Zealot: “An immoderate, fanatical, or extremely zealous adherent to a cause”

2014 June 29
by justrand

From the time he was selected, early in his life, to be thrust upon America, Barack Hussein Obama has been surrounded by zealots.

His lives, the real one and the fictional one “sold” to America, were both scripted to ensure that America thought he was one thing (someone worthy to lead our nation), while in fact he was something else (a true-believing tool to “fundamentally transform” our country).

As he progressed his handlers were careful to surround him with the likes of Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, and Valerie Jarret.  They in turn made sure that he had plenty of zealots as foot-soldiers.  Once he was elected Resident of the White House, Obama (with his handlers blessings, of course), appointed zealots to key positions (e.g., Eric Holder), but more importantly was the message sent directly and indirectly to those lower down the chain.

The message was and is: “You KNOW what The Won wants…do his bidding and he will reward and protect you

FanaticsThis is the Thomas Becket gambit writ large.  In 1170 a.d., King Henry II simply asked: “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?”  Several of his zealots dispatched themselves to murder Becket…without needing to be directly charged to do so.

Lois Lerner was simply trying to “rid Obama of this turbulent Conservative opposition“.

And there are dozens of examples in dozens of agencies & departments where equally zealous ‘Lois Lerners’ have sought to do Lord Obama’s bidding…because they KNOW what will please his Awesomeness.

Even IF Lord Obama actually leaves the White House in January 2017, the zealots he and others have littered the governmental landscape with will remain…and will continue doing the bidding of their one true god: Progressivism!  Obama is, after all, only the physical manifestation of that god.

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  1. 2014 June 29 6:52 am
    gnqanq permalink

    On this board, all one has to do is go back to what Judy use to say. The people that came in with Obama had one intent and only one intent – make Obama look good. Results be damned, as long as Obama looked good, it was all that mattered.

    Good read on what is happening and what is to come. What many of us have been saying for some time.


    Alas, Obama is right about one thing. His presidency and the country are at a crossroads. The problem is that his response — woe is me — means things almost certainly will get worse before they get better.

    With polls showing most Americans don’t like his policies, don’t see him as honest and don’t believe he can lead effectively, we’re long past the point where the wheels come off, or even the moment where the car ends up in the ditch.

    Something approaching a national crack-up now appears inevitable. Recent events suggest it is coming sooner rather than later.

  2. 2014 June 29 7:43 am
    justrand permalink

    gnqanq: “Something approaching a national crack-up now appears inevitable. Recent events suggest it is coming sooner rather than later.”

    It was once said of the Russian people: “Never underestimate the capacity of the Russian people to endure suffering

    Sadly, I think it can now be said of the American people: “Never underestimate the capacity of the American people to believe everything will work itself out

    Everything WON’T “work itself out”…at least not in a way that most Americans will find pleasant or endurable.

    As Patrick Henry famously asked:
    But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance, by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?

    The myriad Kabuki theater performances..by BOTH Parties…are intended to make Americans think that everything will “work itself out”…just relax, be patient…sleeeeeep.

  3. 2014 June 29 8:38 am
    bc3b permalink

    Yet the media portrays people like Sarah {alin and Ted Cruz as extremist.

  4. 2014 June 29 9:02 am
    bc3b permalink

    O/T 27 Shot in Chicago since Friday:


    Gives new meaning to the old hit “Summer in the City.”

  5. 2014 June 29 9:12 am
    drdog09 permalink

    When the money runs out we will have only one choice left —

    “We haven’t the money so we’ve got to think” – Lord Ernest Rutherford (1871 – 1937)

  6. 2014 June 29 9:43 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Boozers Unite! — http://domesticfuel.com/2014/04/14/stanford-scientists-convert-co2-to-ethanol/ — We can solve the global warming problem (if there is one) by getting drunk.

  7. 2014 June 29 11:41 am

  8. 2014 June 29 11:48 am
    drdog09 permalink


    A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word.

    An earlier discussion had led to an argument and
    neither of them wanted to concede their position.

    As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs,
    the husband asked sarcastically, ‘Relatives of yours?’

    ‘Yep,’ the wife replied, ‘in-laws.’

  9. 2014 June 29 12:15 pm
    bc3b permalink

    ip727 #7 –

    Can you imagine a country in which squatters living in a country illegally receive better medical treatment than military veterans?

  10. 2014 June 29 1:01 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Divorce —

  11. 2014 June 29 1:15 pm
    gnqanq permalink

  12. 2014 June 29 1:54 pm
    justrand permalink

    drdog: “Can you imagine a country in which squatters living in a country illegally receive better medical treatment than military veterans?”

    um…the USA???

  13. 2014 June 29 2:01 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    GN, I have to say, that is the direct approach. Cheaper than the lawyers too!

  14. 2014 June 29 2:10 pm

    Save the lawyers, they be a needed source of protein one day.

  15. 2014 June 29 2:22 pm
    MI Conservative permalink

    Very good thread.

    All I can say is “Woe is me!”

  16. 2014 June 29 2:24 pm


  17. 2014 June 29 2:31 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Hmmm. I think the term should be TBF. They BF. We out number them. We are the producers they are not. Get control of a couple of bases and the ante rises quickly.

  18. 2014 June 29 3:08 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Wait, Lord Obama is making us all Billionaires…….just like in the socialist paradise of Zimbabwe!

    “Perhaps Someday We Can All Be Starving Billionaires

    By Chris Rossini

    Hyper-inflation can make us all billionaires.”


  19. 2014 June 29 3:49 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    GOPers do another purge — http://www.politico.com/story/2014/06/iowa-gop-replaces-state-party-chairman-108408.html — cut down rand paul’s support network.

  20. 2014 June 29 5:31 pm

  21. 2014 June 29 5:39 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    IP, saw that. I wonder if the wait staff accepts bullets for tips??

  22. 2014 June 29 5:46 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  23. 2014 June 29 6:32 pm
    justrand permalink

    Will Americans accept a weaponized IRS?

    THAT is the question

  24. 2014 June 29 7:02 pm


    After what the great unwashed has “accepted” for the last 6 years, they will accept anything.

  25. 2014 June 29 8:18 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Needs no comment

  26. 2014 June 30 4:23 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Something to share with your LIV friends — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FrGxO2Fn_M#t=206

  27. 2014 June 30 4:30 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Great — http://www.mrctv.org/videos/heritage-foundation-panelist-radical-islam — Now can we arrange a meeting between her and Kerry?

  28. 2014 June 30 6:33 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Hobby Lobby Wins! 5-4 decision.

  29. 2014 June 30 6:38 am
    justrand permalink

    I have a quick SCOTUS thread going up in a couple minutes

  30. 2014 June 30 6:39 am

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