The Most Unlikely Candidate of All

2020 January 20
by bc3b

It’s unclear whether Michael “Mini Mike” Bloomberg really wants to be president or if his only goal is to spend $1-billion in an attempt to stop Donald Trump’s re-election.

“Mini Mike” has a built-in disadvantage because of his stature. Even though he was elected mayor of New York City twice, he is an awkward campaigner who is far more comfortable with fellow billionaires than Charley and Charlene Lunchbucket.

“Mini Mike” has ruled out the early primary states for two reasons: 1. his late start and 2. the strategic decision to concentrate on states with large delegations (especially California, Texas and New York). Because he is self-funding his campaign, he is not eligible to participate in the Democratic presidential campaign as he cannot meet the minimum donor requirements. This may actually work to his advantage as “Mini Mike” has the reputation of a poor debater.

Compared to the “Mini Mike” campaign’s start, Hillary’s 2016 campaign ran like a fine Swiss timepiece. “Mini Mike” started out by traveling to Texas with Judge Judy (who could possibly play better in Texas than Judge Judy?), where he addressed Texans #1 concern – the need for more immigrants. About 75 attended. Then, to continue melding with flyover voters, the campaign headed to a solidly Republican county in Minnesota where “Mini Mike” discussed for the need for a $15/hour minimum wage and posed with giant farm implements. One of the most liberal Midwest states and they pick a county where Trump got nearly 70% of the vote. Then, off to Akron, which is experiencing a re-birth after a near-death 5-10 years ago and discussed the need for more immigrants once again.

“Mini Mike” has been visiting “fly-over country” to learn more about how middle America lives and demonstrate that he’s not just another liberal elitist billionaire.

“Mini Mike’s” primary goal has to be defeating Trump, because, if things don’t change, he won’t make it out of Manhattan as a candidate.

It’s Wednesday and Michael Bloomberg is on a farm in Minnesota. Nobody, including him, knows why.

Minnesota in the winter is a long way from Bloomberg’s Bermuda estate where he spent much of his time as mayor of New York City, and, if he were to win in 2020, would spend his presidential term. While fighting a war on coal, the billionaire environmentalist crusader liked to jet over on Fridays to his waterfront estate in Bermuda to escape the New York City winters and then jet back again on Sundays.

“We should understand how big America is,” Michael Bloomberg told a reporter. “I’m here to learn about another part of the country.”

Any part of the country that isn’t New York City is a whole other world to the big city titan. That might be why he stumbled into Martin County which Trump had won by 67.5%. Even by primary standards, there aren’t many Democrats here. Hillary only got 2,733 votes. Campaigning for Somali votes in Hennepin County would have made more sense. But as far as Bloomberg is concerned, any place outside Manhattan is farm country. And that goes double for Minnesota. So here he was riding a tractor on a farm in the greatest presidential campaign vehicular moment since a tank ended the Dukakis dream.

“We eat and live based on what you do,” he told a soybean farm family. “And I think it’s easy for us living in big cities to forget about the rest of the world.”

Bloomberg didn’t need to travel all the way to Minnesota to meet farmers. There are plenty of them in upstate New York. But the billionaire, having just recently discovered the existence of both Minnesota and farmers, was eager to impress the media with his common touch. And be photographed in the general vicinity of farm equipment while remaining completely clueless about farm country.

Later in Akron, he would tell an audience, “I just came from a farm, a soybean farm, in the coldest place — you have no idea how cold it is out there.” It was 9 degrees. In other words, winter.

His pitch to farm country was more unions, a $15 minimum wage, and community college. It’s the same as his New York City pitch. And he’s already spent almost $2 million on ads selling himself to Minnesotans. That’s been followed by awkward campaign stops in which he tries to relate to people who don’t work for him. It’s a skill that Bloomberg, who is better at buying elections than winning them, has yet to master.The politicians who endorse him walk behind him, deferentially trailing the billionaire munchkin as he strides toward the photographers or his private jets, like the hired help that they are.

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“Trump doesn’t call me Mini Mike for nothing.”

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  1. 2020 January 20 8:31 am
    bc3b permalink

    From earlier this morning:

    justrand –


    justrand –

    Leftists chant spoon-fed slogans because they have NO ability to comprehend (let alone defend) the bullshit they claim to believe.

    justrand –

    Another White Supremacist…oh, wait…

  2. 2020 January 20 8:37 am
    bc3b permalink

    Contrast this to 2016 with Trump flying into a town to address a hanger filled with people jammed like sardines. Of course, the Orange Man delivered a message people wanted to hear.

  3. 2020 January 20 8:45 am
    bc3b permalink

    NY Times endorses Warren AND Klobuchar for President:

    It’s politically correct to oppose white males, but does this mean the NY Times is homophobic?

  4. 2020 January 20 8:54 am
    bc3b permalink

    Xerox bids to take over HP:

    I haven’t heard of Xerox in 25 years.

    My first office computer (1986) was Xerox branded (manufactured by Oliveti). Came with a dot matrix printer; really cool.

  5. 2020 January 20 9:06 am
    drdog09 permalink

    We had Xerox as a supplier of PCs for a while at GTE, till they exited the market. Good boxes. Received one of the first 4 core (yep 4 real P3 CPUs inside) workstations from them. Ran a version of Unix too. I was joking with some friends at work about how much power this thing sucked. Hit the little red paddle switch on the box and the lights went out in the building at nearly the same instant. The outage was totally unrelated but that was the office gossip for a week.

  6. 2020 January 20 9:15 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Going to gore my own ox….

    As to “free community college”, we know it won’t be free of course. But there is the other issue. All this talk is mission creep. Much of what is taught as trades where I teach; thirty years ago were the mission of the trade school arm of the local school district. We need to get back to that and cut all this crap about free college.

    Moving the trades back to the local school districts would possibly drive change of the attitude that everybody has to go to college if there were alternative ways to earn a living. Most skills a 16yo can learn, and many are doing on their own right now. They get a 3-4 year head start on making a buck. Keeps ’em out of the devils workshop so to speak.

  7. 2020 January 20 9:19 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Nah. NYT is doing a political hedge bet. Warren is the fast track to socialism, if the voters will go for it. Klobuchar is the slow road alternative should the voters dump Warren. That’s how stupid NYT thinks.

  8. 2020 January 20 9:39 am
    justrand permalink

    MLK Day, and the irony is thick. The man dreamed of a country where his children would be “judged on the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin!”

    Yet the modern Democrat Party and EVERY Democrat candidate for President CONSTANTLY judges people on the “color of their skin”. EVERY speech the Democrats give talks about how bad WHITE people are…people they have NEVER met, but assure us are bad because of the COLOR of their skin!

    To be fair, the Democrats usually judge people by their AGE and SEX at the same time, decrying “Old White Men” as THE scourge of society! It gets even more ironic when some of those denigrating “Old White Men” are themselves “Old White Men”.

  9. 2020 January 20 10:20 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Instapundit reads NYT so we don’t have to

    “The New York Times endorses Klobuchar and Warren for President.
    In lauding Warren, the Times actually said this:
    “Senator Warren is a gifted storyteller.””

  10. 2020 January 20 11:36 am
    justrand permalink

    I love the clip of the Black guy waving a “Trump 2020” and declaring: “I’m Governor Northam in blackface”

  11. 2020 January 20 11:41 am
    bc3b permalink

    While it’s politically incorrect to discuss it, we all know what the key problem blacks face today: fatherless homes. In MLK’s day, the black illegitimacy rate was under 30%. Today it is 73% and rising.

    The white illegitimacy rate has also risen since the 1960s, but it isn’t considered socially acceptable for a white male to totally walk away from all responsibility for a child he fathered.

    Until this problem is solved, little progress will be made.

  12. 2020 January 20 12:18 pm
    bc3b permalink

  13. 2020 January 20 1:00 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Too good to be true?

    I’m guessing too good to be true LOL
    Plus with an empty supply of eye bleach and the stores closed for MLK, it’s a sight I’d be happy to skip over

  14. 2020 January 20 1:06 pm
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCal #10 –

    Perhaps the writers of the endorsement editorial are vying for the NY Times coveted Walter Duranty Award for Excellence (in what passes for journalism). Duranty was a great “story teller” too.

  15. 2020 January 20 1:09 pm
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCal #15 –

    Perhaps the best thing about it (if it were true) would be watching CNN try to bury it. You know there are photos of Schitt with Ukrainian weapons dealers at one of his fundraisers. True fact.

  16. 2020 January 20 1:24 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Color Me Shocked! Robberies Soar in Upscale, Liberal Chicago Gold Coast:

    What’s the point in causing havoc on the South or West Sides of Chicago when upscale liberal whites have the real money?

  17. 2020 January 20 1:57 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Have said for quite some time, riots seldom accomplish what ‘they’ thought it would. The destruction seldom leaves the confines of the hood or barrio. This incident is and interesting point if it becomes a trend.

  18. 2020 January 20 2:02 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Go up stream a bit. The reason there is a lot of fatherlessness is two factors:

    1) The govt. actually being “daddy” and,
    2) Feminism turning family court into a cash register for women.

    Don’t believe me, read these excerpts off of the likes of tinder…..

    NSFW folks.

  19. 2020 January 20 2:10 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    A huge crowd in Richmond —×600-1.jpg

    Suggest you open in a different window, the above is large.

  20. 2020 January 20 2:12 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #19 –

    Outside of Chicago, New York, DC and perhaps Boston, there are few cities where so many people with so much wealth are concentrated in one area and potential victims are out walking about at all hours of the day or night. Look how Jesse Smollett was set upon by the Nigerian Brothers on the way back from Subway at 2 AM. lol.

    The upscale areas have been considered safe until recently. As you pointed out, what sense does it make to destroy one’s own neighborhood. In Chicago there’s plenty of low-cost public transportation to get the perps to the area where the marks live.

  21. 2020 January 20 2:21 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #20 –

    In addition, it has become part of the ghetto culture. The War on Poverty started in 1967. That’s 53 years ago. So mama and grandma were single mothers. Many times a single mom is raising a family with 2-3 biological fathers. For a young girl in the ghetto, it’s a normal way of life.

    Likewise, for men, not taking responsibility for a child you father is a way of life – no feelings of guilt or societal pressure to “give a damn.”

  22. 2020 January 20 4:31 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    I agree. But without Uncle Sugar paying the bills and EBT them women would care a whole lot more if Tyrone wasn’t paying their spawn. Hunger has a way of focusing the mind shall we say.

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