NIH Spent Millions Frivilously; Now Cries Poor

2014 October 14
by bc3b
  • The NIH budget included $2.4 million for a new condom design whose inventor is now being investigated for fraud
  • Another $939,000 taught scientists that male fruit flies prefer younger females
  • $257,000 went to create a companion website for first lady Michelle Obama’s White House garden
  • It cost $592,000 to determine that chimpanzees with the best poop-flinging skills are also the best communicators, and another $117,000 to learn that most chimps are right-handed
  • NIH director Dr. Francis Collins complained Sunday that a lack of funding is behind his agency’s failure to produce an Ebola vaccine in time to combat this year’s epidemic

… and now it’s complaining about budget cuts.

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The things you only read about in the foreign press.

Hat tip: Daily Mail (UK)

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  1. 2014 October 14 9:18 am

    But but but the evil Republicans caused Ebola somehow by not approving increased NIH budgets or something… I saw it on the tv’s so it must be true.

    I swear that Wendy dipsh1t ad re: Abbott wheelchair really takes the cake but the above ads get runner up so far this season in the ridiculousness\desperation awards.

  2. 2014 October 14 10:28 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “The NIH budget included $2.4 million for a new condom design whose inventor is now being investigated for fraud”

    What the hell? What’s he doing? breeding different sized sheep or what?

  3. 2014 October 14 10:35 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Get this —

    TOP MEN/WOMEN: President Obama Already Has An Ebola Czar. Where Is She? “What’s particularly interesting about this discussion, then, is that nobody has even discussed the fact that the federal government not ten years ago created and funded a brand new office in the Health and Human Services Department specifically to coordinate preparation for and response to public health threats like Ebola. The woman who heads that office, and reports directly to the HHS secretary, has been mysteriously invisible from the public handling of this threat. And she’s still on the job even though three years ago she was embroiled in a huge scandal of funneling a major stream of funding to a company with ties to a Democratic donor—and away from a company that was developing a treatment now being used on Ebola patients.”

    Where is she indeed??

  4. 2014 October 14 10:42 am

    “Obamacare website won’t reveal insurance costs for 2015 until after election”

    But of course not!

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama does not plan to announce his choice for attorney general before the November elections, shielding the nomination from the rough-and-tumble of midterm election politics.

    Like duh!

    “The White House is preparing for the prospect of trying to push through a nominee in the year-end congressional session while Democrats still have a 10-seat majority in the Senate.”

    Like double duh, and I’m sure that will not be the only nomination or legislation attempted to be rammed though.

  5. 2014 October 14 10:44 am

    3 – Hiding and collecting a pay check I’m sure, least the above start making the news cycle if she is brought out of hiding. 😉

  6. 2014 October 14 10:53 am
    drdog09 permalink

    5, Yep, its incompetence all the way down…

  7. 2014 October 14 11:24 am
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Stupid story……the “gumbermint” never wastes money!

    “With dollar signs in their eyes, Pentagon officials have jumped on the global warming bandwagon and ”released a report Monday asserting decisively that climate change poses an immediate threat to national security, with increased risks from terrorism, infectious disease, global poverty and food shortages.” What’s the answer to these many woes? Why, to give the military-industrial complex lots and lots and lots of money.

    Why is ISIS gaining ground? Because global warming. The climate experts at the DOD say so.

    Not that the Defense Department was ever at risk of seeing any real cuts. What backers of the Pentagon call “draconian cuts” are never more than tiny trims to the rate of increase in Pentagon spending, and of course, the Pentagon is awash on money today, just as it has always been every single day since 1945.

    Conservatives and other pro-military groups will likely take issue with this latest bid for more cash from the Pentagon, not because they think the Pentagon is already overfunded but because they’re against the acceptance of global warming/climate change as a real phenomenon. This will be mentioned in the right wing press, but largely overlooked, because for them, the Pentagon is to always be treated with deference and credulity whenever it demands more money.”

  8. 2014 October 14 11:24 am
    bc3b permalink

  9. 2014 October 14 11:26 am
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    “The generals, all of whom are political appointees and lifelong bureaucrats who haven’t held real jobs in decades, will be more than happy to come up with exciting new plans for dealing with global warming, and all the manpower and trillions of dollars that will require over the next 30 or 40 years. It would unpatriotic to do anything less. National security is at stake.”

  10. 2014 October 14 11:29 am
    TLS permalink

    Our local hospital was looking for a buy out before Sept 19. I still haven’t heard if they got any offers, but if they didn’t the hospital will close at year end. Why? They are losing money due to unpaid bills. We live in an agricultural area and they have a very busy maternity ward.

  11. 2014 October 14 11:44 am
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    “Don’t Abolishing Rather Than Tweaking Social Security

    For 70 years the government has asserted its right and duty to plan the retirement of the American people through a compulsory pension system perversely called Social Security.

    Now, finally, the game is almost up, with not enough people in the working-age population to subsidize all the retirees who have been promised a certain level of income in their later years.

    However, rather than admit that it’s all been a fraud and simply end this forced intergenerational redistribution of wealth, even the pro-market advocates merely propose various tweakings of the system: raise the retirement age, lower the promised benefits, and allow Americans to “invest” a portion of their plundered money into government-approved mutual-fund accounts.

    This is not freedom; it is merely a continuation of the same old compulsory system under different rules and regulations.

    What might a real market reform look like? Well, one possibility would be to just abolish Social Security.

    The government directly owns more than one quarter of all the land in the United States. The land could be sold off at public auctions over a period of time with the proceeds being disbursed to Social Security recipients in descending order beginning with the oldest recipients.

    Best estimates suggest that the payments would more or less equal what the government robbed from them over the decades.

    With Social Security taxes gone and millions of acres of formerly government-owned land transferred into the productive hands of private individuals, those who have been victimized by the system and who cannot make ends meet would and could rely on the benevolence and generosity of good people—just as it was before Social Security was imposed in the 1930s as part of FDR’s New Deal.”

  12. 2014 October 14 11:47 am
    TLS permalink

    I just looked it up, our hospital will change to an urgent care on Nov 17 and will no longer offer maternity. Gee, what a surprise.

  13. 2014 October 14 11:59 am
    drdog09 permalink


    That’s interesting. I can figure that they will spend less money being an urgent care facility. What I don’t see is how that will make them break-even. The same clientele that did not have money for babies won’t have it for a broken arm.

  14. 2014 October 14 1:01 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Crude oil prices dropping like a feather — — might actually see $2.50 at the pump.

  15. 2014 October 14 1:41 pm
    TLS permalink

    #13 I wonder as well, but I know that maternity is the biggest drag. Because we are close to the military base they do get military families who have insurance, but military families are required to use the base hospital for maternity. They changed that somewhere between 2003 and 2006. My first 2 kids were born in town but my 3rd had to be delivered on the base. Maybe that’s part of it. The urgent care will also offer a dialysis center. Sucks for us though because we have 3 kids and the nearest major medical center is now a minimum of 45 mins away.

  16. 2014 October 14 1:42 pm
    TLS permalink

  17. 2014 October 14 1:49 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Thank Obocare for that one TLS.

  18. 2014 October 14 1:59 pm
    TLS permalink

    Yep. And illegal immigration. Heck, let’s have some more!! *sigh*

  19. 2014 October 14 2:11 pm
    justrand permalink

    the CDC and NIH also spent several MILLION dollars on a study of…”Obesity rates in Lesbians”


    EVERYTHING in the Obama Regime is optics and politics…everything!

  20. 2014 October 14 3:31 pm

    14 – I don’t see them falling too much further >75, that said of the current pricing… Putin and some other non-friends of ours hardest hit.

    More workplace (or outside the workplace) violence.

  21. 2014 October 14 6:18 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “HEALTH COSTS: Ebola Preparation ‘Will bankrupt my hospital!’ Director Reacts to CDC Prep Call. “Treating one Ebola patient requires, full time, 20 medical staff. Mostly ICU (intensive care unit) people. So that would wipe out an ICU in an average-sized hospital.”

    Yes, and that is why if Ebola gets out in the wild here in the US it will be the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918 all over again with a 70% death rate factor.

  22. 2014 October 14 6:33 pm
    mulletover permalink

    In spite of government fumbling and bumbling, Kentucky company that makes ZMapp forges ahead devoting entire resources to the Ebola drug.

    All delays in getting this drug to market or trials are guaranteed to be the result of obamacrats screw ups.

  23. 2014 October 14 8:10 pm
    drdog09 permalink

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