2020 March 24
by bc3b

That along with #PelosiChokesWhilePeopleGoBroke are two leading hashtags on Twitter.

President Trump has been emphasizing the importance of keeping politics out of solving the Coronavirus crisis and doing everything possible to protect the health and jobs of Americans.

Nancy Pelosi has taken exactly the opposite approach. She and her minions have crafted a 1,120-page bill filled with pork and radical initiatives that will mean Christmas in March/April for the left. The bill includes several provisions that copy California and would make voter fraud an art form nationwide. The bill includes:

  1. Increased fuel emission standards for airlines receiving funds and carbon offset
  2. Payment for up to $10,000 in student loans
  3. Same-day voter registration, early voting, voting by mail, ballot harvestin
  4. Preserving collective bargaining powers for unions
  5. The expansion of wind and solar tax credits
  6. Requirements for federal and corporate gender and racial diversity data
  7. Post Office Bailout
  8. Automatic extension of non-immigrant visas.
  9. Restricting colleges from providing information about citizenship status
  10. Money for Planned Parenthood

There’s even $35-million for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in the bill. Charlie and Charlene Lunchbucket frequent it regularly.

Thinking Americans realize this is a time of crisis and, for the most part , have been making sacrifices for the national good. Hopefully they will view this as a giant step too far when the nation is in trouble.

A small business owner, like a beauty salon proprietor, simply wants to get this crisis in the past and re-open her business to start serving customers and making money to offset her expenses which continue while her business is closed.

Has the Wicked Witch of the West gone too far this time? She is likely the most-hated woman in the country (sorry Hillary) and sneaking partisan issues into a bill this important will likely infuriate thinking Americans and hopefully cost Pelosi her speakership and the Democrats the House in November.

If the Republicans are smart (and they seem to be smarter since Trump became president), they will link Pelosi to every Democratic House candidate in the fall elections: A vote for ___________ is a vote for Pelosi.

Breitbart thread discusses these in greater detail.

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  1. 2020 March 24 6:45 am
    bc3b permalink

    From the previous thread:

    drdog09 –

    Things that make you go Hmmmmm — https://www.theepochtimes.com/the-closing-of-21-million-cell-phone-accounts-in-china-may-suggest-a-high-ccp-virus-death-toll_3281291.html

    It is an interesting stat. But it is kind of like using tree ring data to justify climate change, other factors in play.

  2. 2020 March 24 6:46 am
    bc3b permalink

    From the previous thread:

    mulletover –

    It was asked the other day…..”I wonder how Americans are enjoying their 30 day trial run of socialism.”

    My guess is not very much. I’m in a small waterfront community in CarteretCounty, NC, and we have five cases of the Chinese flu here in the entire county. We are the largest county in N.C. in land mass. So what happens. Our tin horn liberal dictator of a mayor issues a seven page edict to shelter in place for the next 30 days. Not stopping there, he proceeds to tell us what to do to get by under his sheep control rules.

    This little f&ck couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel, yet he chooses to proclaim his wish of socialism destroying our economy in the process, and he does it on his own, and announced with less than 24 hours notice.

    I feel a revolution coming on. “Fill your hand! You son of a bitch!”

  3. 2020 March 24 6:47 am
    bc3b permalink

    From the previous thread:

    justrand –

    mullet, our tin-pot dictator out here (Emperor Newsome) is a half-step away from declaring Martial Law…which may bring on the NEED for Martial Law, since the need does NOT exist at this time.


  4. 2020 March 24 6:50 am
    bc3b permalink

    Mullet #2 –

    Actually I enjoy working from my office more than working from home. It gives me an opportunity to get out and makes my business life much simpler.

  5. 2020 March 24 7:01 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    In a lot of places you don’t need to “shelter in place”, you need to “shelter in County”.
    Plenty of places have few cases. You don’t need to hide in your closet.
    You need to hold off from driving to the Big City in your truck to stock up at Costco. Because you’ll get a germ there and bring it back.

    “Shelter in place” might make sense in NYC. But not state wide.

  6. 2020 March 24 7:14 am
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCal –

    JR loves driving to Cosco in his Prius pickup. It gets great mileage to – 57 miles per gallon. The problem is that it has a top speed of 17 MPH – 14 MPH with 18 rolls of toilet paper in the bed. His Marines bumper sticker reduces its top speed by .5 MPH.

  7. 2020 March 24 7:41 am

    DJIA ~~19,974.30 ~~~ +1,382.37~~~ %7.44 as of 10:36 24th

    Dead cat bounce???

  8. 2020 March 24 7:43 am
    The Ghost of Reason permalink

    ms-Qsdy77.gif – yep.

  9. 2020 March 24 7:57 am
    justrand permalink

    bc3b, up here in the mountains we flaunt the BS…I drive a 3/4 ton diesel pickup. Prius drivers look on in wonder, and fear! 🙂

  10. 2020 March 24 8:25 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Shelter in place” might make sense in NYC. But not state wide.

    That is why I think this outbreak will the the catalyst for many to get out of the urban centers:

    * They are an increased risk of infection.
    * People are realizing they can work from home if their work does not require touch.
    * They will be weighing the urban costs vs say a more rural cost.
    * Many will find the isolation and increased time with the family enjoyable not a downer.

    This event is the death of ‘millenial gentrification of cities’.

  11. 2020 March 24 8:28 am
    justrand permalink

    In process management there is (or ought to be) a focus on achieving a particular EFFECT (efficiency, customer satisfaction, etc). Then you try to make changes that would CAUSE that to happen. Cause & Effect…in that order.

    The danger is that sometimes people try to sieze the Effect to ACHIEVE the Cause. A simple, though silly, example of this can be seen in the movie ‘Working Girl’. Melanie Griffith dresses up to pretend she is the boss, but her friend tells her: “Sometimes I dance around my apartment singing in my bra, but that doesn’t make me Madonna”.

    That silly example is pretty innocent. What Governor Newsome and some other Democrat Governors (and they are ALL Democrats at this point) are doing is threatening to enact Martial Law.

    When the CAUSE of enacting Martial Law is civil unrest, the Martial Law is intended to EFFECT law & order…and stop the unrest. But when there IS NO civil unrest, the institution of Martial Law may (and will) become the CAUSE of civil unrest.

  12. 2020 March 24 8:58 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Spot on.

    Pelosi indirectly is achieving the same result. Her tearing up the bipartisan support bill after it had been hammered out is political stupidity. That is going to bite them in the a$$ come November. A case where ‘no crisis should go to waste…’ does not apply.

  13. 2020 March 24 10:24 am
    bc3b permalink

    justrand –

    bc3b, up here in the mountains we flaunt the BS…I drive a 3/4 ton diesel pickup. Prius drivers look on in wonder, and fear! 🙂

    Is there a gun turret mounted on the roof?

  14. 2020 March 24 10:28 am
    bc3b permalink

    Pelosi seems to have forgotten that she is dealing with Donald Trump, not wusses like Bush43 or Paul Ryan:


  15. 2020 March 24 11:40 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Trump needs to tell the Dems: “You want that stuff? Go win an election”

  16. 2020 March 24 1:11 pm
    bc3b permalink

  17. 2020 March 24 1:20 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    I guess, this may seem offensive to some, but at least this coronavirus thing actually has Americans saying the words “dead” & “death” even if its only used as an MSM “Orange Man Bad” panic count club…..

    We make it sound like no big deal when we say its “passing” or “passing away” etc as if its an automatic ticket to some spiritual Disneyland in the sky…..

    In this old world, death is permanent….as in assume room temperature or worm food

    There are a lot of ears open wide now to hear the gospel preached, only in Christ is death defeated and the promise of new life given

  18. 2020 March 24 1:23 pm
    bc3b permalink

    New York has over 50% of the coronavirus cases in the US (6% of the world’s cases):


    New York, especially New York City has the “perfect storm” – high density, lots of immigrants and homeless and plenty of people who travel internationally.

    Jennifer (Dog Face) Rubin assured us coronavirus was going to hit red areas the hardest.

  19. 2020 March 24 1:27 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    #18 too much distance in rural areas and most of them too hot now for it to thrive…….75 degrees in Oklahoma today…..90 on thursday for example

  20. 2020 March 24 1:28 pm
    bc3b permalink

  21. 2020 March 24 1:56 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Dow Up 2,000+ – biggest jump in 81 years. Eph and King are looking for ventilators:


  22. 2020 March 24 2:13 pm
    justrand permalink

    Harvard’s professors and administrators are 97% registered Democrats…and routinely lecture all us heathens about how “woke” they are, and how much THEY care about people.

    uh huh


  23. 2020 March 24 3:57 pm

    14 – Name me a bloated budget he didn’t sign, or a pork package the Senate hasn’t gone alone with yet? He’ll do the same here.

  24. 2020 March 24 4:15 pm
    bc3b permalink

  25. 2020 March 24 4:16 pm
    Eph permalink

    The Eyore rankings are in limbo…

    Just when DR makes a move, KH comes right back.

    The King is waiting for the markets to close tomorrow before returning fire….

    -1200. The King awaits!

  26. 2020 March 24 5:37 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    #20 That’s the best news for calling of the martial law dogs……if the left is losing the polling battle they will signal retreat soon….talk or grumbling on the snowflake blogs will signal when the dam breaks on this and our jailers will release us from prison….

    If they aren’t hurting Trump AND pissing off their base it won’t go on much longer….

    Yes, people will still be dying from this corona virus but the left will “declare victory” and go back to doing what, unfortunately we have had to do with all past illness waves, let it run its course behind the scenes……

  27. 2020 March 24 5:38 pm
    Deckard permalink

    Well – it seems like Mayor Garcetti has ready his minions to make sure all are following orders. If these businesses refuse to shut down, he’s threatening to shut off their water and power and forcefully shut them down. I just heard him say this. He is deputizing citizens to be snitches.

    Meanwhile, he did NOTHING about the 30,000 or more complaints about vagrants in the street, homeless taking over sidewalks, etc.

    This is tyranny. This virus IS NOT the stinking bubonic plague. This is not the Black Death of the Middle Ages. We are being fed only what they want us to know, making it worse than it actually is. The deaths being reported – they are not singling out deaths from ONLY Covid-19, as opposed to multiple factors existing before Covid-19 came on the scene and using those stats.

    We’re supposed to sit here, be patient, and allow ourselves to be subjected to this – for much longer than necessary. Even when Trump lifts restrictions, Garcetti won’t – for many more weeks/months in the future. Just to be safe.
    Again – just to be safe. When is enough, enough?

  28. 2020 March 24 5:51 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Remember the f#$%& and vote the SOB out of office. Vengeance be yours.

  29. 2020 March 24 6:10 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    #29 Even the lefties will not hold the hard line on martial law once people see the rest of the county going about their business and dying like flies in the street after Trump lifts restrictions……..as nauseating as it may be a “dipstick check” of the snowflake blogs is a good indication of when the nuttier leftists will finally call off the dogs

    But you are spot on with saying this was just and excuse to impose tyranny:


    “On Tuesday Dr. Deborah Birx confirmed our earlier allegations that the WHO was wrong with their coronavirus predictions.

    The actual mortality rate will be significantly under 1%.

    President Trump: I think the main factor is the mortality rate. We talked about the mortality rate when we first started, people were thinking about 3 and 4 percent and now they’re talking about a much lower number. I think it is a number that will be a lot different than people thought.

    Dr. Birx: The mortality rate is driven almost exclusively by what we have been talking about by people with preexisting conditions and older. So that has become from the very beginning that was our emphasis. When we started two or three weeks ago talking with one another our focus has been how do we protect those with preexisting conditions and the elderly…

    President Trump: It’s a lot lower than we originally thought. Frankly, it’s a lot lower.

    Dr. Birx: Yes, you know the estimate in Wuhan was originally. It was over three percent. When they (Chinese) looked outside of Wuhan it was 0.7%. In South Korea it was 0.7 to 0.8%. That’s like a tyranny of averages. That’s probably missing 50-60% of the data because no one was testing asymptomatics. Remember in every country you had to be symptomatic to get a test. So we’re making case fatality rates when we’re missing a significant part of the data.”

    I doubt that Trump would stick his political neck out with a statement like that if he wasn’t fairly sure that the trend was in this direction….

    Yes, it looks like something along the lines of above the average seasonal flu and less then something like swine flu…..

    Does it justify martial law by any rational calculation?

    No, but given the toxic mix of politicized everything, the natural tendency of politicians to COA to get reelected, and toxic Marxist ideology we get to martial law……

  30. 2020 March 24 6:15 pm

    27 – yeah I watched the presser, actually I’ve watched every presser since they started. Whatever hits his desk he will sign as the biggest boldest most beautiful porkulous evah.

  31. 2020 March 24 6:41 pm
    mulletover permalink

    The Sheriff in Wake County, NC just suspended the issuance of all pistol permits and concealed carry permits. Making up law as he goes. You cannot trust government. Liberal pukes are employing creeping socialism. People gonna have to stand up.

  32. 2020 March 24 6:54 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    A feature, according to folk like Biden’s corona adviser zeke emanuel, of socialist government run medical care:


    “Italy has taken the lead with 6,077 deaths, 85 percent of which are of people over 70, which stems, it appears, from a conscious decision not to supply ventilators to anyone over 60.”

  33. 2020 March 24 7:03 pm
    Wylie E. Coyote permalink

    Another good article:


    “These projections are far more drastic than any sensible extrapolation from the data. If one assumes that there were just a 50 percent exposure rate in California (39.9 million, Illinois (12.7 million) and New York (19.4 million), the number of cases would equal 36 million that would translate into about 360,000 deaths in those three states alone. The current numbers of cases and death of those three states is: New York (15,168 cases, 122 deaths), California (1849 cases, 33 deaths), and Illinois, (1,049 cases, 9 deaths). The total cases are roughly 18,000 or 0.000050 of the projected totals, and the 155 deaths represent 0.00043 of the projected totals.

    The governors’ numbers are hysterical and sloppy. None of them have released any detailed study that purported to support their extreme decrees. There was no opportunity for the many critics of their proposals to have their voices heard. The emergency mentality created a one-man gubernatorial dictatorship in each state.

    We need a public debate on the political response to COVID-19, and we need it now. I fully understand the need for immediate responses to immediate threats, like fires, but not for crises that may last for three months or more. At this point, everyone knows that people who are elderly, especially those with chronic conditions, should stay out of harm’s way. But that prohibition is self-enforcing because those people know that it is in their best interest to self-quarantine, at least in place of high incidence, but by no means nationally. But for low risk groups, a different set of precautions may fit the bill—an emphasis on thorough hand washing, reduced work hours, reducing workers per shift, and better availability of ventilation equipment.

    The central Hayekian principle applies: All of these choices are done better at the level of plants, hotels, restaurants, and schools than remotely by political leaders. Our governors have failed to ask a basic question: When all the individual and institutional precautions are in place, what is the marginal gain of having the government shut everything down by a preemptive order? Put otherwise, with these precautions in place, what is the extent of the externalities that remain unaddressed?

    Progressives think they can run everyone’s lives through central planning, but the state of the economy suggests otherwise. Looking at the costs, the public commands have led to a crash in the stock market, and may only save a small fraction of the lives that are at risk. In addition, there are lost lives on both sides of the equation as many people will now find it more difficult to see a doctor, get regular exercise, stay sober, and eat healthily. None of these alternative hazards are addressed by the worthy governors.

    It is critical therefore to get some perspective on this issue, which is perhaps done by taking a quick look at the now forgotten H1N1 pandemic that ran for about a year from April 2009 to April 2010. The similarities between the two pandemics are evident. Both were novel strains for which there were no available vaccines. Both viruses hit people over 60 the hardest. During the year that H1N1 raged, the CDC estimates that “there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306).”

    These figures are in flat contradiction to the wildly high estimates that supposed experts give to support their current doomsday scenario, and they suggest that a far more modest program of containment—and allowing the virus to run its course—is a better path forward for the economy. Our government fiats will probably save very few, if any, lives saved over what we can obtain through more focused voluntary precautions. All the while, the United States is entertaining hopeless stimulus negotiations that shift dollars around, but do nothing to make up for the trillions that will inevitably lost as result of the economic shutdown. There is only one cure to the current malaise, which is to reverse these self-destructive policies before it is too late.”

  34. 2020 March 24 7:03 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Unreal that Italy leads in deaths.
    It’s not that large a population. And it’s not even widespread over the whole country.

  35. 2020 March 24 7:03 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Death panels. Like nobody says they exist.

  36. 2020 March 24 7:15 pm

  37. 2020 March 24 7:27 pm


    I don’t know. I can’t see your ass for the boulders blocking my view….

  38. 2020 March 24 8:10 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  39. 2020 March 24 8:11 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  40. 2020 March 24 9:56 pm

    Red army practicing euthanasia in the katyn forest poland

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