Our Greatest Enemy

2018 August 1
by bc3b

It’s not not Russia, China or even radical Muslims that is our greatest enemy. Our greatest enemy is the American left (primarily white liberals) who hate the country and want to change it into something unrecognizable. And their most powerful weapon is political correctness.

For nearly 200 years Americans justly believed the United States is the greatest nation in the history of the world. We saved the world from the Axis powers in World War II. US doctors developed medical procedures that saved lives throughout the world. US corporations developed technology and shared it with the rest of mankind. Americans were generous too. After World War II we rebuilt Europe through the Marshall Plan and we contribute to charity in greater numbers that citizens of any other country.

The United States was successful because people who came from Italy, Germany, Hungary Poland and other countries may have had different languages and customs, but they put those aside in their desire to become Americans. They learned English and although they were proud of their heritage, they wanted to be Americans …  not Germans, Italians or Poles living in the United States.

In the late 1960s and 1970s the left started engineering change. Diversity, not the melting pot, was viewed as our strength. White people were evil and discriminated against minorities. Minorities cannot discriminate. Rather than Mexican immigrants (legal and illegal) learning English as Italians did in the 19th century, forms had to be printed in Spanish and “Dial 2” was developed.

We have now reached a stage where Austin residents are considering renaming their city and civic and business leaders in New Hampshire are concerned their state is “too white.”

New Hampshire has a problem.  A big one.  The state is 94% white.  Business leaders claim they have trouble filling jobs, so they are trying to attract people to the state – blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities.  Just not white people.

They claim that Hispanics don’t feel welcome because most people in New Hampshire speak English.

“I went from being able to speak Spanish every day to not speaking Spanish at all because there wasn’t anybody to speak Spanish to,” said Mrs. Celentano [a trainer who moved from Lynn, Mass. to New Hampshire[.] … “The only person I spoke Spanish with was a cleaning lady and she moved back to Colombia.”

A region of the country is considered inhospitable if everyone speaks English.  So why is Mexico so inhospitable to English-speakers?  And El Salvador and Honduras?  Are they not inclusive societies?

If minorities don’t feel comfortable around white people, why is it the problem of the white people?

The issue prompted about 100 business leaders, government officials and members of nonprofit organizations to meet Thursday to search for ways that New Hampshire – which is 94 percent white – might lure other racial and ethnic groups, as well as younger people.

Will Arvelo, New Hampshire’s director of economic development, said the gathering appeared to be the first broad-based effort in New England, if not the country, to focus on how to diversify an entire state.

The project grew out of informal talks over the last few years among a racially diverse coalition of people, including Mrs. Celentano, who say they want to change New Hampshire’s demographics.

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I must have missed the part of the Constitution that everyone in New Hampshire has the right to have a Spanish-speaking neighbor. My block falls in that discriminatory mode – my next door neighbors are Chinese but no one on my block speaks Spanish.

Yes. Massholes, like the woman in the article, have ruined New Hampshire. Unfortunately, Massholes and their brethren from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and California are headed your way. They want to flee the hellholes where they are residing and replicate them in their new locales.

Hat tip: AmericanThinker.com


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  1. 2018 August 1 8:23 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    It’s weird how libs get all exercised about stuff that Just. Doesn’t. Matter.

    Such as global warming.
    Such as plastic straws.
    Such as white people living in New Hampshire. I mean, the autumn there can be pretty, I suspect, but there are plenty of reasons NOT to live there (lack of jobs, cold winters, …) such that it’s no surprise that some number of People Of Color decide not to live there.

    Thomas Sowell, the economist, got interested in the argument that the number of atomic physicists or medical doctors or investment bankers in the US who are black should mirror the proportion of citizens in the US who are black. And that if the numbers DON’T match, it means “racism”. (Also, btw, the whole proportion thing was not applied to pro basketball players or jazz musicians because shut up).
    He got interested and collected instances from around the world and then wrote a thick door-stopper of a book detailing how it was a natural world wide phenomenon for nationalities and socio-economic groups to coagulate in careers in a non-proportional way.

    I’m willing to put that whole “white people in NH” thing into one of Mr Sowell’s buckets.

    Liberalism/Progressiveism/DemParty-ism is a mental disorder.

  2. 2018 August 1 8:39 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Comments from the JustOneMinute blog that make you go “Yup!”

    I held my nose when I voted for Trump. I had no choice. I would have for any viable candidate opposed to Hillary.
    I’d like to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by his performance, but that’s not true, I’m freaking ecstatic.

    “Some #NeverTrump conservatives … are urging voters to put Democrats in charge of Congress this November, as a kind of temporary stopgap measure until the Republicans return to their senses.”
    I got news–We deplorables ain’t never gonna return to our senses! We done gone Trump crazy and ain’t never comin’ back!

    NeverTrumpers: “like john anderson with less personality”
    (For those of us old enough to remember the candidacy of John Anderson)

  3. 2018 August 2 4:29 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Talk about ‘low energy’. Anderson was the poster boy for low energy long before Jeb knew how to spell political campaign.

  4. 2018 August 2 4:49 am
    drdog09 permalink


  5. 2018 August 2 7:19 am
    Eph permalink

    Idiot RAS @ 50% approval


  6. 2018 August 2 10:33 am

    5 – DJT maybe… but GOP congress # = divide by 2.

  7. 2018 August 2 10:41 am
    gnqanq permalink

    My daughter made a brilliant observation about Trump and DC. Trump has shown that the problems in America can be solved. The problem is neither party wants to solve these problems as there would be no reason to vote for them.

    Prime example is blacks. The democrats had no real reason to solve their problems. Every election cycle the democrats argue that they can solve their problems. After 50 years, blacks are waking up to the fact the democrats do not have their best interest at heart.

    DC is not the solution, they are the problem.

  8. 2018 August 2 12:11 pm
    fight on permalink

  9. 2018 August 2 4:59 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Jim Acosta acts like a three year old having a tantrum. It’s okay for him to be confrontational and act like an ahole, but when others treat him that way, he cried like a baby. The First Amendment only applies to the media, dontchaknow?

  10. 2018 August 2 6:50 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Those were the days — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmNEezqrBb0

    I graduated in 1970.

  11. 2018 August 2 6:53 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    This is your city on Liberalism — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWQJWOIDnw0

  12. 2018 August 2 7:45 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  13. 2018 August 2 9:07 pm

    9 – Yup. I’m trying not to be broken record but why the WH allows this prick onto the WH grounds still, particularly at this point (I would have booted him spring of 2017) I really can’t understand. Donaldson and Thomas were both pricks and pains in the asses (even with presidents they loved), and speechified from time to time but ultimately actually had ‘questions’. They also knew there was a time to shout out questions, and I time not too, and yes they occasionally went over that line, keyword being, occasionally, Acosta does it daily. It’s not journalism, not interesting, nor is it even entertaining.

    JimA thinks it’s the Jim Acosta show, doesn’t usually ask questions, let alone interesting ones that haven’t been asked and answered already, but just goes on diatribes and states personal opinions, and if there ever is eventually a question it’s along the lines of “when exactly did you stop beating your wife”. Cut off this turd, and while your at it Sarah cut the racist April Ryan. I don’t watch every damn briefing but nearly every one I watch the woman is trying to insert race into every question she asks – enough.

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