Power Play

2021 January 9
by drdog09

Ladies and Gentlemen, time for some positioning. We know that the SJW types are going to come at us. At least for myself as I have said once before –

“Look Left, Act Right”

I would suggest combining that with a chinese proverb

“A reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall.”

Essentially stand firm on core principles of God, family and freedom. Bend like the reed in those secular spheres that matter litte and do not violate the core principles. Or as a sly ole black feller I knew, ‘Look as poor as a church mouse on the front porch but a million bucks in the backyard.’

To that end with the incoming administration it is a good guess that some fashion of Green New Deal will be coming. Now the govt does not have the bucks to fund it so expect it will take the form of tax credits in the coming years. AOC probably will not get 100% of what she advocated. But that is not our mission here. Our job is to position ourselves to take advantage of what comes and have the govt to pay a hefty portion of it.

So lets review what is on the books. –

Federal solar energy tax credit

The Federal solar energy tax credit is a tax credit that’s available if you decide to install a solar system. 30% of the costs of equipment, permits, and installation can be claimed back through your Federal tax return.

The credit is applied to the following tax year, so if you spend $10,000 on a new solar system, you’ll be able to take a credit of $3,000 the next year.

This tax credit is available until 2022.

The solar tax credit is a tax reduction on a dollar-for-dollar basis. If you have a $1 credit, you pay $1 less in taxes. It’s as simple as that.

If you owed $5,000 in taxes to Uncle Sam, you would be able to reduce your total tax bill to $2,000 if you invested $10,000 in a new solar-powered system.

It’s important to note that a tax credit is different than a refund. You need to owe taxes in order to claim the solar tax credit. Fortunately, most people are eligible because they owe taxes each year anyway.

That bolded bit is critical

Now this tax program is to expire in 2022. So the key here –

  • Expect a renewal.
  • Possibly an enhancement. At the start of this program, refund amounts you did not capture could be rolled over into the next tax year.
  • You have to jigger your tax position to OWE money to claim the credit.
  • Usual physics are involved. You may or may not be positioned/sited for placing a solar system.

Residential Energy Tax Credit

First caution, this is set to expire in 2022, so the ability to utilize the provisions is to almost nil. But again I expect there will be some reneweal of this provision in whatever Congress cooks up. Items that the old bill covered –

  • More efficient windows.
  • More or better insulation.
  • Some roofing types, see your tax professional.
  • Solar hot water systems.
  • Geothermal heat pumps.
  • Small wind turbines.
  • Fuel Cells!

My guess is that the govt in their largess will renew both programs. Fact I suspect they will restart the clock so you get the most deductable benefit in the first years of both programs. I could see some additional moves –

  • Big EV credit to buy electric vs internal combustion.
  • Deduction for charging stations to expand the refueling options.
  • Deduction for powerwall systems.
  • Deductions for subsystems (panels, inverters, storage, etc).

If one considers that govt is going to clamp down again (Biden says he’s going back to Paris accords) that means energy costs are going to go up. So why not bend a little to be able to stiff the govt out of some tax money? Make it look like you are following the leftist script. But make your backyard look like a ‘million bucks’.

[Note: this is not tax advise. Do your own research and talk to your tax planner.]

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  1. 2021 January 9 10:59 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  2. 2021 January 9 11:00 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  3. 2021 January 9 11:14 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Who remembers that Germany handled Covid correctly?
    Not like stupid US. Oops.

  4. 2021 January 10 4:49 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Just to remind you —

    Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days. The fact is that getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else,

    — Klein said in a tweet, which he later deleted.


    and ….

    … in 10 days he’s not going to be there anymore.

  5. 2021 January 10 5:20 am
    bc3b permalink

    dido09 #5 –

    A great way to hurt the left is financially. If we can get 40-million of the 72-million that voted for Trump to boycott companies like P&G, AT&T, Kellogg’s, etc., we can have an impact.

    This often means buying products from multinational companied headquartered overseas vs, those headquartered in the US – All over Tide, Finish over Cascade, Bic over Gillette or a store brand – Meijer over Kellogg’s.

    I had been a Dell user, but switched to Acer because it doesn’t become involved in US social issues.

    It’s time for the conservative economy to stop supporting the liberal economy.

  6. 2021 January 10 6:21 am
    bc3b permalink

    New York Ranger dumps Twitter:


    Tony sounds like our kind of player.

  7. 2021 January 10 6:38 am
    bc3b permalink

    Sample of conservative sports podcast:


  8. 2021 January 10 6:40 am
    justrand permalink

    They ARE coming for us, and the PRK will lead the way.

    Power (in keeping with drdog’s post i’ll put this first) – PG&E (et al) is routinely shutting off power around and across the State when there are “wind emergencies” and “heat spikes”…and our Masters in Sacramento are observing how easy it is. There is already talk in the State to use this same “tool” (read: “club”) to fight “Global Warming”, and “Social Injustice”. Within a couple years (or sooner) power will start being routinely restricted in non-urban areas (where the Elites don’t want us living anyway).

    Medicine & Medical Care The “pandemic” is going to be the first test of distributing medicine and medical care based on “Social Justice”. The PRK will be expanding this in the future, and the time will come when access to medical care will depend on your SJW score.

    Food & basic supplies Like medicine, the PRK will look to restrict “food choices” based on SJW scores and the “needs of society”. For this one they will have to wait for cash to be outlawed. When it is then whether you are “chipped” or not they will simply be able to check each purchase you make electronically and “limit” your purchasing to “approved” items and amounts.

    Fuel Same as with food…once cash is outlawed the means to acquire fuel for driving and for power tools (splitters, chain saws, etc) will be under strict government control. Where I live we rely on the power tools to provide wood to heat our homes…and the Left HATES that. They want all wood burning stoves banned, and have tried to do so in the past. They’ll succeed directly or indirectly. Further, we live an hour for a city. By limiting our fuel they can make it damn near impossible to live where we do…or at least make it so we have to combine our “fuel ration” with others to make very infrequent trips to town. This would also mean we would NOT be able to drive far enough to be a nuisance to the Elites.

    Guns & ammo The PRK is waaaay ahead of the rest of the country in controlling this. And with a VERY sympathetic DOJ and pathetic SCOTUS they will go full speed ahead. The PRK is rapidly expanding its network of “Agricultural Inspection” stations…which no longer inspect for agriculture. The CHP mans them now, where the Agricultural Department used to. Yes, they will occasionally ask an out-of-state driver if they have “fruits or vegetables”, but that is no longer their true purpose. Once the network expands to cover a few more “get-arounds” they will clamp down…depend on it.

    The PRK has been called the “Model for America” by Cameltoe Harris, et al.

    Power? They have it all now…and they will wield it ruthlessly.

  9. 2021 January 10 9:11 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Back when the Left hated Capitalism and wanted to boycott, they quickly learned that you can’t boycott the World.

    Hurting Amazon would be great. Is it too hard of a target, how do you order stuff you need while bypassing Amazon? I have my own boycott list but I’ll be watching BJG and also conservative blogs to see if we can rally around 1 or a few targets in order to make more impact.

  10. 2021 January 10 9:12 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    drdog: I am on Signal and have some connections to people but what is a Signal ID?

    Is it just your phone number?

  11. 2021 January 10 9:19 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    re: Telegram and ProtonMail
    A tech guy I know says this:
    1) Signal is great. They can’t easily be shut down in App Stores because so many Lefties (and Congress!) use it
    2) HOWEVER, it is hosted on Amazon cloud service. They’re pretty shoe-string for their budget so they won’t be building bare metal server farms. Therefore, they remain vulnerable to being shutdown at some point
    3) He suggests to consider installing Telegram app as a backup. It’s a sketchy app: founded by Russians and probably deeply penetrated by the RussGov’t. However, it is independent of the Swamp and its servers are in Dubai where they are harder to control by Deep State.

    Also, is it worthwhile to get a ProtonMail account? I see a few folks have them, any recommendations? Do you have it as a “just in case” or is it your main email at this point?

  12. 2021 January 10 9:46 am
    bc3b permalink

    JimNorCal #14 –

    I just opened a Proton email account this morning (and I believe the Dog did too). They are Swiss-based and do not seem very intrusive (like Gmail or Outlook). Opening an email account took less than two minutes. Outlook is my primary account because of business (inviting people to attend meetings, conference calls, etc.). I have Gmail as my backup but don’t want Gmail if I am going to be talking about politics.

  13. 2021 January 10 9:48 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Jim, 13,

    Yep just your phone number.

    I am using ProtonMail for collection and distribution of the maillist. Also have it as backup just in case.

  14. 2021 January 10 9:49 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Well that once every 5 year event has arrived — We have snow here in Arlington, Tx.

  15. 2021 January 10 9:55 am
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 –

    No snow and a balmy 29 degrees in Mo-town right now. Forecast high is a hot and humid 34. Time to hit the beaches.

    Eat your heart out.

  16. 2021 January 10 9:59 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    “snow here in Arlington TX”

    Record setting cold across China too. Brrr!

  17. 2021 January 10 10:30 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Ha! Running around in shorts I presume? 🙂

  18. 2021 January 10 10:39 am
    bc3b permalink

    We are not the only conservatives/national populists looking at email options:


    Interesting discussion. Lots of information.

  19. 2021 January 10 10:52 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Funny. One of the posters asked — “Does NSA have a back door?”

    I hate to dishearten the guy, NSA has three front doors and the keys to each.

  20. 2021 January 10 11:48 am
    justrand permalink

    We have been relying on Amazon Prime, but now most companies offer free shipping if you look hard enough. So, we are dropping Amazon Prime as soon as we get home…and will not shop regular Amazon either

    I just need to find an alternative to Kindle ebooks

  21. 2021 January 10 12:38 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Here are some alternatives — https://www.slant.co/options/7910/alternatives/~amazon-kindle-store-alternatives — pick your poison. You should also check out https://archive.org/details/texts book section. Many of them are now in a ePub format.

  22. 2021 January 10 12:47 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    This is a guy I follow. He is ex-air force who monitors air traffic and has ties within the military.


    Insurrection Act?

    Don’t know, but will watch and listen. Things may be going down.

  23. 2021 January 10 1:10 pm
    justrand permalink

    The Left/media/Dems (same same) are indeed using the D.C. “event ” as their Reichstag Fire.

  24. 2021 January 10 1:37 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

  25. 2021 January 10 3:43 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    From ip’s 29
    Parler CEO: it’s not just Goolag Apple Amazon
    “Every vendor from text message services to email providers to our lawyers all ditched us too on the same day,” Matze said.

  26. 2021 January 10 3:55 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    And that is why you don’t depend on platforms.

  27. 2021 January 10 4:26 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Insurrection Act signed?? — https://defensivetraininggroup.wordpress.com/2021/01/10/could-this-be-it/ — I don’t know what to believe, but I am just passing it on. Most likely is nothing.

  28. 2021 January 10 5:49 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Tucker interview with Parler Exec —

  29. 2021 January 10 8:20 pm

    Tucker better watch his ass if he doesn’t toe the line

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