Dear Leslie …

2020 October 23
by drdog09

… You’re a hack.

Here is the full interview as released by Trump himself –

First, it shows just how unprepared the interviewer is. Second, lack of facts or their recognition of facts. Third, clear bias in only have a single point of view.

Pew study

“The reasons for why Americans think these mistakes happen underscore the distrust that substantial portions of the public feel: Many say that careless reporting (55%) or even a desire to mislead the public (44%) are major factors behind significant mistakes in news stories, although other, less negligent or nefarious reasons such as the rapid pace of breaking news (53%) also are seen as responsible for mistakes,” said the analysis, which is based on the opinions of some 10,300 U.S. adults.

Certainly the number is lower among conservatives.

A big deal is being made about Section 230 and Big Tech. It is of course. But we as a nation should have been making serious motions about Big Media. How it is a revolving door between journalists and government service. The large percentage of husband – wife teams that stand athwart those two entities. The lack of transparency and use of ‘anonymous sources’ to advance an agenda. That is even a bigger problem. Without a press that is adversarial to all government regardless of political leanings we get what we have now – bull horns for the ‘proper’ ideology.

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  1. 2020 October 23 5:26 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Guess the debate burnt everybody out. 🙂

  2. 2020 October 23 5:35 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Election is not even finished and they, the kooks, street urchins, and wierdos, are planning to have riots in the streets —

  3. 2020 October 23 5:45 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Biden laid bare:

    Overview here —

    The full report here —

    The report is a must read. Keep one thing in mind. Where ever you see ‘state money’ think ‘our money’ because based on bad trade imbalance due to currency rigging by the CPC it is really our funds they are bribing the Bidens with.

  4. 2020 October 23 6:42 am

    These Machiavellian ditchcarp of the demonkrat milieu,
    They went a bridge too far in trying to give us the screw,
    Their best laid plans have been rendered asunder,
    It will now be our turn to plow them under,
    Who knew they were capable of such political seppuku?

  5. 2020 October 23 6:44 am
    justrand permalink

    The American is furiously burying this, at least deep enough to get past November 4th.

  6. 2020 October 23 7:06 am
    justrand permalink

    Watched the debate with friends while camping here in Oregon. The “Moderator” was better…but still biased.

    Biden lied his ass off, and repeated the same scripted responses over and over.

    Trump won, but couldn’t get the Hunter Biden laptop brought out enough, and the Moderator didn’t help.

    We’ll see

  7. 2020 October 23 7:32 am

    Go catch some crabs, before they catch you.

  8. 2020 October 23 8:14 am
    Eph permalink

    Trump 49% (+4)
    Biden 45%

    Zia Poll, LV, 10/11-18

  9. 2020 October 23 10:07 am
    bc3b permalink

    If you did an analysis of BJG topics, you’d find that media dishonesty is by far the most widely used.

  10. 2020 October 23 10:10 am
    bc3b permalink

    BJG College Football Picks Due Tonight

    The Big 10 and Mountain West begin play this week. As always, please bold or place an X by the teams you think will win and return via email to by 7 PM tonight.

    Florida State @ Louisville
    Virginia Tech @ Wake Forest
    Georgia Southern @ Coastal Carolina
    Penn State @ Indiana
    Iowa @ Purdue

    Cincinnati @ SMU
    Iowa State @ Oklahoma State
    Oklahoma @ TCU
    Auburn @ Mississippi State
    West Virginia @ Texas Tech

    South Carolina @ LSU
    Hawaii @ Fresno State
    Air Force @ San Jose State
    Wyoming @ Nevada
    Michigan @ Minnesota

    Georgia State @ Troy
    Middle Tennessee State @ Rice
    Louisiana Tech @ Texas – San Antonio

  11. 2020 October 23 10:32 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    “If you did an analysis of BJG topics, you’d find that media dishonesty is by far the most widely used.”

    Does this mean I’ll need to crack open my wallet and subscribe to Epoch Times, OANN and become a paid subscriber to PowerLine and so on, in order to “prime the pump” and prove there is a market out there for conservative news?

    Or, if we get a conservative set of news orgs up and running, will they just be ignored too, just like stories unhelpful to Dems are ignored?

  12. 2020 October 23 10:48 am
    bc3b permalink

    Media Dishonesty:

    In a rare moment of journalism, John Dickerson admits the media will ignore Hunter Biden’s computer and focus on COVID-19 in an effort to protect Biden; hurt Trump:

    Media debate spin avoids Biden gaffes:

  13. 2020 October 23 10:53 am
    bc3b permalink

    You’re not going to believe this, but between the office move, preparing for a conference call with a perspective client this morning and driving home from “three beers and a burger” with a friend in a very dense fog, it slipped my mind that the debate was even on.

    Monday or Tuesday my life should be back to what passes for “normal.”

  14. 2020 October 23 10:55 am

    OP: All true. Though even if we as nation did…. they would not have cared, “it’s technically legal so we’re gonna do it anyway”.

    1 – tbh I didn’t bother watching, followed comments, and caught a few clips after, pretty meh imho.

    6 – Yup, I also don’t think the BCF story is gonna move any needles, 40million have already voted and that’s expected to be around 60 by Monday. RG shot his load a week or two late at a minimum imho, and that’s assuming it even got coverage\play, which of course it still would not have.

    8 – EPH

    Color me more than a little curious about this Painter Communications poll.
    I mean ok, she has a 2-3 page website and seems to exist as a one-woman voter\polling consultant\operation. But offers 18q polling for 10k a pop, and yet with limited staffing was able to getting 2800+ qualified LV respondents in MI in 7 days and still keep it profitable venture? Hmm.

    Also No DRI cross tabs, so kind of useless to check over-sampling R’s.

    What it did highlight is ED voting gonna be WAY WAY smaller in mi than 2016 with ~55% mailing it in vs ~24% in 2016, not so much a surprise but a reminder. What would have been useful data is if that response was skewed one way or the other by party but again party id is not shown. Also in MI Trump is underwater on the KungFlu even slightly more than ‘government’ in general. Hence the constant debate focus on it.

  15. 2020 October 23 10:57 am

    12 – Yup… Trump be underwater on that issue in MI (and I assume some other places), buy sheer work of the media over the months (not reality) and they will not stop their efforts in that regard for anything.

  16. 2020 October 23 11:32 am

    Unhinged CEO and mgmt team blasts customers with lunatic screed for Biden.

  17. 2020 October 23 12:00 pm

    Trump live at The Villages FL, event still warming up but here is the link (I think it starts at 4:30pm Eastern).

  18. 2020 October 23 2:11 pm

    Double rip PA… as if it already wasn’t bad enough with the post marks…now they’re going to be forced to count forged ballots. The can dummy as many as they want for 3 days now.

    Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Counties Can’t Reject Mail-In Ballots When Signatures Don’t Match

  19. 2020 October 23 2:21 pm
    Eph permalink

    McSally (R-inc) 50% (+3)
    Kelly (D) 47%

    @SusquehannaPR/@theamgreatness (R), LV, 10/19-22

  20. 2020 October 23 2:35 pm

    · 2h
    Pres. Trump is fighting for YOU! Here are some of his priorities for a 2nd term:

    *Establish Permanent Manned Presence on The Moon
    *Send the 1st Manned Mission to Mars
    *Build World’s Greatest Infrastructure System
    *Establish National High-Speed Wireless Internet Network
    Show this thread

    Another reason why we lose.

    Really…really you’re leading with these are your top four bullet points, because the moon and mars… are so fucking high on the avg voters priority list. Stupid fucks.

  21. 2020 October 23 2:51 pm

    This is more for the record since none of this seems to matter politically or legally.

    Obama/Biden Administration Approved the Sale of a “Strategically Sensitive” Manufacturer With Military Applications to… Hunter Biden and a Communist China Front Company Which Makes Purchases for the People’s Liberation Army

  22. 2020 October 23 3:20 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Well ……

    *Establish Permanent Manned Presence on The Moon
    Well if the USA intends to develop a next gen fusion economy that requires H^3. The highest concentrations of it? The Moon. The Chins and the Euros are already preparing to do so.

    *Send the 1st Manned Mission to Mars
    Musk has the hots to go to Mars, so just throw him a bone and let him do it.

    *Build World’s Greatest Infrastructure System
    Maybe. If CoVid showed anything, its that physical travel for half the occupations in the country are not required. So those pieces of infrastructure that need updating should be done, but the wholesale ‘at larger scale’ is probably not required because….

    [Makes no sense to widen a interstate corridor is half the traffic disappears. Fix the bridges yes.]

    *Establish National High-Speed Wireless Internet Network
    My old refrain. If we had 100mbps minimum that is sufficient for most services at residences. Well guess what? That appears to be what StarLink will provide from all reports to date. So that conquers the last mile problem. Speed that up? Shove tax credits to SpaceX to ramp up their launch cycle. That leaves urban areas. I would issue tax credits for this provided cities lessen their planning and permitting cycles for deployment. Target should be 10gbps end node 100gbps backbone.

    Course my first preference is we destroy the Democratic party.

  23. 2020 October 23 3:24 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    And of course of you want to talk about ‘Russia Collusion’, the real thing. How about the Clintons swinging the deal to sell 20% of our Uranium reserves to the Russians.? Nothing happened with that one either.

  24. 2020 October 23 3:32 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    This is what happens once people realize that justice is up to them — — A cop is a crooks best friend when what happened here is the alternative.

  25. 2020 October 23 4:59 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    One of the advantages of pandemics for Big Gov fans is that the government can do as it pleases without organized opposition. Essentially, establish socialism without an election.

    Rental Assistance Program

    Since shortly after the pandemic began, the County of Santa Clara, the City of San Jose, Destination: Home, Sacred Heart Community Service, and dozens of public and private partners have helped put critical financial assistance directly in the hands of residents financially-impacted by the pandemic – with a focus on our lowest-income residents and those who are ineligible for unemployment benefits or federal stimulus checks.

    Since launching in March, the COVID-19 Financial Assistance Program has provided $20.1 million in direct financial assistance to 11,729 households in need. The people we have served have largely come from families with children (67%), identified as people of color (95%), and been extremely low income, making less than 30% of the area median income (74%). Almost all of those seeking support were living in deep poverty and on the edge of homelessness without direct help and intervention.

    On August 31, California passed a new law – known as AB 3088 – that provides important eviction protections for residents who are unable to pay rent as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Check out the phrases.
    “those who are ineligible for unemployment benefits or federal stimulus checks.”
    You mean … like illegals?
    “people of color (95%)”
    A Democrats dream: redistribution based on race.
    “eviction protections for residents who are unable to pay rent”
    In effect, taking away private property

    Another similar local gov’t program:
    If you are a low income household and need food assistance because your power gets shut off, Second Harvest Food Bank is ready to help. Contact the Second Harvest Food Connection hotline at 1-800-984-3663 to find out where you can pick up free groceries.

    Question: if you have no power, how do you cook these free groceries?

  26. 2020 October 23 5:19 pm
    mulletover permalink

    The Villages…..

    Area of Largest concentration of Viagra prescriptions in the world. 👀😃

  27. 2020 October 23 5:36 pm

    Little fucker should have been tossed early on, but DJT seems to keep everyone around as long as possible to try to fk him.

  28. 2020 October 23 5:44 pm

    26 – (D) – so it doesn’t matter (frankly it shouldn’t but yeah i get it if R it would).

  29. 2020 October 23 6:22 pm

    Judge Sullivan was assigned our new lawsuit on Wray FBI text message cover-up..

    Oh lovely…amazing how that lotto always works out huh.

  30. 2020 October 23 6:48 pm
    The Ghost of Reason permalink

    Can I take a minute of your time and truly marvel at how incredibly brilliant our president is…..? This goes back two years to when I was VERY disappointed that he did not nominate Barrett for the SC at the time…. I was lukewarm to Kavanaugh at best. But TRUMP KNEW THEN that Kavanaugh would be raked over the coals but it was just Kennedy’s seat. No harm no foul. Like for like-ish. Trump bet on RBG going tits up and SAVED Barrett for right now….. WHY? Because he knew she was ROCK F’ING SOLID. The country would love her and not be able to find fault with her at all…. after all it’s a woman for a woman. I could drone on and on about this but hopefully you see my point. AGAIN AND AGAIN….. OUR PRESIDENT IS BEYOND BRILLIANT. HE TAKES CALCULATED RISKS AND MEASURES THE REWARDS AND….. HE WINS!!!!! A LOT! May your days be blessed and the next 10 days be as good or better as this last week has been. GOD BLESS AND MAGA 2020!!!!!

  31. 2020 October 23 6:57 pm
    JimNorCal permalink


  32. 2020 October 23 7:23 pm
    JBoz permalink

    Longish read, but worth the time. Rings pretty true.

  33. 2020 October 23 7:44 pm

    18~~~~penn ruling. Should be enough time to appeal it to the scotus.

  34. 2020 October 23 7:58 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    35, get Amy on the bench and voting.

    I like the previous ruling that state law rules, not some leftie judge

  35. 2020 October 23 7:59 pm
    The Ghost of Reason permalink

    Happens Monday. Will hear cases Tuesday. From what I have heard paperwork is ready for PA.

  36. 2020 October 23 8:02 pm
    Eph permalink

    Albuquerque Journal endorses R Gary Ronchetti for US Senate

    WTF is going on????

  37. 2020 October 23 8:04 pm

    36 – That’s what happens when you have 5d and 2r on PA sc. That said in Maine D’s tried exactly the same thing and were shot down – ie the LAW won.

  38. 2020 October 23 8:05 pm

    38 – Eph is ABJ a liberal rag?

  39. 2020 October 23 8:25 pm
    Eph permalink


    Does a bear shit in the woods ??

    Rumor has it Hiden is tanking in NM post debate.
    So might be CYA time.

  40. 2020 October 23 8:28 pm
    Eph permalink

    Hiden campaigning in VA and MD.

    Ok, that might be fake news

    Can anyone verify?

  41. 2020 October 23 9:57 pm

    42 – IDK… maybe a dinner stop in MD on his way back home for the weekend…if anything? I don’t know about anything in VA – maybe the bitch made a stop though last I knew she was in NC surrounded by 40 people 23 of whom were reporters.

    I figured as much with your surprise about it but wanted to check.

  42. 2020 October 23 10:06 pm

    This might have been more useful in Jan\Feb 2017…but I guess better late than never.

  43. 2020 October 24 9:26 am

    Albuquerque Journal endorses R Gary Ronchetti for US Senate”

    WTF is going on????~~~EPH

    The chink virus carries a R gene.

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