U.S. Approves Brazilian Deepwater Facility in Gulf

2011 March 21
by bc3b

While permits for U.S. companies that want to drill in the Gulf of Mexico are being held up, the Department of the Interior announced on Thursday that it has given Petrobras, Brazil’s largest energy company, approval to build a platform in the Gulf. Some interesting facts:

  1. The announcement came the day before President Obama’s visit to Brazil
  2. George Soros, major Obama backer and supporter of left-wing causes, is a major stockholder in Petrobras. In 2009 the U.S. Export loaned Petrobras $2 billion to help finance drilling off the coast of Brazil
  3. During President Obama’s trip to Brazil, he spoke of increasing U.S. oil imports from Brazil; Petrobras is by far Brazil’s largest oil supplier so it isn’t hard to figure who will be supplying the oil and who will be profiting from it

Hold off U.S. companies drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and keep ANWR off limits, while financing Petrobras off-shore drilling and give them a permit to drill in the Gulf of Mexico – sounds like a plan (to make George Soros even richer).

Can you say Chicago-style corruption?

(Reuters) — The U.S. Interior Department said on Thursday it gave final approval for Petrobras to use the first ever deepwater floating production storage facility in the Gulf of Mexico.

The facility will be used when the company begins oil and natural gas production at its Chinook-Cascade project in the near future, the department said. Petrobras is based in Brazil.

A Petrobras official who asked not to be identified told Reuters that production would begin in May.

The floating facility has a daily production capacity of 80,000 barrels of oil and 16 million cubic feet of gas. It can be disconnected and moved out of the path of a storm, unlike permanently moored production platforms, preventing long-term supply disruptions because of storms.

“These regulatory approvals pave the way for safe, new production of oil and gas resources in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Michael Bromwich, who heads the department’s agency that oversees offshore drilling.


Such vessels are common for offshore production in other countries without seabed pipelines to transport oil and gas to shore, such as West Africa and Brazil. Petrobras has a fleet of them off Brazil’s shores, and Exxon Mobil Corp uses one of the largest units in the world at one of its fields in offshore Angola.

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Hat tip: Reuters and Telegraph (UK)

It’s easy to win when the referee is in your corner.

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  1. 2011 March 21 6:29 am
    justrand permalink

    the scary thing is that the Obama Regime is clearly NOT trying to hide any of this any more. They know for a fact the media will actively ignore this and every other piece of evidence of Chicago style corruption.

  2. 2011 March 21 6:53 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR –

    Exactly what I was thinking (with regard to the media). I believe the term is “embargoing.” If Barack went nuts and killed someone the media would be looking for a way to cover it up.

    So, Soros not only has the referee on his side, but also the scorekeeper.

  3. 2011 March 21 7:45 am
    beej permalink

    Off topic…I heard on Fox this morning that Sarah is in Israel. At the time of the report, she was going to meet with Bibi shortly. And although the Israeli’s don’t know Sarah, she is ahead of all other republicans in the polls in Israel, while the Mobama is in single digits.

    They know who threw them under the bus, at least.

  4. 2011 March 21 7:49 am

    3. Beej,


  5. 2011 March 21 7:49 am



  6. 2011 March 21 7:55 am
    beej permalink

    He has a screw loose if he thinks he can be absent or in hiding or where ever the heck he is and still run for president. It’s bad enough he is now the most ‘liberal’ guy on the block of R’s as we don’t have Hizzoner running, or the Mac again…

    Of course I forgot…Mitch Daniels is probably going to be the new center guy, instead of Mitt. There’s somebody that’s likely even more left than Romney, but at least he only has one mouth.

  7. 2011 March 21 8:00 am


    Hopefully more RINOs will join the fray and split the vote –

    starting 9 months form now.

  8. 2011 March 21 8:06 am
    beej permalink

    I’d like to see Rino’s out of the party.

    Or maybe have them weakened enough that they don’t hurt the conservative cause so badly.

    Back on topic.

    Of course he’d let Brazilians do what he won’t let us do. He’s working for the demise of this country as we know it.

  9. 2011 March 21 8:10 am
    bc3b permalink


    I’d like to see Rino’s out of the party.

    But, then what would Fox News do for commentators?

  10. 2011 March 21 8:14 am
    bc3b permalink

    The scariest thing is the self-censorship by the media. While the network news shows and newspaper readership are at historic lows, they still pack a wallop. And, those who most trust the media are the least educated (who are also the easiest influenced).

  11. 2011 March 21 8:18 am
    beej permalink

    But, then what would Fox News do for commentators?
    Half of Fox News Commentators are former Pols any way. They’ll just add the Rino’s to the payroll so they can continually bash the conservatives. Like they already do.

    It’s more ‘right’ than CNN but geez I wish they’d get rid of Shep and Rude-aldo.

  12. 2011 March 21 8:20 am
    beej permalink

    the scariest thing is the self-censorship by the media. While the network news shows and newspaper readership are at historic lows, they still pack a wallop. And, those who most trust the media are the least educated (who are also the easiest influenced).
    Isn’t that ironic? The LSM think they cater to the elite, the most highly educated and enlightened. Won’t they be surprised to learn differently. Cause I’m sure the Devil will tell them while they are sitting in Hell one day.

  13. 2011 March 21 8:20 am
    beej permalink

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a media we all could trust…

  14. 2011 March 21 8:22 am


    Speaking of Foxnews…

    After her speeches in India and Israel, Sara needs to quit Foxnews.

  15. 2011 March 21 8:23 am
    janzam permalink

    Speaking of presidential candidates, according to Drudge Pawlenty is in.

    IMO, it looks more and more likely that Palin may throw her hat in the presidential ring as well. Her recent foreign excusions seem to indicate a willingness to seek international exposure. Although India was her main target of travel, I think her stopover in Israel was far more interesting and relevant.

    This, in particular, was an interesting tidbit of her engagement in Israel:

    Why are you apologizing all the time?

  16. 2011 March 21 8:25 am
    janzam permalink

    And, what news station would you support? Is there another one out there that meets all the requirements of this blog?

  17. 2011 March 21 8:29 am

    “And, what news station would you support?”


  18. 2011 March 21 8:31 am
    bc3b permalink

    Janzam –

    IMO, it looks more and more likely that Palin may throw her hat in the presidential ring as well. Her recent foreign excusions seem to indicate a willingness to seek international exposure.

    Sarah Palin once commented to a reporter, ” I’m not doing this for my health.”

    Her greatest challenge, if she runs, will be to demonstrate that she is not the “image” that SNL and the rest of the media created. Remember, for the past 2-1/2 years the Democrats, the media and the Bush Wing of the GOP has been working 24/7 to destroy her. Some of their punches have landed, but no one has been able to take a beating like that since Rocky Marciano.

  19. 2011 March 21 8:37 am
    bc3b permalink




    Mitt is like Mark Levine – in the bunker (although I doubt it’s the same bunker).

  20. 2011 March 21 8:38 am


    If true then lets hope Huck stays home.

    I’m glad T-Paw is in though. He’s better than Romney or Daniels

  21. 2011 March 21 8:41 am
    bc3b permalink

    Eph –

    … and Newt.

    If Sarah, Michele or DeMint don’t run, I could go with T-Paw. I also like Cain, but I think he has no chance.

  22. 2011 March 21 8:43 am

    Second look at Mitch “truce” Daniels????


  23. 2011 March 21 8:44 am

    “If Sarah, Michele or DeMint don’t run, I could go with T-Paw”

    Ditto bro

  24. 2011 March 21 8:44 am
    Colorado KnightOwl permalink

    O/t #
    Full Civic Literacy Exam (from our 2008 survey)

    Are you more knowledgeable than the average citizen? The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the following test was 49%; college educators scored 55%. Can you do better? Questions were drawn from past ISI surveys, as well as other nationally recognized exams.

    If you want to see how much smarter you are than college educators, here is the link to start the test….


    For the record, I missed 5

  25. 2011 March 21 8:48 am
    janzam permalink

    FOX news puts itself out there as ‘fair and balanced,’ showing neither a far left (like the MSM does) POV, nor a far right one, like many of you might like. As it is, most leftists won’t even linger on FOX because they so intensely distrust it. But, moderates and independents do watch it, and are at least exposed to a fairer broadcast, attracting a larger audience and acting as some kind of counterpoint to CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSN and so forth.

    Therefore, dissing FOX makes no sense to me. And, for Palin, it is a wonderful medium in which to broaden her base, that is, if you all want her to have a chance should she run for president!

  26. 2011 March 21 8:50 am
    bc3b permalink

    janzam –

    If the management of CNN was profit-driven rather than ideologically-driven, it would chellenge FNC on the right rather than competing with the “alphabets,” PBS and MSNBC for the 20% liberal market share.

    FNC has taken its audience for granted in recent years:

    – “All-Star Penel”: Krathammer, another neocon from the Weekly Standard and a liberal (often Juan Williams every night). Einstein would describe an idiot as someone who watches the “All Star Panel” every night and expect to hear something new.

    – Shep Smith; 80% of FNC viewers hate the guy

    – BORe: a pompous blowhard who uses formula radio programming (night 1: Weekends with Bernie, Night 2: Smart Blond/Dumb Blond, Night 3: Body Language Lady, etc.

    – Hannity: His heart is in the right place, but let’s face facts. Sean isn’t the brightest star in the sky. Recites GOP talking points, repeats himself constantly. Ever try listening to his radio show?

    Greta: Does a great job!

  27. 2011 March 21 8:54 am


    I have to admit that the only show I watch on Foxnews is “Redeye” only b/c there are hot chicks with skirts and gads of humor. Plus Gutfeld and Levy are Jewish.

  28. 2011 March 21 8:57 am
    bc3b permalink

    If you look at what Sarah Palin has said and done the past 2-1/2 years how many times has she been wrong?

    – Paling around with terrorists
    – Obama’s not one of us
    – Death panels
    – Runaway inflation is coming
    – Blood Libel
    – Need to develop energy indepence
    – Ground Zero Mosque

  29. 2011 March 21 8:58 am
    janzam permalink

    “Moonbattery” What a fine name for that column that was somehow tied into Daniels. Boy, that is called reaching so far you must have gotten a muscle cramp on that post!

  30. 2011 March 21 9:02 am
    bc3b permalink

    Janzam –

    Haven’t you dropped Daniels and moved on to your next RINO Establishment Republican de jour – Huntsman?

  31. 2011 March 21 9:03 am
    janzam permalink

    bc, There is hardly anyone left that you don’t have an issue with. I watch parts of FOX, and am informed better than any other news outlet. Like you, Greta is one of my favorite news people, only because she is serious and asks hardball questions of everybody.

    Redeye is on too late and is pretty stupid most of the time. It’s there for pure entertainment

  32. 2011 March 21 9:06 am
    bc3b permalink

    Eph –

    Speaking of Jewish, there was an article that I read that I meant to share with you (and can’t find now). There are some rabbis in Europe who want to team up with the Muslims to protect the religious rights of both religions. That is like Jews in 1938 Europe teaming up with Hitler to protect them from the Polish.

  33. 2011 March 21 9:09 am
    janzam permalink


    Although you would love that whole Huntsman drama, because it would give you another person to take a hit on, I know little about Huntsman. And, what I do know I don’t like. Sometimes, I really can’t tell if you are being humorous or sarcastic when you post things like #30.

    The field is wide open, mainly because most candidates are still circling and haven’t committed yet. And, even among those who have hinted at a possibility, there are issues of baggage and problems which haunts everyone. Pawlenty is probably the ‘cleanest’ ones of the bunch!

  34. 2011 March 21 9:13 am
    justrand permalink

    warts and all FoxNews is far and away the most balanced. Yes, they lean right…but on the other side MSNBC is in bed with the Left!!!!

    I prefer to check original sources whenver possible…but always remember that many of those “sources” started out with the NYTimes, A/P, Reuters…et al. i.e.: the Usual Suspects

    p.s. I like Pawlenty…so far. Palin and Cain are still my top two (as of now), but I DO know that the media will savage them both if they announce. Over the weekend the A/P described Sarah Palin as: “an ex-Governor and reality TV star”

    I am NOT making that up.

  35. 2011 March 21 9:17 am

    32. One word: Fear. Pure fear.

    I wonder what Pam Geller thinks of that, BC

  36. 2011 March 21 9:19 am

    “Redeye is on too late and is pretty stupid most of the time. It’s there for pure entertainment”

    Yes! But at least they dont hide the fact that they are 100% entertainment.

  37. 2011 March 21 9:20 am

    30. LOL

  38. 2011 March 21 9:24 am
    janzam permalink

    Nothing to hide when it’s all make-believe.

  39. 2011 March 21 9:27 am

    You need a sense of humor

  40. 2011 March 21 9:30 am
    janzam permalink

    Humor can be funny and lighten things up. Or, it can be cutting and create more edges.

  41. 2011 March 21 9:33 am
    Colorado KnightOwl permalink

    My $0.02

    Mike Pence and Ron Paul are still on my list, along with Palin, Cain, Pawlenty & DeMint……

  42. 2011 March 21 9:43 am
    janzam permalink

    And, how many nuclear power plants have been constructed since March 28, 1979, the date of the Three Mile Island incident?

    Krauthammer’s comment is not without some relevant historical deduction attached to it.

  43. 2011 March 21 9:46 am

    “Krauthammer’s comment is not without some relevant historical deduction attached to it.”

    …does he realize he just helped Sara Palin’s 2012 bid out?

    Drill Baby Drill!

  44. 2011 March 21 9:49 am
    janzam permalink

    Who cares? He was talking about nuclear energy. I don’t think everybody gages their remarks on how much it is going to hurt or help Palin! ….so, one-dimensional.

  45. 2011 March 21 9:50 am
    TLS permalink

    I have concerns about Pawlenty. For one, he is the great McCain supporter and McCain has ties to Soros. Then there is this and this. Looking for more info on that last link and older history.

  46. 2011 March 21 9:52 am

    “Who cares? He was talking about nuclear energy”

    So what is Kraut’s back up plan to solve our energy crisis?

    Solar? Wind? Green? LOLOLOL

    You would think a really “smart guy” would have a plan

  47. 2011 March 21 10:01 am
    Colorado KnightOwl permalink

    #46 Palin has more ties to McVain

  48. 2011 March 21 10:04 am
    TLS permalink

    #48 Yes, and Randy Schunemann, McCain campaign guy and former Open Society Institute employee.

  49. 2011 March 21 10:06 am

    48. Good point.

    T-Paw is still better than Romney/Daniels/Huntsman, etc.

  50. 2011 March 21 10:07 am

    I got 4 wrong, would have been 5 if one of those questions wasn’t on another test posted here recently, fun test though, appalling that the average score was ~50%, even worse that our educators couldn’t even pass. It highlights again that the problem is with the average voter.

  51. 2011 March 21 10:18 am
    justrand permalink

    Ron Paul can never ever ever be on my list…or any kind. His fiscal policies are well and good…but his utter isolationist attitude would leave us defenseless in no time.

    Romney USED TO BE on my list…but his duck&cover actions have left me shaking my head and dismissing him as a serious candidate.

  52. 2011 March 21 10:19 am
    Colorado KnightOwl permalink

    #49, 50…..They all have ties to someone we would find objectionable….The current party system is very incestuous …….Everyone does favors for everyone else, to call in those favors when running for their next office…The staffs, seem more like professional political junkies, and to a degree, care less about their current bosses beliefs, than getting a paycheck…..

    #51 Makes George Carlin’s rant on education & politics seem more plausible

  53. 2011 March 21 10:23 am

    Sammy Hagar says abducted by aliens. lol

  54. 2011 March 21 10:24 am
    Colorado KnightOwl permalink

    JR, I am very pro-defense, strong military, but I am very leery of this “nation building” and do not want our military used as the world’s cop, intervening where we have no strong national defense issues involved. Let Iraq and Afghanistan defend themselves, the same goes for Europe and S. Korea…IMHO

  55. 2011 March 21 10:26 am

    obama ghraib timing couldn’t be worse.

  56. 2011 March 21 10:30 am
    TLS permalink

    #53 In deed CKO. I’m not saying I wouldn’t support him, but I will first consider all connections. There is also a big difference between Palin meeting a Soros guy, Randy Schunemann, as part of McCain’s campaign and McCain’s relationship with Soros who contributedfinancially to his Reform Institute.

  57. 2011 March 21 10:50 am
    janzam permalink

    #58 — seems “saintly.” Do you suppose that was the reasoning behind taking it?

  58. 2011 March 21 11:12 am

    59 – Perhaps.

  59. 2011 March 21 11:19 am

    btw speaking of news outlets that Peirce Morgan guy on CNN had a very good interview with Netanyahu last week, one of the better interviews I’ve seen with him (Netanyahu).

  60. 2011 March 21 11:41 am
    mulletover permalink

    #58 That photo is more push-away from the muslim background.

    He cannot escape it.

    If he wanted to, he could start by acting more like a christian.

  61. 2011 March 21 11:58 am
    JustMary permalink

    Off topic…I heard on Fox this morning that Sarah is in Israel. At the time of the report, she was going to meet with Bibi shortly.


  62. 2011 March 21 12:03 pm
    beej permalink

    We watch Fox at my house. They are if not head and shoulders above the others, at least neck and ears. I can tolerate the middle of the road types, because it’s probably as close to the raw truth as we are ever going to get. BUT Rude-aldo and Shep are not MOR, neither is BOR. Geraldo is a bully… I’ve seen him ‘spit’ on Michelle Malkin, who is someone I really like. I’ve seen him exhibit extremely rude treatment to others often enough. I do not like him at all. And Shep can’t decide if he’s a pundit or newsman, but it doesn’ matter so much to me, cause I don’t like him either.

    Fox is on ALL day long where I work, as well. I listen to Laura Ingram, Rush, and Sean on the radio at my computer, while Fox is on in the background.

    Weekends are pretty much news free, cause I’ve had over load during the week.

    No news show will be perfect because there is no such animal. No church is perfect, or shopping center or presidential candidate…we are all fallible. I don’t expect to find a news channel or sitcom or blog or book or movie that is just ‘perfect.’ I’m good with the 80% rule.

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