The Imperial Celebrity Presidency

2013 March 11
by bc3b

The sequester is in operation. Braack Obama never missed a chance to scare us with what sequester can/will cause:

  • Flights delayed because air controllers have been furloughed
  • Having to choose between cutting programs for poor kids and disabled kids
  • A border that is less safe because Border Patrol agents have been cut
  • Cities that are less safe because of fewer police officers and firefighters
  • The list goes on

Barack Obama tells us that we are going to have to make sacrifices. Yet, he  and his family continue to live live 17th century European royalty. Following their annual Hawaiian holiday, which cost the taxpayers $4 million, Obama decided on a golfing weekend that cost the taxpayers another $1 million. At the same time, Mooch and the Little Moochers were skiing at one of the most expensive resorts in Colorado. Obama travelled to Las Vegas to deliver a speech on comprehensive immigration reform – a speech that could have been made before a Hispanic audience in Maryland or Virginia. One of the Little Moochers turned up in New York City last weekend with her buddies from Sidwell-Friends and a Secret Service detachment.

Now we are preparing for Mooch’s 50th with entertainment by Adele and Beyonce heading the entertainment. The President should be leading by example. but he is doing just the opposite. He knows the media won’t question him because it never does. And those that elected him – people who read People and US magazines and watch Jerry Springer and The View – don’t know any better.

Mooch and the Little Moochers in Spain.

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  1. 2013 March 11 6:03 am
    bc3b permalink

  2. 2013 March 11 6:11 am
    justrand permalink

    the MoT will be back on line this Thursday…and will “address” those issues! 🙂

    Naturally it is possible to view record numbers of people unemployed, and record numbers of people subsisting on governement handouts as BAD things. But the MoT assures us that those are GOOD things…and will explain on Thursday.

  3. 2013 March 11 6:49 am
    drdog09 permalink

    In light of BC’s posting…… does MoT stand for…..

    Ministry of Truth or
    Moment of Tragedy

    Calling Dr. Paul. Calling Dr. Paul…..

  4. 2013 March 11 6:54 am
    justrand permalink

    Dear drdog,

    Seeing as how “Tragedy” has been banished with the onset of the Age of Obama, how could MoT stand for “Moment of Tragedy”??

    As MSLSDNBC inmate airtime thingee notes…everything is AWESOME!

    Minion 1482.4, Media Fornication Relations Division
    Bowel Lever 18, MoT

  5. 2013 March 11 7:12 am
    bc3b permalink

    JM –

    The Clippers victory over the Pistons only counts as a half win. The NBA has determined that the Pistons, Magic, Wizards and Bobcats are so bad that they are only awarding half-wins against these teams.

    There’s about as much chance of a white person attending a Pistons game as seeing a straight woman at a WNBA game.

  6. 2013 March 11 7:54 am
    drdog09 permalink


    I shall apply for re-re-re-education as soon as funds allow…..

  7. 2013 March 11 9:01 am
    A spokesman for the U.S. Defense Department declined immediate comment on the Spiegel report. Why am I not surprised.

    I’ve mentioned this before over the years, article is a decent recap.

  8. 2013 March 11 9:16 am
    drdog09 permalink


    KH, I read that article on the Atlanta situation, guess you could say, color me not surprised. I found this interesting —

    A key leader in the black community and a driving force in support of the lawsuit, who wishes to remain anonymous, bemoaned the “disturbing tendency of black electorates to not elect the smartest and brightest, or even the cleverest.”

    What really blows the lid off is it is not just white flight. Do a census in the northern half of the county and you will find that the successful blacks have done the same thing. The flight from the blight knows no color barrier.

  9. 2013 March 11 9:22 am

    CINCINNATI — A southwestern Ohio judge yesterday ordered a halt to a speeding-ticket blitz in a village that installed traffic cameras, saying it’s “a scam” against motorists.

  10. 2013 March 11 9:27 am

    “Do a census in the northern half of the county and you will find that the successful blacks have done the same thing.”

    Exactly which is why I always found that lawsuit nonsense in the extreme. It’s not so much “white flight” as it is taxpayers with a clue flight. 🙂

  11. 2013 March 11 9:58 am
    bc3b permalink

    Ah, Atlanta … the Detroit of the South.

  12. 2013 March 11 10:43 am
    MI Conservative permalink


    I thought General Sherman burnt it to the ground! Did I miss something? Where the hell have I been? I’m confused.

  13. 2013 March 11 10:51 am
    bc3b permalink

    You can’t make this stuff up: Air Force Chaplain Awarded Bronze Star f]for Teaching Proper Sensitivity Toward the Koran:

    The Bronze Star is the nation’s fifth most prestigious combat award.

  14. 2013 March 11 11:14 am

    “Ah, Atlanta … the Detroit of the South.” – haha sub title of the article actually. 🙂

    re:13 – Unreal, but par for the course at this point.

    Pop culture bs of the day:

  15. 2013 March 11 11:25 am
    bc3b permalink

    KH –

    I used to travel to ATL a lot. Many times when I got lost or off the beaten path I thought I was in Detroit. Then I realized it was February and it wasn’t snowing.

    ATL has much in common with DTW: crime, slums, welfare, crooked politicians, lousy skuuls … I could go on for hours.

  16. 2013 March 11 11:35 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Little Herr Adolf Bloomberg gotta be pissed. People in America can drink and sell what they like when it comes to pop (soda to those outside of the great State of Michigan). Until some liberal judge higher up sticks his/her f…… nose in the case.

  17. 2013 March 11 11:58 am
    drdog09 permalink

    You can’t make this stuff up: Air Force Chaplain Awarded Bronze Star f]for Teaching Proper Sensitivity Toward the Koran:

    Quick!! I want the ACLU!! Somewhere I remember…. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”, dimly, but can’t put my finger on it….

  18. 2013 March 11 12:02 pm
    MI Conservative permalink


    You have to … be against capital punishment, but
    support abortion on demand.

    … believe that businesses create oppression and
    governments create opportunity.

    … believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding
    citizens are more of a threat than U.S. nuclear
    weapons technology in the hands of Chinese and North
    Korean communists.

    … believe that there was no art before federal

    … believe that global temperatures are less affected
    by cyclical documented changes in the earth’s climate
    and more affected by soccer moms driving SUVs.

    … believe that gender roles are artificial, but being
    homosexual is natural.

    … believe that the AIDS virus is spread by a lack of
    federal funding.

    … believe that the same teacher who can’t teach
    4th-graders how to read is somehow qualified to teach
    those same kids about s e- x.

    … believe that hunters don’t care about nature, but
    loony activists, who have never been outside of San
    Francisco, do.

    … believe that self-esteem is more important that
    actually doing something to earn it.

    … believe that Mel Gibson spent $25 million of his own
    money to make The Passion of The Christ for financial
    gain only.

    … believe that the NRA is bad because it supports
    certain parts of the Constitution, while the ACLU is
    good because it supports certain parts of the

    … believe that taxes are too low, but ATM fees are too

    … believe that Margaret Sanger and Gloria Steinem are
    more important to American history than Thomas
    Jefferson, Gen. Robert E. Lee and Thomas Edison.

    … believe that standardized tests are racist but
    quotas and set-asides are not.

    … believe that Hillary Clinton is normal and a very
    nice person.

    … believe that the only reason socialism hasn’t worked
    anywhere in history that it’s been tried is because
    the right people haven’t been in charge.

    … believe conservatives telling the truth belong in
    jail, but a liar and a sex offender belonged in the
    White House.

    … believe that homosexual parades displaying drag,
    transvestites, and bestiality should be
    constitutionally protected, and manger scenes at
    Christmas should be illegal.

    … believe that illegal Democratic Party funding by the
    Chinese government is somehow in the best interest of
    the United States.

    – believe that Barak Obama who is friends with and socializes with unrepentant
    known terrorists, racists, and anti American ideologists, taught socialist
    ideology as a teacher, and thinks teaching sex education to
    kindergartener’s who can’t even read is a good idea. While a proven hero, war
    veteran, that actually HAS brought people together and displayed a knack for
    bi-partisanship and creating REAL change, is somehow better suited to run a

    … believe that this message is part of a vast,
    right-wing conspiracy.

  19. 2013 March 11 12:08 pm
    mulletover permalink

    If you are into novels, and have an interest in contemporary Atlanta, I recommend “A Man in Full” by Thomas Wolfe. The story is interesting, but the character development is supreme, and Atlanta, from its blighted neighborhoods to the exclusive enclaves such as the Piedmont Driving Club, takes a central role.

    Amazon link

    You will enjoy it. I did.

  20. 2013 March 11 12:08 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    …. die a horrible cancerous death because your Obamacare benefits just ran out.


  21. 2013 March 11 12:16 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Thanks. I’ll save the money. I experienced much I am sure that is in that book teaching at Camden City HS for a year. The long lines at the SS office the first of every month. The Dresden at twilight look of many of the streets. The Pimps rolling around in their Caddy Brougham with the super fly headlights and leather top. The kids thinking the only way out was being an ace streetballer so they could join the NBA (no competition, just him and 100k other kids doing the same thing.) The 12yo pushing smack cause being under age the worse that they get is JuVee and that’s a step up and out of that neighborhood.

    Since then the biggest employer, Cambell Soup has moved out. The city has disbanded their police force which is now patrolled by the sheriff’s dept which at the time had only 30 members on staff. Its a wild west show there now.

  22. 2013 March 11 12:57 pm
    mulletover permalink

    yes, drdog. Best to see it from 30,000 feet than street level as you did.

  23. 2013 March 11 1:25 pm

    23 – Sweet.

    SPRINGFIELD-Illinois broke federal securities laws and “misled investors” in misstating the true health of the state’s depleted pension funds between 2005 and early 2009, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced Monday.
    The finding of securities fraud doesn’t subject Illinois to any fines or penalties, but it amounts to another fiscal black eye for a state burdened by the worst bond rating in the country and completely underwater by inaction in solving its $96 billion pension crisis.

    Wait.. what? Finding of securities fraud don’t come with any penalties anymore? Too big to jail again?

  24. 2013 March 11 1:28 pm
    • Russell Glassop, 75, Symmes Township, illegal voting, a charge that carries up to 18 months in prison. He is accused of voting on behalf of his deceased wife. She requested an absentee ballot, but died before the ballot was mailed.

    • Melowese Richardson, 58, Madisonville, eight counts of illegal voting, charges that carry up to 12 years in prison. Richardson – a poll worker when the fraud took place – is accused of voting twice in the November presidential election and on behalf of relatives in various elections. Board of Elections Director Amy Searcy said Richardson won’t be asked to come back.

    • Sister Marguerite Kloos, 54, Delhi Township, illegal voting, a charge that carries up to 18 months in prison. Kloos, who resigned last week as The College of Mount St. Joseph’s Dean of the Division of Arts and Humanities, told investigators that she filled out an absentee ballot for Sister Rose Marie Hewitt, another nun who died a month before last November’s election. Kloos has agreed to plead guilty, Deters said.

    Charged with being Christian.

  25. 2013 March 11 1:30 pm

    btw that re:NYC drink ban ruling is a little late since so many business already changed their menu’s and offering and related inventories and supply agreement to attempt to comply.

  26. 2013 March 11 1:35 pm
    justrand permalink

    bc3b, the comments on the article regarding the Bronze Star were about what I would have expected…everybody pegged it perfectly: this is INTENTIONALLY degrading our military…and its traditions of valor.

    WTF is going on? Oh ya, I remember now…WBF!!!

  27. 2013 March 11 1:40 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    At least the chaplain was not awarded the Bronze star with V (Valor).

  28. 2013 March 11 1:47 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    At least the chaplain was not awarded the Bronze star with V (Valor). — RP

    Aaaaah give’m time I am sure they can come up with a Bronze Star with powerpoint clusters.

    How ya doing?

  29. 2013 March 11 1:51 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    But the ruling only covered the cups. I am sure Bloomy can come up with some arcane rule that says you can only have 16oz of drink regardless of cup size. “Quick!! Drink fast!! Here come some cops!” Course it won’t matter NYC will still charge you with DWD, driving while drinking. 🙂

  30. 2013 March 11 1:56 pm
    mulletover permalink

    The worse story could have been this one if it was in fact, true.

    The Fort Hood shooter, Major Hassen, was rumored to be promoted to Lt Col and presented with the Legion of Merit upon his transfer from Fort Hood to maximum security at Fort Leavenworth. The decoration was for contributions made at Fort Hood.

    Turns out to be an Onion-type story.

  31. 2013 March 11 2:03 pm

    yeah I heard him say something like if you really want 32oz at the movies just buy 2 16oz… cause you know that doesn’t cause more garbage or more spilling of drinks or anything. 🙄

  32. 2013 March 11 3:42 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    32, Only a govt official would even think that makes sense. Sigh. Our only chance is the Norks actually pull off an EMP attack and the dim witted and unprepared die in the aftermath of their EBT cards not working.

  33. 2013 March 11 4:25 pm
    mulletover permalink

    I was in Gander Mountain today. They had a pretty good shelf presence of ammo given all the hype about shortages.

  34. 2013 March 11 4:31 pm
    mulletover permalink

    A 4.7 earthquake on the San Jacinto fault in Southern Cal today at 5:22pm. Hope all okay.

    Officials are saying it may be a precurser.

  35. 2013 March 11 4:34 pm

    Let’s hope for the san adreas fault to do us all a favor.

  36. 2013 March 11 4:49 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    Hugo Chavez is STILL dead.

    IP – went to Vances (well know gun store in Columbus) Sunday. They only has 45, with some 12 gauge & 20 gauge shells and some odd rounds of 6 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm. All else was out. They have been limiting ammo buys to no more than 100 rounds.

  37. 2013 March 11 5:09 pm
    justrand permalink

    geez…i guess I need to stock up on ammo! 🙂

  38. 2013 March 11 5:11 pm
    justrand permalink

    speaking of guns…Colorado just started marching down the road to confiscation. ANYBODY who thinks the Left sees a stopping point anywhere along the way is NUTS!

  39. 2013 March 11 5:38 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    The Window War.

    Author’s Postscript: The story above is one possible future for this country. There are others far worse. As J.R. Nyquist recently wrote of the Elian Gonzalez federal kidnapping:

    “Specific events, regardless of their actual importance to history, sometimes capture the human imagination. In doing this, they become rallying points for masses of people. They become pivotal to political careers. Such events can bring about the collapse of governments or determine the outcome of elections….Except for clueless and apathetic persons, America has been split into two hostile ideological camps. One is the anti-communist or anti-statist camp, which looks to traditional moral values, the Constitution, a strong family unit and the free market. The other camp is socialist or “progressive” in its outlook, globalist and environmentalist in its policies.”

    There is no reconciling the two futures these camps represent. One or the other will win in the end. The war up to now has been waged in the political and social arena. The time is fast approaching when this political and social “war” will spill over into armed conflict– real civil war. If it does, it will happen mostly because everyone thinks it impossible. For sixty years, the liberals have used our respect for the law against us. Each time they moved the line of law to further their agenda, breaking off a bit of the Constitution, we, as law-abiding citizens have backed up grumbling but complying. And why should they stop pushing us back from our God-given liberties? We’ve never pushed back to stop them. We have been TOO law-abiding.

    Remember one thing: Adolf Hitler was elected, and the Nazis passed laws justifying every horrible act they later committed. In such a country, law-breaking is not a crime but a virtue. Before we get too far down that road, perhaps a little window-breaking is in order. Waiting too late to oppose tyranny has always led to bloodshed. Let us avoid that if we can. But history holds such windows of opportunity open only so long, and ours is rapidly closing. Perhaps by breaking the window now, we can escape the horrible alternative. And if in the unlikely event my modest story should become fact, somewhere The Sons of Liberty will be smiling.

  40. 2013 March 11 6:11 pm

    I was not aware of PR new law for new residents, interesting guaranteed tax break through Dec. 31, 2035.

  41. 2013 March 11 6:15 pm

    One for the we must ban scissors file:

    Reading the article sure sounds like things were deescalated by the neighbor… till the cops showed up.

  42. 2013 March 11 7:47 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Windows eh…..

    how about computers?? Course that’s federal vs petty vandalism which would be state.

  43. 2013 March 11 8:26 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    I know that part of St. Pete. Locals call it `old town` cuz that’s where the city started and is part of downtown. Not far from the bay. Its always been known as place if you want action good or bad you went there.

  44. 2013 March 11 8:49 pm
    justrand permalink

    Gnqanq, #40 was very thought provoking …VERY

    Sooner or later a “window” WILL get broken…it’s only a matter of time

  45. 2013 March 12 5:06 am

    st-petersburg-police-shoot-man-they-say-was-suicidal ~~~

    I guess they don’t issue lazers down there.

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