Pro-GLBTQ+++ Forces Continue Indoctrination

2019 December 17
by bc3b

A controversial TGI Friday’s commercial features two gay men exchanging a romantic kiss.

Think about it. When have you seen anyone (straight or gay) exchanging a romantic kiss in a restaurant commercial?

  • Buffalo Wild Wings portrays itself as a great place to watch sporting events (particularly football and NCAA tournament games)
  • Outback usually focuses on specials (especially steak and lobster) and works to maintain its fake Australia theme
  • Applebee’s focuses on value meals
  • With Red Lobster, it’s all-you-can-eat shrimp
  • Olive Garden promotes an unending supply of bread along with pasta specials
  • With Golden Corral, its low prices and all the Golden Corral food you can stomach
  • With Jimmy John’s it’s “freaky fast”
  • Until recently TGI Friday’s was promoting reduced prices on appetizers

Typical footage of a restaurant commercial shows plenty of appetizing food and people having a good time in a pleasant atmosphere. The demographics vary by the restaurant’s clientele – Olive Garden and Applebee’s are more family-oriented while Buffalo Wild Wings features millennials.

But, ad agencies have long been left of center and today they are working feverishly to convince their clients that commercials should address liberal social issues, regardless of financial consequences.

Jill-ette and P&G executives defend the decision to produce the “Masculine Toxic” ad and the follow-up with a man teaching his transgender son (daughter) to shave for the first time regardless of the loss in sales and revenue.

The LGBTQ+++ community and their supporters are well-organized. The Hallmark Channel just reversed a decision that banned a commercial with two lesbians getting married and kissing after #boycotthallmark became the Twitter leader. Chick-fil-A turned its back on its traditional base, dumping the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes for politically correct charities like Covenant House, which promotes the LGBTQ+++ agenda. Supposedly Chick-fil-A wants to focus on hunger and homelessness. So, they drop the Salvation Army???

Flipping through the channels Sunday I came across The Love Boat, a goofy series from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Imagine if it was being produced today: there would be 2-3 LGBTQ+++ couples on board every week, the black bartender would be bedding a white chick every episode, Gopher would be gay and the cruise director would be transgendered. In fact, GLAAD has demanded that 20% of prime time television characters be LGBTQ by 2025. That’s at least 4-5 times the percentage of LGBTQ+++ people in the US.

Barack Obama made relations between races much worse during his presidency. Imagine the damage a President Buttigieg would do in promoting the LGBTQ+++ cause.

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  1. 2019 December 17 5:19 am
    bc3b permalink

    Don’t you wish our side was as well organized and could force corporations to adhere to our wishes like the left? Far too many conservatives are just fiscal conservatives. As long as things don’t affect their wallets, they are happy.

  2. 2019 December 17 7:21 am
    justrand permalink

    bc3b, the other thing about Conservatives is that we largely just want to live our lives, and don’t want to push OUR values on anyone…which is why we get pissed when the Left pushes THEIR “values” on us.

    We don’t march, and while we will personally boycott things, we don’t try to bully corporations and organizations with organized attacks.

    But now we ARE getting pissed, and we need a resurgence of the TEA Party…or something like it since the media destroyed the TEA Party by smearing it. We’re counter-punchers, and we’ve been punched too long. Time to hit back, twice as hard!

  3. 2019 December 17 7:22 am
    Eph permalink

    I didn’t know Fridays was still around??

  4. 2019 December 17 7:49 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR #2 –

    When companies attack our values, I think it’s time to fight back. There’s a growing list of companies/brands I boycott: all P&G brands, Target, Kellogg’s, Campbell’s, Comcast, AT&T to name just a few. It really isn’t that difficult. Grab Finish instead of Cascade, All instead of Tide, Colgate instead of Crest, a store brand instead of Kellogg’s, etc.

  5. 2019 December 17 7:55 am
    bc3b permalink

    Eph #3 –

    TGI Friday’s is now owned by an investment group. It was owned by Carlson Companies when I worked for them along with Country Inns and Suites and Radisson Hotels and Carlson Marketing Group, where I worked.

    When old man Carlson died, his kids decided to cash in and sell everything they could. About the only thing they still own is Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Who wants to buy a travel agency these days.

  6. 2019 December 17 8:01 am
    Eph permalink


    BTW, excellent post.

    We need to take out the RINO garbage here every so often. It will be very telling to see who posts on this thread.

  7. 2019 December 17 8:06 am
    justrand permalink

    I refuse to patronize so many products, entertainers, sports, etc these days. My personal boycott is easy to maintain, it comes down to selecting those things/people I WILL spend my money, and I ignore the rest. Sadly, Chick-Filet is now off my list of who will get my business. As are all things Disney, NFL, Starbucks, and now Hallmark.

  8. 2019 December 17 8:24 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Read this post and I almost wish I was in 1948 —

  9. 2019 December 17 8:30 am
    bc3b permalink

    I watch a lot of the oldies networks (Movies TV Network, Me TV, Antenna TV, Charge, Heroes and Icons, etc.), which have incredibly low ad rates (usually featuring Tom Sillick pitching reverse mortgages, the ASPCA, Shriners’ Children’s Hospitals, etc.). For the first time I am seeing Covenant House commercials seeking donations now that they receive Chick-fil-A funding.

    At Magnum PI’s height, whoever would have thought Tom Sillick would be pitching reverse mortgages one day?

  10. 2019 December 17 8:40 am
    drdog09 permalink

    For 20yrs now I have had the attitude of — buy local, shop mom and pop. That means I buy my tires from a local merchant, not NTB. What things we don’t grow we buy at a local grocer. We buy our meat in bulk from a local butcher. Rare that we are in a WalMart or Target. We cook most our meals at home. When we do go out its an event and the establishments we go to are not chains.

    The downside is we do Amazon more. Primarily for those things we can’t get locally.

  11. 2019 December 17 8:47 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Dem policies hurt common people: “unexpectedly”!
    Andi Loveall
    Just lost my ability to earn a living because of California Assembly Bill No. 5. My freelance brokerage company says they have to let California authors go. 😢Almost a decade of hard work gone in an instant. I can’t stop crying.

    Right before Xmas.

    Andi, your employer can get an exemption from a “council” that consists of union execs. Good luck.
    But … don’t move to CO, NV, AZ and bring your voting habits with you …

  12. 2019 December 17 8:49 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    I do some boycotts but it’s more powerful if it’s a large number of people and well publicized. I like

  13. 2019 December 17 9:05 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Might consider that is placing a tracker on you. Just sayin’.

  14. 2019 December 17 9:05 am
    bc3b permalink

    This just might make you an LSU fan. Heisman winner’s acceptance speech leads to $260k in donations for the poor of southern Ohio:

  15. 2019 December 17 9:07 am
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCla #11 –

    Kalifornia only cares about protected classes of people.

  16. 2019 December 17 11:31 am
    drdog09 permalink


    That sucks. Anyone lay odds the perps were illegals?

  17. 2019 December 17 11:51 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Pro 2A rallye planned at the VA capitol —

  18. 2019 December 17 11:55 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Wait wait. A miller’s seven-year-old son at Latin school?! It’s always a surprise how far we’ve fallen. Today we have remedial reading at college-like facilities selling degrees in “studies”, said studies being a full employment act for their otherwise unemployable customers of previous years. Between student loans and degrees of no market value outside academia, they don’t have students as such, they have hostages.


  19. 2019 December 17 12:02 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  20. 2019 December 17 2:28 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    “Approximately 200 freelance jobs will be consolidated into about two dozen full- or part-time positions.”

    Interesting. 200–>24 positions. Managing 200 contractors for that level of work effort is totally inefficient. To make that kind of decision means it is being driven by something other than market forces. So of the 200 I bet most of those contributors are politically motivated feeds. Shows the level of positioning that goes on in the SJW world.

  21. 2019 December 17 2:43 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  22. 2019 December 17 2:47 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    FISA court reacts to FBI revelations —

  23. 2019 December 17 3:18 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “What’s wrong?”
    “I got Schiff on my shoe.”

  24. 2019 December 17 3:50 pm
    justrand permalink

    At the link you will find an article responding to an Opinion piece in Roanoke, Virginia newspaper. The writer,Harsh Patolia Patolia, is a fourth year medical student at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. I hope he knows (and cares) mopre about medicine than he does about America.

    Here is a quote from Patolia’s OpEd that will make you cringe…and piss you off:

    ==> “Guns have pervaded American culture since its birth, rooted in a persistent (and perhaps outdated) spirit of defiance and exceptionalism.”

  25. 2019 December 17 4:09 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Showing his ignorance. Colonists even in the major cities banded together for their mutual defense as protection from both French and Indians. It was because they were providing for their own defenses that rankled them when the taxes started showing up. But hey I am preaching to the choir here.

  26. 2019 December 17 4:35 pm

    26 – So in a month they get to feed more BS to the court on how they’ll not let it happen again and it was all some mixup. I was going to make a joke about strongly worded letters…but it wasn’t even strongly worded. I am interested in this dec 5th filing declassification though.

  27. 2019 December 17 6:08 pm
    justrand permalink

    Anti-Semitism is a staple of the Left (see: National Socialism, Germany), and always has been. The modern Democrat Party has embraced this…usually under the guise of supporting the “Palestinian Cause”. That cause, of course, involves the elimination of Israel as an entity, and the expulsion or murder of every Jew there. With that as background…

  28. 2019 December 17 6:57 pm

  29. 2019 December 17 8:08 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    That certainly could be the outcome unless either Congress or POTUS react. Trump could request that Roberts tighten up the FISA ship. But if Roberts does nothing then it would fall to Congress to do something, which I assume is in the ‘fat chance’ category.

  30. 2019 December 17 9:14 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    A blog comment rant, I think from Ace of Spades

    Christmas Party Etiquette per Amy Vanderbilt & Emily Post

    Nation still deeply divided day after vote
    Yeah, I love that trick. The nation’s always “divided” when Dems don’t get what they want.

    I was forced to go to a Christmas party over the weekend and had to listen to some jackhole whine about how “divisive” Trump was and lament that we couldn’t “come together.”

    I unloaded on that nickelfucker – “You want to talk divisive? I hated that dog-eating Kenyan crackhead every moment of the eight years he infested the White House. But you know what I didn’t do, asshole? I didn’t riot in the streets. I didn’t scream “HE’S NOT MY PRESIDENT!” I didn’t gin up some phony, childish “Resistance.” I didn’t go into every damned restaurant and public space where Obama or any of his cabinet were and scream in their faces. And I sure as hell didn’t hijack the FBI to create a phony dossier to impeach him 49 hours after he was inaugurated!

    YOUR filthy party did all of that and more, right from the moment the polls closed and you knew that drunk, morally leprous hag of yours wasn’t going to win. So you can take that fucking ‘divisive’ talk and your crocodile tears about unity and shove them up your ass until you shit blood for a week!”

    Fortunately, I work at home, so I don’t have to run into that clown more than perhaps once a month. But got-DAMN, I am sick of Dems blaming Trump for their own diaper-soiling meltdowns.
    Posted by: Mary Poppins’ Practically Perfect Piercing at December 17, 2019 07:07 PM

  31. 2019 December 17 9:19 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Virginia is heating up …
    Virginia Activates Official Militia After Gun Confiscation Threats. Lawmakers Want To Make This A Felony.
    Sequence of events;
    With Michael Bloomberg’s help, the Democrats took over the Virginia state congress.

    There’s an anti-paramilitary bill that would disallow armed people to gather or teach others how to use firearms or any technique that could cause injury or death.

    There’s a bill that would make semi-automatic weapons illegal.

    Nearly the entire state (aside from the highly populated areas that elected these yahoos) has balked and formed Second Amendment sanctuaries.

    A legislator threatened the sanctuaries with the National Guard.

    The sanctuaries responded by activating an organized militia.

  32. 2019 December 17 10:18 pm

    35 – So quantico, and hundred other training facilities in va are closing, and all police and other leo’s will no longer be training inside the state right? right? Oh let me guess they’re all exempt somehow?

    BTW I’m curious, could the entire VA NG effectively be federally activated and sent say… to the southern border or conveniently to overseas deployments?

  33. 2019 December 18 2:57 am
    bc3b permalink

    From the previous thread:

    KnightHawk –

    35 – So quantico, and hundred other training facilities in va are closing, and all police and other leo’s will no longer be training inside the state right? right? Oh let me guess they’re all exempt somehow?

    BTW I’m curious, could the entire VA NG effectively be federally activated and sent say… to the southern border or conveniently to overseas deployments?

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