Attack of the Triffids

2014 July 8
by drdog09

A great old SciFi classic from the 1960’s. Which seems appropriate to Obamacare. Yes dear reader, the Democrats planted this monstrosity; the GOPers can benefit from it by proper pruning and fertilizer. But I will let the New York Times lay down the germ of the idea —

No matter the reason, what’s clear is that Medicare Advantage is a strong and growing program, despite recent moderation in government subsidies. As Medicare Advantage grows, traditional Medicare necessarily shrinks and its influence on the American health care system weakens. If the trend continues, policies, including those in the Affordable Care Act, designed to use traditional Medicare as a tool to reshape health care delivery for all Americans may become less potent. Is there a tipping point at which traditional Medicare ceases to matter?

If so, we’re probably not there yet, but we may be moving toward it. Unless things change, the data suggest Mr. Gingrich may have been right in a way: Given a choice between traditional Medicare or more benefits from more highly subsidized private plans, Medicare beneficiaries may well be willing to let the former wither on the vine.

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Its the simpliest of ideas. You modify the law so that there is an adjunct to the program structured very much like the Medicare Advantage system. People can choose to go with the standard OCare plan or select a Advantage-like, private enterprise choice that is offered by the various companies. If as has happened in the Medicare system were to happen to OCare over time, given a sufficient stark contrast eventually the govt will devalue the system in scrapes over budgets in the years ahead.

Realistic? Sure. There is already a proven model. It works. The other factor that we conservatives must take to the battlefield is the fact that in the future the government will be scraping for every dollar it can. One of which is trading old program funding for new ones. The powers at be are just not desperate enough yet to entertain the idea, but it will come. Why not lay the ground work now, so at some future date some Pol will say —

“Nobody is enrolled in OCare so why keep it??”

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  1. 2014 July 8 4:37 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Keep in mind that as OCare is structured now, regardless of what private insurer you pick the benefits you get are fixed based on what plan level you select. Under a revised Advantage-like system your benefits would be based on the efficiency of the insurer, their network and the plan level you selected.

  2. 2014 July 8 5:49 am
    justrand permalink

    I love the Triffids analogy…let’s carry it further…

    in the movie the triffids spring up when the meteor shower BLINDS 99% of the population. The Democrats only had to blind 51% of the population to get ObamaCare passed…but it was the same principle.

    all that said, the goal of the Progressives remains to collapse virtually ALL private enterprise…especially the healthcare industry…and make everyone dependent on the government.

    it’s hard to object to ANYTHING the government does, if they can deprive you of medical care, food, shelter, and fuel as a result.

  3. 2014 July 8 6:01 am

    “By a quirk of the laws, I had to have my parents drive me to the airport so I could take flying lessons. I soloed at 15, legal driving age was 16 in the state at the time.”

    Makes sense, as it would be difficult to impregnate a teenager while aviating, not so with an automobile. (difficult, but not impossible)

  4. 2014 July 8 6:07 am
    bc3b permalink

    O/T For the first time yesterday Ted Cruz spoke out on two Important issues:

    1. The Mississippi runoff, stating that he believes an investigation is necessary

    2. The border crisis – Cruz states that 95% are looking for amnesty

  5. 2014 July 8 6:54 am
    The Ghost of Reason permalink

    We received an RNC fund raising letter yesterday (sounded desperate to be frank) which is the first one we have been sent since we left Missouri in ’08. A few points …. (1) We have not donated to the RNC in decade (2) We are now registered as independents (3) the last couple of letters we did receive from them asking for money we did tape the postage paid return envelope to a brick….. This time the return envelope was NOT postage paid. I thought that was a tad humorous and that I would share.

  6. 2014 July 8 7:40 am
    bc3b permalink

    Ghost #5 –

    The RNC, RNSC and RNCC stopped including postage-paid reply envelopes at the end of 2013 because of people like you and me.

    I doubt if the GOP is desperate for money. The Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers are contributing like never before. People like Sheldon Adelson have deep pockets. The Chamber of Commerce has spent $23 million so far in 2014 on sympathetic candidates who were being challenged by conservatives.

    The problem the GOP has is that Thomas Donohue (head of the CofC) and Sheldon Adelson only have one vote and the GOP has been p!ssing people like you and me off constantly.

  7. 2014 July 8 7:49 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Are you implying that the RNC is teachable???? 🙂

  8. 2014 July 8 7:56 am
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    What you are describing was called by the socialist-government medical control freaks as “The Government Option”……..not a good idea!

  9. 2014 July 8 7:57 am
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    “Several residents of Arena and the surrounding area posted complaints regarding some of the tactics used by police to track down the suspects. Thomas Smith’s contribution to the discussion, such as it was, was replete with misspellings, foul language, and racially charged language – “F**k the f*****g cops, they ant sh*t but f*****g racist bastards,” reads one representative sample.

    Whether that characterization was warranted, Smith had an unqualified right to express his opinions. He made no threats of violence, didn’t insinuate support for such acts, and had no means to carry out any threats he might have made. Yet he was arrested and charged with “disorderly conduct and unlawful use of a computerized communication system.” A jury quickly convicted him of that supposed offense.

    A Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judge overturned that conviction on July 3, ruling that nothing in Smith’s admittedly uncouth statement constituted “fighting words” or a “true threat” that would supposedly justify an exception to First Amendment protections. Although the conviction will be vacated, Smith was still kidnapped at gunpoint, shackled, fingerprinted, caged, and put through an expensive legal ordeal simply for making nasty comments about armed “public servants.”

    Police agencies across the country have been militarized and indoctrinated into the belief that the public is their enemy. Surely such bold and valiant badasses don’t require protection against nasty Facebook comments.”

  10. 2014 July 8 8:05 am
    TLS permalink

    Excellent article on the donation history in MS via Mark Levin:

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