copenhagen Lecture

2009 December 3

Guess whose biography lists him as a Senior Advisor to Google, Inc.?  If you guessed Al Gore, then you win the prize!  This makes some interesting things fall into place, doesn’t it?

At Watts Up With That? Anthony Watts has a post on Google and ClimateGate in which he brings up that interesting fact about Al Gore.  Watts notes:

It seems he has done some “advising” of Google’s search quality in the past. Here’s a story from the New Yorker via Newsbusters about that very subject. There is some history there that has some bearing on the current situation.

In the case of “Climategate”, Mr. Gore’s ability to continue his current speaking engagements might be hampered. Thus, there could well be a motive for him doing some “advising” in this case. A phone call might be all it took.

Word from some others doing investigations say Google senior staff has told them the removal of “Climategate” from the autosuggest in web searches is algorithm based.

But the Google trends data suggest otherwise, particularly since it was restored and operating in Googles autosuggest feature back on November 28th, as documented here on WUWT.

Now it is gone again. Did the removal of “climategate” from the autosuggest feature make recent Google Trends data lower that the peak on November 29th? Only time will tell us.

In other news, Al Gore has cancelled his lecture at Copenhagen for which more than 3000 Danes had paid just over $1200 each for a ticket.

Oh, and Michael Mann has thrown Phil Jones under the ClimateGate icemeltberg.

What else is going to happen before Obama travels over there?  Will this be his best Baghdad Bob moment yet?

Watts Up With That? has so many stories on the continuing AGW meltdown, Watts has added a Climategate tab at the top of his blog.  I thought that was an excellent idea and I’ve added a ClimateGate tag here rather than continue to list prior posts.  Previous posts can be found under ClimateGate and Climate Politics (which can cover other issues).


H/T:  Watts Up With That?

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  1. 2009 December 3 1:14 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Al a noshow? Hmm guess he figured he would have to answer questions he was not qualified to answer vis a vis the Climategate fiasco. Like say — “Ok Al, what did you know and when did you know it?”

  2. 2009 December 3 1:39 pm
    bc3b permalink

    My guess is that this fraud has made hundreds of millions off the global warming scam.

  3. 2009 December 3 1:48 pm
    JustMary permalink

    bc3b- I will have to hunt down the story but it was reported a month or so ago that ag was on track to become the world’s first global warming billionaire, in the immediate future.

  4. 2009 December 3 1:52 pm
    JustMary permalink

    Found it

    Interesting part of the article that ties nicely with INC’s story:

    Since then, his net worth has skyrocketed, helped by timely investments in Apple and Google, profits from books and his movie, and scores of speeches for which he can be paid more than $100,000, although he often speaks at no charge.

  5. 2009 December 3 1:52 pm
    aureliusx permalink

    They’re sticking with the “Swiftboating” theme over at Kos.

    As in, “The wingnut swiftboating of climate change researchers continues”.

    As we all know, this is a perfectly valid use of the term swiftboating, as it has always been used. From Kerry to Sotomayor.

    Swiftboating (n,v): The accurate reporting of a liberal’s own words.

  6. 2009 December 3 1:53 pm
    bc3b permalink

    JM –

    I don’t doubt it. George Soros is positioned to make billions off global warming. So is GE.

  7. 2009 December 3 1:57 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    OT. Looks like the GOP has stepped their foot into it. CO tea party making an issue of it. link.

  8. 2009 December 3 2:04 pm
    conservativetony permalink

    Looks like the Secret Service has taken responsibility for allowing the gatecrashers into the WH — per C-Span video.

    Seems fishy to me. I won’t be surprised if the investigation finds out that the crashers showed up and the Secret Service called into the WH and got permission.

  9. 2009 December 3 2:11 pm
    INC permalink

    Tony, I think they’re the fall guy.

  10. 2009 December 3 2:22 pm
    Federalist permalink

    (5) aureliusx,

    Let me correct your definition

    Swiftboating (n,v): The accurate reporting of a liberal’s own words OR ACTIONS.

  11. 2009 December 3 2:23 pm
    INC permalink

    JM, I guess the gig is up for Al Gore. His attorneys probably told him he had to cancel and wait for this cold wind to stop. I guess he can quit now and blame his past “errors” on Mann, Jones, et al., for manipulating the data.

  12. 2009 December 3 2:26 pm
    conservativetony permalink

    The committee is on C-Span rebroadcast. Peter King just let it be known that the “Social Secretary” who is responsible to make sure people who are supposed to gain entrance do gain entrance and those who aren’t supposed to gain entrance don’t gain entrance wasn’t present at this particular event and informed the Service she would not be there.

    There is no possible way the Service could have a list that is up to date and correct at an exact moment in time. That’s why the Social Secretary is there.

    Of course, Obama is afraid to have the Secretary to testify.

  13. 2009 December 3 2:42 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Why is the Secret Service taking the hit on crashergate? Does Obama have the power to order them to fall on their sword for Desiree.

    I thought they protected the President and the 1st wookie, not the 1st wookie’s handmaiden.

  14. 2009 December 3 2:45 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Meanwhile, the healthcare screwing of the American people marches on.

  15. 2009 December 3 3:26 pm
    phineas gage permalink

    Does Charles Johnson write algorithms for Google?

  16. 2009 December 3 3:30 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  17. 2009 December 3 3:37 pm

    Candidate for communications director.

  18. 2009 December 3 3:39 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink


  19. 2009 December 3 4:13 pm
    mulletover permalink

    A good one from the canine corp.

  20. 2009 December 3 5:04 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    Al Gore is finally feeling some anthropogenic heat….. 😉

  21. 2009 December 3 5:31 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Gore is why we have global warming, all that gas in one place, it’s like having two suns.

  22. 2009 December 3 10:01 pm

    Gore bailing? Haha what a wimp, guess they wouldn’t let him control the security and mic’s there. Has to be quite telling even for members of his flock.

  23. 2009 December 3 10:02 pm

    BTW INC thanks for posts the daily rap up of all these, so much going on it’s easy to miss some of this stuff.

  24. 2009 December 3 10:18 pm

    BTW I said something the other day about not thinking the 1980 move related data dump was intentional… After reading some more on the topic I have to wonder if in fact that’s when the data was lost, and not sometime after using that move as a convenient and somewhat believable excuse. Has anyone else come forward from the 80’s move to validate move\loss explanation besides Jones?

  25. 2009 December 4 9:12 am
    INC permalink

    KH, you’re welcome for the posts. It’s like keeping up with a fire hose of information though! Even Anthony Watts is having trouble staying on top of things!

    Some posts of interest

    So much is being written about Climategate and the fallout from it, it is tough to cover it all….

    In that post he links to one on Google-gate

    I’ll work on putting some of the Google-gate info in an update to the post.

    (I’ve changed my mind–I’m going to do a separate post).

  26. 2009 December 4 9:23 am
    INC permalink

    As far as the data goes, you may be interested in this post at WUWT?

    Climategate: The Smoking Code by Robert Greiner crossposted from his blog. All the bold is his emphasis.

    First, let’s get this out of the way: Emails prove nothing. Sure, you can look like an unethical asshole who may have committed a felony using government funded money; but all email is, is talk, and talk is cheap.

    Now, here is some actual proof that the CRU was deliberately tampering with their data. Unfortunately, for readability’s sake, this code was written in Interactive Data Language (IDL) and is a pain to go through.

    He then goes through the code–this isn’t an area I can comment on as I don’t have the training, but you can wade through his analysis. Here’s part of his summary:

    As you can see, (potentially) valid temperature station readings were taken and skewed to fabricate the results the “scientists” at the CRU wanted to believe, not what actually occurred.

    Where do we go from here?

    It’s not as cut-and-try as one might think. First and foremost, this doesn’t necessarily prove anything about global warming as science. It just shows that all of the data that was the chief result of most of the environmental legislation created over the last decade was a farce.

    This means that all of those billions of dollars we spent as a global community to combat global warming may have been for nothing.

    If news station anchors and politicians were trained as engineers, they would be able to find real proof and not just speculate about the meaning of emails that only made it appear as if something illegal happened.

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