Rioting Impacting Congressional Races?

2020 September 4
by bc3b

Polling is showing that rioting is not only impacting the presidential race but also the congressional races across the country.

Why do we think this isn’t more BS? Several reasons: 1. Fredo Cuomo, Don (Lemonlaw) Lemon and others in the media, who had peen promoting the protests and now telling protesters to cool it with Lemon admitting that it’s hurting based on polling and focus groups and 2. Joe Biden finally emerged from his basement bunker visiting Pittsburgh and reversing himself by going to Kenosha.

Kenosha had a monumental impact. People are conditioned to expect craziness in Seattle and Portland, long-time hotbeds of leftist extremism, but Kenosha? Kenosha is in the Heartland. Kenosha has a population right around 100,000. Unlike Seattle and Portland, there weren’t enough leftists in Kenosha to stage riots. Almost all had to be imported. People started thinking, “If rioters can destroy Kenosha, what’s to stop them from destroying where I live?”

Is Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the violent far-left actually giving a massive in-kind contribution to Republicans this election cycle? Maybe. The non-stop rioting in the cities, especially along the Left Coast and now in Kenosha, Wisconsin is starting to show up in the polling. It’s the reason why Joe Biden had to come out of his bunker after the Republican National Convention; the event mentioned the rioting. It’s why CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, who endorsed the violence, said it was now time to settle down because…it was hurting Democrats.

Donald Trump is now leading with Independents by ten points, Black and Hispanic voters support for Trump spiked after the GOP convention, and the national race is tightening up. Trump is tied with Biden in Michigan—and enthusiasm for Trump with his base is sky-high. Joe Biden is not fairing so well with Democrats on that front. They know he sucks.

While two months ago, the retaking the house might have seemed like a stretch, but if these lefty clowns keep burning buildings, assaulting cops, and forcing Democratic mayors to flee their residences, then it could be within reach. Patrick Murray commented on Monmouth’s polling of the House races and found that in the six most competitive contests this cycle, the generic Republican is ahead by 10 points [emphasis mine]:

The Monmouth University Poll also posed a generic ballot test for the U.S. House of Representatives election, which shows 48% of registered voters currently supporting the Democratic candidate in their district and 45% backing the Republican. This result stood at a similar 49% to 45% in Monmouth’s July poll. Applying likely voter models to the current sample, high turnout puts the statewide vote choice at 48% Democrat and 46% Republican while low turnout has it at 48% Democrat and 47% Republican.

In 12 congressional districts where the winning margin for either party was greater than 15 points in 2018, the Democrats lead by 8 points (51% to 43%). In the six most competitive districts, though, the Republicans lead by 10 points (50% to 40%). In July, the Democrats held small leads in both the safe seats (49% to 46%) and the competitive ones (48% to 43%).

“Republican gains on the generic ballot in competitive seats should worry Democrats. Only district-level polling can tell if this is because GOP incumbents are bulking up their margins or if GOP challengers are eating into support for Democratic incumbents…”

Seattle and Portland declare riots as presence of troops ignites protests
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  1. 2020 September 4 7:34 pm
    The Ghost of Reason permalink

    Rasmussen has AA vote at 45%…. I know it’s a poll and we are not supposed to pay attention but DAMN! King in life support again…..?

  2. 2020 September 4 8:02 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    It’s not just rioting.
    A lot of Dem governors OWN painful economic shutdowns. But the one a lot of people overlook is “distance learning” in public schools. This is incredibly disruptive to families.

    At one point I believe BClinton, W and Obama held the presidency and both houses. None of the three did much. Give that to Trump and he’ll blow the doors off the barn with changes!

  3. 2020 September 4 8:03 pm
    mpt permalink

    The other night I posted a link to a story about the pushing of Critical Race Theory by management and HR personnel at Sandia National Laboratories and pushback from federal employees. I believe this may be an update the story:

    Trump Bans Federal Money From Funding Far-Left Anti-American ‘Critical Race Theory’

    Here is a link to the document sent to heads of federal department and agencies.

    Sadly, this should have been done 3+ years ago.

  4. 2020 September 4 9:09 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Sweden has taken a lot of heat but they never shut down.

  5. 2020 September 4 9:17 pm
    justrand permalink

    If, God forbid, “Joe Biden” is elected, then this will be used to suppress ALL opposition…and the media will CHEER!

  6. 2020 September 4 9:30 pm
    Eph permalink

    This thread is friggin depressing

    -The King

  7. 2020 September 4 9:46 pm

    Where will they find any jury in portland that would convict these assholes??

  8. 2020 September 4 10:04 pm
    Eph permalink

    7 IP,

    Bend, OR

  9. 2020 September 4 10:29 pm

    1 – It ought to be even higher in sane world… but in our reality… I have a bridge for sale to anyone buying 45% actually show up to vote for him. Keep in mind when I’m polled I say I’m AA and I’m not. 😉
    4 – Lots of undeserved heat at that (on this topic at least).
    6 – Stay strong King. 🙂

  10. 2020 September 4 10:35 pm

    8~~~~Trial must be held in the district that the offense was committed. Bend ore is just as left wing as the rest of the state.

  11. 2020 September 4 10:38 pm

    7/10 – fair point IP. 🙁 I’d just let portland burn at this point, the voters there repeatedly, in overwhelming numbers, for at least 2 decades (actually way more – but those who wanted out have had 20 years to bail) have voted for their own demise, let them wallow in it.

  12. 2020 September 5 1:55 am
    bc3b permalink

    The key for Republicans is to tie House candidates to Pelosi and rioting and and violence. And, in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and California the governors mismanaging the pandemic.

    The NFL may actually play into the hands of Republicans as voters are reminded they are racist on every play.

  13. 2020 September 5 2:05 am
    bc3b permalink

    Do we face permanent and universal tyranny if Trump loses?

  14. 2020 September 5 2:10 am
    bc3b permalink

    Unemployment figures:

    * May 13.3%
    * June 11.1%
    * July 10.2%
    * August 8.4%
    * September ?

  15. 2020 September 5 2:25 am
    bc3b permalink

    New photos/video show murder of Trump supporter was planned assassination:

    I think Citizen Free Press is the best of the Drudge alternatives.

  16. 2020 September 5 2:34 am
    bc3b permalink

    Fox News Battleground polls oversample Democrats:

    With the exception of its prime time lineup (and especially its management) FNC isn’t that much different than CNN.

  17. 2020 September 5 2:46 am
    Eph permalink

    16 BC

    If you reweigh AZ using 2016 exits you get Trump +5

    Same result as 2016 btw.

  18. 2020 September 5 2:53 am
    bc3b permalink

    The UK Daily Mail is reporting the leftist lying in wait. Let’s see if CNN reports it:

  19. 2020 September 5 6:29 am


    Do we face permanent and universal tyranny if Trump loses ? post 13

    Yepper we do, until it is overthrown

    Tyranny comes on little cat feet,
    It doesn’t announce itself, it’s very discreet,
    It sits looking over harbor and city,
    There are those who thinks it’s pretty,
    But once ingrained, liberty is gone,
    On silent haunches it sits,~~~then moves on

    Tyranny does not go quietly into the night,
    It needs to be dragged out into the daylight,
    When the perpetrators thereof are dutifully slaughtered,
    With their blood the tree of liberty can thus be watered,
    Every generation must repeat this rite.

  20. 2020 September 5 1:29 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Bravo, IP!

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