Do You Understand Now?

2019 March 21
by drdog09

You have no friends in Washington. All we have is each other.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has announced that the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to begin conducting hearings next Tuesday, March 26, on Senate Bill 7, the Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act of 2019—otherwise known as a national “red flag” gun confiscation bill. The bill was introduced in the Senate by Marco Rubio (R-FL). If this gun confiscation bill passes the U.S. Senate, it will most certainly pass the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives, and President Donald Trump absolutely WILL sign it into law.

I am writing this open letter to Senators Rubio and Graham, President Trump and the untold numbers of legislators, judges and lawmen that will be working together to facilitate and execute the confiscation of the arms of innocent American citizens—citizens who have not even been charged with a crime.

I have purchased a full-page ad in the capital city newspaper in my home State of Montana, the Helena Independent Record, in which the following letter will appear this Sunday, March 24. I urge readers to feel free to use, copy, promote, publish, etc., this open letter in an attempt to bring this information to the attention of as many people as possible.

The GOP faithful are mostly in denial about what Donald Trump and many Republican senators are up to. They refuse to acknowledge that Trump, Graham, Rubio, et. al are about to enact a gun confiscation bill that rivals anything in Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia. >

— Open letter by Chuck Baldwin


You will notice that the bill is so broad that ANYONE can be caught up in its net. Worse the Bill provides no provisions for false witness or fraud on the part of the petitioner. Also note that the petitioner can be any LEO as well. That little ditty then opens up the prospect of broad search powers under the guise of ‘protecting someone’. Need I point out this is nothing more than a veiled attempt at guns seizure?

Finally notice the turncoat who introduced this bill — Marco Rubio. If you have had any last gasps of enlightened attitude toward this man, toss it aside. This is the kind of scum and villainy we have in the so called ‘Conservative Wing’ of the GOPe. Death to the Tyrant.

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  1. 2019 March 21 9:11 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Just remember GOP ‘Conservatives’ have conserved NOTHING, not even the ladies rest room.

    Death to the B#$^@s.

    As it is right S.7 now its in the introduction phase. But these SOBs will roll over like the alligators they are and let any crazy provisions to be let in.

  2. 2019 March 22 6:31 am
    justrand permalink

    Our “Rulers” have learned that they can split Bills like this into two aspects of enforcement.

    Aspect 1: [THEM talking] “There is an absolute and logical need to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, terrorists, and others who would do harm to Americans!”

    Aspect 1 gets broad support…because it seems to make sense. Ahhh….but when you ask them: “How does one GET ‘Red-Flagged’…and, since mistakes WILL happen, hjow does one get UN-Red-Flagged?”

    That, they will tell us, is in “Aspect 2”

    Once Americans have accepted that the government CAN disarm them if they are Red-Flagged, then the mechanism for Red-Flagging becomes a SEPERATE ISSUE.

    And, even if the mechanism for Red-Flagging starts out to be VERY restricted, it will NOT stay that way.

    Categories of weapons, and broad categories of “issues” to be considered “dangerous” will expand, until we are effectively disarmed.

  3. 2019 March 22 6:45 am
    bc3b permalink

    Tripling down on stupid: The new Fox Corporation (run by the Murdochs) has hired Joe Biden’s former chief of staff as its Washington lobbyist:

  4. 2019 March 22 7:11 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Cable news as we know it is dead. Who Fox hires anymore is no longer relevant.

    For that matter, NetFlix, and Cable Programming as we know it is dead. Its all streams now and it is growing at a massive rate.

  5. 2019 March 22 8:01 am

    So much for due process of the law, and the 10th amend. Precrime can be applied to any aspect of our society. This would make orwell a piker.

  6. 2019 March 22 8:22 am
    bc3b permalink

    Hundreds form human chain around New Zealand mosque:

    What motivates people to do this? Virtue signaling? The same is true of people attending vigils for people they don’t know, spending money on flowers and stuffed animals which are later picked up and tossed in a dumpster. Feel goodism?

  7. 2019 March 22 8:28 am
    justrand permalink

    IP: “Precrime can be applied to any aspect of our society

    exactly! With Google and FaceBook (et al) claiming to be on the cusp of using facial-recognition software to tell what a person is THINKING (and they may already be there), I can easily see people being barred from owning a weapon based on “Thought Crimes”.

    ‘1984’…just took a few extra decades to get there.

  8. 2019 March 22 8:28 am
    bc3b permalink

    A world gone mad: UK immigration officials deny asylum to Iranian because he converted to Christianity (too violent a religion):

  9. 2019 March 22 8:28 am
    TLS permalink

  10. 2019 March 22 8:32 am
    TLS permalink

    Once Americans have accepted that the government CAN disarm them if they are Red-Flagged,…

    Reminds me of the line in Pirates of the Carribean ~ “Ahh, we established that my offer is sound in concept, now we’re just haggling over price!”

  11. 2019 March 22 8:58 am
    bc3b permalink

    Another brand to boycott (if you haven’t already): Samuel Adams:

  12. 2019 March 22 9:21 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    I see bc3b (8) already covered this.
    Brits turn their back on Christian heritage. Iranian who converted from Islam to Christianity is rebuked for his asylum claim.

    The U.K. Home Office, which oversees immigration and passports, among other things, sent the Iranian national a letter that said the book of Revelations is “filled with imagery of revenge, destruction, death and violence,” according to the Independent.

    It cited excerpts from the Bible, according to the newspaper, and added: “These examples are inconsistent with your claim that you converted to Christianity after discovering it is a ‘peaceful’ religion, as opposed to Islam which contains violence, rage and revenge.”

  13. 2019 March 22 9:30 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    TLS, 9, yes WI Dems wasting no time in trying to undo years of Gov Walker.
    If they rescind laws from this lame duck session do they then have to go back and rescind laws passed in EVERY lame duck session from the dawn of statehood?

    In the meantime:
    #ThrowbackThursday to last November when @GovEvers said: “I’m planning to raise no taxes”.

    Now, it’s known that the Governor’s budget included $1.3 billion in tax increases. The weather is getting nicer, and the Governor has been wearing his flip flops quite a bit!

  14. 2019 March 22 9:38 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Are there ANY sane Dem candidates?
    Democrat presidential hopeful took mom to see “Deep Throat”
    “Creepy Uncle Joe Biden has lost his title as creepiest Democrat running for president.
    Democrat John Hickenlooper, former governor of Colorado, topped all the creepiness of Biden touching girls in photo op upon photo op.
    Hickenlooper took his mom to see ‘Deep Throat.’ … I don’t want to hear Democrats whine about Stormy Daniels ever again.”

    I’ve read that sometimes pres candidates push the crap out to the public as early as possible, in any somewhat friendly forum, so that it is “old news” by the time of the primaries and general election. Thus the stories of Kamala and her extra marital affair with Willie Brown, and Liz Warren’s DNA test.
    But … these guys all seem to have enormous baggage. Hickenlooper is the wackiest, at least so far.

  15. 2019 March 22 11:39 am
    bc3b permalink

    Most 2020 Dem presidential candidates will boycott AIPAC.

    Yet, the majority of Jews voting Democratic in 2020 is more probable than Duke, North Carolina, Gonzaga or Kentucky combined winning March Madness.

  16. 2019 March 22 1:48 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    I will not comply.

    If one of my neighbor’s is “Red Flagged”, shit is going to get real.

  17. 2019 March 22 2:09 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Hurrah, gnqanq!

    In the meantime NZ continues its frenzy.
    New Zealand has … essentially banned semiautomatic guns which can accept a detachable magazine above five bullets.

  18. 2019 March 22 2:31 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    My what short memories they have. They ought to get reacquainted with zip clips, garand rifle. Can do an amazing amount of damage with one. From the ‘ping’ to another clip is 2-3 seconds if you have practiced the move. It won WWII for the US and it would fit within the NZ limitations.

    When all guns are outlawed I will dust off the plans I have for a Sten auto and make it in the garage.

  19. 2019 March 22 2:50 pm
    justrand permalink

    She is a Conservative female comedienne…I think she protects her name to avoid being blacklisted.

  20. 2019 March 22 2:55 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    OK, I want gnqanq AND drdog living next door when the “ship hits the sand”, as they say. 🙂 🙂

    In the meantime, Mueller report released.

    Attorney General William Barr’s full letter to congressional leaders on the Mueller report.

  21. 2019 March 22 3:51 pm
    justrand permalink

    Just Barr’s letter. He says he’s going to “consult with Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein”


    (A) I thought that weasel resigned and…
    (B) Rosenstein was at the CENTER of this coup attempt

    Again, WTF?

  22. 2019 March 22 4:11 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Heh, JR.
    I am too confused to follow all the “4 dimension” machinations but depending on who you talk to, Rosenstein might be
    a) a secret “white hat” helping Trump unmask Deep State, or
    b) a weasel who started on the Deep State side but was a weak reed and crushed by the Trump Admin such that he now toes the line

    At any rate, I believe Rosenstein was supposed to resign but asked for 30 days to help finish up the Mueller investigation.

    I also read that Mueller asked for a bit more time to tie up loose ends …. but maybe he wasn’t given the extra time.

  23. 2019 March 22 4:21 pm
    bc3b permalink

    More Faux News: Network wants Hannity to stop referring to Sara Carter as an investigative reporter, bans Seb Gorka from non-opinion news shows.

    Shep Smith accused of sexually molesting male:

  24. 2019 March 22 7:57 pm
    justrand permalink

    Best comment I’ve seen…

    Barr opened the report to find it consisted of just one line:


  25. 2019 March 22 8:25 pm
    justrand permalink

    Spot on. And the media wonders why no one with a BRAIN believes them.

  26. 2019 March 23 5:28 am

    Are there ANY sane Dem candidates?
    No. Closest I would even argue that there may be one would be gabbard (who has zero shot due to left and right pounding her into oblivion), I dont’ agree with 90% of the shit that comes out of her mouth either but she seems the least outright insane and least pandering of the top dirty dozen or so. That said it’s early and she’ll probably go full-retard (instead of just 3/4 retard) at some point as well just to compete.

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