Slow Joe: I’m Your Puppet

2020 July 17
by bc3b

It’s interesting that Joe Biden became the Democratic nominee for two reasons: 1. strong black support (beginning in South Carolina) and 2. he came across as the sanest and least radical (not the most lucid) of the Democratic candidates.

Now Biden is lurching to the left, accepting every insane proposal from Bernie Sanders, AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Beto and others, basically turning away from working class Americans who have been traditional blue collar Democratic voters.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Biden will either be a “puppet” or a “placeholder.” His wife, Jill, seems to be one of the key people pushing Biden even though she must realize her husband is far too mentally challenged to be the leader of the free world. But, even if he is only President for one day, he’ll have his name in history books as POTUS and she as FLOTUS.

Earlier this week, Joe Biden released his “Unity” platform. Unity should mean compromise. All the factions should have given up something to gain an overall, broad agreement. But Biden’s platform is not that.

My colleague Stacey Lennox has teased just some of its more radical proposals, such as the utter destruction of suburban America that its housing policies would force.  That the Democrats would force — force, not persuade, but force — millions of Americans back into urban living while Democrat-dominated cities are also defunding police, giving our cities over to anarchy, and while a pandemic renders our cities yet more vulnerable and dangerous is not merely bad policy. It’s vicious and insane. Biden’s housing policy is more radical, even than Barack Obama’s was, because he has surrendered it to the far left.

Take Biden’s energy policy. He won the Democratic primary largely by being the only candidate who appeared to be viable in a national election. He’s unexciting but the brand thinking was that he’s basically a Honda Accord. Not flashy, but reliable. Sen. Bernie Sanders generates energy on the party’s left flank, but he is a hard-bitten leftist who never held a private sector job, got himself tossed out of a commune for being a layabout, and who loves Castro and socialism/communism. Sanders is well outside the mainstream. Likewise Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC wins in her very narrowly drawn, very liberal New York congressional district. She could not win a statewide election in New York at this point, never mind a national one. She is well outside the mainstream, often embarrassing herself on social media without having the self-awareness to realize it.

But not only did Biden elevate the extremist socialist to his campaign, he made AOC his top climate adviser, along with John Kerry.

Neither Kerry nor AOC could win a national election. Kerry has already proven as much. As for AOC, she championed the Green New Deal, a retrograde throwback to state-run economics that would, among other things, destroy America’s energy independence and force every single building in the United States to undergo a radical energy overhaul to somehow achieve “net zero” emissions. All while neglecting several unavoidable aspects of converting the world’s largest economy, by force, to solar and wind power while emerging China chugs along powered by much more reliable and cheaper oil and coal. Those include an unimaginable and frankly impossible levels of mining to extract the rare earth minerals necessary to build solar cells and the batteries that all “renewable” energy use. The Green New Deal would also force Americans to stop eating meat, among other extreme and loony proposals. When it came up for a vote in Congress, it racked up a whopping zero. But in Biden’s mind, the Green New Deal is a viable and reasonable path forward now?

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Hat tip; PJ Media

Slow Joe looks like he’s running on empty.

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  1. 2020 July 17 7:15 pm
    Eph permalink

    EPH turns 50 on Sunday!


  2. 2020 July 17 7:18 pm
    bc3b permalink

    With apologies to James & Bobby Purify:

  3. 2020 July 17 7:45 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Cool. So is it party time or black sash and ashes?? Asking for a friend.

  4. 2020 July 17 7:53 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Congrats Eph!
    Wish you many more …..

    So, what’s up with the Dems?
    There must be a plan.

  5. 2020 July 17 8:01 pm

    1 – Happy Birthday in advance Eph.

  6. 2020 July 17 9:04 pm

    In other new John Lewis finally dead, for real this time.

  7. 2020 July 17 9:18 pm

    US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) published a new assessment titled “Privacy Impact Assessment for the CBP License Plate Reader Technology,” outlining the agency’s plan to combine its database on license plate images with ones from local and state governments, law enforcement agencies, parking garages, toll booth cameras, and financial institutions.

    Told everyone this would go centralized.
    And a year after implemented for “CBP” it will be used entirely against legal citizens by every other agency, and oversight of it’s use will be ridiculously lax.

  8. 2020 July 18 6:39 am
    Eph permalink


    In advance of my big 5-0 tomorrow, how about a Sunday babes thread?

    -asking for a friend.

  9. 2020 July 18 6:51 am
    Eph permalink

    4 DR,

    Havent decided yet

    Ask me again tomorrow

  10. 2020 July 18 8:03 am
    mpt permalink

    Seems the social media theme for today is leftist trying shame libertarians for not supporting radical anarchist and communists. The mind reels at why people who support individualism and human liberties support the police finally showing up to taking care of the thugs in portland who would put a boot on the neck of us all if given half a chance. It’s not hypocracy, it’s common sense.

  11. 2020 July 18 8:48 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Havent decided yet

    Ask me again tomorrow”

    Hmm. Are you going on a binge tonite? That might temper the results tomorrow. 🙂

  12. 2020 July 18 9:00 am
    bc3b permalink

    Another teachers union making demands that have nothing to do with COVID-19 to reopen skuls:

  13. 2020 July 18 9:06 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Alternate title Slow Joe: I Am Your Fool

    Title song —

  14. 2020 July 18 10:08 am
    bc3b permalink

  15. 2020 July 18 10:15 am
    bc3b permalink

    Seattle’s black police chief explains to woke white communist council member why she can’t just fire white officers in the face of defunding:

  16. 2020 July 18 12:18 pm
    bc3b permalink

  17. 2020 July 18 1:06 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    I know, I know, but still who in their right mind would advance on an officer with nothing but a box cutter? The result is known before the trigger is even pulled.

  18. 2020 July 18 2:07 pm
    Eph permalink

    19 BC,

    If he was already on the ground, shes toast.

    Even after 1 shot.

    She can always do porn… Its LA

  19. 2020 July 18 2:12 pm
    fight on permalink

  20. 2020 July 18 2:54 pm

    14 – Well if they don’t reopen them what use is there in employing said teachers? Give me a break with distance learning….you need like 1/8-1/10th the staff for that. This crap would be solved real quickly if this was re-framed….. no schools open, then no payment to teachers – you know, the way it works for the majority of people in private sector.

  21. 2020 July 18 2:55 pm

    22 – But Trumps the nazi remember. 😉

  22. 2020 July 18 3:07 pm

    Next up..
    I mean that what they tend to do naturally anyway so it’s right in joe’s wheel house and it would of course please the chicoms.

  23. 2020 July 18 3:21 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Agree totally. Fact is distance learning is only a small step to state wide home schooling. Fire them all.

    A teacher? The smart one’s will smell an opportunity. You get 6-12 associates to cover different grade levels and subjects. Local, but online. You schedule meets at regular intervals to engage students/parents face to face. They have the potential to raise their salary levels. The dumb ones that don’t see the opportunity, well they can eat cat food in retirement.

    As it is communities are not going to be able to afford the bloated school budgets when asset valuations dip 40% lower over the coming years.

  24. 2020 July 18 3:34 pm

    The parents don’t want their little rug rats around 24/7

  25. 2020 July 18 3:42 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    “Nepal sacrifices goat to the sky God….” from TWIP

    Well I once had to authorize the payment of a “witch doctor” in Hawaii when I was the west coat net mgr for GTE. Actually a Hawaiian priest. An employee had died on the job in a central office switch and it was protocol for the locals that the location be rendered sanctified according to tradition. Finding the priest was easy. Convincing accounting that they authorize the payment or face a union strike was the harder part.

  26. 2020 July 18 3:43 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    That’s true. But I would hazard the woman of the house if the option was kids or hubby; hubby would be first choice.

  27. 2020 July 18 4:08 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Fight On #24 –

    Thank you. Jim hasn’t posted today.

  28. 2020 July 18 4:42 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    fight on: “I will take over Jim’s Saturday job for him.”

    Carp! I got busy … Thanks 🙂 🙂

  29. 2020 July 18 4:58 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Format reminds me of an old PanAm poster…..

  30. 2020 July 18 5:00 pm

    30 – Indeed it is an opportunity for just that, I doubt most will see it though.
    31 – Equally true, as is having them around can prevent them from earning a living, forcing more on the dole, which of course goes back toward that post linked about feminism from the other day the merits of which aren’t even allowed to be discussed in the main.

  31. 2020 July 18 5:01 pm

    36 – Hilarious, and entirely not at the same time.

  32. 2020 July 18 5:04 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Somebody has uploaded the mini-series `Amerika` up on YT — — Its in 13 parts. If it is of interest, might want to download it now before YT purges it.

  33. 2020 July 18 5:25 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Eph #23 –

    If they can find 12 straight guys in LA County for the jury, she’s innocent.

  34. 2020 July 18 5:41 pm
    Eph permalink

    41. Hahahaha


  35. 2020 July 18 5:54 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  36. 2020 July 18 9:05 pm
    mpt permalink

    Jim, what would twitter do if Trump tweeted #43 as a meme?

  37. 2020 July 18 9:30 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “Jim, what would twitter do if Trump tweeted #43 as a meme?”

    Call the hackers up and ask for another outage.

  38. 2020 July 18 11:26 pm

    43 – ouch…because it’s true.

    44 – idk, lets find out. 😉

    45 – or fake one like dnc.

    “peaceful protests”

    Seriously way past time put down this insurrection.

  39. 2020 July 18 11:42 pm

    BTW Apparently West after dropping out is now back in… what a clown.

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