Sunday Open Thread

2016 November 13
by bc3b

What’s on your mind?

  • Tuesday’s election
  • The Trump Presidency
  • Anti-Trump proptesters
  • Illegal immigration
  • Health care
  • Bill and Hillary’s future
  • Barack and Mooch’s future
  • Football or hockey
  • Cheerleaders and ice girls (like Courtni below)

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  1. 2016 November 13 5:45 am
    bc3b permalink

    What’s on my mind? the new weekend anchor on Fox News Detroit. Tight slacks and a rack that would choke a good size whale.

  2. 2016 November 13 6:42 am
    JBoz permalink

    On my mind is this weird feeling that Bernie Sanders very realistically could have beaten Trump. Why? Because once the MSM and DNC machines put their full resources behind him, and once his rallies rivaled Trump levels of enthusiasm, it would have been a very different outcome. The Socialist vs Capitalist thing wouldn’t have had as much punch as we all think. And I believe that disenfranchised, and hurting whites in PA, WI and MI might have fallen for his populist free shit message.

    Yes, the Democrat Party is in turmoil, but they won’t be for long. They morph and learn faster than we do. They regenerate. They still have the MSM squarely behind them, plus they are profoundly dishonest, which actually works to their advantage. We simply can’t afford to do the touchdown dance. They are coming back in 2020, and they will be coming hard. If we want a chance to hold power, we have to get serious, strategic…and ruthless.

    Trump needs:

    * Quick and decisive wins.
    * Demonstrable efforts to truly expose the depths of corruption in government, and real measures to actually drain the swamp. He needs some heads on a stick…very public and high profile takedowns with clear and indisputable evidence presented. With each takedown, he needs to reinforce the message that these were acts of treason and direct assaults on We The People.
    * To shut down illegal immigration NOW (wall can’t be built fast enough) by aggressively enforcing harsh penalties for companies who hire illegals.
    * To put immediate measures in place to bring manufacturing jobs back, including incentives for companies to invest in “redevelopment zones” in the rust belt.
    * To implement a common-sense and free-market based healthcare provision to replace Obamacare.
    * A major transparency initiative to reveal the truth about our economy, and anything else relevant that has been obfuscated from the public. And he needs to POUND this home. The “They have been lying to you, and here is the proof!” needs to be shouted from the rooftops.
    * To figure out how to neutralize the press. Either force them to play his game, or freeze them out and go direct to the people. Not looking for the 24/7 tingly leg thing, but the 24/7 bashing they did to GWB cannot be tolerated.
    * Hate to say it, but he needs to fuck the blue states and focus measures to improve the economy in red states. Fuck NY. Fuck CA. Fuck MA. Fuck CO. Fuck all of New England. The coming economic renaissance needs to take place in states that supported him.

    I probably have more…but only on my 2nd cup of coffee.

  3. 2016 November 13 6:47 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Excellent points JBoz!!

    One point you missed that should happen, Melani and Ivanka should be included in some of the pics on the site.

  4. 2016 November 13 7:01 am
    JBoz permalink

    And sorry for my screed above. And sorry for the F-bombs (will try to rein that in). I just feel strongly that we have a narrow window to cement this. Screw the olive branch. Screw all the “Our Nation needs to heal” crap. Screw the tolerance. Screw the blatant violations of our laws. We are up by a touchdown, their QB is out, and their entire defensive front line and secondary is banged up. Time to run up the f-ing score.

    Oh, and one more thing. My portfolio is about 50% cash in anticipation of a possible HRC win. Now that the jubilation has settled down a little, I am researching stocks that should over-index positive in a Trump administration. Will be realigning my portfolio over the next few days.

  5. 2016 November 13 7:10 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    In the past the GOP establishment didn’t want to screw anyone when they won like Dems do. When they lost they did not fight and instead gave in and rolled merrily along.

    Hopefully Trump will change that. That’s one of the reasons he won the primary and election. I didn’t care about what he said overall because I was ONE of the pissed off, angry white guys. From day 1 I was on the Trump Train just to get even with the GOP establishment. I hope I chose wisely.

  6. 2016 November 13 7:13 am
    JBoz permalink

    MIC #5 “…because I was ONE of the pissed off, angry white guys.”

    Maybe you should have changed your avatar to a different picture 🙂

  7. 2016 November 13 7:15 am
    justrand permalink

    In 2008 Obama swept into office on a meaningless slogan of “Hope & Change”.
    8 years of the REALITY of Obama led America to reject Democrat control of government…as the chart shows.

    BUT, don’t get TOO happy…Obama and his ilk FILLED administrative and bureaucratic positions to a depth never before seen. They remain, faceless Administrators and Bureaucrats…and weeding them out will take years, decades!!

    The media is even MORE corrupt and biased, and our “educational” system is ever more PROPAGANDA for Socialism and Social “Justice”.


  8. 2016 November 13 7:25 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Is dis better?

  9. 2016 November 13 7:25 am
    justrand permalink

    I may have to change my avatar from Taras Bulba to…hmmm?…gotta think about it.

  10. 2016 November 13 7:26 am
    bc3b permalink

    Very perceptive thoughts, JBoz, MIC and JR.

    I agree with JBoz that the Dems will regenerate fasrwe than Republicans do. My question: will they learn from 2016 or move further left? My guess is that they will move further left.

  11. 2016 November 13 7:28 am
    JBoz permalink

    8 – LOL

  12. 2016 November 13 7:30 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Look at Senate map for 2018. Could be great for GOP even in an off year!!!

    By Info por favor – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

  13. 2016 November 13 7:31 am
    bc3b permalink

    2016 was the first presidential election since Reagan in which whites, particularly the white working class voted for its own self-interest.

    Why is it racist when white vote for their own self interests, but not when blacks and Hispanics do?

  14. 2016 November 13 7:32 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Click on “link” messed it up a little. Maybe someone can clean it up for me.

  15. 2016 November 13 7:33 am
    JBoz permalink

    BC – I have no doubt they move further left. The question is whether they can bring centrist Democrats with them. Much harder to crack the whip when they don’t control a single branch of government. So, if they do…Trump needs to quickly figure out how to build a bridge to the centrist wing without alienating his conservative base. This will essentially become a chess match. If he can do this effectively, it’s game over for the left.

  16. 2016 November 13 7:35 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    23 Dems, 2 independents and just 8 Republicans up in 2018.

    If the GOP doesn’t have a bunch of nuts running they should add to their majority.

  17. 2016 November 13 7:36 am
    bc3b permalink

    Various thoughts:

    With Washington, Clemson and Michigan all losing the college football playoff picture is really in disarray. It makes the upcomomg Michigan – Ohio State game really important.

    Because my daughter has to go to work at noon we went to 8AM mass. Saw a bunch of people I didn’t know existed. She is really excited because she bought her first new car Friday.

  18. 2016 November 13 7:36 am
    justrand permalink

    Bc3b: “Why is it racist when white vote for their own self interests, but not when blacks and Hispanics do?”

    It’s RACIST! just to ask the question. :))

    But, as it happens Hut1369 is “Under New Management”, and thus “Closed for Renovation”.

    If we’re not careful it will re-open in 2020.

  19. 2016 November 13 7:38 am
    JBoz permalink

    BC #13 – “Why is it racist when white vote for their own self interests, but not when blacks and Hispanics do?”

    The interesting thing is that when whites vote for their self interest, the entire country benefits, including (and maybe especially) minorities. When blacks and hispanics vote their self-interest, only they seem to benefit, and the burden is shouldered by the rest of us.

  20. 2016 November 13 7:42 am
    JBoz permalink

    The GOP also needs to act in its own self-interest. I’m 100% in favor of helping blacks and hispanics, but by invigorating their communities and improving their chances of success, not through freebies or through illegal immigration.

  21. 2016 November 13 7:44 am
    bc3b permalink

    The nice thing about Trump is that he isn’t an ideologue, which upsets Mark Levin and he isn’t nuts, which upsets Glenn Beck.

    The Trump versus Cruz race demonstrated that people would rather hear a discussion about the country’s problems and ways to solve them than talk about “constitutional conservatism” and “Article Five conventions,” Mark Levin’s fantasy.

  22. 2016 November 13 7:47 am
    bc3b permalink

    Basketball coaches are really teeing off on Trump – the short, fat ugly guy who coaches the Pistons, the Spurs coach and Louisville’s Rick Petino, whose program is under investigation by the NCAA. Guess I won’t be buying Pistons season tickets after all.

  23. 2016 November 13 7:48 am
    JBoz permalink

    Another random thought I had last night, and wanted to share it here.

    I would love to see a movement arise where liberals show their support for illegal immigration by leaving the doors to their homes and businesses UNLOCKED, and UNGUARDED. And if they really have guts, they should put out a sign advertising that their homes and businesses are unlocked and unguarded.


  24. 2016 November 13 7:48 am
    justrand permalink

    Kalifornia…ya know?

    A very real caution from the article:

    “Robotic-enhanced businesses will do well. Young, unskilled workers, newly sober addicts and newly-released felons may never get their first job. What do young men sometimes do when they don’t work? Make trouble. This does not bode well for California’s civil society.”

    [to be fair, California’s society isn’t really all that “Civil” anyway]

  25. 2016 November 13 7:51 am
    justrand permalink

    JBoz, kinda like when you a sign on someone’s yard who is fed up with their “Anti-gun” neighbor ranting at them, that reads:

    “The house next door has NO guns”

  26. 2016 November 13 7:53 am
    bc3b permalink

    JBoz #20

    In recent years, the GOPe has viewed the interests of the US Chamber of Commerce and crony capitalists as its self interest. Even though it hurts them at the ballot box, Republicans have refused to oppose illegal immigration of “build a wall” because it wanted to supply the donor class with unlimited cheap illegal labor.

    The GOP’s self-interests have not been the same as middle class America’s for a long time.

  27. 2016 November 13 7:55 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR #24 –

    So nwhy do we need an unlimited supply of unskilled labor via open borders and Syrian refugees?

  28. 2016 November 13 7:58 am
    bc3b permalink

    JBoz #23v-

    Why not do the same thing with the White Hut for the next two months?

  29. 2016 November 13 7:58 am
    justrand permalink

    Bc3b, out here in Kalifornia they would answer your question in#27: “Because, shut-up!”


    That is THE answer of choice out here for any argument they (the Left) can’t possibly win. Sometimes they write long op-eds, or even make movies to say it…but it boils down to: “Because, shut-up!”

  30. 2016 November 13 8:02 am
    justrand permalink

    Long article, with a great quote from Dennis Prager, who very effectively supported Trump THE CAUSE (freedom) without supporting Trump THE MAN. Here’s the quote and link to the article:

    “The defeat for the Left, which is all this is about for me, it was not about Trump, it was not about Clinton, It is about the destructive, utterly destructive force of the Left in Western Civilization, that cancer, took place last night in the United States of America. It is not possible to overstate how important this is. We may, we don’t know, we may have saved America yesterday.”

  31. 2016 November 13 8:05 am
    JBoz permalink

    BC #26 – your response to my point #20, true. I should have clarified…I was talking about the best interest of the GOP voters, not the GOPe elite ruling class.

  32. 2016 November 13 8:06 am
    JBoz permalink

    28 – agree. Let’s see them put their money where their mouths are. Open the White House “borders”.


  33. 2016 November 13 8:10 am
    JBoz permalink

    By the way,

    Are available. The whole package for $17/year.

    Anyone up for some fun?

  34. 2016 November 13 8:59 am
    bc3b permalink

  35. 2016 November 13 9:53 am
    fight on permalink

    More snowflake fun.

     The University of Michigan offered its traumatized students coloring books and Play-Doh to calm them. (Are its students in college or kindergarten?)

     The University of Kansas reminded its stressed-out kids that therapy dogs, a regular campus feature, were available.

     Cornell University, an Ivy League school, held a campus-wide “cry-in,” with officials handing out tissues and hot chocolate.

     Tufts University offered its devastated students arts and crafts sessions. (OK, not kindergarten — more like summer camp.)

     At campuses from elite Yale to Connecticut to Iowa and beyond, professors canceled classes and/or exams — either because students asked or because instructors were too distraught to teach.

  36. 2016 November 13 10:12 am
    drdog09 permalink


    To your first Lib observation, you are right that they learn fast. But there are a few things to keep in mind —

    * They are down to 16 governorships and they face 15 Senators up for destruction at the midterms. So essentially the party holds little above municipal positions at the state level. Their access to the federal levers is slipping. Which leads me to my point of a couple of days ago. We have the chance to essentially wipe them off the political map. Wipe out the Senators and a couple of the governors and for most intents they cease to exist.

    * They have a huge gap in the ranks. The have the old guard which is about to fade away and many an upstart from the youth ranks. But they are very thin in the middle that usually provided the mentoring support for the beginners and filled the rank of the retiring Dim pols. Name any Dim that would replace Pelosi? Quick! No googling. See my point, you can’t.

    * Their solutions, more government, are being shown yet again how ineffective they are. No cure for that. Billy Clinton adopted a less government position, his wife and her inner circle were right out of the 1930’s.

    So what’s the final tally? Don’t slow down. We need to be just as energized in the upcoming midterms and next POTUS election as we were for Trump now. We need to CRUSH the Dims. We can eliminate them as a threat that quickly. As a rope a dope encourage their rank and file to join the Libertarians. We need to make Trump a success in the same time frame. Within the real and the rational, crush any opposition to platforms Trump proposed. Both Mexico and Canada have indicated their willingness to come to the table and reassess NAFTA.

    On a longer time scale we need to march back thru the institutions purging the Marxists. A good start at that would be to eliminate NOW the civil rights division within the Department of Education. Then prepare for the longer battle to eliminate the dept entirely. Force institutions to eliminate speech codes and kangaroo courts. Reduce the power of the NEA in schools. Institute a voucher system nationwide to foster school choice.

    That’s a start. /rant off

  37. 2016 November 13 10:18 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Been out of stocks for 15 years. I will probably stay that way to. Before you buy a stock, do some research on whether they have been on a buyback binge. If they have, stay away. That stock will be facing a double whammy — Over priced against its fundamentals, and a debt load that might be unsustainable if the Fed moves interest rates higher.

  38. 2016 November 13 10:22 am
    drdog09 permalink

    20, Hot damn yes!

  39. 2016 November 13 10:29 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Funny that I had 2 exams scheduled for Wednesday classes. We had them. Everyone showed up. But then we are no holds barred tech school and pussies drop out within two semesters here. (I am the only civy in the dept the rest are retired marine, army.)

  40. 2016 November 13 10:42 am
    President Paul permalink

    Ya but they’ll do anything to keep the gig going. Japan is the model for the Central bank beginning to purchase its stock market to keep prices sustained. We’re basically already doing that with housing.

    Just a matter of time until that happens here. Whether Trump does it or the next liberal FDR type character who knows. It’s hard to say what it will do.

  41. 2016 November 13 10:49 am

    “So nwhy do we need an unlimited supply of unskilled labor via open borders and Syrian refugees?”—-bc3b

    So the dems will have an unlimited supply of dem voters.

  42. 2016 November 13 11:07 am
    President Paul permalink

  43. 2016 November 13 11:07 am
    bc3b permalink

    Go. Cuomo invited anyone “under attack” by Donald Trump to move to New York.

    This is the same Gov. Cuomo who told conservatives to leave the state two years ago.

  44. 2016 November 13 11:16 am
    President Paul permalink

    btw-repealing Obamacare is basically impossible without getting rid of the preconditions provision.

    Obama didn’t even want a mandate part of it all. The reason they invented the mandate was because they needed a way to pay for the preconditions provision and bringing in millions of healthy people into the program was a way for insurance companies to offset the people coming in with preconditions.

    What actually happened was the healthy people didn’t join despite the mandate and the people with preconditions have flooded the Obamacare rolls.

    Insurance companies have responded by leaving Obamacare all together. Whatever companies remain in the program then have a monopoly to raise premiums 200% or 300% or whatever amount is needed to make the programs functional.

    Trump says he’s keeping the preconditions clause which is the back bone of the Obamacare so I’m not sure how he plans on working this.

    Of Obama knew this at the WH meeting and played Trump.

  45. 2016 November 13 11:29 am
    President Paul permalink

    Also now that most states have only one Obamacare company they are free to raise premiums because if they leave then there is no one so these premiums are going to keep going up more and more each year. 200% 400%. etc.

    As the premiums really start to rise, fewer and fewer healthy people that the mandate affects will become more prone to a refusal to participate despite the mandate meaning even higher premiums.

    So these rises in Obamacare are just the beginning.

  46. 2016 November 13 11:32 am
    President Paul permalink

  47. 2016 November 13 12:03 pm

    No surprise… 3 more dead via CIA *still* trying to train “Syrian rebels” to pointlessly go against Assad\Russia, you would think by now we would have ‘spun down’ this stupidity or at least shifted the focus toward taking out ISIS…but nope.

  48. 2016 November 13 12:13 pm
    President Paul permalink

    Ideally ISIS would be viewed as a criminal justice issue rather than a “war.”

    It’s mostly a European problem at this point anyways, and they don’t seem to have a problem with it so idk why we are so concerned about it when they don’t seem to mind it.

  49. 2016 November 13 12:55 pm
    justrand permalink

    From this article…and a big AMEN for it:

    “Too many of my progressive friends seem to have forgotten how to make actual arguments, and have become expert instead at condemnation, derision and mockery. On issue after issue, they’re very good at explaining why no one could oppose their policy positions except for the basest of motives. As to those positions themselves, they are too often announced with a zealous solemnity suggesting that their views are Holy Writ — and those who disagree are cast into the outer political darkness. In short, the left has lately been dripping with hubris, which in classic literature always portends a fall.”

  50. 2016 November 13 1:06 pm

    re: #2
    “Yes, the Democrat Party is in turmoil, but they won’t be for long. They morph and learn faster than we do. They regenerate. They still have the MSM squarely behind them, plus they are profoundly dishonest, which actually works to their advantage. We simply can’t afford to do the touchdown dance. They are coming back in 2020, and they will be coming hard. If we want a chance to hold power, we have to get serious, strategic…and ruthless.
    — Jboz

    Yup, in fact it looks like instead of listening to the message of the election they and their allies in the media are looking to double and triple down, looks like the favorite for DNC is this aa muslim guy who’s already screeching like the morons on the streets of Portland. They are going to continue to sell a reality that doesn’t exist and outside of maybe the first 3 months are going to obstruct in the Senate at every turn. They’ll be back, but they’re not going to wait for 2020, they’ll be back in full force in 2018 mid terms, and they’ll do something they rarely do which is try to turnout out the base like a POTUS year instead of mid-term years.

    As for upfront:
    Overseas Profits repatriation – special 10% tax rate if brought home in the next 24 months. If you can demonstrate portions of said money will be or was directly used for expansion or new plants\manufacturing construction during that period to ‘depressed areas’ – we’ll refund you 5% of the 10% tax on those portions of the funds. The dems will agree to this overall. Logically this is bound to favor right to work states a bit from a business decision standpoint, talent pool, logistics, and local taxes\incentives will also be factors.

    Budget issue – filibuster can be worked around.

    Corporate tax rates to 15% – They might want to add all kinds of their own sh1t to our proposals. We give them fig leaf of carried interest changes Trump wants anyway, so we can all says “we pushed back on wall street”.

    Budget issue – filibuster can be worked around.

    Getting those two out of the way very very early give them the running space they need to start producing results, which is going to take awhile… ie into 2018.

    Immigration – Put Sheriff David Clarke and Sheriff Joe Arpaio into positions at DHS\ICE\BP if they’ll take them. Shows seriousness and even if some things stall in congress having them in those positions ensures at least existing law can\will be enforced. Too that end of course day-1 revoke everything Obama did via executive order on this topic and throw in some of your own that help frees the hands of the BP\ICE to do their jobs; including enforcement of use of e-verify in as far reaching a way as possible. Equally throw some in about suspension of all funds to federally funded (in full or part) projects in sanctuary cities.
    “The wall” issue itself I think people will be somewhat patient on if there is the aforementioned movement.
    Mostly can be done via executive orders – confirmation hearings for the men mentioned should be rammed down the liberal’s throats – we gave Obama like literally everyone he wanted at every agency minus 1 or 2 I think over the entire 8 years, even people everyone knew were down right radicals and totally unqualified – both the above mention are perfectly qualified for those positions.

    Healthcare – Get this done by march before we have to fight over the debt ceiling again, it’s too long a topic to detail in this post but get OCare repealed, and some form of market oriented reforms in place to replace it. In October of 2018, people are going to need to have more options and be paying at least something less than they are for 2017 one way or another or we’re gonna have tough mid-terms. Give dems figs leafs of preexisting conditions(expensive), and college age kids on parents plans thing – which Trump had planned on all along.
    Don’t give them much more than that though.

    Budget issue – just like Obamacare – reconciliation if we have too baby, you used it to pass it, we’ll use it to un-pass it. Turn about is fair play jackasses. Surprisingly I think you’re going to find a dozen or so D house members and 4-5 D senators interested in just getting Obamacare replacement over-with so they can stop having to defend it at home.

    I hear the dems are interested in the infrastructure spending stuff… well frankly I’d wait till after the above are done for that, and while conservatives are going to bitch at the costs, and to a large degree we should, whatever does pass needs to include specific and UNAMBIGUOUS language all through out it that NONE of those dollars may be spent on project that take place in, or that substantially benefit any sanctuary city, or any city that has a policy either published or by repeated actions of not cooperating with federal immigration laws or enforcement there of.

    Press –
    Part – 1) Communicate directly with the people.
    Part -2 ) For the most part do what Obama did, don’t ever reward people, papers,networks that you know are going to savage you no matter what, make it known if you aren’t going to be even handed (and that doesn’t mean zero criticism) you get ZERO access and yes in some cases even barred from events.
    Don’t like it… fuck you too bad snowflake. Continue to, and have your people savage and make a laughing stock press outlets that push narratives or stories that are straight up fabrications, continue to call out specific journo-lists by name when they are dishonest.

    From jan – march the above it what I’d like to see. Along with progress on actually returning to real FUCKING BUDGET DOCUMENTs and bills for FY 2018. I say 2018, because as it stands it looks like 2017 will be a bit of a cluster fuck given Turtle wants to pass another CR that will reach into 2017 some time, which if they are they might as well just extend it all the way to Sept 30th because I don’t see this house being able to pass 2 budgets in the same year (rest of 2017 + 2018 in same year), I would rather they just pass a CR into like april 30th, and then quickly pass real 2017 budgets + 2018, but have zero confidence they’ll actually act that competently, and have little confidence Cabinet heads will have had enough time to dig around and see what they can cut budget wise.

  51. 2016 November 13 1:15 pm

    Look at Senate map for 2018. Could be great for GOP even in an off year!!!

    It could be… but only if some things get done, and movement on the harder things is seen. That’s why I think outside of a few things Chucky is going to try to screw us in the Senate at every turn and he’ll have help by a couple of R’s.
    Course we can then run on the obstruction game in 2018… but if D’s play it right (they may not), it may work for them… it’s a long way off to make to many predictions at this point so many unknown things can happen. Keep in mind though chuck can lose 4-6 of his red-state guys and still hold a filibuster, and we darn well know Turtle isn’t gonna get rid of it.

    I do think chucky will let the first scotus justice have a vote, they’re gonna savage who ever it is mercilessly but he\she will get a vote. After that though I think Chucky and crew ain’t gonna budge much without ‘deals’.

  52. 2016 November 13 1:34 pm

    27 – Exactly. And that was actually a key in the Sessions and little talked about pieces of Trumps initial plan. Which was that even our current LEGAL immigration quotas and visa authorizations are way way way too high right now for the state of our country. BTW just because congress has authorized ‘up to’ a figure, doesn’t mean the executive branch ‘has to’ use those maximums.
    I propose Trump via the executive slow down legal immigration, and various visas h1-b, h2’s etc drastically. It’s something that can be accomplished relatively quietly. If you’ve been in the pipeline for years and otherwise ‘of use’ to us fine we keep on processing you, but I’d back log the sh1t out of everyone trying to apply from this February onward; and everyone obviously not a net-benefit on a cursory first pass be flat rejected. When the stories come out about the big uptick in quick rejections, the anwser is simple – efficient government, and “we’re trying to clear out the current backlog before we start adding to it again”.
    No need to mention the intentions to keep said actions up indefinitely. Simultaneously of course we should try to get legislation that does reduce the maximum limits, but that’s gonna be a big fight in the senate, and one R’s probably don’t have the backbone to win – not in early 2017 anyway.

  53. 2016 November 13 1:48 pm
    bc3b permalink

    KH 53-55

    R-verify needs to be mandatory nationwide with severe penalties. Once the first few business owners receive 3 year prison sentences, everyone will start paying attention.

  54. 2016 November 13 1:51 pm

    “They are down to 16 governorships and they face 15 Senators up for destruction at the midterms. So essentially the party holds little above municipal positions at the state level.”

    Two things that popped to mind..
    Sort of have nowhere to go but up??
    Second it’s those municipal’ish positions that register voters, are responsible for legality of checking such at legit, and of course who at least initially ‘count the votes’ in these most populous areas of the nation.

    I don’t discount them, every time we do we get owned.
    Our next move however has to be to start cracking into the publicly funded university issue with start breaking the strangle hold on the brainwashing operations. One needs to fight this from the federal mandate level, but also from a much wider approach and that is to start changing that market place entirely, in it’s ‘need’ to exist in it’s current form, sure the harvard’s and yales and mit’s are never going to go away and that’s fine, but subsidizing public universities that are graduating people for “womens studies” needs to stop. We need more focus on CC and tech training schools… enough of the 4-year degrees 1/2 of which is wasted time and money on things that are useless upon graduation. I admit their isn’t too much the feds can or should be involved with with regard to that change in the edu market place, but it could influence it a bit with what loans it’s choosing to back. How about cut back on backing 4-year degrees and focus more on focused 2-year degrees. Thoughts??

  55. 2016 November 13 1:53 pm

    37 – damn I should have finished reading that before posting last as you did highlight .edu issue. /Still catching up.

  56. 2016 November 13 1:58 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    We have had a preconditions clause even before OCare. If you switched providers within 90 days of losing benefits the selected provider could not discriminate. Now the the cost you may not like but that is a different issue.

  57. 2016 November 13 2:00 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Its a Saudi, Qatar problem as they are the primary funders of ISIS and those ISIS aligned Syrian forces.

  58. 2016 November 13 2:11 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    School I teach at now is a 2yr tech school. They have instituted a tuition refund if you can’t land a job. There are pretty tight conditions to qualify but the school is trying things differently. Our funding model is also different from other Texas schools. We are funded based on job% of graduating students and nothing else. We also don’t teach junk like gender studies or Poli Sci either. You come here you learn a skill.

  59. 2016 November 13 2:12 pm

    41 – We need far more of you and your type “schools” then we do snowflake schools.
    42 – Been rather amazed Japan has been able to stay afloat doing what they’ve been doing for so long…. then again it’s getting to the same feeling about the US. It can only go on so long, the only question is when will the music stop.

    44- Good they should be ignored, so should a ton more, so many aren’t news organizations, they’re straight up propaganda outlets, some even admit to it and then wonder why they are shunned.

    46 – Wrong about being played. Trump mentioned he wanted to keep that in one form or another during one, and as I recall actually two republican debates. He took sh1t at the time over it, but kept with it. My guess is people with pre-existing conditions that once denied coverage for that will basically be eligible for some new subsidy with medicare footing the bill in whole or in part with the state for said subsidy on insurance… basically back to what used to be high-risk poll coverage some had prior to Obamacare. Or they have something else in mind where providers who are providing care to those without insurance can get cost (profit is on the patient) reimbursement. He talked about this idea or something like that during a sit down with someone back in June.
    IDK… It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with, I’m not going to pre-judge it all till we have a much wider understanding of what will be proposed.
    System is fucked right now, I imagine whatever they come up with isn’t gonna be amazingly great either, but hopefully a big improvement for the vast majority of voters and address at least in part the cost curves,without taking on additional federal costs above the astronomical amounts we already spend and are projected to spend.

  60. 2016 November 13 2:14 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  61. 2016 November 13 2:18 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    I am in favor of the pre-existing condition provision so long as I am the one paying the freight for the right. (an yeah I have a pre-existing condition and pay more cause of it.)

    Trump has mentioned this, HSA’s and I would like to see that too. Have no limits on what can be set aside. That would provide an avenue for those that have conditions to be able to cover the costs.

  62. 2016 November 13 2:27 pm

    48 – We do need more Laura… but seems she’s actually making north of 7 figures \yr now… It’s hard for me to ask her to give that up to go make 170k as WH press secretary. IDK if she can even do it contractually with her radio deals but maybe she could just take a 12month gig at the WH and let someone guest host with the promise that it’s only for 1 yr?

    Also, which is actually more useful, her reaching 7-8 million a week on the radio unfiltered, or her as WH press secretary partially filtered by what the press actually cover of what she says? /pondering

  63. 2016 November 13 2:34 pm

    50 – Because we considered AQ just a “law enforcement issue” for too long, let it fester, and then it didn’t turn out to well for us. Yes on-the-ground it’s more an immediate Arab, African, and South East Asian problem atm but that doesn’t me we should ignore it as an LEO problem.

  64. 2016 November 13 2:40 pm
    President Paul permalink

    “42 – Been rather amazed Japan has been able to stay afloat doing what they’ve been doing for so long…. then again it’s getting to the same feeling about the US. It can only go on so long, the only question is when will the music stop.”

    Japan is too big to fail though. Imagine Lehman brother going bankrupt. Now imagine 10,000 Lehman brothers err more like 100,000 going bankrupt. Think it took Europe over 10 years to slowly prepare themselves and financially isolate Greece so that a slow unwinding could occur. That would never happen with Japan.

    Conversely, the US is even bigger. And YES the markets will tolerate it and they will love it. That’s reality. And yes someone will do it. Maybe Trump. Maybe the next Democrat who really wants to win reelection. The whole situation ultimately leads to world government on some long time scale.

  65. 2016 November 13 2:42 pm
    President Paul permalink

    “50 – Because we considered AQ just a “law enforcement issue” for too long, let it fester, and then it didn’t turn out to well for us. Yes on-the-ground it’s more an immediate Arab, African, and South East Asian problem atm but that doesn’t me we should ignore it as an LEO problem.”

    It’s a law enforcement issue and an immigration issue. It was never anything more than that.

  66. 2016 November 13 2:49 pm

    51 – Of course they are. 🙂

    59 – Exactly.. However there were cases back then where if you didn’t have pre-existing coverage you could be straight out denied. I have a feeling we’re going back to something like that,but they’ll throw in some other methods for ‘assistance’ to those persons denied – don’t know if it’ll be ‘insurance’ based or some sort of participating provider type thing for treatment of conditions based thing as hinted above. In the end it’ll be back to where 80-85% will have some form of decent coverage via insurance or pay-for-services, 10% will have expensive mediocre coverage at least available to them or pay-for-services with US providing some subsidies, and 5% will be still be a problem and still force the rest of us to pay for them in-total. Basically back to pre-obamacare, but add some market and consumer dynamics with widespread HSA use and try to dump this state-line bullshit – which the states and some providers are going to fight tooth and nail over.

    60 – As a direct threat to them yes, but some people in SanBern and Orlando also feel the effects of the ideology, that’s what must be attacked the most.

  67. 2016 November 13 2:53 pm
    President Paul permalink

    Also the new reality is sadly that monetary policy grossly overpowers fiscal policy.

    We are now just pretending that it’s important to have a bunch of brainiacs (Young gunz! as Jeb would say) cooking up a good stimulus/infrastructure bill or tax cut bill, when in reality all of that stuff is just pennies in the barrel compared to an aggressive central bank.

  68. 2016 November 13 2:55 pm
    President Paul permalink

    “I have a feeling we’re going back to something like that”

    That would be the case if the GOP just let’s obamacare die on its own. Once the premiums are 1000% and rising, which is actually in the process of happening, it dies on its own. If they “reform” then who knows what they will do.

  69. 2016 November 13 3:00 pm

    68 – We’re never going to agree entirely on that element. If you don’t fight the ideology it eventually can overwhelm your LE and immigration controls, see France (even before the refugee bs) and other places in the EU, it’s a cancer that’s hard to get rid of once it takes root and nobody has to cross a border to get infected, like communism was in some ways and it should be fought the same, mostly mentally\media (though they are going the other way atm) and economically but occasionally some physical action is necessary, how limited that is or is not depends on the circumstances.

  70. 2016 November 13 3:03 pm

    You’re a barrel of optimism today I see. 🙂

    /off to dinner

  71. 2016 November 13 3:22 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    For those that like seeing libs head explode — — Best bits are at the 10 and 21 min marks.

  72. 2016 November 14 2:03 am

    74 – What the fuck are these morons so god damn worried about? They sounds like a bunch of lunatics, even before she lost, clearly caught in their own bubble like all the rest.

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