Navy’s “Great Green Fleet” – $26/Gallon Fuel

2012 July 3
by bc3b

Our nation is more than $15 trillion in debt, yet the Navy is willing to spend seven times the going rate for fuel in order to be “green.”

The Navy is steaming ahead with an initiative to power ships with biofuel,  despite criticism the so-called “green fuel” costs nearly seven times more than  conventional fuel.

This month marks the first time the Navy is using biofuel in an operational  setting — sending five ships to a multi-nation exercise off the coast of  Hawaii.

A Navy official told on Monday that sailing the so-called “Great  Green Fleet” this month on the 50-50 blend of alternative and conventional fuel  is part of Navy Secretary Ray Mabus’ plan to have half the Navy fleet on  alternative fuel by 2020.

The spokesman also confirmed the fuel — which does not require engine  modifications — costs $26 a gallon compared to $3.60 a gallon for conventional  fuel.

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Hat tip: Fox News

It’s a good thing Navy ships are small and don’t require much fuel. lol.

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  1. 2012 July 3 7:23 am
    bc3b permalink

    While conservatives are better organized because of the Tea Party, we still lack the organizational skills – and the clout – of liberal groups like the Sierra Club. As Rush Limbaugh said yesterday, conservatives and Republicans (not necessarily the same thing) have had so many losses in the past 50 years that we are willing to declare anything a victory.

  2. 2012 July 3 7:54 am
    TLS permalink

    I drive across Camp Pendleton once every week or two. Over the last 6 to 8 month, they have built at least a dozen new barracks facilities and all of them have car ports that are a gigantic solar panel. One friend of ours has been working out there for 2 years drilling holes to use geothermal to heat buildings. These are billion (if not trillion) dollar investments and I can’t imagine how many centuries it would take to recoup the expense of all these upgrades. Even if we had the money to upgrade buildings to solar, did we have the money to rebuild every single building in order to do it?

  3. 2012 July 3 8:01 am
    JustMary permalink

    Our country must be in great financial shape!!!!

  4. 2012 July 3 9:29 am
    bc3b permalink

    TLS –

    You have forgotten the primary role of today’s U.S. military: being politically correct.

  5. 2012 July 3 9:34 am
    drdog09 permalink

    The US Navy would be better served by development of Synfuel from gas reserves. The problem with the green fuel thing is that it was thrust upon them from none other than the WH.

    On a different matter, I note that Andy Griffith passed away. His football sketch has to be one of the funniest on record.

  6. 2012 July 3 9:59 am
    bc3b permalink

    Keep in mind that the current Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, is a Democratic political hack who has named ships after Caesar Chavez, John Murtha and Gabrielle Giffords:

  7. 2012 July 3 10:42 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Ray Mabus is different from the White House how? Just saying.

  8. 2012 July 3 12:37 pm
    Deckard permalink

    #7 & #8 – when the most upper ranks have been infiltrated, then the rest of the department suffers. I pity those who are currently serving our country – it’s not easy to be on the offensive for your country when the government is removing your gonads and the funds to attempt to replace them. Funds which wind up appeasing the enviro-nazis.

  9. 2012 July 3 12:44 pm
    Deckard permalink

    Interesting read from Pamela Geller (the woman’s got chutzpah):

  10. 2012 July 3 1:17 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  11. 2012 July 3 1:24 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Another Farage Frolic —

  12. 2012 July 3 1:32 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Share this with all your liberal friends —

  13. 2012 July 3 2:24 pm
    justrand permalink

    hmmm…now why would “someone” want the cost to operate a Navy ship to SKYROCKET???
    – Fuel is a major cost…THE major cost, even more than the personnel for most ships. So increasing the cost of fuel by a factor of SIX, will increase the overall expense of operating the ship by a factor of at least 2 or 3.

    – regular fuel is readily available worldwide…but this is NOT, and thus in an emergency ships could literally be stranded due to lack of fuel.

    Oh wait…it’s GREEN, and Obama DONORS are benefitting, and it further CRIPPLES our military. It’s an Obama trifecta!

  14. 2012 July 3 2:26 pm
    Deckard permalink

    While on the topic of being green:

    Tabitha has an “A-HA!!!” moment . . .

  15. 2012 July 3 2:27 pm
    justrand permalink

    great video, drdog…I am passing it along!

  16. 2012 July 3 2:49 pm
    judyt2012 permalink

    Today someone told me I was very brazen with my Facebook posts. I wonder what they would think of my posts here….lol

  17. 2012 July 3 2:56 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #18 Oh, I already anticipate losing about 10-20% of my FB friends by the time this election is over. 😆

  18. 2012 July 3 3:01 pm
    Deckard permalink

    #19 – including the Ron Paul conspiracy theorist? I usually see one.

  19. 2012 July 3 3:05 pm
    TLS permalink

    #19 I’m down to one liberal and I’m trying to keep her on board because she will fight hand and hand with me on the GMO labeling proposition if it makes it on the CA ballot this Nov.

    Also, my post is in the hopper for you consideration.

  20. 2012 July 3 3:08 pm
    judyt2012 permalink

    Mary — if someone was my friend they would never do something so horrible for my well-being as vote for Obama.

  21. 2012 July 3 3:11 pm
    judyt2012 permalink

    Yesterday a gal I went to high school with (the one that is already a great grandmother to a 2 year old — do the math she was born in 58 or 57 at the earliest) posted that she still had faith in Obama. I posted that she wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing, especially the mountain of debt that he put on the backs of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren…

    I expect to be de-friended… but then again, she probably isn’t that sharp.

  22. 2012 July 3 3:40 pm
    JBoz permalink

    I am a nature lover in the TR mold, but I have come to despise all things green. This past Saturday, my wife and decided to clean out the garage. We found 8 mostly empty paint cans. Being good law abiding citizens, we looked up online how to dispose of them. We were directed to a municipal facility 15 miles away. It was open on Saturday, so off we went. When we arrived, the “urban gentleman” who was manning the facility (homemade tattoo on his neck that read “LIFER” – get the picture) turned us away, stating that we read the website wrong and they don’t take paint cans. He directed us to a fire station that takes paint cans. We drove there – another 5 miles – and the line was no less than 30 cars. We turned around and left – as we were driving away, we saw a sign at the fire station that said “No Latex Paint Cans”. Came home and looked online for other options – and came up with Ace Hardware. Drove there and learned that they do in fact take paint cans to recycle, and the cost was a mere $5 per can.

    Guess what – double bagged, tied tightly and into the garbage they went. F*** it!

  23. 2012 July 3 3:44 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #20 Yep…everything is all just a big conspiracy to keep RP down 😆

  24. 2012 July 3 3:48 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #24 Our designated paint collectors will actually come to your house and get the cans from you!! BUT- only 8 cans, and only once a year. Sorry dude, but I’m not storing the other cans for another year, because I’d still be over the limit anyway. The only other choice you have is the once a year stand in line location that takes endless hours and guess what- still has a limit.

  25. 2012 July 3 3:51 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #22 Two of them were family, and guess what these two family members had in common? They were both under 25, single, and had no kids. They voted trendy and hip. One of these two is now a daddy suffering the economic consequences of his vote. People waking up and being sorry doesn’t erase the damage their vote did, especially because they were warned.

  26. 2012 July 3 4:08 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Disposal of paint:

    * If it is latex then just pour the contents into a ready to dispose of roller tray and let it dry. Occasionally pull the top skin off an dump in the empty paint can. Latex paints are all water based, there are no VOC’s to cause pollution. Unless of course the powers that be will declare dihydra monoxide as such.

    * The spirits based paints are generally turpentine or toluene based. The best way to get rid of them is to find a project and just use them up.

    In neither case do you want to just dump them down the drains. The latex especially will foul the waste water plants.

    Just a PSA.

    By the way, there is another quite novel use for latex paint. Take all your latex paints and mix them together. Then in at least a 1:1 concrete to latex mix use it for various purposes. Its called latex concrete. A couple of profs figured its uses, one of which was for making lightweight integral structures for roofs. It is water proof when hardened, its will bond to additional layers of itself unlike standard Portland cement. I have more info if anyone is interested.

  27. 2012 July 3 4:22 pm
    JustMary permalink

    Oh gosh…I would never put paint down the drain…plumbing is WAY too expensive!!!! I like the idea about mixing it with concrete though!

  28. 2012 July 3 6:23 pm

    I guess he heard the footsteps

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