Yes Virginia, They ARE Communists.

2020 January 22
by drdog09

Threats and harassment of certain officials and property; venue. Provides that certain crimes relating to threats and harassment may be prosecuted in the City of Richmond if the victim is the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia. In addition, threats to damage property may be prosecuted in the City of Richmond if the property is owned by the Commonwealth and located in the Capitol District.

VA House Bill 1627

If passed this would become illegal —

The Democrats are not even slowing down about the second Amendment and they are already attacking the first Amendment with abandon.

Vote for a Democrat, get shat upon.

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  1. 2020 January 22 4:21 am
    drdog09 permalink

    I have to say, W. Va offer is looking better all the time.

  2. 2020 January 22 4:32 am
    drdog09 permalink

    One other observation, Rights are only as good as the Force willing to enforce them.

    “We did not love Freedom enough.”
    — Solzhenitsyn

  3. 2020 January 22 7:44 am
    justrand permalink

    They’re not slowing down, they’re speeding up. They know that in 2021 the Legislature will most likely flip back.

  4. 2020 January 22 10:27 am
    justrand permalink

    the language of the proposed 1st Amendment limiting Bill in Virginia is SOOOOO vague that ANYTHING someone communicates that a Democrat elected official doesn’t like could easily fall under it.

    If any person, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass any person, shall use a computer or computer network to communicate obscene, vulgar, profane, lewd, lascivious, or indecent language, or make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature, or threaten any illegal or immoral act, he is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

    for example: “Hey Governor Northam, go FUCK yourself! clearly is “indecent”, and although technically impossible to accomplish, asks him to perform an “immoral act”…and thus, since the act would be impossible for him accomplish, would “intimidate” him as well!!

    But hey, if you can’t tell the Governor of your State to go fuck him or her self, then what good is the Internet anyway??? 🙂

  5. 2020 January 22 10:30 am
    bc3b permalink

    A lot of people who voted for Trump got complacent and didn’t vote in 2018. The results are evident both in Virginia and the Democrats taking the House. Trump carried my congressional district, but the RINO congressman lost in 2018.

  6. 2020 January 22 10:31 am
    bc3b permalink

    Other than the media and the far left, no one seems to be paying much attention to the impeachment hearings.

  7. 2020 January 22 11:47 am

    First the second, now the first, make no mistake they want them all gone.

    7 – Just like VA legislature they’re, not even trying to hide it.

  8. 2020 January 22 12:25 pm
    bc3b permalink

    KH #10 –

    We can’t have freedom of speech. After all, we globalist elitists don’t want the peasants thinking for themselves.

  9. 2020 January 22 12:28 pm
    bc3b permalink

    And Eph and Fight On have been telling us Bernie can’t possibly win. lol.

  10. 2020 January 22 12:51 pm
    Eph permalink

    12. First bowl picks, now this…

    Take me to Vegas babay!!!

  11. 2020 January 22 12:53 pm
    Eph permalink


    Look at the numbers…

    Biden is tanking. Others are fairly stable.

  12. 2020 January 22 1:03 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Eph #13 –

    Regarding the bowl picks, TLS just sent Hillary an email stating that you have evidence that can send her to prison. Better stay away from river basins and NYC correctional facilities.

  13. 2020 January 22 1:08 pm
    fight on permalink

    BC how can Bernie possibly win. Hillary says he is unlikeable. If their is one thing Hillary knows it is unlikeable.

  14. 2020 January 22 1:17 pm
    Eph permalink

    Got to give CNN some credit for putting out this poll

    Also, someone should tell mini-Mike about the DVR.

  15. 2020 January 22 2:16 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Eph and I both predicted Bernie in the last BJG poll but I think Eph has been calling The Bern longer

  16. 2020 January 22 2:37 pm
    Eph permalink


    Since Billary conceded 2016.

    Next in line!

    Sadly, that means Cruz 2024

  17. 2020 January 22 2:41 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Looking at the Repub side, who in 2024?
    Any competent fighters?
    Pompeo? Grenell? Mick Mulvaney?

  18. 2020 January 22 2:48 pm
    Eph permalink

    20 Jim,

    Next in line !!!!

    Ted Cruz

    You heard it from Eph first!

  19. 2020 January 22 5:09 pm

    20 – Keyword there is competent, so no, nobody really comes to mind that isn’t a DS slimeball, of those 3 the only one I would even entertain maybe is Grenell and that would be for congress or senate (assuming he didnt change much re:policy pos.) not potus. That said we got more than enough to worry about for 2020, let alone 2024.

  20. 2020 January 22 5:29 pm

    FBI’s got time for this but no time to investigate all the far more impactful crimes among DC’s elite, and their own fucking ranks. That’s not to say this is cool with me or anything, just peanuts in comparison to much bigger and more pressing fish. Anyone know how many agents and prosecutors have been dedicated to this in the last 3 years?

    I’d probably have asked for a discount too for anything less than a 80% / B-. 😉

  21. 2020 January 22 5:32 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    bc3b: “A lot of people who voted for Trump got complacent and didn’t vote in 2018. The results are evident both in Virginia and the Democrats taking the House. Trump carried my congressional district, but the RINO congressman lost in 2018.”

    Some of them got PO’ed over traitors like McCain and Ryan, but yeah.

  22. 2020 January 22 6:52 pm

    3 things to remember in old age .

    1 Never pass a bathroom without using it.

    2 Never waste a hard on.

    3 Never trust a fart.

  23. 2020 January 22 11:07 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Yes, Lockhart made this up.
    Didn’t stop Dems from retweeting, though.

  24. 2020 January 22 11:09 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Or … possibility 2: MLK had a time machine

  25. 2020 January 23 2:28 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Babylon Bee:

    Tulsi DID sue Hillary, apparently.
    The lawsuit did NOT discuss Tulsi’s state of mind, avoidance of suicide, etc.
    That clause is an online joke, not part of the lawsuit

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