Its Not Just Central Americans Anymore

2018 March 5
by drdog09

Writing in The New Republic, Laura Markham reports that a trickle of “extra-continental refugees” is infiltrating the United States via Brazil, and that this trickle is likely to turn into a flood:

Because of the high risks of crossing and the low odds of being permitted to stay, more and more would-be asylum-seekers are now forgoing Europe, choosing instead to chance the journey through the Americas … Each year, thousands of migrants from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia make their way to South America and then move northward, bound for the United States — and their numbers have been increasing steadily. It’s impossible to know how many migrants from outside the Americas begin the journey and do not make it to the United States, or how many make it to the country and slip through undetected. But the number of “irregular migrants” — they’re called extra-continentales in Tapachula — apprehended on the U.S. side of the border with Mexico has tripled since 2010.

Markham adds:

The largest groups tend to be from India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Congo — demographics that do not, or likely would not, fare well in European immigration courts — but others come from Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, and even Syria, too. Their first stop is most often Brazil, which has a favorable reciprocal visa law.

From Brazil the migrant stream works its way through the jungles of Panama to Central America, and through Mexico to the United States.

So the ‘Africa problem’ is not limited to the EU. Its now creeping it way to us.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. 2018 March 5 8:15 am
    drdog09 permalink

    WBF — — Questions:

    a) Based on the tenor of the poster its not racist. Define what minority was singled out?
    b) Whom considered it necessary to investigate this ‘crime’?
    c) On what grounds is it criminal other than trespass?

    The grounds are being laid for White suppression if not genocide. The funny bit is 90% of Congress is White. Do they think they are exempt?

    PS: here is the sign since Twitter took the reference down —

  2. 2018 March 5 9:00 am
    bc3b permalink

    We need to dump members of Congress – Democrats and RINOs like Lindsey graham and Ben sASSe, who are tools of big business and are doing everything in their power to thwart efforts to control immigration and close the borders.

    Just like Kalifornia, get enough third-worlders and you become third world.

  3. 2018 March 5 9:33 am
    bc3b permalink

    Just what the US needs:
    * More uneducated, unskilled people
    * More Muslims
    * More people who don’t want to assimilate
    * More people from countries not known for hot women (with the possible exception of China)

  4. 2018 March 5 10:49 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Really?? — — And Clinton still walks free???

  5. 2018 March 5 12:30 pm
    justrand permalink

    the fact that Hillary is not only walking around free, but still IDOLIZED by the Left speaks to how low our country has sunk.

    If Hillary had been elected…as was THE PLAN…then we would be sprinting towards doom.

  6. 2018 March 5 1:58 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    As the character John McClain was quoted, “Welcome to the party Pal” — — We BJGers have known this for how long??

  7. 2018 March 5 4:13 pm
    justrand permalink

    A lonnnnng time, drdog!

  8. 2018 March 5 6:13 pm
    justrand permalink

    God help me, I’m trying to reason with a “Progressive” on Facebook on “Gun Control”.

    I don’t need help…just sympathy. These people have a COLLECTIVE IQ just barely above room temperature.

  9. 2018 March 6 12:33 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    JR, they do not want to understand. They have no rational counter.

  10. 2018 March 6 8:32 am

    “reason with a “Progressive” JR

    I would rather bang the toilet seat on my pecker for an hour than engage in such an undertaking.

    Why do you do it, inquisitive minds want to know???

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