This just in from the Ministry of Truth! – 3/14/2013 Edition

2013 March 14
by justrand

[The MoT has been on hiatus…exhausted from making $hit up telling the Truth! ™ ]

MinistryTruthThe Labor Department said Thursday that initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped 8,000 10,000 to a seasonally adjusted 332,000 from 340,000 342,000.

[Note: the MoT is busy researching which “Season” the numbers were “adjusted” for…stay tuned]

In a second report, the Labor Department said its [also] seasonally adjusted Producer Price Index(PPI)  increased 0.7 percent last month.   In the 12 months through February, prices received by farms, factories and refineries were up 1.7 percent, the fastest rise since October and followed a 1.4 percent gain the prior month.

HOWEVER!!  They noted that

underlying inflation pressures remained contained, with wholesale prices excluding volatile food and energy costs rising 0.2 percent”

Those of you (and you know who you are!) complaining about the high cost of this or that, need to realize that “inflation pressures remained contained“…and it is only your silly insistence on eating and using energy (driving, heating your homes, using electricity, etc) that makes it APPEAR that prices are going up!  It turns out that food and energy are VOLATILE!


But there’s no “volatility” in on-going conflict with Eurasia EastAsia Eurasia EastAsia Eurasia EastAsia Eurasia EastAsia …we have ALWAYS been at war with them.

This week’s Public Service Announcement

This week Joe Biden, renowned expert on, well, just about EVERYTHING, cleared up the whole question of just what exactly does constitute “Domestic Abuse

We’ve learned that certain behaviors on the part of an abuser portend much more danger than other behaviors. For example, if an abuser has attempted to strangle his victim, if he has threatened to shoot her, if he has sexually assaulted her, and there’s a number of other signs, about eight others. These are tell-tale signs to say this isn’t your garden-variety slap across the face.”

Thank you Joe!  So ladies, if your man isn’t “strangling”, shooting”, or “sexually assaulting” you (or one of the “other eight signs“), then just relax…it’s just a “garden-variety slap across the face

Thank you Mr. Vice-Resident!

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  1. 2013 March 14 6:16 am
    justrand permalink

    Joe Biden has been contacted in re. this story, since the man doing the “assault” was just kicking the woman:

    We expect Joe will let us know if the kicks to the face were “garden variety” kicks or not…stay tuned

    Maybe kicks to the face are one of the “eight other signs” of REAL “Domestic Abuse”

    Remember folks, Joe Biden is a “heartbeat away” from the White House!

  2. 2013 March 14 6:24 am
    justrand permalink

    hey, speaking of Joe Biden:

    Yup, “most transparent Administration in history” won’t allow photographs of Biden at a PUBLIC EVENT!



  3. 2013 March 14 7:08 am

    Puff piece to help promote amnesty as some sort of solution.

  4. 2013 March 14 7:22 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “It turns out that food and energy are VOLATILE!”

    Louis XVI would tend to agree with that statement. The French were so volatile they burnt the place to the ground, chopped his and mrs heads off, and have not done a damn thing right since….

  5. 2013 March 14 7:23 am
    drdog09 permalink

    KH, link gone funky?? All I get is a AP map.

  6. 2013 March 14 7:28 am
    justrand permalink

    Dear drdog,

    We here at the MoT eat only non-volatile food (tofu), and utilize non-volatile energy (wound-up rubber-bands)!

    Minion 9631, Volatility Monitor 3rd Class
    MoT Bowel Level 99

  7. 2013 March 14 7:46 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    List of Republicans not going or invited to CPAC in Washington this week.

  8. 2013 March 14 7:46 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Too bad there is not a video — — Cruz slams the Estab Republicans

  9. 2013 March 14 7:53 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Chris Christie not even invited (on purpose to CPAC).

    The fat f…..!

  10. 2013 March 14 7:59 am
    bc3b permalink

    Regarding Kimani Gray, it sounds like Obama should sit down with the police and protesters for a soda summit (cups under 16 oz. – this is New York).

  11. 2013 March 14 8:09 am

  12. 2013 March 14 8:24 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Hey bc, That site is great on football in Michigan. I used it when I was writing Muskegon-North Ottawa, A Football Factory. I changed computers and glad you posted it so I can place it in my favorites list.

  13. 2013 March 14 8:24 am

    no recoil


    Best thing out of Germany since the ‘Beetle’.

    Noticed almost no recoil as well.b

  14. 2013 March 14 8:24 am

    Participating in a gun buy back because you

    believe that the criminals have too many guns

    is like having yourself castrated because you

    believe that the neighbors have too many kids.

  15. 2013 March 14 8:33 am

  16. 2013 March 14 9:14 am

    “”The US government’s National Vulnerability Database (NVD) maintained by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been offline for a few days because of malware infestation. The public-facing site has been taken offline because traces of malware were found on two of the web servers that house it.”

    :Facepalm: 🙂

  17. 2013 March 14 9:15 am

    6 – Shrugs – still works fine for me.

  18. 2013 March 14 9:32 am

    13 – The first and the last were really good tactics.

  19. 2013 March 14 9:33 am

  20. 2013 March 14 10:05 am
    bc3b permalink

    Interesting, but not surprising, how the MSM is only interviewing left-wing Catholics to get impressions about the new Pope.

  21. 2013 March 14 11:13 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Like the machine gun. The old german MG42 had removable barrels and American troops hated that gun for its extreme rate of fire. Looks like this new one with an extra barrel would be an ass kicker.

  22. 2013 March 14 11:30 am

    The only problem with high cyclical fire rates is the ammo supply that an individual trooper can carry.

  23. 2013 March 14 11:48 am

  24. 2013 March 14 11:51 am

    Oh btw assault weapons now = child pornography according to the senator, knew she just couldn’t resist trying to bring “the children” into it.

  25. 2013 March 14 11:54 am
    bc3b permalink

  26. 2013 March 14 11:55 am

    Though it should be noted they have attempted to contain their own bloated budget somewhat in recent years.

  27. 2013 March 14 11:56 am
    bc3b permalink

    KH #25 –

    Rand Paul is good; Mike Lee is good; Ted Cruz is great.

  28. 2013 March 14 12:54 pm

    THIS has to piss off the libs. 😀

  29. 2013 March 14 1:18 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Looks like the US is not the only country with an immigration problem —

  30. 2013 March 14 1:51 pm
    fight on permalink

    Maybe finally another news source other than fox.

    Hopefully more substance than BOR and Let not your be troubled

  31. 2013 March 14 1:59 pm

    post 32

    Perhaps a bankruptcy judge can give them relief.

  32. 2013 March 14 2:01 pm
    justrand permalink

    fight on…good news on the alternative (addition) to FoxNews. It’ll give Obama and his minions someone else to hate! 🙂

  33. 2013 March 14 2:11 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    The wheel turns slowly but it does turn none the less — — a wonks, fruit of the loins, desire for teat sucking is crushed in sequester. Its only 2.4%. Imagine the chaos we could create if it was 30%?

  34. 2013 March 14 2:56 pm
    bc3b permalink

    I have been Fox-free for almost two years and am much happier. If I were running the new network, I would offer Sarah Palin a show opposite BOR and watch the fun.

  35. 2013 March 14 3:21 pm

    32 – Holy sh1t that’s insane.

  36. 2013 March 14 6:11 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Yeah that from our buddies at the Media Research Center. Brent Bozell’s boys and girls.

  37. 2013 March 14 6:12 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    JR lead off this insanity today, and seems like it has been that way all day long. Are we at the point that the wheels are just about ready to come off the axle??

  38. 2013 March 14 6:46 pm
    justrand permalink

    drdog…yes…they are in fact already coming off!

  39. 2013 March 14 8:08 pm

    Nihilism is now our friend.

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