Never Again??

2015 November 16
by drdog09

Or does the lack of ovens make this acceptable?

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  1. 2015 November 16 6:03 am
    drdog09 permalink

    I won’t apologize if this upsets someone, it SHOULD. Get even, not mad or shocked.

  2. 2015 November 16 6:47 am
    JBoz permalink

    Not a matter of “if” this will happen in the US, but when. What is in place here to prevent this from happening? The populace is mostly disarmed, either voluntarily or coerced. Unvetted foreigners are allowed, even encouraged to stream unabated through our porous border. Muslims are coddled in this country, and propped up as innocent victims of Islamophobia. Political Correctness run amok fosters a culture where we can’t even acknowledge radical Islam as a problem. Our POTUS won’t even utter the words radical Islam, let alone acknowledge its existence. It’s going to happen here…we are sitting ducks, and we are paralyzed by incompetent leadership and a complicit press.

    Paris was carried out by 8 terrorist foot soldiers. Imagine a coordinated attack by 100 or 500. So, where will it be here? Nightclubs, concerts, stadiums like in Paris? Anywhere the defenseless gather unprotected in large groups, just living their lives. Think something that will strike the greatest terror in the our hearts. Maybe grade schools, shopping malls, churches?

  3. 2015 November 16 7:32 am
    justrand permalink

    drdog, that picture and the videos of the planes flying into the World Trade Centers should be shown EVERY DAY by every channel.

    And that picture, as JBoz notes, WILL be recreated here on American soil. Because the Jihadis are NOT “contained”…they’re on the rise. Islam is on the rise. And Obama is their cheerleader.

    Again, a higher percentage of Muslims are radicalized and militant, than the percent of Germans who were Nazis. A MUCH higher percentage.

  4. 2015 November 16 7:48 am

    When, not if it happens, the response from obowel will be to push for more “gun control”.

  5. 2015 November 16 7:50 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “What is in place here to prevent this from happening?” — JBoz

    I can’t speak for others JBoz, but as one American, armed and carry, I will shoot back to the best of my ability. Not every American needs to be armed to be a deterrent. It only takes a percentage. We the People are responsible for OUR security.

  6. 2015 November 16 8:06 am
    justrand permalink

    IP, folks on this site and others are already clamor ing for MORE “gun control”!

    Strong “gun control” measures like:
    – Sight alignment / Sight picture
    – B-R-A-S-S (Breathe…Relax…Aim…Slack…Squeeze)
    – Ensure your guns are well maintained


  7. 2015 November 16 9:06 am
    bc3b permalink

    BJG Football Standings

    College Division

    bc3b: 135-73/11-9
    JBoz: 132-76/10-10
    Fight On: 126-82/11-9
    Mullet: 121-87/10-10
    Deckard: 121-87/10-10
    MI Conservative: 116-92/10-10
    Justrand: 108-110/7-13
    RP: 105-103/8-12

    NFL Division
    Deckard: 84-40/8-4
    MI Conservative: 80-44/5-7
    bc3b: 79-45/6-6
    Mullet: 75-49/6-6
    Justrand: 74-50/8-4
    TLS: 72-52/8-4
    Fight On: 68-56/4-8
    RJH: 61-63/4-8
    drdog09: 56-68/4-8

    Bad week for most of us, particularly with all the college upsets. Aren’t you glad the Lions-Packers game wasn’t pone of the NFL

    Think you had a bad weekend? Peyton Manning threw for 35 yards and tossed four interceptions in 2-1/2 quarters Sunday. On the season he has thrown nearly twice as many interceptions as touchdown passes. Some guys don’t know when to hang it up.

  8. 2015 November 16 9:14 am
    bc3b permalink

    JBoz #2 –

    Very true. Yet, Muslims are the fastest growing group in the US and Arabic is the fastest growing language. It’s like we’re suicidal.

    Barack Obama may nominally be a Christian, but there’s no doubt that his sympathies lie with Muslims.

  9. 2015 November 16 11:55 am
    The Ghost of Reason permalink

    Obama is not a Christian. Please do not make that mistake again. That is offensive to my common sense….

  10. 2015 November 16 12:13 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  11. 2015 November 16 12:40 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    From an email …

    Here is what Germany is finding out about their recent flood of immigrants.

    A Female Physician in Munich, Germany sends a message to the world . . . . .
    Yesterday at the hospital we had a meeting about how the situation here and at the other Munich hospitals is unsustainable. Clinics cannot handle emergencies, so they are starting to send everything to the hospitals.

    Many Muslims are refusing treatment by female staff and, we women, are refusing to go among with those animals, especially from Africa. Relations between the staff and migrants are going from bad to worse. Since last weekend, migrants going to the hospitals must be accompanied by police with K-units. Many migrants have AIDS, syphilis, open TB and many exotic diseases that we, in Europe, do not know how to treat. If they receive a prescription in the pharmacy, they learn they have to pay cash. This leads to unbelievable outbursts, especially when it is about drugs for the children. They abandon the children with pharmacy staff with the words:
    “So, cure them here yourselves!” So the police are not just guarding the clinics and hospitals, but also large pharmacies.

    Truly we said openly: Where are all those who had welcomed in front of TV cameras, with signs at train stations? Yes, for now, the border has been closed, but a million of them are already here and we will definitely not be able to get rid of them.

    Until now, the number of unemployed in Germany was 2.2 million. Now it will be at least 3.5 million. Most of these people are completely unemployable. A bare minimum of them have any education. What is more, their women usually do not work at all. I estimate that one in ten is pregnant. Hundreds of thousands of them have brought along infants and little kids under six, many emaciated and neglected. If this continues and German re-opens its borders, I’m going home to the Czech Republic. Nobody can keep me here in this situation, not even double the salary than at home. I went to Germany, not to Africa or the Middle East.
    Even the professor who heads our department told us how sad it makes him to see the cleaning woman, who for 800 Euros cleans every day for years, and then meets young men in the hallways who just wait with their hand outstretched,

    They want everything for free, and when they don’t get it they throw a fit.

    I really don’t need this! But I’m afraid that if I return, that at some point it will be the same in the Czech Republic. If the Germans, with their nature cannot handle this, there in Czechia it would be total chaos. Nobody who has not come in contact with them has no idea what kind of animals they are, especially the ones from Africa, and how Muslims act superior to our staff, regarding their religious accommodation.
    For now, the local hospital staff has not come down with the diseases they brought here, but, with so many hundreds of patients every day – this is just a question of time.

    In a hospital near the Rhine, migrants attacked the staff with knives after they had handed over an 8-month-old on the brink of death, which they had dragged across half of Europe for three months. The child died in two days, despite having received top care at one of the best pediatric clinics in Germany. The physician had to undergo surgery and two nurses are laid up in the ICU. Nobody has been punished.
    The local press is forbidden to write about it, so we know about it through email. What would have happened to a German if he had stabbed a doctor and nurses with a knife? Or if he had flung his own syphilis-infected urine into a nurse’s face and so threatened her with infection?

    At a minimum he’d go straight to jail and later to court. With these people – so far, nothing has happened.

    And so I ask, where are all those greeters and receivers from the train stations? Sitting pretty at home, enjoying their non-profits and looking forward to more trains and their next batch of cash from acting like greeters at the stations. If it were up to me I would round up all these greeters and bring them here first to our hospital’s emergency ward, as attendants. Then, into one building with the migrants so they can look after them there themselves, without armed police, without police dogs who today are in every hospital here in Bavaria, and without medical help.

  12. 2015 November 16 1:36 pm

    camp of the saints ~~~anyone?

  13. 2015 November 16 1:39 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Toady’s immigrants are far different from immigrants of a century ago and today’s refugees are different than those of 40-60 years ago.

    A century ago, US citizens were less educated and immigrants came primarily from developed countries in Europe. The transition was far easier and the new citizens were anxious to assimilate. With each generation, they became less Polish, Irish, German and more American. There was no “Dial 2 for Polish” and no free stuff.

    Following the Hungarian Revolution and the fall of Vietnam, the US accepted tens of thousands of refugees. They were just grateful to be here. They assimilated and many became small business owners. They weren’t looing for special accommodations and there was zero chance that any would be terrorists.

  14. 2015 November 16 2:14 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Israel’s most comprehensive success in counter-terrorism, the suppression of suicide bombings after 2002, was the cleanest covert war in history. In September I spent a week with a group of Israeli counter-terror specialists who gave private seminars in an Asian country. The off-the-record meetings included a former cabinet member and two retired generals, among others. The lessons of the Second Intifada were straightforward, the Israelis explained to their Asian audience. The first rule is to separate the hard core of active terrorists from their passive supporters in the ambient population. The second is to control the movement of terrorists themselves (the Israelis accomplished this by erecting a security fence separating Palestinian-majority areas of the West Bank from Israeli population centers). The third is to coordinate human, electronic and other intelligence; the fourth is to push information down from central agencies down to the operational level as soon as possible, in order to enable rapid response to time-sensitive information. The fifth is to define and disrupt the whole chain of terrorist activity: the bomb-makers to build the suicide vests, the recruiters who persuade suicide bombers to wear them, the scouts who locate targets, the transporters who bring the bombers to their targets, and so forth.

    The whole thing here —

  15. 2015 November 16 2:23 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Something to think about, soon — — “Who is your Godfather?”

  16. 2015 November 16 2:51 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #6 Gun control means never having to say “I missed you”.

  17. 2015 November 16 2:55 pm
    JustMary permalink

    What’s in place to keep it from happening? Nothing. I honestly wish we had a leader like Bibi who recognized terror for what it was. He actually cares about his people though. Can Americans put up a fight? Yes. Can folks with concealed carry be of some assistance? Yes. But what about folks in crap states like CA who can’t get CC? Sitting ducks. For this reason, I feel like those states will be the first hit. Gunmen are chickens, so they obviously won’t try this crap in a room full of armed men who could shoot back.

  18. 2015 November 16 3:01 pm
    JustMary permalink

    Btw- Bruce pointed out the song that was playing when the events in this picture took place. Who wants to be singing praises to satan when they’re killed? He’s not exactly going to be greeting you with hearts and rainbows.

  19. 2015 November 16 3:12 pm

  20. 2015 November 16 3:32 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  21. 2015 November 16 3:32 pm
    JustMary permalink

    #20 That’s a phone number that belongs on restroom walls. For a good time, call…

    Dear help desk,

    My goat isn’t in the mood. What should I do?

    Oh the fun we could have.

  22. 2015 November 16 3:40 pm
    RepublicanPundit permalink

    We who were commenting here in2008 warned against electing a liberal demorat during wartimes. We were right, but that is little compensation. The world is burning and our Asshole in Chief is fiddling.

  23. 2015 November 16 4:05 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Betcha they don’t have “Press one for Arabic, two for English…” either.

  24. 2015 November 16 4:07 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    “Yes operator, this is The Honey Baked Ham Company. We are calling to verify the delivery locations, for your orders…..”

  25. 2015 November 16 4:50 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    More Steyn….

    “Just in case our enemies needed another reason to despise us, today the inactivist group Somnolent Tilty-Headed Wankers for Peace launched an exciting new graphic: the same old clapped-out hippie peace symbol but incorporating the Eiffel Tower! Isn’t that a cool, stylish way of showing how saddy-saddy-sadcakes you are about all those corpses in the streets of Paris? It’s already gone viral! And that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

    Our enemies use social media to distribute snuff videos as a means of recruitment. We use it to confirm to them how passive and enervated we are: What was it the last time blood ran in the streets of Paris? Oh, yeah, a pencil – for all those dead cartoonists. But, given that blood in the streets of Paris looks like becoming a regular event, it helps to have something of general application. What about, ooh, a tricolor with a blue tear at the end? No, better yet: a peace symbol with a croissant in the middle. No, wait…”

    And remember….

    The alien is an Islamist.

  26. 2015 November 16 5:02 pm


    pfft that was clear about 5 seconds after the PM made veiled ‘we’ll get them’ remarks… France isn’t gonna do pretty much anything.

  27. 2015 November 16 5:04 pm
    justrand permalink

    PERFECT clip, drdog.

    Negotiating with someone (or something) whose opening position is “DIE!” is beyond ridiculous!

    To be fair, Islam offers us the option of SLAVERY…until they kill us. They’re the Religion of Peace ™, after all

  28. 2015 November 16 5:20 pm

    post 21~~good stuff~~thx

  29. 2015 November 16 6:46 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Looking at the Daily Mail and few other Euro sites, the frogs have their dander up. But angst does not ‘solve’ the problem. The govt needs to ID the perps then shut up. If the French have any guts, then the crowd would assemble en-masse march into these enclaves and one by one burn the SOBs out. Till these perps fear the crowd more than the govt they will continue their attacks.

    France, where is your Robespierre when you need him??

  30. 2015 November 16 7:06 pm

    Where is patton when they need him.

  31. 2015 November 16 9:03 pm

  32. 2015 November 17 6:13 am
    Spielberg… all things considered…. maybe, but wtf Barbra Streisand and Barbara Mikulski and these (in the grand scheme of things) dime a dozen music performers???

  33. 2015 November 17 8:05 am

  34. 2015 November 17 8:07 am

    “UN warns Europe against ‘backtracking’ on migrant commitments”

    Or what?? lol

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