Riot Police Called On Quincy Tea Party
UPDATE: Dana Loesch

2010 April 28

Obama was speaking in Quincy, Illinois today and the police came in full riot gear.  Why?  Because Grandma wearing red, white and blue to a Tea Party protest is so dangerous, don’t you know?

From the local paper, the Quincy Herald-Whig:

Before Obama reached the Oakley-Lindsay Center, his motorcade was greeted by a group of about 200 tea party members at the corner of Fourth and York. The group sang several patriotic songs, and a group of armed security personnel was called in at one point to quell the crowd.

Jim Hoft writes:

From our sources– A call came from inside the convention center to the Quincy police. The Secret Service unleashed the riot police on the tea party patriots.

He has more photos at his post of your neighbors and mine, smiling and carrying the American flag.  This would be ludicrous if it wasn’t so indicative of a paranoid mentality that brooks no dissent.  Take those cameras to a Tea Party, folks!

UPDATE: Dana Loesch posts:

Who gave the order to call in the riot police on protesters? Word is that Secret Service from inside the venue and the presidential team pressured local law enforcement, who were against the idea. Local cops were overruled, I’m told by various sources, including a few members of local press. Moore reported that she overheard Secret Service telling the riot squad to “push them back, out of sight.

She has another video from Michelle Moore.  You can hear the Tea Party protesters singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

In addition to this information a commenter at Hot Air told me that it must have been a cooperative local government as the President cannot legally give the mayor orders. Then a little while later, lo, and behold, yet another commenter linked to this column from several months ago at Big Government:  Another Tale of Government Corruption: Quincy, IL Edition:

When John Spring was campaigning for re-election as mayor of Quincy, Illinois in the spring of 2009, his primary selling point to the citizens of Quincy was that he had close, personal relationships with people in Washington D.C. (especially Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin, D-Illinois and his old high school football teammate, U.S. Rep Phil Hare, D-Rock Island) and he could deliver the goods for the many pie in the sky projects he had in mind for the city.

JustMary mentioned in the thread that yesterday Megyn Kelly showed the contrast between the Arizona riots and the peaceful Tea Party protests.  All of this information taken together makes me wonder if this venue wasn’t carefully chosen to set up some protest equivalency between Quincy and Arizona because the Obama administration knew the local mayor would cooperate.

H/T: Gateway Pundit, video from SharpElbows, The Dana Loesch Show.

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  1. 2010 April 28 4:07 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Time for a civil rights violation inquiry. If the facts can be gathered properly the case could probably be made.

  2. 2010 April 28 4:12 pm
    theghostofreason permalink

    “The Brown Coats are coming! The Clown Coats are coming!” That really looks hostile to me. /sarcasm

  3. 2010 April 28 4:22 pm
    INC permalink

    It really looked like that crowd needed quelling. What better way to drive home the point to the Tea Partiers of the overreach of the Obama administration?

    One thing I have learned to do about the news. When an item like this is picked up by a blog, it can be hard to find additional news on it as the MSM ignores it. Do a search for the location + newspaper to find the name of the local rag. The Quincy paper didn’t have much, but they did mention this. I wonder if they realized how ridiculous it is to write about armed police quelling a crowd whose only transgression they could find to report was singing patriotic songs!

  4. 2010 April 28 4:31 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Quick, everybody hide in a tavern and start writing Sons of Liberty phamphlets! I wonder if King Janet ordered Predators aloft over Quincy??

    That is what we are coming to very quickly….

  5. 2010 April 28 4:34 pm


    Thank you for the new thread.

    Hopefully MFG learned his lesson posting an “allahpundit” type thread here

  6. 2010 April 28 4:47 pm
    INC permalink

    The blogs have become the 21st century taverns, Dr. D!

    The sources who disclosed the location of the phone call must have been someone working behind the scenes at the Center or someone in the police dept.

    Eph, you’re welcome. I’ll tell you I wasn’t planning on taking the time to do another thread as I was in the last stages of fixing dinner. This was an item that I thought people needed to know about.

    As for MFG, well, we can write about our own topics, but you have to be ready for friendly (or unfriendly) fire!

  7. 2010 April 28 4:48 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    True INC, but not secretive enough! We need to develop top level skulduggery 🙂

  8. 2010 April 28 4:51 pm
    INC permalink

    I agree–unlike a pub, the internet is like talking on a stage. If the house lights are down you don’t know who is in the audience. (not to be paranoid or anything 🙂 )

  9. 2010 April 28 4:54 pm
    Federalist permalink

    Gerald Celente calls it again, 2 January 2010:

    Gerald Celente is back with his predicitions for 2010 and many people think that Gerald Celente from the Trends Research Institute says a lot of things that come true and that he accurately predicts what will happen.

    Another trend he discusses he calls ‘not welcome here’, which means that due to the exploding population there is now not enough jobs and not enough resources to go around, and so countries will start kicking out illegal immigrants when jobs become scarce and countries can’t handle everyone who lives there.

  10. 2010 April 28 5:05 pm

    countries will start kicking out illegal immigrants when jobs become scarce and countries can’t handle everyone who lives there

    Except for the U.S., where we will throw open the door for more.

  11. 2010 April 28 5:09 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Hopefully MFG learned his lesson posting an “allahpundit” type thread here

    Don’t be too hard on the poor guy. He thought he was really standing up for the RINOs with it…..

  12. 2010 April 28 5:13 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Those idiots can’t even march, I can march better than that.

    What a joke. How many of those would stick around if things got bad?

  13. 2010 April 28 5:20 pm
    INC permalink

    I noticed some comments at Gateway Pundit about the marching…

    Quincy IL looks like a really small town. I doubt if the riot police get a lot of practice there. They probably saw some relatives in the crowd, and some of them may have felt very foolish in all that gear.

    This was an exercise in ridiculousness. Did some WH staffer say they needed the riot police? Where or from whom did this paranoia come from?

  14. 2010 April 28 5:21 pm
    justrand permalink

    geezm Eph, MFG wasn’t cheerleading for McCain, just posting a thread about McCain chances.

    The enemy, folks, has a (D) after its name. Try to keep your eye on the ball, eh?

  15. 2010 April 28 5:21 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    And Crist has no chance to win, don’t be misled by his campaign saying otherwise.

    He is finished, when he could have challenged Bill Nelson in 2 years. Why, Charlie? Are you crazy?

    No, he knows he is a lousy candidate and cannot win a hard fought campaign, he also knows that he is not well liked by virtually anyone.

    This is the biggest middle finger he knows how to give to the party that facilitated his hollow but lucrative career, and now it’s goodbye Norma Jean….

    His legend burned out long before his candle ever did, heh….

  16. 2010 April 28 5:24 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    The enemy, folks, has a (D) after its name. Try to keep your eye on the ball, eh?

    With all due respect, Cap’n, the enemy is liberalism, and quite a few of our fellow party members have the sickness.

    If they didn’t, twouldn’t be an issue, “t”would it?

  17. 2010 April 28 5:26 pm
    brucefdb permalink

    With all due respect

    You old softy. 😉

  18. 2010 April 28 5:27 pm
    bc3b permalink

    I hope you’re right Yahoo.

  19. 2010 April 28 5:29 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Thank you, JR.

  20. 2010 April 28 5:31 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    When is talk like a pirate day again? By the Black Spot, I be wantin’ ta talk like a pirate, says I……..

  21. 2010 April 28 5:36 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Sept 19

  22. 2010 April 28 5:37 pm
    justrand permalink

    rwy: “With all due respect, Cap’n, the enemy is liberalism, and quite a few of our fellow party members have the sickness.”

    Fair enough…but no one on THIS board does. And certainly not MFG.

    But yes, McCain and a whole slew of Repubs in Congress (and the Sacramento State House) DO have the disease.

    But THIS year, the enemy is everyone with a (D) in Congress, for unless we take back the Chairmanships, control of the Agenda and Calendar, etc, then we are doomed!

    2010…we MUST break the Democrat stranglehold. Period.

  23. 2010 April 28 5:37 pm
    justrand permalink

    yar, we do need to be makin’ it a special day, Mateys! September 19

  24. 2010 April 28 5:39 pm
    bc3b permalink

    According to Wikipedia, Quincy has about 40,000 population. My suburb is almost twice as big.

  25. 2010 April 28 5:40 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Excellent piece from Doc Zero on the clear metaphor for our country that our best transatlantic passenger boat is becoming……

    And before anyone says “People who speak in metaphor should shampoo my crotch..” (Jack Nicholson, “as good as it gets”)

    Read the article, it’s sad. You could read it as the country instead of the boat, and it would still be accurate……

    And a quote from InstaPunk:

    Irony of ironies. Back in 1997 I saw an analogy between the fate of the United States and my country. Little did I know. It was abstract then. It’s literal and direct now. The scrapyard is imminent. I was worried then. I’m desperate now. They’re killing our country and soon we’ll get to see a vivid metaphor of that reality.

  26. 2010 April 28 5:53 pm
    mulletover permalink

  27. 2010 April 28 5:54 pm
    INC permalink

    More from Quincy Herald Whig:

    The participants were vocal but well-behaved as they stood on the north side of York Street across from the OLC….

    There were a few tense moments when the crowd moved west down York toward Third Street after the president’s motorcade arrived. A Secret Service agent asked the crowd to move back across the street to the north side.

    When the crowd didn’t move and began singing “God Bless, America” and the national anthem, Quincy Deputy Police Chief Ron Dreyer called for members of the Mobile Field Force to walk up the street.

    The officers, mainly from Metro East departments near St. Louis and dressed in full body armor, marched from the east and stood on the south side of York facing the protesters.

    There was no physical contact, and the officers did not come close to the crowd, but there were catcalls and more than a few upset tea party members, including a woman who shouted, “This is communism!”

    The only thing the Community Organizer can’t stand are communities that are organized–but not by him.

  28. 2010 April 28 5:59 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Obama could not look any more foolish if he wore a little beige uniform with shoulder boards and a chest full of medals.

    If he stomps his foot, we must all obey.

  29. 2010 April 28 6:00 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Mullet, never fear the RINOs will save us, they’ve got our back like nothing else……

  30. 2010 April 28 6:01 pm
    justrand permalink

    sadly, this event in Quincey was just a warm up exercise.

    if, as we can expect, the LSM justifies this, then next time it will be worse…and so on

    it either has begun…or is just about to

  31. 2010 April 28 6:01 pm
    INC permalink

    Congressman John Shadegg (R-Arizona) will address the Quincy Tea Party via a live feed at their evening meeting at Quincy’s Holiday Inn.

    Republican 17th District Congressional candidate Bobby Schilling will appear at the event as will Jim Hoft, who runs the Gateway Pundit Web site based out of St. Louis.

    Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart will address the Quincy Tea Party’s Wednesday night meeting at the Holiday Inn. Breitbart will appear via a live feed.

    I wonder what he’ll say.

  32. 2010 April 28 6:02 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Just don’t back down from them. You’re on public property, you can assemble, make some room for the cops and other than that, blithely ignore them…..

  33. 2010 April 28 6:08 pm
    INC permalink

    That Holiday Inn meeting was held tonight after their protest.

    Jim Hoft has crossposted his original post at Big Government.

    This video is now running *riot* all over the web.


  34. 2010 April 28 6:11 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    From my friends on the AR15 forum.

    After seeing the one video from Quincy vs this one from Arizona, you come to the conclusion we have entered the “Twilight Zone”.

  35. 2010 April 28 6:13 pm
    fedupartist permalink

    Obama could not look any more foolish if he wore a little beige uniform with shoulder boards and a chest full of medals.


    Idi Obama Dada!

  36. 2010 April 28 6:14 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Yeah the cops are not protecting Americans, but they sure can try to intimidate them while they protest.


  37. 2010 April 28 6:15 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Savage was calling Obama Baby Doc today….good stuff!

  38. 2010 April 28 6:18 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Axes? That’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Somebody start chopping on my front door they will get a nice tight pattern of 9mm.

  39. 2010 April 28 6:20 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Yeah, they are reminding us why we beat them so easily in 1848…..

  40. 2010 April 28 6:21 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Baby Doc Obama


  41. 2010 April 28 6:23 pm


  42. 2010 April 28 6:24 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    ah ya… 1848. Treaty of GH and all that…..

  43. 2010 April 28 6:25 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    wow, I am retarded.

  44. 2010 April 28 6:25 pm
    INC permalink

    RWY’s going back to the Mexican War.

  45. 2010 April 28 6:27 pm
    INC permalink

    The one Robert E. Lee & John Wayne fought.

  46. 2010 April 28 6:29 pm

    China to build two nuke (civ) reactors in Pakistan.
    Yeah cause that’s what Pakistan really needs, more nuclear material around, that said another lost opportunity for US jobs in exporting safe nuke power.

  47. 2010 April 28 6:30 pm
    fedupartist permalink

    Many day laborers say they will leave Arizona because of the state’s new immigration law, which makes it a state crime to be in the U.S. illegally.

    Published: 1 hour, 23 minutes ago

    Provided by: MSNBC



    More jobs for Americans, relief in classrooms and lower crime rates.

    That’s a governor who knows how to act in the interest of her state!

  48. 2010 April 28 6:30 pm
    fedupartist permalink

    RWY’s going back to the Mexican War.



  49. 2010 April 28 6:31 pm
    fedupartist permalink

    Mexico acknowledges migrant abuse, pledges changes


  50. 2010 April 28 6:32 pm

    37 – Indeed

  51. 2010 April 28 6:33 pm

    Leaving arizona just means they will squat in some other state.

  52. 2010 April 28 6:35 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    I was only 5 when the battle of Santo Cinto occured. 🙂

  53. 2010 April 28 6:36 pm

    Santo Cinto????

  54. 2010 April 28 6:38 pm

    I was there when the gyrenes stormed chepultapec castle.

  55. 2010 April 28 6:38 pm

    51 – Which is why UT and TX etc need to pass similar laws. Let’m migrate to the blue states that are already in disaster. 🙄

  56. 2010 April 28 6:39 pm

    Send them all to san fran, then pump KY jelly into the san andreas fault.

  57. 2010 April 28 6:40 pm
    justrand permalink

    let’s see:
    – Day Laborers “threaten” to leave the State
    – Mexico tells their people NOT to go to Arizona

    wow…this is working out better than ANYONE expected!

  58. 2010 April 28 6:41 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Quincey is in the Conbgressional districy of Phil Hare (of I don’t care about the Constitution fame). It is a really gerrymandered district

  59. 2010 April 28 6:42 pm
    mulletover permalink

    Send a detail out to punch holes in the water stations.

  60. 2010 April 28 6:44 pm
    fedupartist permalink

    I was there when the gyrenes stormed chepultapec castle.

    I was there when the Dead Sea was only sick.

  61. 2010 April 28 6:45 pm

    59 – Litter patrols. 🙂

  62. 2010 April 28 6:45 pm
    fedupartist permalink

    Leaving arizona just means they will squat in some other state.


    TIme for red states to act.

    Force them into CA and NM.

    Failed blue states. They support illegals make them SUPPORT illegals!

  63. 2010 April 28 6:45 pm


  64. 2010 April 28 6:45 pm

    The big bang is still ringing in my ears.

  65. 2010 April 28 6:48 pm
    fedupartist permalink


    But Newsom also has formed an “Arizona Boycott Workgroup” to analyze if and how an economic boycott could backfire on San Francisco businesses. For instance, the city does business with a company that accepts and processes payments in Arizona. There’s concern if the boycott is made uniform, 2,500 San Franciscans could lose their jobs.

    Groups like the San Francisco Convention Bureau and the city’s restaurant lobby also worry about a reciprocal backlash.

    “Would Arizona and other states that are more conservative than San Francisco retaliate and stop sending conventions to San Francisco?” asked Kevin Westly of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association. “Certainly in a recession, we don’t want any retaliation.”

  66. 2010 April 28 6:56 pm
    MI Conservative permalink


  67. 2010 April 28 6:57 pm
    mulletover permalink

    We should all boycott San Francisco bathhouses.

    Economic power to the people.

  68. 2010 April 28 7:01 pm

    “Leaving arizona just means they will squat in some other state.”

    As an AZ resident I say…………………..


  69. 2010 April 28 7:02 pm
    rightwingyahoo permalink

    Yeahm umm, I don’t go to those anyway. Thweetie.

  70. 2010 April 28 7:02 pm

    “We should all boycott San Francisco bathhouses.”

    Dont drop the soap!!!


  71. 2010 April 28 7:02 pm
    JustMary permalink

    I know exactly why this happened- Megyn Kelly just had a side by side of a tea party vs an immigration rally and what was on the immigration side that helped her make her point? Riot police. This was nothing more than a gift wrapped hallmark card to the lame stream media so that they could have a point counterpoint. I would be willing to bet money on it.

  72. 2010 April 28 7:03 pm

    66. ROFLMAO !!!

    Does that include the plastic ones too?

  73. 2010 April 28 7:04 pm


    Post here more often bro.

  74. 2010 April 28 7:05 pm
    JustMary permalink

    let’s see:
    – Day Laborers “threaten” to leave the State
    – Mexico tells their people NOT to go to Arizona

    wow…this is working out better than ANYONE expected!

    My favorite quote from my girl Ann really is the gift that keeps on giving due to its multiple applications:

    “That is like New York City cabdrivers threatening to bathe”

  75. 2010 April 28 7:07 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Eph, quick! There is going to be a fire sale on ’82 Ford flatbead trucks in AZ.

  76. 2010 April 28 7:09 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Also don’t forget that Oklahoma has already passed a similar law 2-3 years back.

  77. 2010 April 28 7:10 pm
    INC permalink

    JM–that makes sense. So Megyn mentioned Quincy IL tonight?

  78. 2010 April 28 7:12 pm
    INC permalink

    Dana Loesch (cofounder St. Louis Tea Party–she’s been on Greta several times):

    Getting word that secret service and presidential team overruled local law enforcement to send in riot police on peaceful protesters.


  79. 2010 April 28 7:13 pm
    JustMary permalink

    No, it was yesterday’s show. Which is why the timing of this is very convenient.

  80. 2010 April 28 7:18 pm
    INC permalink

    That makes sense–especially with Dana’s twitter.

  81. 2010 April 28 7:19 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Gee I wonder if Gibbs tomorrow will declare the Geritol Grannies of Quincy a mortal threat to the President. Jake Tapper is the only one with the guts to ask.

  82. 2010 April 28 7:20 pm
    mulletover permalink

    inverted flag …. or …. perverted fag?

  83. 2010 April 28 7:27 pm
    JustMary permalink

  84. 2010 April 28 7:39 pm
    mulletover permalink

  85. 2010 April 28 7:49 pm
    TLS permalink

    oh JM, you nailed this one. Looking at Megyn yesterday and what Obama did today, you’re right, he’s trying to make a point. You should put those videos up together side by side as a new thread asking the question “Is Obama painting Teas to match Liberal Rallies” or something to that effect (but smarter than what I said 🙂 ).

  86. 2010 April 28 7:52 pm
    INC permalink

    Thanks, JM.

    TLS, you’ve heard of moral equivalence, well, this is “Protest Equivalence”.

  87. 2010 April 28 8:00 pm
    TLS permalink

    Indeed INC. This is a very dangerous game Obama is playing.

  88. 2010 April 28 8:02 pm
    JustMary permalink

    TLS- I feel this one in my gut. Inasmuch as Obama would like us to believe he totally ignores Fox because he is too “above it all” to watch……he is obsessed with the station as a whole. He always seems to have some smug one liner to say about them, usually having some eerie resemblance to a recent show. I don’t think this was a test, I think it was a gift wrapped story for the lsm like I said- just to spit in Megyn’s face AND because immigration rallies on May 1 will surely show a stark contrast to the teas, he had to put a spin on it beforehand. So here is my lsm line on immigration rally day “As we have just seen with the teas, there is riot police here at the immigration rally” Whatever wording they choose, mark my words they will include this tea party, casually generalizing to make it seems like riot gear is common at the teas, easily sugar coating any violent behavior on the part of the 5/1 rally people.

  89. 2010 April 28 8:13 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Juan Williams is hosting the Factor tonight. He is as bad as Laura Ingraham is good. I checked out after 7 minutes.

  90. 2010 April 28 8:17 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    JM – there is one major problem. Where is the violence with the Tea Parties – aint none. The same can not be said for the other side. The left always has violence and disruption going on.

    Like the one thread where the police really don’t police the Tea Party events. They are there but KNOW there wont be any violence from the Tea Party protesters.

    Here in Columbus, we have police officers (off duty on their own time) participating in the Tea Parties. There is also under cover officers in the crowd as well. At the last rally, police had to talk with the counter protesters to keep them in check.

    Those in the middle know this. That is why they can relate to the Tea Parties and NOT the left.

  91. 2010 April 28 8:20 pm
    TLS permalink

    #89 as soon as I watched the FNC video, I knew you had revealed the root to what seemed like an otherwise random act of stupidity. I think you are right on here. That is why I think you should re-thread it as a question, of course. Because one, I had no idea until you linked it together, as I’m sure others won’t and two, you should get credit for that story/link first before someone else posts it. Otherwise, visitors who don’t read all the comments won’t see the connection. (And besides, if you post it, I bet HA has it within the hour 🙂 )

  92. 2010 April 28 8:23 pm
    INC permalink

    TLS, I’ve seen some commenters elsewhere make the connection. They didn’t mention Megyn Kelly, but they thought of the possibility of a photo-op equivalency setup after the AZ riots.

    Epic Fail.

  93. 2010 April 28 8:25 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    If this is going to be a recurring response from the Obama Admin they are playing a dangerous game indeed — for themselves. I don’t care how many appeals O makes via OFA. The minority vote alone cannot carry the day for him in the midterms. If 15% of the white vote peels off by either not voting or goes GOP his party is cooked.

    So keep alienating the seniors, and the white males, and I suppose white females eventually.

  94. 2010 April 28 8:29 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    drdog – ask yourself this, how many seniors USE to vote democrat because of Social Security and medicare that will now vote Republican?

    The big boogie man was that the Republicans were going to cut social security and medicare BUT who was the ones to ration health care to seniors?

    The democrats may well be dead in the water with no way to re-start their motor.

  95. 2010 April 28 8:30 pm
    TLS permalink

    You’re awesome INC!

  96. 2010 April 28 8:31 pm
    TLS permalink

    Obama had nothing to lose here. Either nothing happens but he provides footage for the lsm, or he insights the Teas (his vision, not mine)and it becomes truth.

  97. 2010 April 28 8:31 pm
    INC permalink


    Are you referring to the UPDATE??


    Everyone scroll up. More info from Dana Loesch and Big Government.

  98. 2010 April 28 8:34 pm
    TLS permalink

    Are you referring to the UPDATE??


  99. 2010 April 28 8:35 pm
    INC permalink

    gnqanq, I think TLS is right. IMO, Obama is trying to throw everything against the wall and hope that something sticks.

  100. 2010 April 28 8:37 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Seems to me that an inquiring GOPer in the Senate could be making hay on the Secret Service as to why the police were called in on a peaceful demonstration. DeMint you listening???

  101. 2010 April 28 8:37 pm
    INC permalink

    The thing Obama didn’t take into account is that Jim Hoft would be there today. Quincy IL isn’t that far from St. Louis. Jim and Dana are both in the St. Louis Tea Party–Dana is a cofounder. That Tea Party is incredibly active and on the ball.

  102. 2010 April 28 8:43 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  103. 2010 April 28 8:46 pm
    INC permalink

    That’s great Dr. D.! Very related!

  104. 2010 April 28 8:47 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    INC – I agree and that is why they will escalate it. Glenn Beck and others expressed concern that “NO VIOLENCE” take place at the Tea Parties.

    They also expressed concern about infiltrators. We had one, he was pointed out, the organizers stated he was not one of ours. Michelle Malkin had photos from our Tea Party showing the guy and how we reacted.

    But I expect them to continue but to bring violence from within. That is why it is important to have cameras and video. Plus police our own. If someone starts something, grab them and turn them over to the police. The truth will come out if they are one of ours or one of theirs.

  105. 2010 April 28 8:53 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Very true. Obama is just itching for a Kristlnacht moment so he can let the LSM loose on the Teas.

  106. 2010 April 28 8:59 pm
    INC permalink

    More info from Jim Hoft that gives the lie to the Quincy newspaper quote in #27:

    We did everything the local police asked. We moved where they directed us. We moved when they asked us to. We double-checked that we were in an acceptable place on the street. We did not disobey the police and stand and sing God Bless America as some kind of protest. We stood on the corner and sang because we were told it was OK to stand on the corner and sing. That report is a complete whitewash for the Obama Administration’s overreaction to old ladies with American flags.

    And, if the Whig-Herald wants us to post video of the entire event… We have it and We will post it.

  107. 2010 April 28 9:16 pm
    INC permalink

    Dr. D., hey, if you don’t mind please don’t encourage Eph on one of the threads I start.

  108. 2010 April 29 4:26 am
    drdog09 permalink

    No problem.

  109. 2010 April 29 5:10 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    liberals are paranoid. they see a terrorist in anybody that isn’t like them.

  110. 2010 April 29 7:59 am
    JustMary permalink

    Great update, INC. This thing stinks to high heaven.

  111. 2010 April 29 10:14 am
    AarontheBaron permalink

    I didn’t read all 111 comments so I apologize if I’m restating someone else.

    To me this just looks like they were hoping to create violence. They wanted some good pictures of rabid tea partiers throwing rocks and battling with police at the presidents speech, so they marched out the riot police first to make it happen.

    Well sorry Obama we are much more civil than your kind.

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