The Law is the LAW!!!

2019 February 23
by justrand

In last few weeks we have seen the following laws enforced with alarming speed and ferocity…so KNOW the law!

  • Standing while wearing a MAGA hat”. A Covington Catholic High School student brazenly wore a MAGA hat in public.  Luckily the media quickly ginned up a firestorm of OUTRAGE…and the young man’s life was destroyed.  Whew!
  • Shopping while wearing a MAGA hat”. A 14 year old was caught attempting to [gasp!] buy shoes while wearing a MAGA hat.  Luckily a sharp-eyed shoe store employee was on hand to harangue the 14 year-old with a series of “F-Bombs” and other expletives.  Again…whew!
  • Existing on a college campus while not being a Marxist”. A young Berkeley college student was seen supporting something OTHER than far Left orthodoxy while standing on the sacred grounds of Berkeley University.  Thankfully a member of the Red Guard was on hand to physically beat the young college student, otherwise we might have had OTHER students trying to express contrary opinions.  It is unclear whether the student who was beaten was wearing a MAGA hat…but he might actually own one, so an investigation is called for.  Another bullet dodged, and Berkeley is safely one dimensional again.
  • Supporting President Trump”.  Although this crime has been on the books for some time, a few people (and we know who you are!) continue to support him.  This week poor Jussie Smollett was forced to hire two Nigerians to assault him in order to shine a spotlight on the continued lawlessness of people who flaunt their support for Donald Trump.  Furthermore, Trump supporters are so DAMN LAZY, that Smollett had to write his OWN HATE LETTER to himself.  Jussie Smollett…a hero for our times!

Hey Deplorables…ignorance of the LAW is no excuse!!  Take those hats off, kneel, and STFU!

— this has been a Public Service Announcement from the Progressive Information Service System (PISS)

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  1. 2019 February 23 12:18 pm
    fight on permalink

    If this keeps up hut 1369 is going to be full again.

  2. 2019 February 23 12:20 pm
    justrand permalink

    good point, fight on…we need to order new curtains for it anyway!

  3. 2019 February 23 2:16 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Rumor has it we can get Martha’s old one’s cheeeep!

  4. 2019 February 23 2:22 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    At this point we ought to be baiting the Left. Start wearing that red hat that Jim pointed us to on Powerline. Call on the cops, get ID, then start civil suits every time. If ya can’t shut them up we should at least bankrupt them.

    And yes there is a fair amount of risk involved. But freedom is never free.

  5. 2019 February 23 3:57 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Have you ever been so pissed….. —

  6. 2019 February 23 4:48 pm
    bc3b permalink

    The left has succeeded in silencing its enemies via political correctness.

  7. 2019 February 23 6:21 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    drdog – #5 – Rookie!!!

  8. 2019 February 23 8:25 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    The bad times in VZ keep on coming … hope Trump and others can bring it to an end.

    Venezuela: “the order is to massacre the people”

  9. 2019 February 25 3:24 pm

    I actually wish trump would largely stays out of this mess, we’re already too involved.

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