Cash War

2016 November 26
by drdog09

But, as difficult as it may be to accept, these are “the good old days”. The direst events to come have not yet begun to surface.

As I’ve mentioned in past articles, the problem reaches its nadir when trucks that move the country’s food come to a halt. As long as sufficient food remains available to us, we treat it as just another commodity. But unlike clothing, hardware, vehicles, etc., when our source of food is cut off, even for a very short period, we become frightfully aware that its level of importance is far beyond that of any other commodity.

It’s been said that the average person abandons his moral inhibitions after three days without food. After this time, an otherwise morally responsible man is literally prepared to kill his neighbour for a loaf of bread.


My daughter can attest to the disaster that has befallen India. She just got back from there two weeks ago now. India instituted the ban on large denomination notes the last two days of their trip. They had to request friends help them with assembling enough cash just to prepare for the trip to the airport for their return. Essentially things are grinding to a halt in that country vis a vis everyday commerce.

You should take it as a warning. There are ranking .gov types talking about doing the same thing here. Primarily eliminate the $100 bill. The pitch will be to prevent drug trade, but the reality is they want us to move to credit/debit cards so they can track our every move. (watch ‘Enemy of the State’ where that can lead.)

So what steps should you take. Well I will tell you mine and you can assess the same for your situation:

* A BitCoin account. A must. Preferably resident with a clearing house entity offshore. I currently use Bitfinex. Remember you use BTC’s for transaction’s not as a savings account, so keep your holdings here at a comfortable level.
* Metals. Either gold or silver. Though I favor silver for its price points and its suitability for everyday trading. Silver can have large price swings so if that makes you uncomfortable use gold. Just realize its like carrying a $1000 bill in your pocket less manageable for trading.
* Tangibles. Ammo, liquor, drugs (legal) in a real SHTF situation can be traded for other tangibles. Fact they may have more value than any other item you can think of.

Notice I did not include tangible cash on the list. Some might want to include it. My concern is, the govt could declare the USD worthless script tomorrow in a debt repudiation scheme leaving you without any funds at all. It happened to the Russians in 1993. It is a real possibility here.

Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut out there in regards to your preps.

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  1. 2016 November 26 8:35 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    James Rawles in a recent interview stated that the average family has 3 days worth of food.

    He stated that he believe that you should have at least 6 months of food, 1500+ rounds per gun, cash and precious metals (gold & silver with an emphasis on silver).

  2. 2016 November 26 9:12 pm
    justrand permalink

    I was hopeful when Trump won…now I’m fearful they’ll steal it.

    So how DOES Atlas shrug these days?

    More discussion tomorrow…

  3. 2016 November 27 3:00 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Stein’s fund raising has some issues — — So who were the big donors up front??

  4. 2016 November 27 4:07 am

    Bcoin isn’t gonna help you, for the most part, still traceable, yes there are still ways…but they are now fewer and farther between as the feds have inserted themselves into the exchanges, yes even some (though not all yet) off-shore ones, if they touch US dollars or a US bank in anyway, they probably can’t be trusted.

    OT: Didn’t Bitfinex get robbed of like 60 million of customer money this summer in some hack?

    BTW removing the 100$ while I’m sure they’ll try it the ‘drug’ or anything else excuse isn’t going to fly… too many people still use it now especially in major metros. In-fact we really should be introducing\re-introducing the 500$ bill given how much sh1t costs these days but I digress…

    “watch ‘Enemy of the State’ where that can lead.” – We’re already there, we’ve been there from ~2010+ (actually in some ways it’s even worse than the movie).

    3 – I assume that’s a rhetorical question. 🙂

  5. 2016 November 27 5:42 am
    President Paul permalink

  6. 2016 November 27 7:29 am
    justrand permalink

    the Feds have most of America literally by the balls regarding financial transactions, but drdog’s tips can help loosen the grip a bit if you can do them

    one of the biggest ways to loosen the Fed’s grip on your balls is to engage in barter for goods and services as often as possible…the key is to have goods & services you can barter for & with

  7. 2016 November 27 7:46 am
    justrand permalink

    Some good “eulogies” at the bottom of this article. They left out pointing out how “Hitler was instrumental in the launching of the Volkswagon”

  8. 2016 November 27 7:51 am
    justrand permalink

    And another take on the “recount” bullshit…one I hadn’t thought of. Question: does the existence of a recount in progress “de-certify” results for purposes of the Electoral College? Dunno.

  9. 2016 November 27 7:54 am
    drdog09 permalink


    The issue as I see it is not trying to hide the ‘money’ as it is to have a transaction medium. Yep they have had a hack. But I hate to say, nearly every exchange has had one.

    “As Figure 3 shows, consumers have a lot of low-value transactions each month, and typically use cash for these payments. About one-third of the average consumer’s monthly payments involve transactions with a “ticket size” less than $10, and the average consumer uses cash for two-thirds of these transactions. In fact, consumers use cash for half of all of their transactions valued at less than $50. Interestingly, both the actual number of cash transactions and cash’s share of all transactions fall as the ticket size rises, while the number of card payments remains roughly the same regardless of ticket size.1 As ticket size rises above $100, the number and share of electronic payments and checks take a significant leap, in part due to the influence of bill payments. ”

    If the above is true, A $500 bill is unlikely.

  10. 2016 November 27 8:03 am
    bc3b permalink

    Who the “F” is Shailene Woodley and why should I care what she thinks?

  11. 2016 November 27 8:09 am
    JBoz permalink

    JR #2 – I understand how you feel. I feel the same way, mainly because I’ve seen what these people do when they set their minds to it. But I would MUCH rather have DJT’s hand than Hillary’s hand. This is a hail Mary pass with 30 seconds to go and they are behind by 2 touchdowns. Here is why I think we can all relax:

    1) Trump is the President-elect, not Hillary. Good place to be.
    2) He has 306 EVs, she has 232 EVs.
    3) Overturning at this point would be a disaster for our nation, and they all know it.
    4) Trump’s approval rating has jumped by 10 points since he was elected. He’s stronger now than before. The public would revolt, hers would be a failed presidency from the get go, and they know it.
    5) The margin in each of the 3 states is insurmountable. Yes, fraud could be interjected, but it would be blatant at that point, and they really don’t want to go there.
    6) Jill Stein’s motivation is very clear now…not to win any of these challenges, but to raise money for the Green Party.
    7) Her financial backers are not really trying to overturn this election. They know they can’t. They either just want to create chaos in order to benefit financially, or they want to further delegitimize Trump to kneecap his presidency.
    8) This is single elimination, with 3 states where there is a significant vote lead and zero evidence of fraud or tampering. They would have to overturn all three states. The odds of overturning just one state is probably 5% or lower. To get all 3, the odds are very, very steep.

    I know we are all sports fans. We never relax in the big games, even when our teams have a commanding lead. We want to hear the final buzzer before we celebrate. Bottom line – Trump will be POTUS. Yes, he needs to be vigilant, but relax…he’s got this.

  12. 2016 November 27 8:27 am
    drdog09 permalink

    I am not going to cry a river, but somebody at the DNC should stop this charade. If they think that sitting on the sidelines is enough cover the are deluded. The Democrats could end up an ash heap because of this recount business.

  13. 2016 November 27 8:28 am
    President Paul permalink

    Woodley is kinda the new hollywood it girl. Kinda like JLaw has been.

  14. 2016 November 27 8:30 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Again another reason to go to a recount in CA. Probably a million votes are illegal. HRC would then lose the popular vote argument.

  15. 2016 November 27 9:56 am
    justrand permalink

    JBoz: “3) Overturning at this point would be a disaster for our nation, and they all know it.”

    JBoz, what you call a “bug”, they call a “FEATURE”. 🙂

    This whole recount bullshit is like having a piece of gravel stuck in one of your sandals as you’re walking along. You KNOW it isn’t dangerous…but until you stop and take your sandal off, you can’t shake it loose. Until the Trump is sworn in, that “gravel” will still be pissing me off! 👿

  16. 2016 November 27 9:58 am
    justrand permalink

    drdog, East L.A. alone delivered several hundred THOUSAND illegal votes…but ferreting them out would be near impossible. We are a rigged State…at least in certain areas.

  17. 2016 November 27 10:46 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Boy the world is small. My wife and I are helping my granddaughter with her english using skype. She will be the only one in her class speaking english with a southern accent! 🙂

  18. 2016 November 27 11:01 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Here’s a podcast to curl your ears — — ‘Calling Whites racist for 8 years has consequences.’ Title.

  19. 2016 November 27 11:32 am
    TLS permalink

    Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone at BJG!! I hope you all had a relaxing and wonderful holiday.

    #18 There’s an interesting article which I can’t find at the moment, based on this:

    The article takes the current 11 mil estimate of illegals that’s been used for decades and replaces the numbers based on a low estimate of 30 mil illegals. That would put the estimated of illegals voting at almost 3 mil in Los Angeles county alone, instead of 3 mil nationwide.

  20. 2016 November 27 11:36 am
    justrand permalink

    happy Thanksgiving to you too, TLS! belatedly, but wholeheartedly 🙂

  21. 2016 November 27 11:37 am
    justrand permalink

    never seen this before…VERY compelling

  22. 2016 November 27 12:04 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  23. 2016 November 27 1:08 pm
    bc3b permalink

    TLS #21 –

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    I think the 30 million figure for illegal aliens is very realistic. 11 million has been the official number since around 2000. You constantly see photos of scores of illegals crossing the border. Couple that with the “refugees” from Central America, visa overstays, etc. and 30 million makes absolute sense.

    Now illegals aren’t just from Mexico and Central America, Thy are from the Middle East, Africa, China, India and who knows where else.

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