U.S. Students Way Below Average in All Subjects

2013 December 3
by bc3b

… and they are dropping further behind.

But do kids in China, Poland and Ireland know who Eldridge Cleaver and Harvey Milk were? While they are learn nonsense like math, science and reading, Kalifornia kids are learning truly important stuff.

Things are going to get far worse with Common Core (the “new math” of the 21st Century) and as the United States imports more uneducated people who don’t speak English. Look at Kalifornia schools. As late as the 1970s, when the state was still known as California, its public schools were recognized as the best in the country. Today Kalifornia students’ scores on standardized tests are on a par with students from Mississippi and Arkansas. What’s the difference between the 1970s and today? The lunatic fringe has assumed control of the state’s educational system and the student demographics have significantly changed.

Here’s the sorry statistics:

The OECD is out with new global rankings of how students in various countries do in reading, science, and math. Results of the full survey can be found and delved into here.

You can see below how Asian countries are obliterating everyone else in these categories.

The United States, meanwhile, ranks below the OECD average in every category. And as the WSJ notes, the US has slipped in all of the major categories in recent years:

The results from the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), which are being released on Tuesday, show that teenagers in the U.S. slipped from 25th to 31st in math since 2009; from 20th to 24th in science; and from 11th to 21st in reading, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, which gathers and analyzes the data in the U.S.

Here are the top countries

Switzerland is the only country that spends more than the U.S. per capita. It appears the Swiss are getting more bang for the buck than the U.S. Of course the Swiss don’t have inner city blacks and millions of illegal aliens for whom the language used by the majority is a secondary language.
Hat tip: Business Insider
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  1. 2013 December 3 10:36 am
    bc3b permalink

    It would be interesting to see where U.S. students stood in 1978, before the U.S. Department of Education was established. It also would be interesting to see exactly how illegal immigration has affected the decline in U.S. student scores.

    As part of any discussion on amnesty, we need an open dialogue on the effect it will have on the economy, entitlements, education, etc. But, unfortunately the Democrats place greater emphasis on increasing votes and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce places greater emphasis on cheap labor than the future of the country.

  2. 2013 December 3 11:09 am

    McCain’s ex-immig person MT @elisefoley: Rebecca Tallent from Bipartisan Policy Ctr joining Boehner’s office to work on immigration reform.
    — Mark Krikorian (@MarkSKrikorian) December 3, 2013

  3. 2013 December 3 11:12 am
    drdog09 permalink

    I find it interesting that India did not even rank. Especially since they tout their proficiency with math.

  4. 2013 December 3 11:34 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Just in case you only watch the MSM.

    RCP Average
    Spread -16.1

  5. 2013 December 3 11:38 am

    Funny: PMSNBC calls AP racist for not “auto-correcting” obama in transcript.

  6. 2013 December 3 12:25 pm
    bc3b permalink

    KH #2 –

    Bipartisan is like bisexual, only worse.

  7. 2013 December 3 12:26 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Pushing amnesty is the GOP’s plan to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in 2014.

  8. 2013 December 3 12:54 pm
    fight on permalink

    We moved from So Cal to DFW 7 years ago because of the pathetic schools and we lived in an upper middle class area. Best thing I ever did for the kids.

    I made the mistake of sending Mitt some money, I get constant e-mails from the RNC and all their sub groups. I respond the same every time.

    If you pass amnesty, no more votes, no more money ever!

    Oh and grow a pair while you are at it.

  9. 2013 December 3 1:15 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Hmm, Ok fight on time for the transplant audit —

    * # of guns
    * # cans of ammo
    * last visit to the range.

  10. 2013 December 3 1:23 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Fight On –

    We moved from So Cal to DFW 7 years ago because of the pathetic schools and we lived in an upper middle class area. Best thing I ever did for the kids.

    It’s hard to believe that Kalifornia had the best public schools in the country 40+ years ago. But between leftists gaining decision-making powers and illegal aliens….

  11. 2013 December 3 2:20 pm
    mulletover permalink

  12. 2013 December 3 2:20 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 –

    When is Obama not gone the lie route?

    * There will be no lobbyists in my administration
    * We’re going to televise healthcare hearings on CSPAN
    * If you like your doctor …
    * If you like your health care …
    * We’re going to save families $2,500 a year …
    * I didn’t find out about it until I read the Washington Post …

  13. 2013 December 3 2:24 pm
    mulletover permalink

  14. 2013 December 3 2:28 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    14, true indeed BC. But I heard on the radio he is going to go on a blitz for the next 3 weeks about it.

  15. 2013 December 3 2:46 pm

    and given the reports about the website and related systems soon…
    * If you like your Identity you can …

  16. 2013 December 3 2:47 pm
    fight on permalink

    #10 doctor

    Ok I will man up.

    Sadly no gun for a variety of reasons.

    I know I fail the Texan test. Although I am making head way with Mrs fight on about a gun. The next question is what to purchase.

    Now that I read this before posting can I say Man up if I don’t own a gun?

  17. 2013 December 3 2:48 pm
    mulletover permalink

    “he is going to go on a blitz for the next 3 weeks about it.”

    And he needs the 26 – 34 year olds to sign up before Dec 23 so make obamacare solvent, and to make up for all the old and infirmed who have been on their computers 10 hours a day to get insured before they go into ICU.

    I got a 3o year old, and believe me, that is the last thing he will be spending two or three hundred dollars a month. He is thinking more about Christmas gifts and Christmas travel and how he is going to put those in a tight personal budget.

    Brack has an uphill battle on his hands trying to get blood out of a turnip at this time of the year.

  18. 2013 December 3 2:49 pm

    16 – Yup. Delusional, but then we knew that already.

  19. 2013 December 3 3:50 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    fight on,

    Based on your earlier post, I presume you have kids in the house. If so your first purchase should be a gun safe, not a gun for the obvious reasons. Teach them gun safety, but don’t depend on it as accidents can happen.

    If its your first, there is much to recommend a shotgun. Its so all purpose and the sound of the slide engaged skips even the most hardened heart.

    PS: It sounds crazy to buy a safe but don’t have a gun. I might suggest you do so with the thought in mind that the safe is fire rated. Most folks here do so and it makes the safe dual purpose. It keeps their guns, other valuables and important papers protected.

  20. 2013 December 3 3:59 pm
    justrand permalink

    fight on, my Dad came back from WWII and got rid of all his guns…and he (and we) we lived peacefully for 22 years. Then an incident happened that had the police tell my father (precisely):

    Buy some guns…starting with a shotgun. We, the police, CANNOT protect you, we can only investigate what happens to you AFTER it happens. If something like this (the incident) happens again, KILL THEM ALL…and then drag any that are outside the house inside the house. We’ll haul them away for you.

    I was a teenager, and sitting right beside my dad when the detective told him this.

    My dad bought 2 guns immediately…a shotgun first.

  21. 2013 December 3 4:36 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Hey, you guys are TOTALLY missing the point!

    Government run “skools” arent about “education” or learning – they are about training obediance to Government authority first and foremost…….secondly they about indoctrination in Statist ideology……last but certainly not least is to funnel hundreds of billions of $$$ to the Statist alligned teacher’s unions and education bearucracy….

    Why do you think the “free” (for hundreds of billions per year) government schools are “compulsary” – you send your kids there (or to a government approved alternative) or you go to jail!

    So this “data” showing that American kidz are stupid at best is totally IRRELAVENT to the real purpose of the “public” government schools……according to the government’s design and purpose they are working spendidly!

  22. 2013 December 3 4:43 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    WEC, you have a point.

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