Stacking the Deck for Slow Joe

2020 March 9
by bc3b

The Democratic National Committee continues to stack the deck for Slow Joe Biden, knowing the left-wing media has their back and will do everything possible to censor any news that demonstrates how Biden’s mind has slipped to near dementia with his daily gaffes, not knowing where he is, what day it is or even his wife from his sister.

The DNC reduced the field in the days immediately following the South Carolina primary and before “Super Thursday,” encouraging Amy Klobuchar and Petey Boy Buttigieg to drop out and endorse Slow Joe for “future considerations” and getting Robert Francis O’Rourke to endorse Biden for similar reasons.

Then the DNC suddenly changed the debate qualifications when suddenly discovering that Tulsi Gabbard had qualified based on its then current rules. As she has done in her limited previous appearances on the Democratic presidential debate stage, Tulsi would create excitement and she just might create some problems for Biden and the DNC.

Now Bernie Sanders campaign claims the DNC is doing even more to tip the scales for Slow Joe.

Another debate format change may benefit former Vice President Joe Biden, and at least one staffer for Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is questioning the move.

According to the Democratic National Committee, the next debate — which is all but certain to be a head-to-head matchup between Sanders and Biden — will allow both candidates to be seated and take audience questions. This would be a dramatic change from the previous debates, during which the candidates faced questions from the moderators and stood behind lecterns for several hours.

“The DNC has changed the format for the next debate, where Joe Biden would have had to stand at a lectern for two hours and answer questions from professional moderators, to one where both men will be seated and answer questions from the audience,” tweeted Common Dreams senior editor and writer Eoin Higgins.

Jeff Weaver, senior adviser to Sanders, asked, “Why does Joe Biden not want to stand toe-to-toe with Sen. Sanders on the debate stage March 15 and have an opportunity to defend his record and articulate his vision for the future?”


DNC spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa explained that the move was designed to give both candidates more time and more relaxed format in which to make their positions clear on important issues. “This format provides candidates longer response times, and for the first time, will incorporate questions from undecided voters in the audience,” she said.

Does any actually believe that the “members of the audience” won’t be stacked in Biden’s favor?

Obviously the DNC and its puppet, CNN, which is running this debate realize that Slow Joe tires and the last half hour of the debate his performance gets even worse.

Slow Joe is slightly younger than Crazy Bernie and about four years older than President Trump. But Biden seems to lack the mental awareness of the other men and his gaffes have gone from occasional to a daily routine. Of course, if you don’t follow conservative media and blogs, you’d think each of Slow Joe’s performances was flawless.

Hat tip:

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It’s not a matter of if, but when and how often today’s gaffes will happen.

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  1. 2020 March 9 5:58 am
    bc3b permalink

    One by one the dominos fall. Booker endorses Biden:

    How long before Lie-A-Watha caves?

  2. 2020 March 9 6:19 am
    justrand permalink

    the questions from the audience will be hand-picked to shield Joe, and embarrass Bernie.

    But then, rigging things is truly what Democrats do best.

  3. 2020 March 9 6:24 am
    bc3b permalink

    JR #3 –

    When all else fails, there’s the firewall: 1/4 of the delegates in Milwaukee will be “super delegates.” It’s like “weighting” when a poll doesn’t produce the results a client wants.

  4. 2020 March 9 6:52 am
    Eph permalink

    Dow -2000

    Where is IP???

  5. 2020 March 9 7:00 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Buy the dip…..

  6. 2020 March 9 7:25 am

    Dow -2000

    Where is IP???~~~

    Waiting to buy more once the weak sisters are driven out.

  7. 2020 March 9 7:32 am
    bc3b permalink

    FiveThirtyEight gives Biden a 93% chance of winning the nomination:

    10 days ago his candidacy was comatose.

  8. 2020 March 9 8:26 am

    8 – As amusing as that is I would also give him an increased chance today vs 10 days ago, not 93% mind you, more like 49% but that’s up from say 40% 10 days ago (assuming he was the nominee – which I wasn’t assuming 2 weeks ago).

  9. 2020 March 9 8:49 am
    MI Conservative permalink

    Just passing on a personal experience today. Not on topic but I don’t post much so I think you will be okay with it..

    Went to doctor for annual visit. I have tickets to Europe in late May. Asked him his thoughts. He said go unless they tell me not to. He then told me and SHOWED me a ticket for Rome he bought last night for $350. $449 with upgrade. He said most of what you hear is hype and negative when there are many positive stories no one wants to talk about. Seen Trump shaking hands in a crowd before he left Florida today. I thought he was a germaphobe and doesn’t like shaking hands?

  10. 2020 March 9 9:06 am
    justrand permalink

    bc3b (in re. Biden’s candidacy): “10 days ago his candidacy was comatose”

    actually, 10 days ago his candidacy was DEAD.

    but then the DNC/media cabal decided to do a cheap re-make of ‘Waking Ned Devine’

    If you’ve never seen this black comedy, the premise is that a cantankerous old man, Ned Devine, is the lucky winner of the Irish national lottery. Ned is so taken by his good fortune that he now can’t be waked…because he died from the shock of it! News of the win spreads quickly in the scenic little Irish village of Tully More, but not the secret news of Ned’s demise. With lottery officials closing in to confirm the prize claimed by the deceased Devine, Ned’s closest friends scheme to keep the prize money close to home by pretending he is ALIVE.

    A perfect analogy for Joe Biden’s campaign…and Joe himself. Even if Joe did physically die tomorrow, the DNC/media cabal would pretend he was alive until November!

    Remember when Hillary fell down in NY City at the 9/11 Memorial? An hour or so later they trotted out someone CLEARLY not Hillary, kept EVERY camera but one 30 yards behind barricades, and allowed ONE child to walk the 30 or so yards to shake “Hillary’s” hand. It was so obviously a staged flim-flam, but the media pretended to buy it!

  11. 2020 March 9 9:08 am

    Tend to agree with this (assuming data from around the world is remotely accurate), spotted the same trend with CN, and SK and Japan who also seem to getting close to peak daily new cases Let’s hope people keep their fking heads and it’s at least close to his predictions.

  12. 2020 March 9 9:13 am

    For those that want to see the ww recovery stats, and in the lower right you can get the daily new case total vs daily recoveries, lord know the media isn’t going to pimp them, because it would at least provide some prospective.

  13. 2020 March 9 9:24 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Kamala, of course, also endorsed Joe.
    Despite his racism

    MIC, tomorrow I’ll buy a ticket to OH to attend an Aunt’s funeral service. I’m willing to change my mind but for now I’m not worried. South Korea has tested gobs of people. I trust the trends coming out of their numbers and their death rate is low.

  14. 2020 March 9 9:33 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    The argument for why COVID won’t be that bad.
    Might be right, might be wrong … I’ll link, you decide.

  15. 2020 March 9 10:07 am
    drdog09 permalink

    I started doubting lethality of the virus a week ago. When the incubation period climbed up to a month the stats would tend to under report since the patient may not be able to pinpoint their begin date of exposure. Its a nasty virus but then so was SARS and that did not create near as much panic.

  16. 2020 March 9 11:54 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Yeah, the Federalist article is interesting.
    “the coalescing of the Democratic field behind Joe Biden just ahead of Super Tuesday, with the message discipline and precision of a Soviet Central Committee, is a testament to the fact that … those on the left are mechanical in support of their candidates.”

    To me, it is astonishing. Biden was dead. Then, suddenly, all the Dems synchronized on one idea: stop Bernie. They all switched to Biden. Now he’s a prohibitive front runner. What a grim decision! Those Dems are nucking futs as the saying goes ….

  17. 2020 March 9 2:33 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Just as the Soviet Central Committee had Pravda and Izvestia to create propaganda, tell lies and twist the truth, the DNC has CNN and the New York Times to create propaganda, tell lies and twist the truth.

  18. 2020 March 9 3:08 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Were I to choose a mainframe (DNC) over a multiprocessor multithread system (RNC) I always pick the latter. Ideas with a single point of reference are destroyed when the baseline craters. That is Slo Joe. What I find really disturbing is that the Dims are willing to delude themselves about Biden’s health/mental state.

  19. 2020 March 9 4:26 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Joe again. Gateway Pundit.
    Joe Biden Gets Confused Again: ‘Together, I think We Can Win Back the House’

  20. 2020 March 9 5:42 pm
    Eph permalink

    21. Jim,

    Is he doing this on purpose?

    At least some of it.

  21. 2020 March 9 9:17 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    I can’t wrap my head around running for Pres and simultaneously pretending to be demented.
    So, no, I do not see it as on purpose.

  22. 2020 March 10 2:06 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Iranian infections of high govt officials seem pretty incestuous. Sort of like Ilhan Omar.
    595 new cases and 43 new deaths in Iran. Among the infected is the head of Iran’s crisis management agency, Esmaeel Najjar, who was discharged from the hospital and is self-quarantined at home

  23. 2020 March 10 2:14 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Here in Santa Clara County CA we’ve gone from
    1) nothing
    2) warnings for old people to stay home, and everyone wash their hands
    3) large gatherings banned. For example, our youngest is in high school orchestra.
    They were slated to play at Disneyland in a couple weeks. (I guess they cycle bands through there as part of a regular program).
    Trip is cancelled and it’s not clear how much refund we’ll get.

    Not implemented yet: school closure.

  24. 2020 March 10 6:39 am

    25 – Italy quarantines entire country. Trump campaign (women for trump side) is canceling\rescheduling all events for next two weeks seems.

  25. 2020 March 10 7:25 am
    bc3b permalink

    I voted in the Michigan presidential primary this morning. Since it appears that Slow Joe will easily carry Michigan, I just asked for a Republican ballot and voted for Trump. Low turnout (I was #53 at 9 AM), no signage at the polls or anyone with literature.

    We’ll have a link to the primary election results tonight, but it appears it will be a Biden sweep.

  26. 2020 March 10 7:41 am

    Nikki Haley Endorses RINO Kelly Loeffler Over Conservative Star Doug Collins in Georgia Senate Race

    But of course.

  27. 2020 March 10 7:44 am

  28. 2020 March 10 12:49 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    28, yeah Nikki is better than a Dem but there’s ample evidence that she’s Not One Of Us

  29. 2020 March 10 1:59 pm

    Haley~~~confederate flag burner/statue destroyer~~fuk her.

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