Palin Comes Back Swinging

2010 July 22
by bc3b

Surprise! Sarah Palin isn’t going to let this morning’s morning’s Daily Caller article about the JournoList coordinated attack lie. She is not going to let a little thing like a vacation slow her down. This article includes a video of the Daily Caller discussing the JournoList article.

From a remote location on an island off Alaska’s coast, former Governor Sarah Palin is blasting what she describes as the “sick puppies” in the media who immediately and ruthlessly attacked her when Sen. John McCain picked her as his running mate during the 2008 presidential campaign.

In exclusive remarks to The Daily Caller, Palin described “hordes of Obama’s opposition researchers-slash ‘reporters’” descending upon Alaska in the days after she was picked by McCain.


Palin says the feeding frenzy culture of the media galvanized her political opponents in Alaska. “The media incentivized political opponents to file false ethics charges and expensive, wasteful, frivolous lawsuits against me, my family and my staff, in an obvious attempt to destroy us,” Palin said.

When those lawsuits — which Palin said she won, but the media didn’t cover — caused legal costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, Palin had finally had it, she said.

“I said, ‘Enough. Political adversaries and their political friends in the media will not destroy my State, my administration, nor my family. Enough.’ I knew if I didn’t play their game any longer, they could not win. I would not retreat, I would instead reload, and I would fight for what is right from a different plane.”

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Hat tip: Daily Caller
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  1. 2010 July 22 9:33 am
    drdog09 permalink

    She needs to file a lawsuit against the Washington Post. The topic does not matter, what matters is discovery. Ie getting her hands on that archive. The WP/Klein would be legally bound to deliver if the suit is framed properly.


  2. 2010 July 22 9:39 am
    TLS permalink

    DrD, that was my thought as well, this certainly gives her ample evidence of intent to slander in my layman’s opinion.

  3. 2010 July 22 9:39 am
    justrand permalink

    Go Sarah!

    She alleged at the time, and we [and anyone with a brain] all knew that the media was NOT interested in facts, truth and honest background on her. They were only interested in finding or inventing ANYTHING they could to smear her.

    And after the election they realized she was still a threat to their kingdom…and so they kept hounding her. For the first time in history the losing VP candidate became THE story!

    The JournOlist bull crap is opening this can of worms…the key is keeping it open.

    Klein and the others are already clamming up…and hoping their buddies in the media will help them bury this. We must NOT let them.

  4. 2010 July 22 9:44 am

    bc3b, your opinions on the media have been vindicated in black and white (can I say that or is it racist?). Others have taken up your Crusade (Uh, oh, will I be in trouble for using that word?) against the purveyors of lies in our midst!

  5. 2010 July 22 9:48 am

    On a related note, Gateway Pundit is now reporting that Sherrod wants Big Government shut down:

    She said if Breitbart’s site were shut down, “That would be a great thing, because I don’t see how that advances us in this country … at a time when we should be trying to look at how we can make space for all of us in this country, so that we can all live and work together, he’s doing more to divide us.”

  6. 2010 July 22 10:11 am
    justrand permalink

    whatever credibility Sherrod had with me she just blew with her call for ‘Big Government’ to be shut down.

    she’s obviously missing the Journolist bullcrap which shows how the BULK of media was conspiring to smear and destroy. Big Government merely showed the tape.

    Now Sherrod isn’t upset at the people who tried to wreck her career (NAACP, White House)…just the people who provided the information they used to jump to conclusions!

    Screw her…I take back anything nice I said about her!

  7. 2010 July 22 10:17 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Just like a Liberal, the solution to wrong speech is NO speech rather than MORE speech. Add this to the Liberal Litmus Test —

    34) You are browbeaten about a remark that has been made by you. Your first reaction is to —

    ( ) Punch the person in the face.
    ( ) Contact a lawyer.
    ( ) Provide a factual counter argument.
    ( ) Do no reply as the charge is beyond the pale.

  8. 2010 July 22 10:20 am

    Dr. Dog, you should do a post on that. Make up some multiple choice questions and answers. It would be fun to see.

  9. 2010 July 22 10:43 am
    TLS permalink

    she’s obviously missing the Journolist bullcrap which shows how the BULK of media was conspiring to smear and destroy. Big Government merely showed the tape.

    The double standard yet again. When MSDNC (thanks Deckard!) edits a tape of a black man with a gun to hide his race, we are expected not to question. When AB edits to the portion of a speech that shows the NAACP nodding along to racial comments, they must be silenced. I’m with you, her anger is misplaced.

  10. 2010 July 22 11:14 am

    TLS Apparently AB didn’t edit it up like that, it’s how he received it.
    The story there is the WH not being able to straight yet again.

  11. 2010 July 22 11:22 am
    janzam permalink

    I was actually sympathetic to the circumstances surrounding the Sherrod dismissal/resignation. But, now, with her taking it out on Breitbart, rather than the real culprit, the WH, she is doing nothing but showing vindictive bias.

  12. 2010 July 22 11:28 am
    JustMary permalink

    #11 Yeah. I had a feeling that would happen though.

  13. 2010 July 22 11:37 am
    janzam permalink

    Well, you were right, JM.

    I think Sherrod should sit down, take a deep breath, and simply fade off into the horizon, instead of stirring the pot even more with her lets-get-even venom.

  14. 2010 July 22 11:48 am
    mulletover permalink

    Sherrod needs no sympathy. She’s a radical just like all the rest. See here for her ties to Bill Ayers.

    Credible? I don’t know, but sure makes one think twice before she assumes the mantle of a civil rights heroine.

  15. 2010 July 22 11:58 am

    Sherrod needs no sympathy.

    I agree.

  16. 2010 July 22 11:59 am
    TLS permalink

    When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. The more Sherrod speaks, the worse this could get for her. Example?

    Story 1: Sherrod is still friends with Eloise Spooner, wife of the said “white” farmer. Spooner supports Sherrod displaying proof of a long-term friendship with statements like “She’ll always be my friend,”

    Story 2: “I haven’t seen her in 20 years, but she was unbelievably helpful in every way,” Spooner said.

  17. 2010 July 22 12:09 pm

    The fact that she parted on friendly terms with the spooners doesn’t mean ch1t to me. Frankly I was more appalled at the crowd cheering, laughing, and basically “amen’ing” in agreement while she was telling her story. THAT to me was a bigger story then her one story. Then the WH throwing her under the bus immediately, then backtracking, now offering her the job back… another example of the WH chain of reflexive reactions without thinking.

  18. 2010 July 22 12:14 pm
    TLS permalink

    I just got an email update from NumbersUSA that Jim DeMint’s amendment to forbid use of federal funds to sue AZ passed the Senate:

    Thanks to all of you who have been phoning and faxing Senators to force a vote. You succeeded and surprised most of us.

    (See the vote tally below.)

    The vote was on an amendment by Sen. DeMint to forbid the use of funds to press the Obama Administration’s suit to block the Arizona enforcement law.

    A vote against the amendment was a vote against states doing something about the illegal populations taking jobs from legal residents and driving up the taxpayer burden.
    “Our federal government should be doing its job securing the borders, rather than trying to bully and intimidate the people of Arizona,” DeMint said in support of his amendment.

    The vote was 55-43 against the DeMint amendment.

    5 Democrats voted FOR consideration of the amendment and for state enforcement:

    Max Baucus (D-MT)
    John Tester (D-MT)
    Mark Pryor (D-AR)
    Blanche Lincoln (D-AR)
    Ben Nelson (D-NE)
    All other Democrats (except Bayh of Indiana who didn’t vote) voted NO on the amendment, taking the pro-illegal-alien position.

    2 Republicans voted AGAINST consideration of the amendment and against state enforcement:

    George Voinovich (R-OH)
    Mike Johanns (R-NE)

    Voinovich is a lame duck Senator who has always been a problem for us. We really are depending on you members in Ohio to put more pressure on both the Republican and Democratic candidates to promise a more pro-worker immigration position than Voinovich has provided. None of your candidates at this moment is particularly promising. The time to make any difference with them is now while they are running.

    All other Republicans (except Vitter of Lousiana who didn’t vote) voted YES on the amendment, taking the pro-state-enforcement position.

  19. 2010 July 22 12:23 pm
    TLS permalink

    #17 KH, agreed. And if I were Shirley Sherrod, I would shut my yap and let that be the story. Any grievence she has should be with the USDA and the WH.

  20. 2010 July 22 12:30 pm

    TLS, you said the amendment passed, but the vote tally says it lost?

  21. 2010 July 22 12:35 pm
    TLS permalink

    INC, you’re right. I have one email from DeMint that says it failed and the above that says it’s a success. Sorry, I misread I guess.

  22. 2010 July 22 12:38 pm

    Well, I was hoping I was wrong on that one!

  23. 2010 July 22 12:40 pm
    JustMary permalink


  24. 2010 July 22 12:42 pm
    mulletover permalink

    The success was that senators are now on record for their positions, and pressure can be applied at the state level to those who are anti-border security and anti-American worker and pro-amnesty.

    It is up to the people to take this ammunition and use it within their own states.

    NumbersUSA does a great job.

  25. 2010 July 22 1:47 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    INC, 8.

    Might just do that. Anyone else have any entries, feel free to share. I will compile them all.

    On a side note. Just got back from the testing center. Have passed my LPIC 2 recertification. Beer in hand, steak on the barbie life looks good while it lasts. (If I didn’t pass? Bread and water for a week.)

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